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lots to see at the festival

lots to see at the festival

by Patricia Belyea

BIRMINGHAM UK  I have been getting requests to send photos of all the quilts at The Festival of Quilts. Of course, that would be impossible because there are SO MANY. So here’s a curated compilation of what caught my eye.

Let’s start with the Fine Art Quilt Masters. Weathered posters and flaking paint on old gates inspired Billboard for the Soul by Anne Smith.
Billboard for the Soul, quilt by Anne Smith

Judy Hooworth from Australia wrote a poem that begins with “Puddles of black water / hold the earth…” for her artist’s statement for Rainy Day Dora Creek 10.
Rainy Day Dora Creek 10, quilt by Judy Hooworth

A commentary on consumer waste, Mirjam Pet-Jacobs’ quilt, What A Waste, is made with cotton gift bags.What a Waste, quilt by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs

Hanging on the outer wall of the exhibit, Karen Farmer’s quilt The View From Here gathered quite a bit of attention from passers-by.
The View From Here, quilt by Karen Farmer

International art quilters displayed collections of their work in solo exhibits. From the US, Anne Johnston’s show, The Contact: Quilts From The Sierra Nevada, powerfully combined sublime colors, sophisticated compositions and a full range of textures.
Ann Johnston—The Contact: Quilts of The Sierra Nevada

Compelling quilts of maps and aerial views by Alicia Merrett drew me into her exhibit, Mapping The Imagination.
Mapping the Imagination, quilts by Alicia MerrettThe displays with everyone’s quilts filled two huge halls. To follow are some highly accomplished entries:
The Festival of Quilts 2014, Birmingham UK

The Festival of Quilts 2014, Birmingham UK

Here’s my favorite Group quilt, a two-sided masterpiece made by the students of New Bradwell School. Who doesn’t love something ambitious made by kids?
Group Quilt by New Bradwell School Students

Group Quilt by New Bradwell School Students

And a taste of Quilt Creations—out-of-the-box quilted projects that charm non-stop.
Quilt Creations at The Festival of Quilts 2014

Ready for the winners?

L In the Miniature Quilt category, Roberta Le Poidevin’s A Hundred Acres was lauded by the judges for its evocative atmospheric quality. (See the full-sized version of this quilt in the blog post about the European Art Quilt Foundation show.)

R Mother and son team Bridget Mann and Mark Mann swept the Two Person category with their quilt portrait, Dear Mrs Morcom, made with recycled suits and screen-printed designs.
Miniature Winner and Two Person Winner in The Festival of Quilts 2014Eye candy through and through, Philippa Naylor’s The Good Life took first prize in the Traditional category. Philippa comments that she challenged herself to use commercially printed fabrics but the real challenge looks like her remarkable use of rick rack.
The Good Life, quilt by Philippa Naylor

A contemporary quilt won the grand slam Best of Show. Eloquence and Integrity by Ruth Parker gleaned these compliments from the judges for her two-sided triptych: “The exquisite handwork and fine machine piecing are exceptional. A simple technique made complex by the meticulous placement of colour across the quilt surface.” Well done, Ruth!
Eloquence and Integrity, quilt by Ruth ParkerJust as much fun as looking at quilts is making new friends. Stopping for a cup of tea in the afternoon, I shared a table with Kay Jones and her daughter-in-law Sallyanne Canton-Jones from Wales. Kay’s miniature quilt was Number 25 in a Chinese Whisper challenge that started with a photo of the arches in the Sistine Chapel!
Solitude miniature quilt by Kay Jones

The show also featured 300 vendors selling goods that quilters love and want. As a former marketing exec, I give kudos to The Cotton Patch store for its irresistible booth. In each corner sat a “throne” for four quilting superstars. The attraction of Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Nel Whatmore and Stuart Hillard for chumming with customers and signing books trumps all.
The Cotton Patch book at The Festival of Quilts 2014

Please note that this post is not a comprehensive report on all quilts or all winners at this year’s Festival. Instead it’s a sampling of the wonderful treasures you can see at this leading patchwork and quilting show.

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14 comments to “lots to see at the festival”

  1. ann darling says:

    Patricia … you looked at a quilt inspired by a creek not far from where I grew up!!! Dora Creek – Judy Hooworth’s quilt!!! I’ve seen her evoke that area before … thanks for seeing it and for sharing … for non quilters : \
    Looks like a huge dos of visual overload to me!!!

  2. Sid says:

    Thank you for all the great photos of the inspired and inspiring quilts from the show!

  3. This was my first visit to FOQ and I was lost for words.
    Check out my ‘overwhelmed-at-meeting-Amy-Butler’ face on my blog.
    She was charming and a joy to talk to.
    I even got to sit in Kaffe Fassetts’ throne but haven’t blogged that yet!
    Fabulous exhibition leaving me wanting to book for all 4 days and as many courses as possible!
    Thank you to all that made it possible!

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Zoe—Amy was very nice
      when I spoke with her, too. It looks like you were absolutely floored. Good for you for taking a picture WITH her. P.

  4. LeeAnn says:

    Thank you! These are really inspiring.

  5. Marjory Dench says:

    Thank you, your quilt choices are similar to mine, the African star caught my eye. Loved the Best in Show.
    Amy Butler is a darling, gorgeous fabrics too.

    P.S. Really enjoyed your Lecture

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      The African Star quilt was amazing. The maker thought about so many details—how the colors worked in each section and the contrast of patterns. I was very impressed that the quilt composition looked simple yet was so complicated.

  6. Suzy Nash says:

    It was so lovely to see the pictures as I was unable to get to Birmingham this year. Health problems. First one I have missed for many years. Karen Farmers quilt was my favourite of the ones shown, but all of them are really worth studying and so inspirational.
    Looking forward to next years show.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Suzy, Sorry you missed the show because it is very exciting to get so many quilts and quilters in one place at one time. I’m sure Karen will get a big boost from your comment. P.

  7. Jane Charles says:

    Hi Patricia, I am the textile artist who worked with New Bradwell School. They proudly sent me your email and link. We are so thrilled and excited about being included in your blog. The FOQ was great, I spent two days there…..and hovered around the NBS quilt, listening to comments – all good I might say! What a great website you have here, I’ll have a good look round.
    Best wishes and thanks for liking our work!
    Jane Charles

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Your quilt was worthy of a prize. I loved seeing such well-done design and craftsmanship by school kids. Good for you. P.

  8. The thrill of an okonomiyaki restaurant often comes from watching the pancake cook before your eyes, but not here there aren t the facilities. Nevertheless, Okan is still a lot of fun. Much of the seating is on outside benches, so you re always in the thick of it in the vibrant market. Grab a beer and watch the world go by.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      My fav was an okonomiyaki bar in Hiroshima that was in an odd office-like building that wasn’t filled with offices. The elevator opened to floor after floor of little food establishments that were all in an open-floor layout.