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four july giveaways!

four july giveaways!

This month’s giveaway features Casey York’s new fabric collection FinelSpun, produced by Studio 37 of Marcus Fabrics. There are four July giveaways—FinelSpun fat-quarter bundles, each valued at $80.

Although FinelSpun is Casey’s first fabric collection, she is well known in the modern quilt movement for her custom quilt designs, books on applique, patterns, speaking, and teaching. The fine linework and simple color combinations of FinelSpun make it a great choice for low-key quilt and applique projects.

Here are close-ups of some of the colors and patterns in the collection:

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Soozi L of Palo Alto CA, Cindy H of Moss Landing CA, Sue L of Walnut CA, and Nancy B of Bethesda MD.

To participate in the July giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of your quilting?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The July 2017 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight PST on July 31, 2017. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to my Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing for the FinelSpun FQ Bundle. The winners will be notified within 24 hours. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit Casey York’s website +click here

To visit Studio 37 Fabrics website +click here

Thank you Marcus Fabrics for the donation of the FQ bundles!

This is an unsponsored giveaway with no compensation given to Okan Arts.

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277 comments to “four july giveaways!”

  1. Connie Akers says:

    My biggest obstacle is lack of focus.

    • Stephanie Cauley says:

      My biggest obstacle to quilting is that I fail to schedule time for it and let other tasks shove it aside!

  2. debby says:

    I have a good sized garden, and sometimes I just have to spend time out there taking care of stuff. Otherwise, not much gets in the way of my quilting.

  3. Ellen Hemmert says:

    Mine is work.

  4. Kathy says:

    Matching patterns with fabric. Stacks of patterns I want to make, stacks of fabric combinations. Trying to get the two to meld.

  5. Wilma Scott says:

    The biggest thing that gets in the way of my quilting is that when I worked full time (as a teacher in Special Education), quilting was a hobby. After I retired I tried to replace teaching with quilting. I set up a studio space for myself. I stocked it with tons of fabric. I have two drawers full of yukata cottons! In fact, my stash has taken over the entire upstairs of our home. I LOVE TO QUILT! But, to my husband and my family it is still my hobby. It’s difficult to put aside their needs in order to quilt as I would like to quilt. I’ve had better luck in the last year by referring to it as my art. “I must do my art!” Now my husband tells people I’m an artist – I make art quilts. Se la vie!

  6. Judith Wegner says:

    Right now, we’re packing to move out of the house we’ve lived in for 25 years, then moving into a significantly smaller house. So, I’ve had to pack away quilting projects as we try to clear our the house! If it weren’t for that, I would say the biggest impact is my four cats, who love to watch and sit on top of my hands when quilting… but they are beloved friends and I dare not call them “obstacles”

  7. soozi says:

    no obstacle in my way to do my quilting…aside from only 24 hours in the day,
    my biggest problem is finishing..they all get finished at some point but
    every time a new line of fabric comes out…i start another project with it.

  8. Sheryl says:

    My obstacle is that we care for our 3 grandchildren. Two older ones come after school and I help them with homework. The younger one (1 1/2) all day. I try to sew in the evening or on weekends. Sometimes I just go to my sewing room and touch my fabric! It helps!

  9. Miep Jager-Schiphorst says:

    My biggest obstacle is TIME as I like to do all sorts of other crafts as well.

  10. Barbara Kampad says:

    My biggest obstacle is trusting myself to go beyond boundaries of current skill set. I need to trust that there are no rules and I should allow myself to play more thus moving forward to use different fabrics or experiment with new techniques.

  11. Pat says:

    Finding the time

  12. Elizabeth Baker says:

    Time and space.

  13. Peggy Johnson says:

    It is the daily tasks that always take more time and energy than I bargain for that steals my quilting time.

  14. Karen Goings says:

    My daughter and son in law just bought me a new sewing cabinet and I just love the addition to my sewing room. My window looks out to Ressurection Bay in Seward Alaska. So beautiful! It’s easier to see on cloudy days ☀️

  15. Sheila Marie says:

    My biggest obstacle is…ME! Like so many, my schedule is full…just need to actually carve out time to create, even if just a few minutes a day…hence, ME : )

  16. Overwhelming mess causing big distraction

  17. Marian says:

    Time and space seems to be the biggest obstacles that stand between me and quilting. Hopefully we will be doing some rearranging so I can get some more me space.

  18. Mary Jo Buckingham says:

    Perfection which leads to procrastination: what if I cut wrong, or mis-sew the pieces, or the seams don’t match just right… learning to enjoy the process even if I am only able to sew a seam a week helps me mediate those perfection tendencies.

  19. Audrey says:

    Time to do all my quilting! My family is the best part of my life but they constantly schedule my time for me. Love these fabrics. Really beautiful in a quiet way.

  20. Kerry S. says:

    The biggest obstacle for me is that horrible four-letter word: TIME

  21. Kathi says:

    Biggest obstacle — many other hobbies.

  22. Patty Simmons says:

    My biggest obstacle is a cluttered sewing room. I can’t focus with piles of fabric and wandering spoils of thread.

  23. Barbara Hancock says:

    Fixing meals and grocery shopping.

  24. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    Unfortunately life gets in the way of my quilting but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Children, grandchildren, husband and household all take me away from my quilting but it makes me appreciate the time more when I can quietly create.

  25. Stephanie L. says:

    My biggest obstacle is just life. I try to remember to make quilting time a priority but life happens too fast some days. I find that I am less stressed on the days I quilt.

  26. Kaye Koler says:

    Other duties……..housecleaning, yard work, home care, babysitting grandkids……

  27. Katrine Eagling says:

    The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting committing to a single project. Like right now I am working in clay, oil paints, craft painting for the quilt museum and have 5 quilts in various stages of progress.

  28. Leona McCann says:

    Work takes lots of time away from quilting.

  29. Mrs. Plum says:

    My biggest quilting obstacle is guilt! If I’m working on something for myself, I feel that I should be doing something else–cleaning the house, weeding the garden, doing the laundry, cooking a meal, etc. I’m trying to overcome this, and am hoping when I retire in a few years, I’ll be able to.

  30. Jeanne Mayes says:

    Not being organized! I am working on it and hope
    I can do better in the future.

  31. Arlene Lawrence says:

    The biggest obstacle to quilting is failing to break things down into small steps. I let “overwhelm” take over.

  32. Tish says:

    Time! Need another lifetime of it for my growing list of ideas and fabric stash!

  33. Barbara Hume says:

    I get distracted during the time I set aside foe quilting by such things as the washing machine being almost next to my sewing machine.

  34. Jerie Clark says:

    Like many others, I don’t have time for everything. In the summer, there is golfing, kayaking, bicycling, walking, gardening, swimming not to mention, mosaics, bead making, and of course there’s cooking, cleaning, etc.

  35. Andrea Bursaw says:

    Two things: holding onto a childhood admonition that chores come before play; and beautiful summer days when I want to be outside (although I am searching for the right height chair to take to my deck . The extension cord and travel machine are ready to go.)

  36. Mary O. says:

    I guess my biggest obstacle is me. I just need to spend less time looking at all the beautiful quilts on the internet and just do it! This year I have discovered so many wonderful quilt artists online and it is hard to settle down and decide on what project to start.

  37. Valerie Gleeson says:

    Time and taking care of my very sick husband!

  38. Cynthia says:

    I get in my own way, procrastinating, sleeping in, you name it. If I were a little more organized, I’d be terrifying!

  39. Susie Q says:

    Too much stuff in the sewing room. Can not work well. BUt don’t ask me to get rid of any thing…ok?

  40. Janie M says:


  41. Deb W says:

    Biggest obstacle is me, I am the queen of starting projects because I get bored with repetition. Right now I have 3 traditional quilts in progress, another traditional that I have pulled fabric and pattern, an English paper piecing project,along with a large wool appliqué, a very large hand appliqué of Asian geisha done in silks, several shashiko projects in various stages, a smaller art quilt done with Japanese remenants, and a large Yoko Saito house appliqué. Oh, and a hexagon crazyquilt, blocks complete ,just cannot decide how I want to finish. And
    one project at the long arm quilters done with old blue and white kimono fabrics with a yukata backing. I know, way too much info.

  42. Michele T says:

    My biggest obstacle is time… I work full time, so sewing and quilting can only be done after my work hours, weekends and holidays!!

  43. Fireside Quilter says:

    My sewing studio is a very small area in our basement (near our wood stove). I would love to have a bigger space with all my fabric and tools in one room… and I promise to keep it super tidy!!

  44. Pam says:

    The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting is my job as a teacher, which means I grade a lot of essays at night and on weekends. But I try to spend half an hour a day in my sewing room – wonderful relaxation. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway. I love this fabric!

  45. Gin says:

    It’s embarrassing, but the biggest obstacle to my quilting is the internet. I go on to check a video about a technique or solving a sewing problem, then get sucked in. I waste so much time!

  46. Diane says:

    I have a “pressing” issue! My stash is unruly and always in need of a press before I can move ahead with my latest quilt project.

  47. Mary D says:

    Working full time, being involved in other outside group activities add to that all of the home duties (laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, feline time) makes it difficult to have totally uninterrupted sewing time.

    Finding time is my biggest obstacle so I find moments to squeeze in short bursts of time.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  48. Jan says:

    One thing that gets in the way of my quilting would be not having a dead line on something I’m working on.

  49. Dottie Vaughn says:

    Not having enough hours in the day!

  50. Trisha says:

    Finding a pattern that I like and don’t have to redesign.

  51. Peggy File says:

    My obstacle is the constant reorganization when I try to find everything I need for a project. It could be age that gets in my way or just maybe I have too much stuff.

  52. Ann Hudson says:

    Keeping focused on one​ project! I start too many and get bogged down, then get discouraged! Currently, I’m trying to finish all the UFOs on the shelf. I’ve promised myself a *treat* of some kind if I finish up my starts! Kind of like dangling the carrot before the mule!

  53. Renee Atkinson says:

    Biggest obstacle: This varies depending on the day. Root cause for most: it’s me, sometimes it’s deciding on which project to work on, working on donation items. I cannot wait to retire so I have more time!!

  54. Quilting Tangent says:

    Figuring out a quilting design for the quitl

  55. Carol Nelms says:

    My biggest obstacle is pain, but I try to sew an hour a day!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Janine Allen says:

    My biggest obstacle is lack of space and organization.

  57. Susan Zakanycz says:

    the biggest obstacle is finding the time and doing it!

  58. Janice King says:

    It’s the combination of time and being in the right mind space for what needs to be done next on my current project.

  59. Not enough time in my day to do what needs to be done, cleanup and organize my quilting, make all the quilts i want, clean house, teach my class at sr ctr., etc.

  60. Carol Ann Fish says:

    I could quilt more if I didn’t have to work 40 hours a week.

  61. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    There are so many other things to do around my house that quilting often takes a backseat.

  62. Denise says:

    It takes me long time to figure out the quilting design. Then it is the time to do the quilting once I’ve made up my mind.

  63. Hester Tinti says:

    I am always planning quilts in my head. Then I procrastinate and don’t start to actually handle the fabric and start cutting and sewing. Right now I am working on a small baby quilt with the hope it will get me back to work on a large basket quilt I have been neglecting.

  64. Chris Chambers says:

    My biggest obstacle is losing focus and starting another project before I finish the one I’m on. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Hester Tinti says:

    I am always planning quilts in my head. I find it difficult to sit down, gather my fabric and tools, and start cutting out the quilt in my head. I have a messy mind and a messy sewing room. Right now, I am making a small baby quilt in hopes it will get me excited enough to work on my long term basket quilt project waiting on the shelf.

  66. Brenda says:

    Liking the planning phase the best often results in too many projects lined up. As a result, I sometimes don’t know where to start (or finish).

  67. Deborah L Contreras says:

    To little time, I could quilt all the time burn it fair to housework or my spouse. Have to spread my time around. Darn it, but I love my spouse and want time with him too.

  68. Debbie White says:

    My obstacle is finding my own private, uninterrupted time!

  69. Mary DeRay says:

    The thing is… I go to my sewing room to quilt & I might need a certain fab from my ‘generous’ stash…all of a sudden I’m sorting through tubs finding fabric I had forgotten about, coordinating
    groups of fab that look great together…etc. etc. Oh and there’s that stack of UFO’s that just sits there and says “why don’t you finish me?” I ‘ll try hard to focus I promise!

  70. Brenda P says:

    My biggest obstacle is my job !! It’s hard to stay focused when you only get one or two days a week to sew but I love it so much I make the time and I even bring quilting to work with me which helps, thankfully I work the midnight shift so lots of down time for hand sewing.

  71. Shelley Trunnell says:

    Self doubt. I just started sewing again after 20 years off and I feel like I am relearning everything. With all the technology out there though it has been so much easier to get back into it and the fabric choices are so much better now. I am learning on a new machine that is so much more advanced than my old Singer.

  72. mvjan says:

    My biggest obstacle has to be time management. Of course, there’s also the little problem that shopping for fabric is my favorite part of the quilt-making process.

  73. Maritza says:

    My biggest obstacle is wanting to do too many things at once. I end up not doing any, sometimes, while I sort things out.

  74. Shari K. says:

    My biggest obstacle is time! Too much time spent at work, on the house, etc.

  75. […] full details on the giveaway, check out Patricia Belyea’s Okan Arts blog post now thru July 31, 2017 (US residents only, please).  And or course, for those of you […]

  76. Tac says:

    My biggest obstacle is lack of space and organization.

  77. Betsy says:

    My biggest obstacle is figuring out a quilting design once the quilt top is pieced.

  78. EllenB says:

    Sometimes I feel guilty leaving the yard work and home keeping stuff for my retired husband to do while I’m having “me” day in my sewing room!

  79. Summer says:

    I would like to say work, but it is what allows me to afford materials to quilt! (As well as many other necessities!) There are also numerous demands on my time from keeping house to walking the dogs. Some days, I just have to let some things slide (cleaning the bathroom can wait until tomorrow!) to have some uninterrupted quilting time.

  80. Donna W says:

    My biggest obstacle is deciding how I should quilt my quilt top.

  81. Paulette Mckenna says:

    Mine is a combination of limited time and no dedicated quilting space.

  82. Anita says:

    My biggest obstacle is to find the time to quilt.

  83. Debbie Miller says:

    My biggest obstacle is distraction.I apparently have the concentration of a magpie-I will start one thing and then “sparkly” and I am on to something else. I also need to learn to say “NO” to a lot of the requests for my time.

  84. Sherry Sartin says:

    My biggest obstacle is my full-time job.

  85. Lavana Eidson says:

    I have trouble finding time to quilt. I also have a problem wanting to start a new project before finishing the one I had been working on. This leaves me with unfinished projects. Too pick them back up you have to read thru the instructions before you get started.

  86. Mary Jo Rogers says:

    My biggest obstacle is not having a stationary quilting space. I work in our dining room, but since we eat meals there together, I have to put machine, fabrics, and tools away after every session. There is no such thing as sneaking in 15 minutes to work on a project, as that is how long it takes to get set up! But I’m not complaining. It’s more important to have my family eat together.

  87. Janna says:

    I biggest obstacle is over coming guilt that I am having fun instead of working.

  88. Melody Lutz says:

    Physical? Mary Alyce, my cat!

  89. Marian Allen says:

    My full time job, that pays for fabric and the mortgage!

  90. Pain is my biggest obstacle- I try to work through it.

  91. Kristi says:

    Before I retired, work prevented me from quilting. Then my husband and I moved to be closer to our daughter, SIL and only grandchild. We are getting settled, helping our family with their yard work, home improvements and some child care plus we are exploring our new city. ( I do try to catch a few minutes everyday to quilt.)

  92. Anita Owen says:

    Not that he is an obstacle, but having a retired husband at home does present it’s challenges.

  93. Karen Keeler says:

    Focus…seems that I have multiple projects ongoing and yet I start new ones.

  94. Marie Eddins says:

    Space is one for me as I’m in the ‘sitting area’ of my bedroom. It’s hard to find fabric as it’s stashed everywhere! Also we often babysit one of our grandsons. Thanks!

  95. Elizabeth Bolton says:

    My health is so-so which means I make far less progress than my mind can conceive of – very frustrating!!

  96. QuiltWench says:

    My biggest obstacle is fear… Fear that my .25 inch seam won’t really be .25, that I won’t do it “right”, that I don’t know how to do a particular technique. Oh, and the fact that we just moved and all of the “extra thins that we don’t know what to do with” got stacked in front of my machines and fabric in my sewing room. *sigh*

  97. Julie A Kaufmann says:

    Just like a lot of quilters, I would have to say time. I just got laid off from my job of 21.5 yrs and still looking for another. My mother has desided to go into a nursing home and I will have the time to orgainized my quilting area and start quilting while I search for a new job.

  98. Karen D Martin says:

    I have space issues and need to do a complete reorganization in my sewing room to make it more efficient!

  99. Nancy Wrenn says:

    Up to now volunteering has taken up my time. I have still had time for participating in several guilds and teaching newbies who have questions, how to do the things they want. I just retired from the volunteer job that I have worked with for 27 years. It was hard, but at 68, I need time to do my stuff. I have 3 quilt projects that I hope I finally finish, and multiple projects ready to start! Both of my grandmothers quilted and I have quilted since I was 11. I remember cutting templates from cereal box cardboard.
    I remember, when much younger, sitting under one grand’s quilting frame and watching her stitches running through her quilt. And picking up pins and thread bits for her. I am sure both grandmothers would be astonished with all that is available in today’s quilt world.
    Memories are great!

  100. Sandy K says:

    Sewing at the kitchen table is a major obstacle when it comes to meal time.

  101. Vicki H says:

    Fabric selection for a project is my biggest problem.

  102. Janet Wright says:

    My biggest obstacle is interruptions. I get a lot done when my dear hubby isn’t home.

  103. Darla Zimmer says:

    My biggest obstacle is the drive to do too much at one time. I get tired and confused. Then I make mistakes. These new fabrics are very pretty. I think I would have to plan a project for them right away.

  104. Judy Smith says:

    Narrowing down what I want to make next. Too many ideas.

  105. lindamae says:


  106. Diane says:

    Fear of not doing a perfect job is the only thing that gets in the way of my quilting.

  107. Daisy Rae says:

    Too many interesting quilting patterns to make…

  108. Janet Tyner says:

    Deciding what fabric to use. There are so many choices and color combinations, it is hard to decide!

  109. knittingdancer says:

    Mu biggest obstacle to find time to quilt is housework and other hobbies.

  110. lee says:

    My biggest issue is having the time – between work and family – I could be better organized! tks!!

  111. Linda Williamson says:

    I have a hard time selecting fabrics and patterns. So many choices. Thanks for the giveaway.

  112. Cecilia says:

    My biggest obstacle is trying to decide what project to start next.

  113. Bonnie Preslar says:

    I have a problem staying focused on any one project!!

  114. Pat in WNY says:

    I thought when I retired from full time work that I’d have the time to quilt full time…not so! The everyday chores of living on country acreage with big lawns to mow and three large gardens, and and… the quilting time sometimes just melts away. My greatest obstacle.

  115. Mary Ruda says:

    Time, focus, deciding which project to start, have 4 projects ready to start. Love fabric.

  116. Tricia Shaver says:

    I am my biggest obstacle!

  117. Joanna Perry says:

    My biggest obstacle in quilting is needing encouragement. Fortunately, I find it online.

  118. Jill Meador says:

    Time is my biggest obstacle! I get side tracked to often to start something or I will start in sewing and BAM out of time-my parrots and cat demands attention.

  119. Kathy E. says:

    Preparing meals! Someone is always hungry around here (mainly my husband) and just as soon as I get a good start on a project in the sewing room, it’s time again to start cooking. Ugh.

  120. Anna says:

    My big gist proublum is I work 3rd shift.But I try to get in a little bit of time in every day….ty for cool giveaway…..

  121. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    My biggest obstacle is fear that I will somehow ruin the quilt top when I put it together and quilt it. As a result I have too many UFOs, but now that I have identified the problem, I plan to address it and finish them.

  122. Chris says:

    I run out of time, if only there were more hours in the day.

  123. Susan Grancio says:

    My biggest obstacle to quilting is taking care of the business part of life, getting in a long daily exercise walk and spending time with my grands – all important and mostly enjoyable, but they do eat up time!

  124. Pamela V says:

    Life gets in the way. But, to be fair, it’s also me lacking focus (due to the distractions and interruptions of life) and not organizing my space well enough, so that I’m able to go right in and work/create.

  125. Kathie L says:

    I try to have too many irons in the fire, then don’t get anything completed.

  126. Lolly Schiffman says:

    Too many ideas, tendency to not push to the finish line and totally finish a project

  127. Kathleen McQuiggin says:

    very nice fabric collection

  128. Pam Z. says:

    My biggest obstacle is fear of not being able to bring the ideas in my head to fruition. My skills are not as well developed as I need to create the fiber art I can conceive. I must keep working, and not give in to fear!

  129. Vivian Roop says:

    It’s got to be time. There never seems to be enough. One more stitch always leads to another.

  130. Cindy Hanrahan says:

    My biggest obsticle, besides lack of time, is my French bulldog; he loves to get under. y sewing table and play with my foot pedal, which isn’t always a good thing 🙂

  131. Nancy Kinslow says:

    My biggest obstacle is finding a tool that I put away in my “organizing mode”.

  132. Sara-Ann Goldman says:

    Not enough time to execute all the ideas running around in my head.

  133. Susan Mayer says:

    What gets in the way? Too many ideas! I pull fabric for one project and half way done I am pulling fabrics for the next project! I need to learn to finish one quit before starting another!

  134. Ardis Bucy says:

    First big obstacle is discovering a topic or image that makes me excited. Sometimes this comes sooner rather than later. Most of the time, I worry and fret and change my mind numerous times.

  135. bunny hand says:

    I barely have any obstacles…My sweet husband built me a huge studio, and I “retired” to be a quilter and quilting teacher. What a lucky life! Housework done in the early morning and the studio is open!

  136. I love the Japanese fabrics and have done many Sashiko pieces that I want to incorporate in wall hangings. Pool exercise and medical appointments keep me out of my quilting room too often. I love this new fabric line – especially the geometric ones.

  137. shirley marvin says:

    Love this months material…:-} My biggest chalangeis finding time or all that I want to do.

  138. sue says:

    The usual challenge is time, but sometimes just the assortment of potential projects is enough to stop progress

  139. Ellen Callo says:

    My biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting is having to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For this reason, I love retreats, way far away from home.

  140. Judy McNeel says:

    Going to too many quilting groups! Some things just need to be finished at home with no distractions. I also live in Las Vegas and we have ALOT of company!

  141. Lori Martinsek says:

    Having large blocks of time to create my visions is key.

  142. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Time! There are many other things especially during the summer months that sing their sweet siren song….. gardening, getting together with fellow quilters, grandchildren….. Some days quilting simply has to go on the back burner!

  143. patricia sherman says:

    Mine is time and focus

  144. Maxine E. says:

    I get in my way sometimes. I get lazy and that is my biggest obstacle.

  145. Teresa Ruch says:

    clutter on the cutting table. very deep

  146. Geri VanVliet says:

    Time. I am the only caregiver for my 85 year old mother, with multiple doctor’s appointments each week. Then I also babysit my “other baby”, my great-grandson once a week. Time is precious. But quilting is my release.

  147. kate says:

    My biggest obstacle is probably very common and it is time. I am fortunate to have a dedicated space and can walk away and come back to my wip without having to clear everything away and pull it back out again. You would think I could get more done than I do. I guess I’m lucky to have family and friends who love and want to be with me.

  148. Louise Delisle says:

    Why not in Canada? Is it not enough that we have to pay more, what with exchange rate and customs duty? We are quilters too!

  149. Gail Cohan says:

    Time to create, sometimes the vision is there, but you can’t find the right fabric to express your idea and finally having the energy if the time presents itself to put pencil to paper and just have gun!

  150. Mary says:

    Not enough time to create all the ideas floating around in my head.

  151. Sandra L Ellison says:

    My biggest obstacle right now is thinking I need to finish reorganizing/cleaning my house before I can turn my energies to my creative work.

  152. Pam Cope says:

    my biggest obstacle is finding uninterrupted blocks of time to stay in the creative groove. love going to quilt retreats for that reason.

  153. Moira says:

    Two things get in the way of my quilting – the full time job that supports the quilting and too many ideas for quilts that get me distracted. =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Right now health demands but I will soon be ready to switch from designing and dreaming to actual creating. These fabrics look luscious!

  155. Dali Lobo says:

    Life commitments get in the way. I recently planned and cut fabric for four different quilt patterns and vastly different fabrics. Having all the pieces cut up ahead of time let me sit and stitch for hours. AND I got a lot accomplished, too. I plan to keep doing this in the future, as I never got bored as I worked on different projects and made a lot of headway on all of them.
    This beautiful fabric would look great with several quilt patterns that I thought of, right off the top of my head.

  156. Sharon says:

    Not enough dedicated time is my biggest obstacle. Lovely fabrics!

  157. Barbaraben says:

    My biggest obstacle is that I have too many ideas and not enough time.

  158. Mary Burger says:

    Only I can get in the way of my quilting. I’m retired so the frequent mention of time does not really apply. Summers are hard as family visitors tend to take over the house and end up sleeping in my sewing room. This year I am determined to sew anyway!

  159. Vi9rginia O'Donnell says:

    About the only thing that gets in the way of my quilting is spending time at the computer on some of my favorite sites, some just enjoying what others are doing in the quilt world but also taking online classes learning new techniques. Right now I’m learning how to use my midarm quilting machine. I’m still in the quilt world, just not creating a piece of work.

  160. Frances G Ripsom says:

    Just juggling everything I have to do & feeling guillty ( quilty ? ) if I am
    having fun with fabric and not doing gardening or drudge housework !!!!!!

  161. Carole K Tsutsumi says:

    Time! I long for more than 24 hours a day and time to do what I want to do. No preparing of meals, no housecleaning, no laundry/ironing. These all take time from my sewing.

  162. Mona Alderson says:

    Too much internet time, especially surfing wonderful fabric and quilting sites and blogs! No real excuse!

  163. Maryanne L Sakai-James says:

    During the warmer months it is my garden that gets in the way of my quilting and other sewing. During the winter, it’s the old “dark and gloomy” weather that brings on SADD, which is a major issue for me!

  164. Kathleen Wade says:

    The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting is not enough time – work and lots of other hobbies compete for quilting time.

  165. Carolyn Dell says:

    What is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting? Trying to do too much for everyone else!!

  166. Kathe Dougherty says:

    So many projects, not enough time!

  167. Sarah Sheckells says:

    The time! I would like the time to design the quilt, to consider the colors and design of the cloth, to cut and sew the cloth and then to quilt it! More time would be a gift.

  168. cynthia rosner says:

    My biggest obstacle is TIME.

  169. Nicole Sender says:

    My biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting is lack of organization. I need to set aside a time to devote to quilting every day. That is my goal!

  170. Kathy Pitts says:

    Deciding how to quilt the top .

  171. Cynthia Reed says:

    Other interests on top of quilting

  172. debbie waggoner says:

    House and yard work

  173. Nancy says:

    My biggest obstacle used to be work. Now that I am retired (fabulous) my biggest obstacle is my lack of organization. I have so much time I do not use it carefully. Trying to create a sense of not wasting time on TV or computer.
    I am not complaining, simply rearranging my life. I love the fabrics.

  174. Dana Denney says:

    I have a full time job! I quilt every free moment I can.

  175. Amy L says:

    I would love to read what specifically inspired Corey in these marvelous designs. My biggest obstacle is over stimulation. There are so many beautiful fabrics, new techniques and gorgeous quilts out in the world; I want to make them all..

  176. Linda Sprencel says:

    Time is my biggest obstacle

  177. Cindy Brouillard says:

    The phone ringing is very distracting.

  178. Susan K. says:

    I would say housework is the biggest thing that gets in the way of quilting!

  179. Jeanette Swenson says:

    I don’t have anything in my way to quilt. I’m retired and enjoy quilting everyday!

  180. Jan Alpert says:

    Trying to decide which design I want to use. Usually I will see a group of fabrics I like and trying to decide how to present them the best possible way, keeps me up at nights, thinking. Once I decide, I am gung ho.

  181. Jerry says:

    Sleep. I’d quilt all night if I could!

  182. caroline rohrer says:

    Myself. I can get lost in the computer world, unless I set time limits. If I start sewing early in the day I can accomplish lots.

  183. Elizabeth Lee says:

    Finding the right fabric for the quilt. I live in a location where there is not much to choose from. I have to drive at least an hour and a half to find a good quilt shop.

  184. Jackie Stevens says:

    Choosing a project that excites me and matches my skills.

  185. Donna Merrifield says:

    My biggest obstacle is time and focus. There is never enough time and I have too many hobbies that I enjoy to concentrate on just one. Hobby ADD!!!

  186. Linda Steiner says:

    My obstacle is needing to water the garden or start a load of laundry, then one chore leads to another. I get some of my best quilting done in my pajamas first thing in the morning, and on those days sometimes I don’t stop to get dinner started. So I now realize that the obstacle is when I don’t approach it as the first priority!! Maybe I should do that!

  187. Nancy R says:

    My ipad! I get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media that I waste good solid hours of time I could be quilting. At least maybe my ipad can help me win some beautiful fabric. Congrats Casey on a lovely first collection!

  188. Lydia says:

    I have lots of tops done, but my biggest hinderance is getting the layers pinned and ready for quilting. Then another hinderance is how to quilt it.

  189. Penny kruszka says:

    Time also is an element I am trying to find daily.

  190. Sylvia Bengisoy says:

    Employment but closer to retirement

  191. Jill Johnson says:

    My biggest obstacle getting in my way of quilting is not scheduling time to quilt and my calendar is filled to the brim with responsibilities, work, and life!

  192. Marie Misgen says:

    Getting stuck on how to proceed on a project!
    I try to think my way thorough a problem or difficulty instead of just physically doing it.
    And as we all know: Just Do It, lol.

  193. Janet Hasselblad says:

    Time management!

  194. Rachel says:

    So many things to do, so little time. Priorities shift and quilting, although for me it is a priority, get shifted lower on the list. I need to clone myself! One of me to go to the gym to workout every day and sleep, and the real me to quilt and quilt! So many fantastic patterns to go along with all the fantastic fabric in my stash.

  195. Pam Topasna says:

    My biggest obstacle in quilting is trying to find time around the three grandchildren that keep me hopping. Love your fabric!

  196. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    Too tired at the end of the day (I work full time) and too busy on the weekends with volunteer activities! However, I am beginning to downsize my life and I am looking forward to more quilting time!

  197. quiltnh says:

    Organizing time is always a challenge. I have so many other interests, family and gardening a couple of the big ones. Happily they pull me away from my other love, quilting.

  198. Marty Mason says:

    Time won’t let me get all those ideas out of my head into a quilt.

  199. Karen Schaffner says:

    My biggest obstacle is choice. When it’s time to choose fabric for a project, I get overwhelmed by the myriad of fabric choices.

  200. Patricia Tomes says:

    Of the many ideas I have stored in my head, computer, scraps of paper, which one do I want to do next when I finish one!

  201. Jan says:

    My biggest obstacle is lack of organization in my temporary sewing area and fear the finished quilt won’t look as good as I think it should because I made poor fabric color choices.

  202. Michelle D says:

    Deciding where to start or which great idea to start with! Just do it, Michelle!

  203. Patsy Carlson says:

    I love quilting but in the summer I want to be outside in my yard! Never seems to be enough hours in the day. Patsy

  204. Barb Jenson says:

    I get distracted by gardening and other fun projects.

  205. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    the biggest obstacle that gets in my way of quilting/sewing is “time”. I try to allocate several hours in the afternoon when the natural light is the best in my studio. It doesn’t always work though! By that time of the day I’m thinking of creating dinner and having a swim! I seem to squeeze in segments of time throughout the day.

  206. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    the biggest obstacle that gets in my way of quilting/sewing is “time”. I try to allocate several hours in the afternoon when the natural light is the best in my studio. It doesn’t always work though!

  207. Sharon Weibler says:

    I treasure my fabrics and hate to cut them up. What if my project doesn’t come out well? It’s a case of “You can’t both have your cake and eat it.

  208. Laura Bradley says:

    Would love to win your giveaway fabrics!!!

  209. Corky says:

    My biggest obstacle is cleaning up my sewing room so I can work! I seem to stack stuff on every flat surface so I’m constantly moving stacks. I recently downsized my stash a bit so that has helped, but I need to figure out a better system.

  210. Cathy Favreau says:

    What is my biggest obstacle? There are three! Time! I work full time and have three boys, but when I do so, it is hard to stop. My husband calls be a binge crafter. Space! I often set up in my dining room as my children have taken up all other spaces. Inspiration! Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to make as my brain is crowded with so much detritus of life.

  211. Rafaelita Chavez says:

    My biggest obstacle is that I love to read and am also a great procrastinator.

  212. jenny says:

    definitely TIME.

  213. Peggy says:

    Prefer blocks of time, hours-not minutes-to dive into quilting….need to learn to work within available minutes, since there ARE no hours available!

  214. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway of this beautiful fabric. I especially like the dusty green ones. The biggest obstacle to my quilting is probably that I like so many aspects of it that my focus gets scattered and it takes me longer to finish any one thing when I have so many in progress at the same time. Right now, I have an American Heroes top donation that needs two final borders, a crazy quilt which is ready for putting together (well 4, really! Blocks are all embellished, but not together), a wool penny rug that needs its pennies, several embroidery projects and at least 3 groups of quilt blocks that need to go together, plus two bindings (which is NOT part of what I like about quilting!) You can see what I mean. LOL

  215. Sue Laughton says:

    My biggest obstacle is that I just have to much, um, STUFF in my house, leaving me little room for quilting right now. Oy.

  216. Ro Grund says:

    Myself. I have limited time and I’m the caregiver for my vascular dementia husband.
    I tell myself, I have to finish this, that and the other before I can sit down and sew.
    There goes the time.

  217. Cheryl Ooka says:

    I seem to have trouble focusing. I do way more planning than implementing.

  218. Lesley says:

    My more than full time job as a judge! But I balance those demands with participation in a small art quilt group — my talented friends keep me inspired and trying new things. I love the colors and textures and designs inherent in the art of quilting — such a therapeutic activity.

  219. Kate Meyers says:

    What is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of my quilting?
    Hmmmmm!!!! For me it’s starting………. I have the vision, the fabric, the time, but for me, it’s like just before jumping out of a plane or climbing up that big slow ride to the top of first hill on the huge roller coaster. I hesitate, over-think, question and re-question myself. When I finally make the start and cut that first piece of fabric I’m……..lost in the process, the challenges, the changes and, yes, frustration. And I am grateful, finally, for stepping out there and starting

  220. Kris Koponen says:

    The biggist obstacle right now is Not what I’d call an obstacle at all but Pure Joy! My first grandchild will be born today! Waiting for her birth as I type this. I’ve made a baby quilt for her birth but mom-to -be requested other things to sew during the 9mths. But now I will have a little girl to sew Many Many more Quilts for in the near future!

  221. Renee g says:

    It would have to be fear of failure. It keeps me from starting projects that I would like to try.

  222. Mary Willis says:

    Time! The day job and commuting use up time. Most days I’m too tired to sew by the time I get home, exercise, have dinner, etc. but I make full use of my weekends :-)))

  223. Una Walker says:

    My obstacle is precision! I actually prefer to sew clothing. I also have my own business, garden, have 3 grandkids, chickens, cats and a dog. Oh! And a very patient husband who isn’t an obstacle!

  224. Rose E. says:

    Once I lock the cats out, getting out of my own way creatively seams to be the challenge. Resisting the temptation to copy what I see and following my own path is hard.

  225. Nancy says:

    The distraction of so many quilt patterns and beautiful fabrics is what gets in my way of quilting. What a wonderful quilting world we have!

  226. Joyce Carter says:

    My husband.

  227. Sarah Entsminger says:

    These designs are simply beautiful. But to answer the question, being able to carve out enough time to accomplish anything in the sewing room is my biggest obstacle.

  228. jeannie zimmerman says:

    My biggest obstacle to my quilting is being firm on WHEN I can devote my time block to quilting. There is always something that pops up to take prioroity. If I learned to give work a priority and family a priority, then I should be able to do the same for quilting.

  229. Linda Cejnar says:

    My biggest obstacle is spending so much time on the computer, checking emails of favorite fabric shops, bloggers and quilters. I need to shut down and just go sew!

  230. Jill Jackson says:

    I am my own obstacle. Need to just sew & get productive! I have so much to sew!!!!!

  231. carol says:

    Frustration at my quilting ability. I start, something doesn’t work the way I want it to be. I stop. I end up with UFOs. Lots of UFOs. I think it is because I have viewed so many shows, books, Pinterest, blogs, and I can’t do the level that I want.

  232. Deb Christie says:

    As it is for so many people, time is my obstacle. I have obligations to an ill mother, home tasks and other such things that keep me from being where I want to be… in front of the sewing machine.

  233. Kathy Jurevicius says:

    My biggest obstacle is a cluttered sewing room. It seems like I’m constantly reorganizing in order to maintain better order.

  234. Teresa Klenz says:

    My biggest obstacle in quilting is not enough space! I have already taken over the dinning room, and a bedroom! Needed is a studio for all of my quilting madness!!

  235. Maryanne Dochter says:

    I get inspired by too many things and start too many projects.

  236. debby oldenburg says:

    the biggest obstacle i have is staying focused and staying on course for the finish line. beautiful fabrics always present me with another what if design challenge. challenge taking the what if’s all the way to the end

  237. Rochelle Blair says:

    My biggest obstacle in quilting is accuracy in piecing and binding. I love designing my own quilt tops or using a pattern with my own choice of fabrics. I end up with what I think is a beautiful, precise quilt top. Then I hit the obstacle of squaring off the quilt, and borders. I love to do all my own free motion quilting. But then I hit the nightmare of binding!!

  238. Lydia Reading says:

    I love just about everything related to fabric, textiles, quilts, design, art, vintage, folk, modern, other cultures. With such a feast of inspiration, my obstacle if you can call it that, is that its hard to focus on just one thing. Results in a few WIPs.

  239. Rhoda Helmuth says:

    My biggest obstacle to my quilting is my desire to get to the next project. I need to slow down & enjoy the process.

  240. marty says:

    Other competing interests get in my way just a little bit

  241. Kathy Weyenberg says:

    I often have trouble focusing on the current project. I begin looking for the right fabric in baskets and lose my focus as ideas for other projects come along or remembering where that particular fabric came from or what other project it was used in.

  242. Joanne says:

    Laziness, procrastination and self-doubt. that’s technically three obstacles to my quilting, but they must be taken as their sum!

  243. Pat Meinecke says:

    Choosing fabrics!

  244. Karen says:

    Finding the work space and focus to complete a project for just the joy of creating. Easy if it is for a gift and there is the time pressure to complete.

  245. Carolyn says:

    Time sometimes just slips away!

  246. Debbie Yates says:

    Actually, I manage to do some sewing nearly every day. But I have so many things going that my main obstacle is figuring out which project to work on!

  247. Sheila says:

    My biggest obstacle to quilting is time and energy. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Also, I am sewing on a 1975 Singer sewing machine so helpful features like speed control and needle down are not available.

  248. Karen M says:

    So many obstacles! Time, and then when I have some time, not being organized to make the best use of my time. I think cleaning and organizing my sewing room would be a big help to being more productive! Another obstacle: all the other crafts I like to do: painting, block carving/printing and quilling.

  249. Martha Isbister says:

    Cooking. The family seems to always need to eat! Beautiful fabrics.

  250. auraoriano says:

    Time! Lack of time for sure!

  251. Elaine says:

    Probably the biggest obstacle in the way of my quilting is not getting sidetracked with a second project until I’ve finished the first. We all have UFOs laying around the house; however I am trying to work on multiple quilting projects all at once rather than focusing on one before I pick up another. I have to stop taking classes until I get my current projects finished!

  252. stella guidry says:

    my biggest obstacle is managing my time to create blocks and then to cut out the parts, and the sewing is the absolute best for me

  253. Margaret says:

    Biggest obstacle is making final decision for pairing the pattern with the fabric.

  254. Janet Schayer says:


  255. Lynn says:

    Biggest obstacle, too many projects

  256. Barbara Minton says:

    What is the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of your quilting? I spend too much time at the computer, like right now. I need to limit how much time and then walk away.

  257. Barb Phelps says:

    My biggest obstacle is time…sometimes too much time and then I lurk on the internet and read about great creators, like Casey York! I do so admire those people who create and deliver new ideas, fabrics, books and quilts. Bravo to them!

  258. birdiebrainz says:

    My lack of knowledge!

  259. Ariane says:

    I’m too indecisive! I get hung up on fabric and pattern choices

  260. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    My own laziness and procrastination, everything else seems to come first!

  261. Piecing the top is no problem. My biggest obstacle IS the quilting. I spread out the top and, oh my! How do I quilt this? What pattern? What thread? Straight line, curves, combinations, borders?? It takes me weeks, sometimes months for the ideas to settle in. Meanwhile, I’ve completed another top. Mind block!!

  262. Jean King says:

    My biggest obstacle is time management. I set American Greeting cards/party goods about 6 hours a week and work every Friday in a quilt shop. Just enough to throw me off in getting really organized. Also have spent many hours/days in hospitals and doctor offices with my husband through back surgeries and appts. (Chronic pain)

    • stella says:

      Never did get an answer as to how I sign up for the giveaway….just a note to let u know I received 9 notices like the one I am responding to..HELLO???

  263. Amy says:

    What a beautiful and elegant line of fabric.

  264. Nancy Balz says:

    My biggest obstacle is not wanting to finish what I am enjoying doing…if I love the fabrics, color, shape, process, etc. I just stay with it. I have to have a new idea to get me to finish the older one and move on.

  265. Nancy Hower says:

    My biggest obstacle to quilting/sewing is my husband and finding the time. Everytime I get ready to work on a project he has something he wants me to help him with or go together.

  266. Nancy Hower says:

    I am looking fore ward to more information and future postings. I have just recently become interested in the Japanese textiles.

  267. Debbie says:

    My biggest obstacle is color choices. Once the project is completed, I’m not happy with my composition.

  268. Lois Pipkin says:

    My biggest obstacle is time. Who has enough? So much fabric, so little time!

  269. Carol says:

    i love to buy fabric, hate to cut; like to sew, then criticism gremlin kicks in and says not good enough which results in UFO’s, taking a class, working within the group helps me stay on target, so still a work in progress,,,cheers and fabrics look inspiring.

  270. Charlene Cuhaciyan says:

    The biggest obstacle that gets in my way of quilting is making a block that doesn’t please me, and I I have to keep pushing to complete the quilt. I HAVE completed every quilt I started though!

  271. Wendy Ross says:

    My garden is small but bright with color spots. Orange, pink, red and yellow with a little purple mixed in. My quilts tend towards bright colors. My little bright garden makes me and my neighbors happy . Making my brightly colored quilts makes me happy and people’s reaction when seeing them is “I love the color!”

  272. katie says:

    disorganization in project room

  273. Carol Young says:

    I am so happy to have found your website. I am a new subscriber.