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LUKE: textile log cabins

LUKE: textile log cabins

By guest blogger LUKE Haynes, quilt artist.

LOS ANGELES CA  As a student of architecture, I learned about building structures. Today as an artist, I make blocks out of fabric and build quilts.

In learning my trade and the vernacular of quilting, I’ve been practicing block types and learning the history of piecing. I bought a book called 5,500 Quilt Blocks by Maggie Malone that showed me the vast amount of overlaps in block designs. I found that the Log Cabin is arguably the first repeatable quilting block and that’s where I decided to start.

These days Im working on making 50 Log Cabin quilts, each 90” square. All are different variations using the same language—red centers with black and white up-cycled textiles. The patterns and language of the details are dictated by the range of “ black,” “white,” or “red” of the used garments/textiles.
Log Cabin Quilts by LUKE Haynes

I envision a show called The Log Cabins of Donald Judd where the quilts hang away from the walls like a forest to walk through. Displaying the quilts in space as objects removes the “quilt” preconception of bed, private and valueless.

Using Log Cabin block pattern, I’ve learned a lot. I challenge myself to make each one of my Judd quilts strikingly different. Right now I’m constructing No 18, and counting.
Log Cabin Quilts by Luke Haynes

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6 comments to “LUKE: textile log cabins”

  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Wow!! These are a wonderful exlploration of log cabin quilts!! I like Luke’s vision of the quilts hanging to create a forest for the viewer to wander through.

  2. Leisa Rich says:

    LOVE the concept and hanging plan. I envision that to also create a bit of a holographic effect….cool!

  3. susie wolcott says:

    Oh my goodness how wonderful

  4. Mrs. Plum says:

    How different one basic design in a set color way can look!

  5. […] You can follow along with this series of log cabin quilts that LUKE is having made by searching the hashtags #sewingforLUKE and #LCoDJ on Instagram or read about it here. […]

  6. Glenda Miller says:

    I love the log cabin block and to see how you’re exploring the bee jeezus out of it makes me tingle!! I so hope to see them in the configuration you’ve described AND you’ve a ways to go: many a stitch between now and the final quilt, the ultimate display………………have fun, you creative beast!!