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yes, it’s a kale tree!

yes, it’s a kale tree!

Make & Take at Okan Arts ShopBy Patricia Belyea  

SEATTLE WA  Now I’m a shopkeeper, I have to think about decorating for the season. So this week I headed to Swanson’s, the swanky nursery in the north end of Ballard to buy a mini-tree. I couldn’t part with $25 for a little tree so I bought a kale plant for $6.

At home, I made quilted ornaments with yukata cotton and batting. Using a straight pin, I pricked the batting hanging out past the edges to create fluffy white halos. Fancy ornament hangers added some class to my wonky fabric decorations.

Curtis Steiner Tree

For a holiday wreath, I tied strips of yukata cotton around a styrofoam form. A clear plastic suction hook now holds my red and green wreath on the shop’s glass door.

Today, in Ballard I walked past Curtis Steiner’s fabulous shop. Wow. He made the most amazing Christmas tree with folded strips of paper or silk (I’m not sure which as the store was closed) and petite white lights. Leafy garlands were cut from shiny white paper in the windows.

The photo on the left is from Curtis’ Instagram account. I’m experiencing holiday tree envy!

I just finished up some fun samples for a Make & Take event coming up next weekend: a cat mat, wine gift bags, cloth napkins and a table runner. Come by if you can to make a last-minute gift and enjoy some merriment.Make & Take at Okan Arts Shop

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