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fashion at the festival

fashion at the festival

by Patricia Belyea

BIRMINGHAM UK  At 5pm tonight, The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show began with a glass of wine for all in the theatre that seats 400. Wendy Gardiner (L) welcomed us to the Show and Brenda Killigrew (R) emceed the exciting event. Festival of Quilts Fashion Show 2014The garments, made by Festival tutors, British fashion students and designers from across Europe, were modeled by lovely young ladies or the designers themselves. The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show 2014 My favorite designer-model was Marina Ulanova from Russia in her black and white collection. Marina strutted the runway like a diva with everyone in the audience really connecting with her. Marina Ulanova at The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show 2014 A Festival tutor, I don’t make clothes. Instead I brought creative clothing by Janet Foster. Janet, who lives in La Conner, named her three-piece ensemble “Turkish Delight.” The sumptuous vest is made with gently curved piecing, a padded rolled hem, and colorful appliqued tulips. Embellishments included metallic netting, gold stitching, crystals, and stone tulip beads with pearl centers. Janet Foster Ensemble at The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show One of the recently graduate fashion students, Daisy Collingridge, showed her Quilt Monsters. They were fabulous concoctions that conjured up images of whimsical couture quilts. That’s Daisy hiding in the draped garment in the center. Daily Collingridge Garments at The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show 2014 The other fashion student, Emily Barfield, caught the audience’s attention with translucent wedding dresses that exposed hooped infrastructures and the models’ granny panties. Wedding Dresses by Emily Barfield at The Festival of Quilts Fashion Show 2014The hour went quickly, with garment after garment whirling down the runway. The fashions in the show exuded creativity and craftsmanship—all designed to inspire, entertain or challenge.

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3 comments to “fashion at the festival”

  1. I think some of those outfits are cute and I would wear them.

  2. Hi Patricia!
    Nice to meet you at the show. I hope you had time to enjoy the rest of FOQ as well.
    Thanks for featuring my Heat and the Flame garments. You took some great photos!
    Hope to meet you again sometime.
    Sandy Snowden

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Sandy—I had a great time at The Festival. I hope I do make it back to Birmingham again to meet with such an impressive group of quilters and textile artists.