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The Power of Love quilt by Patricia BelyeaWhen a Quilt is More Than a Quilt

In 2013, Patricia Belyea was commissioned to make two quilts that included the clothes of loved ones. As she created these custom projects, Patricia learned how stitching memories into quilts completely transformed their meaning and power. Since then, Patricia has continued making these “Spirit Quilts.”

Join Patricia Belyea, an artisan quilter from Seattle, as she tells stories about making quilts that incorporate clothing that hold meaning for the giver and the receiver.

An importer of vintage Japanese textiles, Patricia explains how she uses these fabrics in her Spirit Quilts and other quilt projects.

Enter The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts

Join Patricia Belyea as she tells stories about visiting Japan for the International Great Quilt Show and meeting Amy Katoh of Blue & White in Tokyo, plus other textile treats.

As a passionate importer of vintage Japanese yukata cottons, Patricia explains the elaborate process of hand-dyeing the high-quality cottons and describes yukatas’ role in Japanese society. She shows samples of the different patterns and repeat styles. From classic indigo and white to vivid color combinations, Patricia presents a wild range of the wonderful fabrics.

Patricia displays her quilts made with yukata cottons and talks about how those fabrics inspired each quilt composition.

Embracing the Creative Needle

As a Canadian teen, Patricia Belyea made clothes for herself and others. For university, she headed to MacDonald College to study Clothing Design. Five weeks later she quit and never sewed for almost thirty years.

In 2007 Patricia rediscovered something she was missing—her passion for sewing. With a professional career in corporate design, she’s incorporated non-stop creativity into her original artisan quilts.

Patricia shares stories of meeting her mentor, making quilts out of found treasures, buying fabrics from Japan, and becoming a full-time studio quilter.

A certified Bronze Toastmaster, Patricia has presented to professional groups and lectured at universities across the country. She is the author of a graphic design book and an ’06  graduate of Puget Sound’s Leadership Tomorrow.