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the magic of Christmas

the magic of Christmas

Hannah Mae at Okan Arts Shop

By Patricia Belyea  

SEATTLE WA  It was wonderful to experience the anticipation of Christmas with an eight-year old this holiday season. Hannah Mae, the daughter of my good friend Naomi, visited for a day and made presents for all her family members at Okan Arts Shop.

To sew on the big Bernina, we propped up the foot pedal so HM could reach it with her left foot. Never having sewn on a machine before, HM stitched excellent straight lines on napkin sets she made for her mother and grandmother!

Hannah Mae’s Owl OrnamentFor her father, HM made an owl ornament with outstretched wings. She drew the design, chose the fabrics and buttons, and directed me on the stitching.

Her grand finale was creating a monster stuffie for her five-year-old brother. Ezra loves stuffies so this was a thrilling project for her. HM designed the monster with mismatched eyes and a silver-blue horn.

Hannah Mae in Okan Arts Shop

Each gift was finished with a special tag from Okan Arts Shop as well as wrapped with hand-painted paper, ribbons and a Hannah Mae gift card.

The excitement of Christmas swelled up in Hannah Mae as she left the next day with her mother and brother. HM could barely contain herself, knowing she had wonderful gifts that she made herself.


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