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japan’s newest textile artists

japan’s newest textile artists

By Patricia Belyea

TOKYO JP  Take a look these remarkable textile works installed in the lobby of a swank Tokyo office tower. Some of the artists are also shown with their work.

These are the final projects of graduate students from Joshibi University of Art and Design with study concentrations in textiles.

In speaking with these young women artists, I learned they were thrilled to focus on weaving, chusen dyeing, yuzen dyeing, embroidery, textile printing, and more while in university.

What’s next for them? Finding a job. This means abandoning their textile work and seeking a steady paycheck. A few may find work as a textile teacher but investing in the time, equipment and real estate needed to pursue their art is not likely. What a loss for Japan and all of us!

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4 comments to “japan’s newest textile artists”

  1. Janet Wright says:

    Such wonderful art and artists. How sad that they have no place now to do their art and must get a “real” job. Janet Wright

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Janet—I didn’t need to include the information about what is next for these talented women. But that info struck me as powerfully as seeing their highly accomplished work. PB

  2. Julie E Miller says:

    Is there and video available to watch on any of this?
    Aloha and Thank you
    Especially love the handbags as such importance to reduce plastic bags for shopping

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Julie—I’m glad that you appreciate the work of these young women. There is no video as I am not a videographer. I’m just a blogger full of interest and admiration who enjoys sharing what I see in my travels. PB