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fibrations creates high energy

fibrations creates high energy

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  Set up in the orchard of St. Ann’s Academy, Fibrations Fibre Festival boasted over thirty tented booths. Although the sun wasn’t shining when I arrived, the event was warmed by a passion for all things fibre.

Nicole Hannah of the newly formed Victoria Modern Quilt Guild emailed to let me know about this community event.

Victoria Modern Quilt Guild at Fibrations 2013

To follow is just a sprinkling of the wonderful artisans I met at Fibrations today:

The Button Lady
Wendy Dunnett of Button Lady’s Gallery had a HUGE booth filled with ceramic buttons—an incredible assortment of creative and charming buttons that she designed and baked in her kiln on Pender Island.

Wendy Dunnett, the Button Lady, at Fibrations 2013

Woven and Knit Cottons
A mother of two who weaves at home and knits on the go, Arlene Kohut of In Kohoots Weaving brought her hand-woven tea towels that were to die for as well as other wonderful cotton products! (You can contact Arlene at

Arlene Kohut of In Kohoots Weaving at Fibrations 2013

Fibre Processing Expert
Anna Runnings of Qualicum Bay Fibre Works provides custom processing — washing, picking, carding, pindrafting and spinning — for other fibre artisans. Today she was selling outrageous rovings and yarns.

Anna Runnings of Qualicum Bay Fibre Works at Fibrations 2013

Alpaca Heaven
With 22 alpacas back at the farm, Jennifer Apostoli of Pacific Sun Alpacas was sharing her hand-dyed fibre as well as cosy alpaca items. A new direction for Jenn is indigo—growing plants, producing seeds and using the natural dye.

Jennifer Apostoli of Pacific Sun Alpacas at Fibrations 2013

Hand Knits from Dog and Cat Hair
A veterinarian who cares for pets with acupuncture, Marilyn Welsh of Entwined spins wool from cat and dog hair to make very special items. They were so soft and magical!

Marilyn Welsh of Entwined at Fibrations 2013

Bold Yarns
Kirsten Thorarinson of Morgan’s Fine Yarns dyes all her fine merino wools on her farm in the Cowichan Valley. The names of some of her colorways: Firefly, Hunky Dorey and Envy.


Sophisticated Felt Artisan
Fibre artist Chandra Crowe makes wearables, jewelry and home decor items with felted wools. Her handmade pieces radiated luxury and high design.

Chandra Crowe at Fibrations 2013

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