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five june giveaways!

five june giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away five Steven Smith Teamaker Genmaicha Tea Sets—each with a 15-sachet carton of Rose City Genmaicha, a Steven Smith Teamaker teapot, and a pair of matching porcelain tea cups and saucers. Each giveaway is valued at $75.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Steven Smith Teamaker of Portland OR creates small batches of inspired tea blends. Steven Smith gained recognition around the globe for his tea expertise and sourcing as the co-founder of Stash Teas and the founder of Tazo. His latest enterprise, based out of an old blacksmith shop, uplifts tea to new level of imbibing delight. (Steven Smith died in 2015 and the company is led today by his wife, Kim.)

Rose City Genmaicha, saluting the Rose City of Portland, combines refreshing full-leaf Japanese sencha, nutty roasted rice (genmai), Mao Feng green tea, red and pink rose petals, natural flavors, and bergamot oil.

The tea’s blend number 1912 corresponds to the year Portland’s Peninsula Park Rose Garden was built.
The impeccable white teapot features a stainless steel lid embossed with STEVEN SMITH TEAMAKER and a no-drip spout. Sized for two cups, the teapot includes a custom mesh infuser for using with loose tea. Two white porcelain tea cups and saucers complete the set.  

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Pam N of Vancouver WA, Patricia A of Ann Arbor MI, Kristin E of Worley ID, Laraine S of Alameda CA, and Angela S of Centennial CO.

To participate in the June giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What’s your favorite way to enjoy tea?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The June 2019 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on June 30, 2019. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (apologies to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Five lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a Steven Smith Teamaker Genmaicha Tea Set with a 15-sachet carton of Rose City Genmaicha, a Steven Smith Teamaker teapot, and a pair of matching tea cups and saucers  Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To learn about Steven Smith Teamaker teas and teaware +click here

To buy the carton of Rose City Genmaicha Tea +click here

Thank you Steven Smith Teamaker for the donation of the Tea Sets!

Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway. Product photos by Ben Faigin.

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208 comments to “five june giveaways!”

  1. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    My favorite mug of tea is the one my husband makes for me early in the morning when we are tent camping. I love to sit at the morning fire and savor my herbal tea in that outdoor setting.

  2. Martha Wacker says:

    I like to have a cup of tea mid afternoon, after the day’s activities and before making dinner. I sit on my lanai and enjoy my garden. I love Stash teas- didn’t know Steven Smith founded the company until now!

  3. Rachel James says:

    I love chatting away with my uber-busy and energetic twin sister over a soothing cup of tea late in the afternoon. This is a lovely gift set and the photography makes me want to invite her over for a cuppa in my garden courtyard later today!

  4. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    Toward the end of the evening my husband makes me a wonderful cup of tea with cookies before he heads to bed. I really enjoy this ritual that has developed. A great way to end the day before I head to bed.

  5. Kathi Potter says:

    Nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book!

  6. Sherry Massey says:

    Being the Texas girl that I am, my favorite way to enjoy tea is over ice. Any kind of tea, any flavor, give me some ice and I’m a happy tea lover.

  7. Adrienne says:

    I make a large pot of steeped green tea every morning. I take as long as it takes to finish it. It’s my “Me” time. I read whatever book I’m reading while sipping my tea. My mornings are almost meditative as I slowly relax to greet the day. My pot of steeped green tea is an integral part of my life. It sets the right mood for my day: peace and calm.

  8. Bonnie Baerwald says:

    I love my cup of tea with a sweet and girlfriends! And then as an afternoon pick me up!

  9. Kathi says:

    Nothing better than a good cup of tea and an even better book!

  10. Elizabeth Eisenhood says:

    Tea is my go-to drink as I quilt or read, so I enjoy it many ways…but recently I have discovered Nordstrom’s Lavender Chai as a downtown (Seattle) treat. A matcha latte is another special drink. I grew up in the southern US, and my mother was the Iced Tea Queen of the neighborhood (with sugar and lemon). So hot or cold, tea is delectable to me.

  11. Janet Wright says:

    I must admit tea is not my first choice–but I DO like a cup of herb or green tea in the afternoon–more of a ritual than anything else. It opens up my afternoon.

  12. Pat Bell says:

    My favorite cup of tea is on a snowy afternoon watching the snow build up and wishing I was back in California.

  13. Pam Nottingham says:

    I most enjoy the orange spice blend from Stash. I add a slice of orange that I dehydrate myself.

  14. Judith Lawrance says:

    I enjoy a cup of decaf green tea every morning. A nice cup,of tea with a cookie in the afternoon with a friend or spouse is a lovely experience as well.
    Thank you for your special drawings of lovely things. Just wish I didnt live so far away so I could visit your shop!!!

  15. Jan Sutter says:

    In warm weather I love iced teas. When the weather is chilly nothing beats a hot cup of tea in my hands.

  16. Christi says:

    I am a huge tea drinker. I sit on my front porch, watch the birds and waste my morning.

  17. janet niemela says:

    For me, it’s while studying, as an attempt to keep from munching.

  18. Nancy Hanson says:

    I enjoy a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea doing hand work with friends. Good tea – brewed correctly, camaraderie, and fabric art make a very
    enriching time.

  19. GAIL Proctor McCARTHY says:

    I love a cup of tea first thing in the morning.

  20. Sheryl Ramstad says:

    I love to visit my favorite tea shop in a town where I used to live. I have a pot of Lemon Chiffon tea and an amazing fruit scone and all is right in my world!

  21. Trisha Lediard says:

    I enjoy my tea with a scan teaspoon of local honey. A wonderful way to start my day.

  22. Janie McCombs says:

    I love to make green tea in the afternoon. Just a little pick me up after eating lunch.

  23. Pam VanAustin says:

    I prefer hot tea in the colder weather, with just one cube of sugar. Nothing warms me up, or is more calming, than a cup of hot tea, watching it snow.

  24. Even Howard says:

    I love a bright green tea with a bit of dark chocolate!

  25. Vicki Anderson says:

    Sitting near the window overlooking our lake, with a book and a plate of my snickerdoodles.

  26. Karen A says:

    Tea is my beverage of choice. I do not drink coffee, so I have tea most every day. I love chai tea hit or cold

  27. Rae Arnold says:

    My favorite tea drinking times are when my spouse and I sip our cups on our back deck, taking in the precious few weeks of summer we get in the northeast—often Tazo Zen!

  28. Beth B. says:

    My daughter is a tea drinker and we enjoy mother-daughter bonding over a nice cuppa.

  29. Robin Shilman says:

    Warm with a little honey and lemon.

  30. Teresa Ruch says:

    With a good book or some hand sewing on the front porch swing.

    • Barbara Brienza says:

      I enjoy a cup of tea on a rare cold day here in Florida. I grew up across the street from Peninsula Park and the sunken rose gardens. Wonderful memories.

  31. Valerie Lau says:

    I enjoy herbal tea on a chilly afternoon. Living in the Pacific Northwest that means often!

  32. Katrine A. Eagling says:

    Hot or cold I love tea and drink it most every day. My latest love is green jasmine tea with nettle, as a cold beverage.


    Sipping hot tea on my porch with birds perching nearby while I write in my daily gratitude journal to welcome in my day is my favorite way to drink tea.

  34. Pat Dudek says:

    My favorite cup of tea is whatever is hot at the moment! We’ve been drinking Stash teas for years, especially green tea, which I enjoy every evening.

  35. Marsha Burdick says:

    I enjoy all kinds of tea: while reading, quilting, using the computer, and after dinner, watching tv. I love trying different kinds.

  36. Lottie Smith says:

    I love tea steeped on my counter with herbs and petals from the garden, served almost room temperature so as to best enjoy the fragrances from the brew… simple, old fashioned.

  37. Karen Newberry says:

    I love sipping out of a pretty porcelain tea cup with saucer while I sew.

  38. Linda Moran says:

    Watching the snowfall in December when the trees are ghostly, and hubby and I are curled under a quilt, smooth jazz in the background. Tea is perfect!

  39. Karen says:

    Mid-afternoon is my favorite time for a tea break.

  40. Deb Young says:

    Tea with milk. That’s my caffeine in the morning, my dessert at night, or just “I want to sit and relax” go to beverage anytime during the day. Can’t imagine a day without it.

  41. Sally says:

    Loose tea, brewed carefully. I love to hold the warm tea cup in two hands – I could go on and on about tea.

  42. Amy Kimbrough says:

    Hot, no, very hot, loose leaf, Lapsang Souchong, first thing in the morning. No better way to start the day!

  43. Glen Baker says:

    With a friend, in the afternoon, outside enjoying the day

  44. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    I enjoy a cup of tea on a cold winters evening wrapped up in a blanket watching my favorite shows. In the afternoon with a cookie is good too.

  45. Madelyn Lenard says:

    I am new to your website. I love Japanese fabrics and am touched by the giveaway honoring the late great Steven Smith. I did not know how deep was his legacy. I love all types of teas, and depending on my mood I may take it iced, lukewarm or hot. I particularly enjoy Lapsang Souchong. It is so strong I usually put one bag in a quart of water and it is just perfect. Many blessings to you and your website!

  46. Jackie says:

    I drink tea strong hot and with a bit of milk in it. Tea pots are beautiful

  47. Cindy Chock says:

    I have been a tea drinker since I was 5 years old. I enjoy a cup of tea in the late afternoon as a short break from work. I love a blend of lavender and black tea that I get from a tea shop nearby. Anxious to try the Rose City blend.

  48. Pat Dudek says:

    My favorite cup of tea is whatever is hot in the cup!

  49. Pat Meinecke says:

    Enjoy iced tea in the summer and relaxing with my daughter(s) over a cup of hot tea and tucked under the kotatsu in the wintertime.

  50. Karen S Kijinski says:

    I recently became a tea drinker. I am in love with Cinnamon tea. I have a small French Press that makes one cup and i steep the loose leaves and then sit down and relax with my cup of tea. Love the tea pots.

  51. Kaye Koler says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea……in peace and quiet!
    thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  52. Andrea says:

    I love to make white tea with tea leaves I got in Sri Lanka. I use a strainer. I have a special mug I like to use which has an Asian motif. I sit in our small sunroom and enjoy it in the natural light. This is a lovely giveaway!

  53. Barbara Hancock says:

    Oh my goodness, how wonderful. So love my tea times planning quilting projects or just enjoying the relaxation. Thanks you for thinking about us tea lovers.

  54. JamieS says:

    Tea cup in one hand and scone in the other! What an exquisite giveaway!

  55. Janet Schayer says:

    I usually have tea at some point every day….my favorite time is a special high tea that I enjoy with two granddaughters and my daughter during the Christmas holidays in Georgetown, Colorado………

  56. marlene barkley says:

    when my daughter was in school we would share a pot of tea and a snack when she came home. . Using my antique tea cups..

  57. Susan Rush says:

    My favorite way to drink a spot of tea is with my daughters when we are baking together.

  58. Pat Davies says:

    I love a cup of tea with my friend on the back patio catting while looking at the garden as the birds flit about!!

  59. Barbara Kampas says:

    Other than birthday celebrations for which we drink champagne, tea is served at the Sunday afternoon Book Club meetings that have been held in my home once a month for the past twenty years. Always an enjoyable afternoon . . .

  60. When the activities of the day are over and before dinner preparation, is my time to relax with a cup of tea.

  61. Connie koontz says:

    I love a soothing cup o tea in the evening as I wind down for the day.,.enjoying a good read.

  62. Lenore Loftus says:

    A dear friend drops by unexpectedly. We brew some tea and sit together. All cozy. On the couch and chat and sip our warm herb tea.

  63. Kate Meyers says:

    In the evening I enjoy my ritual of “tea and treat time” with a hot cup of non caffeined tea and a biscotti. It’s my daily happy indulgence!

  64. Linda Suter says:

    We make Sun Tea all year long! Mostly herbal, but also regular tea, too. Sun Tea is especially enjoyable on warm Summer days. I also love having a “cuppa” in the evening in Winter sitting in front of the fire place with a nice fire going and a good book to read.

  65. Julia Bernstein says:

    The best way to have tea is in London.

  66. sooz says:

    I am a genmai tea person and the new mix with rose petals sound intriguing.
    I love the earthy flavor of the toasted rice.
    since it is a special batch it must be so fragrant. would love to try it.

  67. Pat says:

    I have a cup of tea every morning in my favorite mug.

  68. Lynn says:

    I enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the evening when I am working on my wool applique projects.

  69. Valerie Kobayashi says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is in Hokido, Japan! The beauty of the region with a fine cup of tea is unsurpassed!

  70. Trudi R Rammelkamp says:

    My favorite way is to drink brewed tea over ice on hot days and to enjoy hot tea in the afternoon during winter.

  71. Nancy Hower says:

    My favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea is to make it, adjuron to the love seat and sit in the sunshine and watch the wildlife out the window.
    Second would be to have tea and work on a needle work project at the same time. My teas usually get cold before I finish the cup.

  72. Brenda says:

    I especially love a hot cup of tea when I’m not feeling well.

  73. lee says:

    I love mid afternoon tea! Especially w/ a friend or outside enjoying nature!

  74. Michelle Flamer says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is with a friend or a good book!

  75. Kathy A says:

    Tea any time, any place, hot or iced, soothing, relaxing and refreshing!

  76. Gigi Braucher says:

    I enjoy a hot cup of tea while sewing.

  77. suzanne schnarr says:

    I enjoy a cup of tea in my garden first thing in the morning. It’s sunny and the birds are flying around, robins and hummingbirds and other that the birds, it’s very quiet. The morning is full of hope for the day.
    Thank you for your monthly newsletter. I really enjoy it.

  78. mcrowin says:

    At the end of a busy day, about 4 p.m., a cup of tea is just the right pick me up. Enjoying it slowly is also a relaxing way to transition into the remainder of my day.

  79. Roine Oquist says:

    My first cup of tea in the morning is my favorite. I love to sit in the quiet of the morning before anyone else is up and meditate and enjoy the sounds of the birds and squirrels and the smells of the outdoors. Heavenly!

  80. Gigi Braucher says:

    I enjoy my tea while sewing.

  81. Jayna W says:

    My favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea is to brew a cup and sit down with a book or my stitching project..

  82. Signe says:

    Tea with friends!!! always a favorite. On my own a late afternoon cup of Jasmine with a drip of honey.

  83. Paula Morgan says:

    Favorite way is early morning , sitting on our deck, when the birds are waking up. If I am lucky, a little wind to move a couple of my chimes.

  84. J M Ange says:

    I enjoy freshly brewed hot tea while sitting in our sunroom and working on a quilting project or planning my next one from a new quilt book or magazine.

  85. pat cooper says:

    In the afternoon, with friends, and muffins talking about our latest fiber art project

  86. Nancy Gillooly says:

    I like a cup of green tea in the early afternoon while sitting on my back porch either reading a book or watching the birds.

  87. Deborah Palmer says:

    My husband and I are RVers and we had coffee everyday. But we started changing to tea as we sit and watch the beauty of this country each evening. Sitting by a lake or the sea or the desert at sunset sipping a great cup of tea . Who could ask for anything better?

  88. Heidi says:

    Signe and i would get on real well.

    Tea with a friend, perhaps a biscuit, definitely the bit of honey;)

  89. Sarah Entsminger says:

    My Mother loved tea and even though we lived eight hours away, we would still share our afternoon tea time and catch up over the telephone on family, life and sewing. I still make her favorite blends often as a way to feel closer to her.

  90. Cindy K says:

    I like tea year round. Hot tea in the winter and iced tea in the warmer weather.

  91. Barbara Guerena says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is at 3 pm as I sit down to do some hand stitching or quilting for an afternoon break. Steven Smith Teamaker teas are my favorite and I’ve enjoyed sampling flights of tea at his flagship location in Portland.

  92. Chris Chambers says:

    Nothing better than relaxing with a good book , a cup of tea, and my dog at my feet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Rita Hays says:

    My late afternoon rest break refresher is often a cup of tea in the fall and winter,or a tall iced tea in the summer.

  94. Marcia says:

    I love a wonderfully rich cup of Assam with warm milk in the early evening when I am sitting by the fire with a great book.

  95. Meg brotnov says:

    Tea all day long, best enjoyed with friends and good conversation

  96. Catherine Gillette says:

    Thanks for opportunity to win, love your site!

  97. Jerry Turner says:

    My afternoon break is sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Ahhhh.

  98. Jill I says:

    I put out my grandmothers beautiful teapot and matching cups, make scones and a really good pot
    of black tea and invite my dearest women friends over to join me. There is nothing like sharing tea and talk with your best friends!

  99. Miriam says:

    My favorite teas are Earl Grey and Keemun in a hot mug! Yum.

  100. Ellen Young says:

    My favorite spot for a cuppa is on my porch in the early morning hours watching the birds already busy with their daily chores.

  101. sgrehome says:

    I love to start my day with a mug of Stash Organic Green Tea.

  102. Gail A says:

    Tazo Passion with honey and lemon is my favorite hot tea. We usually drink our tea iced at lunch all year round.

  103. Tina says:

    I have tea in the mornings. Usually Tazo Orange or mint or zen. Many weekends I also have tea for afternoon along with a treat. Thank you!

  104. Suzanne says:

    My favorite way to have tea is first thing in the morning especially when I have time to just sit and enjoy the day. And no cream or milk. Nice and strong.

  105. Linda Nakamura says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is when I have time to sit down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and a great mystery. I also have wonderful memories of having tea with groups of friends when I lived abroad because we had more time to have teas.

  106. Marsha Loewenberg says:

    I used to prefer my tea very weak. Then my daughter introduced me to strong black tea with a dash of milk, and it became my new favorite way to enjoy a comforting cup of tea. For a special treat, hot chai is my go to drink.

  107. Barbaraben says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is have a good friend close by as we sip Earl Grey tea and enjoy some of my freshly baked biscotti.

  108. Colleen Woodcock says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE! any way, any time! Never understood the many people who can’t live without “coffee” yuck.
    I enjoy herbal tea in the evening and iced tea ALL day long!

  109. Louise Griffin says:

    I mostly drink ice tea but really enjoy a cup of hot tea on a cold winter morning.

  110. Margaret Wolf says:

    I have two favorite mugs in which I like to drink black tea. One says, “Marine Mom”, and the second is about being a Grandma. I drink green tea in a Japanese cup which was made by the husband of a Japanese friend. He is a ceramic potter. I can enjoy tea anytime of any day!

  111. Alexandra says:

    Tea is something I’ve enjoyed in so many different ways, at different times, in different places. I’m lucky enough to call two places home; in New Orleans I drink ice cold sweet tea and in Seattle I end my day with a mug of hot herbal tea. My absolute favorite way to enjoy tea, on special occasions only, is during a full afternoon tea spread with little sandwiches, scones and desserts!

  112. Teri says:

    My favorite way to have tea is with my sisters.

  113. Alexandra says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is on the special occasion of an afternoon tea service: sandwiches, scones, desserts, and a hot pot of tea to wash it all down!

  114. Carol Strum says:

    I love sipping green tea, Japanese style, in Japan!

  115. Drew says:

    I love to brew a large pot, enjoy one cup hot and the put the rest in the fridge for iced tea.

  116. Carol Kuse says:

    My absolute favorite way is on a cruise ship. I don’t know what they do to make it taste so good, but I am still trying to find tea that is as good on land. OOps! I was until I lost my tea set when we down sized! I would love to start again.

  117. Wendy Hill says:

    …in bed, when I wake up early, I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey while reading, before anyone else is awake.

    …part of my breakfast routine.

    …in the afternoon, a cup or two of green tea, with a tiny protein snack.

    …and best of all, with friends, a proper tea pot, little tea cups, and something delicious to share while we laugh and talk.

  118. When we lived in the U.K., we enjoyed a cuppa of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea while watching Countdown at 3:30 PM each weekday.
    Now that we are back home in California we play Scrabble while having tea and biscuits.

  119. Kristin says:

    My favorite way to enjoy my tea is sitting on my deck looking at the beautiful view of the rolling hills in the Inland Northwest. It is particularly lovely and green right now.

  120. Debra Totten says:

    I have my tea on cool grey afternoons

  121. Bernadette says:

    Every month, during my sashiko group, we drink genmai chai while we work and chat. In a way, it brings our group together.

  122. Caroline Rohrer says:

    great prizes

  123. Donna Sereda says:

    I always start my day with tea while watching and listening to my neighborhood awaken. It’s such a gentle way to greet the day!

  124. Barbara Conti says:

    My fav tea at the moment is Earl Grey, but I can’t wait to try the Rose City……Beautiful tea set and I could really use a new one…..My dream trip to Japan was last July and I learned to love the different teas I tried there….

  125. EILEEN KEANE says:

    Water must be boiled, then I use either leaves or sachets, and brew for 7 minutes. Then just a splash of milk is added.

  126. Kathy S. says:

    Dandelion leaf and root tea mid-day.

  127. Elaine Brazin says:

    A lovely cup by the window watching birds at the bird feeder. A breath of relaxation and warmth at any time I need a break.

  128. Lois Helmbold says:

    Tea is my afternoon lift, sitting in my living room, surrounded by cat, books, and laptop, with jazz on the radio (KCSM, San Mateo, California).

  129. Gretchen Lee says:

    I love your emails! They are fun, informative, and beautiful. I’m getting elderly but I’m still quilting and learning new things. Your blogs are always so informative.

  130. Rosemary Newman says:

    Tea with my sister in the deck in the sunshine.

  131. Mary Willis says:

    My favorite time for a cup of tea is the first thing in the morning. Great way to start the day.

  132. Cindy Klein says:

    I enjoy tea almost any time of day, but especially with a book, a cat on my lap, and a cozy fire when it is chilly. I also love tea when I can sit on my patio and watch the birds and enjoy the greenery around me.

  133. Ardie says:

    My husband and I enjoy a cup of hot tea in the evening after supper– a ritual of 50+ years. I have a teapot collection so we use different teapots for a change of pace. The Steven Smith tea set would be a welcome addition to my “family” of teapots.

  134. Pip says:

    Lovely green tea, steeped in an antique porcelain pot and served hot, at three in the afternoon is so very lovely to me as a cheerful and refreshing pick-me-up.

  135. Susan Buchanan says:

    Love that teapot. It would be great to make a cozy for it from Okan Arts fabrics.

  136. On the first snowy day of winter, i take a cup of lapsang souchong outside to my front porch and sip it, enjoying the smoky aroma while listening to the snow fall around me.

  137. LOLLY Schiffman says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is drinking it in Japan, any place , any time.

  138. marty says:

    tea most every day all day. Have yet to enjoy this enticing brand and what a wonderful teapot

  139. Kathleen Craig says:

    my fave tea is Genmaicha. While visiting Japan a few months ago I got to enjoy some! Hope to win!!

  140. Kathleeen Craig says:

    I love Genmaicha!

  141. JoAnne Pasqua says:

    I love the clean simple lines of Steven Smith’s tea set and would like to try the Genmaicha tea. My Canadian mother was a tea addict and my father would tease her saying, “Tea, tea, tea… that’s all you drink!”

  142. Barbara Colvin says:

    In the summer I love to add a leaf of mint and a drop of honey to my tea. So refreshing!

  143. Karen Krueger says:

    I enjoy chamomile tea every evening before going to bed. I have special mugs that I drink it from.

  144. Joette says:

    In the morning before everyone gets up, including the dog. Enjoy various types of Japanese and Chinese loose leaf teas.

  145. Ellen Crocker says:

    I enjoy a cup of Matcha after exercising in the early morning. I enjoy Chai Tea in the afternoon for a bit of a picker upper. I enjoy a warm cup of Lemon Balm prior to going to bed.

  146. Pam Pontious says:

    A cup of herbal tea while I wind down from the day is the perfect way to relax.

  147. Velma Bolyard says:

    with a friend, at a table, sharing ideas and love

  148. Ann Hudson says:

    How nice! I adore all types of tea and a lovely teapot from which to serve it makes it all the more special! Early afternoon tea on my patio is my favorite daily ritual, usually a green tea blend and I’ll have a nibble of candied ginger and a cookie too. If the weather is bad I’ll take my tea inside beside a large window in my living room. Thank you for this special giveaway.

  149. Renee says:

    I love sharing a cup of tea with my sister. We don’t get to do it often – she lives in New Mexico and I live in Washington.

  150. diane says:

    steeped and hot leisurely, with the aroma encasing my senses

  151. Laraine Salmon says:

    My Grandmother was from Scotland. Even when I was a little girl I was allowed to drink tea at Grans house, although at home my mom would not hear of it. Children were supposed to drink milk! I still love a cup of tea, especially in the afternoon when I need a break. Thanks Gran for letting me learn at an early age how lovely a cup could be.

  152. susan o'donnell says:

    I love a cup sitting by a fire with a good book

  153. Sue Mattson says:

    I like a mug of tea sitting in the recliner with a good book and my cat in my lap!

  154. Vivian Roop says:

    I like a cup of tea an hour or so before bed. It’s a pleasant way to end the and begin to relax for the night.

  155. carol denning says:

    At this moment, because of rain, it is a simple one cup , one teabag (chamomile) hot serving: just plain comfort food! However, I have been known to brew a half pot ; freeze in cubes, crush them and top a dish of vanilla ice cream with them (peppermint). thanks for the chance to win!

  156. Toni Harvey says:

    I love share a pot of tea with a friend. I steep loose tea in a warmed pot so that I can read the tea leaves when we are finished. Of course we also share cookies and a good laugh at what the leaves have to say.

  157. Pat says:

    A cherished afternoon ritual…oh, about 3:00 or so, has been a break in activity to share a pot of tea and a chat with my husband.

  158. Ann Rippel says:

    The best way to have Tea is going to a Tea Shop. We have a few in the area. Some you get to put on a hat, a boa the enjoy sipping. Then order some great food.
    It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours

  159. Darlene a Grant says:

    Grew up on Japanese green & it is still my favorite anytime of day.

  160. Nanci Cartwright says:

    My favorite way to have tea is in the evening after dinner. Usually it’s peppermint tea; good for the digestion and just a lovely way to end a meal.

  161. Anne Redens says:

    I love to sit with my feet up, a book in hand & tea by my side. It reminds me to slow down & enjoy all my blessings

  162. Jude Masten says:

    Mid morning, after the early chores are done and the house is silent, I take a cup of tea and sit with my feet up, thinking about nothing at all.

  163. Barbara Snider says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is with a close friend!

  164. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    My favorite cup of tea has been with my youngest, my daughter Rachel, who has collected tea pots since she was a very little girl. We’ve played tea party almost her whole life and she even took a couple of her favorites to college with her when she left last fall! It was so fun!

    • Kane says:

      I enjoy a mug of hot tea every night preferably with a small dessert. I especially enjoy a green tea and a piece of manju. My Japanese mother would often pause for an impromptu tea party whenever I visited her or when she visited me. My nightly tea ritual is a pleasant reminder of time spent together.

  165. Stephanie Braskey says:

    I have had the opportunity to enjoy Steven Smith tea. My favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea is sitting on my back deck on an early spring morning and watching the wildlife enjoy the woods in our backyard.

  166. Bee Dyer says:

    I make an herbal tea before bed. The aroma grounds me and inspire me to a dream.

  167. Christina says:

    My favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea is with a good book. Although a calming cuppa is good anytime!

  168. Donna Mattison-Earls says:

    I have just started drinking tea and would love to have a special pot and tea to go with it!

  169. Susan Kelley says:

    My husband and I start and end each day with a cup of tea together. It’s a retired moment each day.

  170. Tamara R. says:

    I enjoy two cups of loose leaf black tea (varies depending on my mood) every morning with breakfast. It is always steeped in my favorite glass teapot & poured into a glass teacup.
    Seeing the color of the tea as I sip is calming
    for me and my favorite time of the day.

  171. Carole Fisher says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is with my sister-in-law. She is a real aficionado of teas and tea making and always teaches me something new. We have had tea together in Japan, in Turkey, in India, in Vietnam and, of course, at home.

  172. I enjoy having tea and a dessert when friends come for a visit. I try to make the setting appealing but keep things simple. And hope that taking time to relax and chat over a delicious cup of tea provides a nice break in otherwise busy schedules.

  173. Mary Holshouser says:

    I like hot tea in the winter and iced tea
    in the summer. A couple cookies or
    a piece of cake, along with a cup/glass
    of tea, sitting in my recliner, is heaven
    Fantastic prize. thanks for the chance
    to win it. txmlhlat)yahoo(dot)com

  174. Cathy says:

    I enjoy my tea with a bit of organic, raw honey. When the sun’s out….tea is on my deck, with my dog, a book, and a comfortable chair. Simply the best. Steven Smith Teas btw, are very lovely!

  175. I love savoring my tea in the morning before my day begins, and right before nighttime. Such a joy to relive memories.

  176. Sandi vadset says:

    I like hot tea all year around. My favorite place to have tea would be on the beachat our cabin on Whidbey Island Washington. Like all flavors but mostly fruit kind.
    thanks for doing this. I would really like to taste the rose tea, it looks wonderful!!!!

  177. cynthia reed says:

    Outside on the deck with a bit of chocolate

  178. Angela Stavropoulos says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea: sipping a piping hot and milky cuppa in the quiet of the early morning, before the house wakes up to its daily routine of chaos. Pure bliss.

  179. Debra Miller says:

    I am a southern girl so sweet iced tea is my year round first choice drink but I do love hot tea with cream on cold winter days when I quilt.

  180. Mickey Beebe says:

    I enjoy drinking a glass of UK Earl Grey tea while driving though the redwoods and listening to classical music on my way to Jazzercise!

  181. Darlene Arnswald says:

    I’m a professional longarm quilter — and I often spend many hours every day standing at my machine quilting. Every evening my husband makes me a hot cup of my favorite tea. I look forward to this little evening ritual because it marks the end of my work day — and I can feel myself relax and let go with each and every sip!

  182. Evette says:

    Tea tastes best hot and on a summer morning on our patio, observing the mountains and landscape. Stash teas are the ones that fill our pantry, a favorite! Nice to read that Steven Smith founded Stash along with Tazo. I have given the new line of Smith teas as gifts – they never disappoint! Thank you for the opportunity.

  183. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is by myself!
    Sounds selfish, but there is nothing like sitting still with a warm cup of tea in my hands, concentrating on my breath and sipping. It truely is my way to restore myself in the middle of a busy day. I can focus, enjoy, restore.

  184. Marissa G Vignali says:

    I prefer my tea unsweetened and on rainy days, as I cuddle in the couch with a nice quilt and watch a nice Netflix series with my husband, daughter and Basset Hound!

  185. Pamela Voorhees says:

    I cannot start my morning without savoring a cup of green tea with jasmine. However, I think my favorite cup is when I have an afternoon tea with my husband along with some snacks… and perhaps a book.

  186. Amy L says:

    My favorite tea is that I share with my son when I visit Seattle. It’s once a year, and so precious.

  187. Julie Landrith I says:

    My favorite cup of tea is an Assam tea with milk and a good book.

  188. Julie Willmering says:

    Just finished my morning cup of Pureh with milk and honey.

  189. Rhonda Hunter says:

    My favorite tea drinking spot is my back porch. It over looks our garden and creek. Sitting on the porch with a cup of hot tea and listening to the sounds of birds, frogs, crickets, cicadas (in the summer), and the trickle of water from the fountain is my way of centering myself for the upcoming day.

  190. Andrea Johnson says:

    I love to drink white tea tips steeped in a strainer in my Japanese mug. I sit in my sun room sipping tea among my indoor plants and looking out to the oak trees behind the house.

  191. LauraTawney says:

    My husband brings me a cup of English Breakfast Tea every morning in bed when I wake up. I absolutely love Steven Smith teas and the tea pot and cup and the Portland Rose Tea sound so inviting! What a fun give-a-way

  192. Sandyb says:

    I enjoy tea every day, hot or cold. My mid morning break always includes a cup of hot tea.

  193. Cyndy Israel says:

    I love to drink herbal tea in the evening while doing some hand stitching project and listening to an audiobook.

  194. Dawn Nock says:

    Quietly and peacefully.

  195. Martha Bouchard says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is at Fika – the Swedish version of “tea time”. A nice gluten free cinnamon roll would go perfectly.

  196. Jeanne A Mclaughlin says:

    i celebrate all teas by making art with teabags… please share another tea with me! thank you

  197. Sara G says:

    Morning tea is my favorite, and the blend varies depending on my mood or energy level. A peaceful bit of self care before a busy day.

  198. Juliana Cerra says:

    I enjoy tea with friends while sharing our fiber art projects.

  199. Patricia M says:

    My favorite time to have a cup of tea is in the late afternoon while relaxing a bit before making our dinner and usually looking online at some quilting ideas.

  200. Sarah Ahlgren says:

    My favorite way to enjoy tea is to be alone, with my mug, in a quiet house, reading a book. Selfish, maybe, but enjoyable.

  201. Janet Wright says:

    I enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon–made in a pot that was given to me as a gift from Marie

  202. Mary Lou Paoletti says:

    I enjoy my very first cup in the morning, while the rest of the household are still sleeping. Often while stitching.

  203. Kate says:

    What fun it would be to have a tea party!

  204. Janet Wright says:

    Who won the tea sets?