five february giveaways! :: Okan Arts
five february giveaways!

five february giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away FQ bundles of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s new RJR fabric collection, Playmaker, and sets of VFW’s new Ringleader templates. There are five giveaways, each valued at $92.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe combines traditional and modern designs to create some of the boldest award-winning quilts today. A speaker, teacher, and author, Victoria hails from New York although she was raised on a farm in central Minnesota.

The Playmaker Collection extends the theme of Victoria’s popular book, 15 Minutes of Play. The 24 colorful patterns work together to make scrappy quilts full of personality.
Partnered with the high quality cottons is a set of Ringleader acrylic templates that make a 12″ pinwheel-like circle block.

It is also used for producing the center blocks for Victoria’s current BOM—Off the Cuff quilt.

GOOD TO KNOW: Victoria uses Playmaker fabrics to make her 2019 BOM Off the Cuff quilt. The 9-month program runs from March to November with improv and precisely pieced blocks, and template and freeform curves—blending traditional and modern techniques with a whole lot of play! To check out the kit and BOM program +click here. Or instructions only +click here

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Janet H of Seattle WA, Renee A of Macomb MI, Mary B of Meridian ID, Kathleen F of Mendocino CA, and  Jeannie E of Richland WA.

To participate in the February giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What keeps you from getting into your sewing room and working on your quilt projects?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The February 2019 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on February 28, 2019. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (apologies to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Five lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a FQ bundle of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s new Playmaker collection and a set of VFW Ringleader templates Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit the RJR Fabrics website +click here

 To visit Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s website +click here 

Thank you RJR Fabrics for the donation of the Playmaker FQ bundles and to Victoria Findlay Wolfe for the Ringleader template sets.

Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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521 comments to “five february giveaways!”

  1. Kate Meyers says:

    Love the Off the Cuff quilt by Victoria…..hummm great inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Janet C. Wright says:

    Great fabrics! Interesting templates. What keeps me from my studio? Too many projects started–overwhelming–so–I don’t do as much as I should. I am trying to concentrate on one at a time–but then–another project pulls me that way.

  3. mlmasters2014 says:

    The only thing that keeps me away from my sewing room is cooking with my husband and playing ping pong with him in our game room! But as soon as we’re finished he knows where I am off to!!!!!

  4. Judith Lawrance says:

    Too many distractions in daily life often keep me from getting into my sewing space… also, probably having too many projects going at a time— which causes a huge clutter in my small space.

  5. Raye Lewis says:

    still working full time; too tired in evening. I do take advantage of my weekend and schedule time in sewing room.

  6. Susan Reeve says:

    The bright, glorious colors and design of the Playmaker fabric will look wonderful with the Okan Arts indigos!
    Not much keeps me out of the sewing room these days, as it’s winter and outdoor activities are at a standstill for me. The thing that slows me down is gray days, as my room is a sunroom and I rely on natural light to work.

  7. Deb Woolley says:

    I am responsible for not getting into the sewing room, everything from a good book, Pinterest, needing to clean sewing room before I can work, too many half finished projects, grandkid activities, a day in the sunshine, road trip to a quilt show, etc. basically we will do whatever seems most important at the moment. Surprisingly, I accomplish a fair amount of projects in spite of my excuses. Let’s face it, we all have periods of accomplishment and periods of the I don’t want to. Creating with textiles is something I do, it does not totally define me. Life is a grand adventure with many rewarding activities. Absolutely love these gifts, Victoria Findley does such creative work.

  8. Lynn Kuehn says:

    What keeps me from sewing is usually a feeling of being tired – poor quality sleep or too much else going on. What gets me back to sewing is the serge of creativity and energy I feel when I see beautiful colored fabrics such as those in Victoria’s new collection.

  9. Barbara Kampas says:

    Recently, illness prevented me from sewing and I am looking forward to returning to my projects in the near future.

  10. Maryanne Dochter says:


  11. Karen Kijinski says:

    What is keeping me from my sewing room being able to get into my sewing room. I need to go in and do a complete overhaul. I haven’t any place to put things so everything is either on the floor or on my cutting table. My plan is to start tomorrow, however, it seems like tomorrow never comes…i need to work on this.

  12. Valerie Schultz says:

    At the moment my broken wrists (yes plural) are keeping me out of the studio……they are recovering though and this giveaway is great incentive to heal faster!

  13. Deborah Palmer says:

    New inspiration keeps me from my sewing room.

  14. bbquiltmaker says:

    Although I work in my studio every day, some days the time is spent on “business”, not creating. Booking air travel, hotels, making supply lists and lesson plans, all take lots of time I would rather spend sewing. But it’s a good problem to have.

  15. Chris says:

    When we moved to our new house I opted to keep all my supplies at our retreat center. It gets complicated when I have to clear the design walls when guests arrive.

  16. Lottie Smith says:

    This time of year, I have time to be in my sewing room. In the summer, my garden calls, and only when temperatures climb into the uncomfortable range, do I seek refuge sewing. I love my sewing space!

  17. Jeannie says:

    The path to the girl’s fort is not passable right now. I’m hoping to get a path shoveled today. Normally it is prioritizing chores over sewing. That is changing this year! This is a fabulous giveaway! I am a huge fan of VFW. I’m cutting fabric for her herringbone like quilt currently. Thanks so much for the opportunity to put my name in the basket.

  18. Judy T says:

    Oh, need to get into studio and not spending so much time trying to organize life….That will never end. Look at all those Lovelies!…sew

  19. Jan Sutter says:

    Having a day job keeps me out of my sewing room. I’m usually working on something in the evenings, hand work or embroidery. I would love to use my sewing room all day!

  20. Sheryl Ramstad says:

    I have the idea my house has to be clean and organized before I reward myself with seeing time. Needless to say, this doesn’t happen often!

  21. Susan Rush says:

    I find that full time work often get in the way of fun in my sewing room!
    Also, currently working on a non-sewing project.
    There is so much to do and so little time!

  22. Pam Nottingham says:

    I am retired so nothing but family visits, grocery shopping, and Drs appointments keep me from quilting!!

  23. Mary Lou Mojonnier says:

    Now that I am retired the only thing that keeps me out of my creative space is when Lilly (dog) decides she needs a walk!!

  24. Rhoda says:

    So many distractions! I find going to a dedicated sewing day at a local church quilting group the best way to avoid those home distractions. Total focus when I am there!

  25. lynn black says:

    Lack of focus…LOL. I have the time but don’t have a specific project. Love to see what others are doing. Need to find my own muse and get on with it.

  26. Pat T. says:

    Such beautiful, inspiring fabrics!! I see SO many exciting possibilities!!

    What keeps me from MY quilting/sewing projects, primarily, is my problem saying “no” to other people’s requests (expectations) to help them! (I seem to be the one to turn to when something needs to be solved/created/“made-to-order”! When I recently gave the *second* boat motor cover I’ve made for him to my uncle, I did say, albeit jokingly?!, that “there weren’t to be any more, right”??!)
    (But then, 99% of all sewing I do is for others, anyway… I just like to pick the projects!)

    Thank you!…
    …and, great question!

  27. Sue SMith says:

    Nothing keeps me from getting into my sewing room to work on my projects–I just have so many projects that it’s hard to see progress

  28. JamieS says:

    Housework keeps me from my sewing room, but I’m retiring soon and will have time for both and I’m going to master curves!

  29. Jennifer Harrison says:

    I love Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s work! Two things keep me from my studio: first, time constraints (raising 8 children) and second, if it gets messy enough it stifles my creativity and I am not productive. I’m working on finishing old projects which is helping.

  30. kghuskey says:

    Being in my studio is a necessary part of my daily routine. I not only want to work on my projects I need to every day! It’s part of who I am and I love it!!!!!

  31. Judy morin says:

    just need to do it. Not much can keep me away.

  32. Karen says:

    My studio is my HappyPlace. I spend time there every day sometimes all day!!!

  33. Janet Schayer says:

    I love to sew and I currently sew in my basement studio. I’m grateful for the space but I don’t like being in the basement and I resist going down there.

  34. Dottie MACOMBER says:

    What keeps me out of my sewing room is procrastination (if I’m working on a project that I don’t really like, such as something that someone else asked me to do) and wasting too much time surfing the net, looking at facebook, etc. I’m determined to stop wasting so much time doing that!

  35. Sue Kersey says:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this website and all the wonderful fabrics!!

  36. Denise says:

    Love Victorias fabric line- so bright to over come the winter drab. Being the caregiver for husband keeps me away fro the sewing room, but at the same time when things get stressful I find a way in for “machine therapy”.

  37. kghuskey says:

    Quilting, designing and sewing are part of who I am. Not much can keep me away from my studio. I need to be there.

  38. Debi Heller says:

    There are weeks where nothing but food and sleep will keep me away, and then it’s time to poke my head out and enjoy the rest life has to offer.

  39. Mary Willis says:

    A busy job that makes me too tired to sew in the evening. But today is Sunday and I’m going into the sewing now for the day!

  40. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    My passion to create beautiful things brings me into my sewing room whenever possible. I vacillate between various forms of quilting and embroidery, sometimes combining both. It is never dull.

  41. Michelle Weatherson says:

    Love the new fabrics. What keeps me from creating in my studio…it’s this thing called a full time job. Funny, I have all these great ideas and aspirations during the workday, but by the time I come home and make dinner, I’m usually too tired to do much of anything else. That’s what weekends are for, right?

  42. Becky Clay says:

    Having to cook and clean and my beading!

  43. Jackie Bloom says:

    My job is stressful. When I’m making quilts it’s my time to relax and regroup for another day

  44. Debby says:

    Love the freedom coupled with tradition of Victoria’s quilts! Two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs keep me from my sewing room! These Swissy girls watch with longing eyes if we don’t go for a walk BEFORE heading to the sewing room!

  45. Tesi says:

    If I am bored with a project or get to a place where I don’t know how to do the next step, it’s hard to keep at it. At that point I’ll either stop for research purposes and get sucked down the rabbit hole or pick up my knitting and meditate on what my next step is to get back into my groove.

  46. Judy McKelvey says:

    My lack of understanding about how to use color and scale, as well as a lifetime of considering myself a non creative person, can make it hard to head into my sewing room. But love for the process and a sneaking suspicion that I’m capable of more keep me coming back.

  47. Paulette says:

    My garden.

  48. Faith McLeod says:

    What keeps me from quilting? I run a longarm business, and there is always a backlog of customer quilts to do.

  49. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    Since I am retired, not much gets in the way of being in my sewing room! This is such a great giveaway as VFW’s creative work is amazing, wonderful, fun and beautiful!

  50. Rebecca Finch says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room? My job, my family obligations and the volunteer work I do.

  51. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    I am known as a great procrastinator. I need a deadline or motivation to get me in there. Once there I do accomplish things

  52. Alice Summar Womack says:

    Feeling stuck and hiding out as a way of procrastinating.

  53. Jean Condon says:

    2018 was a tough year for sewing. First the puppy was born, then I broke my wrist (not puppy related), then the pup adopted a kitten. Shenanigans abound at ‘camp nana’ continue in 2019 but I fit in what I can.

  54. Susan says:

    Right now it’s that I have a problem with some piecing I’ve done and am procrastinating the fixing of it

  55. Renee Atkinson says:

    Love the name of the collection and the fabric would mix well with vintage and yukata cottons. I would spend a significant amount of time in my studio if I did not push myself for work-life balance. My professional career will come to an end in a few years. And then, then try to pry me away from my machines!!

  56. Teddi Munslow says:

    We winter in FL on the ocean, recently daily walks on the beach have competed with my sewing room time.

  57. Kristi Willard says:

    I have difficulty deciding what to do first. Should I finish up that block of the month or piece a back, quilt another row, or cut out circles for hand stitching. The indecision keeps me from staring.

  58. Jackie says:

    Summer comes and so do my grandchildren. They stay for eight weeks. Impossible to sew!!

  59. Linda W. says:

    At the moment I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery. I can sit and do some hand sewing but I can’t stand and work for more than 5-10 minutes… the pain is too uncomfortable. Sadly that’s what’s keeping me from more sewing right now.

  60. Mary Kolb says:

    My sewing room is very handy and I do get in there most every day. The thing that does keep me away is aches and pains but I try to ignore them!

  61. Ellen Hemmert says:

    The templates look great! I am stuck in a rut and need a new focus. Thanks

  62. Carol Brady says:

    What is keeping me from my sewing room is sadness from a recent loss. I will get there. I have a quilt planned to make from a VFW fabric bundle I bought a year ago. I am looking forward to having more mojo, soon!

  63. Christi says:

    I would say I am just too tired. That happens sometimes. I’m getting old.

  64. Denise Danish says:

    In the blink of an eye my children have grown into Adults. It happened way too fast for my taste. Now that I’ve been blessed with grandchildren, I know to drop everything to enjoy each and every moment. My limited time and my heart go to into each and every project I sew with them in in mind. Grandkids are the best “lottery ” to win.

  65. Judy McKelvey says:

    Hey, what happened to my comment ? At the risk of unintentionally repeating myself, the things that keep me away from my sewing room are lack of time and lack of confidence (especially about using color and scale). Working on it …

  66. Dorothy Gillstrap says:

    When my sewing room is a mess I tend to avoid it. So I try to tidy up each day, it really helps.

  67. Dolores Magargee says:

    Clutter has kept me from sewing for a long time. Recently I cleared enough space to work and started a double wedding ring quilt. I am happy to be sewing again!

  68. Betsy says:

    Thank you for this great Give Away opportunity! He he right now I will say Snow is keeping me away…so much shoveling! And of course a x-country ski.
    Like the snow it seems there is always a distraction. I did get my fabric stash organized recently and am ready to get to it! Love the colors…and the inspiration.

  69. Loretta says:

    Too many projects, so little time. I’m torn between working on my projects and working on service projects (comfort quilts) for my local,quild.

  70. Carole kubota says:

    Getting older is the pits. I had to move all my sewing machines (except the long arm) upstairs to the main floor as my knee is complaining about going up and down stairs to sew. BUT most of my fabric stash is downstairs. So bummer – caught between a rock and a hard place.

  71. Elizabeth Baker says:

    Currently recovering from TKR and sitting for any length of time is tough. But I manage short 10-20 minute spurts of “doing something” in there. I do manage to grap a stack of fabric and head back to my le raised with ice position and imagine what I will do with fabric in hand.

  72. Judith says:

    Right now we are without power and my grandmother’s treadle’s band is broken. Maybe will just cut the next project while it is still light!

  73. Racine linville says:

    Sometimes I need to take my project in another direction, and I need to take time to figure it out, when I rather just be sewing away!

  74. Cindy Wolfe says:

    The main thing that keeps me from my sewing room is me. I get distracted by anything and everything. Once I physically move to my sewing room I really enjoy being there and wonder why I procrastinated.

  75. Holly Petersen says:

    Work is what keeps me from my sewing projects. I need less work and more quilting.

  76. Pm Weizenbaum says:

    Oh, what a devilish question! Until recently, my barrier has been overcommitment to work-related tasks. Now I’ve reduced my commitments to just a full-time job, so after a month or so of self-imposed rest during my off hours, I am ready to get back to creating all my visions.

  77. Maribeth says:

    Great giveaway! Lack of organization gets in the way of sewing more. I have lots of UFOs, but am working on finishing them one at a time.

  78. Pam VanAustin says:

    I am trying to catch up and finish years of unfinished and/or planned projects I never had time to do when I worked full time. Loving retirememt!

  79. Cynthia Wood says:

    I have a rescue cat in my sew g room who acclimating to my noisy rescued dog and cat family. She lets me in to sew on the weekends when I can squeeze in some free time away from chores that are neglected over the busy work week

  80. Terri says:

    Work, housework, and my health. When I feel up to it; I am usually very productive. Currently working on a Modern Double Wedding Ring.

  81. Connie Koontz says:

    Sometimes the guilt of UFOs keeps me from tackling projects!

  82. Shaina M says:

    Husband and toddlers keep me from sewing too much.

  83. Quilting Tangent says:

    To many other things on the computer.

  84. MARSHA BURDICK says:

    Not much–fortunate to be at the time of my life whenI can do pretty much what I want to (80). I’m making quilts to give to formerly homeless who are able to move in housing to use up my considerable stash. But I’m still buying a bit more fascinating fabrics to freshen things up.

  85. Karen A says:

    Currently it is recovery from an unexpected surgery, but usually it is too many alteration clients. I am always sewing something, but not often something quilt related.

  86. Lynn says:

    What keeps me from my sewing room is all the running I do to try and keep up with my son. When living in a small town you have to do a lot of travelling to watch them play. I’m the mother that will not miss a game.

  87. Karen Krueger says:

    Somehow how my “to do” list gets in the way of creative endeavors. I think I need to finish other tasks before I will allow myself to play with fabric.

  88. Deborah Cuneo says:

    Exhaustion and time. I’ve only been able to work in snippets of studio time, but that’s enough to feed my right brain to sustain me until the next snippet of time. It’s all good though! The way I look at it is that I am still creating, just at a bit slower pace than everyone else…for now… ;o).

  89. Tara says:

    Work keeps me out of my sewing room, but pays for fabric!

  90. Terry Peart says:

    The only thing that keeps me out of my sewing studio is housework and things like making dinner and other stupid responsibilities. I’m retired and loving it!

  91. Marty Surbaugh says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and working on my quilt projects? Well, number one would have to be procrastination, but I think it also comes from having too many projects I want to work on and feeling overwhelmed!

  92. Racine linville says:

    Sometimes I decide to take my project in s different direction and I have to figure it out. The part is fun, but sometimes I just rather be sewing!

  93. Lois Waddell says:

    Work keeps me from quilting more.

  94. Linda Lim says:

    I am recovering from a fall and spending time designing quilts on graph paper. These fabrics are wonderful and challenging in figuring out the best way to use them. So cheerful when I am housebound by weather.

  95. Diane Rigby says:

    Work & household stuff … I wish I could ignore it & just go sew!

  96. Jodi says:

    What keeps me from my sewing room is taking care of my family and responsibilities, otherwise I’m there!!!

  97. Veronica says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and creating is usually having to cook and needing to get the exercise my body needs. I love hiking and exploring outdoors so that is in direct competition with my art. I don’t care about cooking- but others in the house do. A certain individual likes to find recipes online that he thinks would be good. I am picky about what I will do so I have time for sewing and creating. I would love to win the bundle of fabrics from Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She is a great inspiration.

  98. Emily H says:

    Keeping my priorities straight is the only thing that keeps me away. Family first… any time to sew and create is a an extra bonus and treat!

  99. Chris Milo says:

    There’s really not much that keeps me from my sewing room and creative endeavors. Well, maybe tax preparation!

  100. Jess Terrell says:

    Love VFW’s playfulness and her fabrics. As a dedicated 3rd grade teacher, it is usually planning lessons and grading that prevent me from sewing as much as I like. But when summer comes…yahoo!

  101. Jan M Horn says:

    GUILT!!…from Mother, Father, then Husband and Children….but with Playmaker and Off the Cuff…I would MOVE to my Studio! Fabulous!…Block our GUILT!!!!!!

  102. Patricia Hersl says:

    Happy! Her work is just happy.

  103. Julie L. says:

    What keeps me out of the studio? Competing daily activities. I would love to say it is cleaning to keep my house spotless, but that isn’t true! I also think it is fear of failure – that the project won’t turn out the way I want. But this is the year that I push through that and practice nearly every day….

  104. Cindy Fox says:

    Our labrador puppy has been keeping me from spending much time in my sewing room these days. I try to bring him with me but he’s so curious I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself by eating something he shouldn’t.

  105. Kate Connors Barbieri says:

    What keeps me from my quilting? Life….ie: work, responsibilities,

  106. Becky says:

    Not much keeps me from working on my projects. I’m retired and my schedule is flexible. Occasionally, errands or housework/cooking sidetracks me.

  107. Sandy says:

    The past couple of months it’s due to hubby having a heart attack. That pretty much put a stop to my creativity. Other than that, I’m like most that goes into a slump ever now and then.

  108. Patti A. says:

    Would it make sense if I just say life? I do try to get in everyday about an hour before dinner time. As I have always said I love your fabrics and the new rulers look very interesting. I believe I heard you were coming to Wisconsin soon. I sure hope that is true. I will be in the front row, hopefully!!! Ha Ha

  109. Cindy says:

    Family is keeping me pretty busy at the moment but am trying to find a little time each week to slip into the sewing room and shut the door.

  110. Katherine S. says:

    Since I work full time I usually don’t have the time to sew as often as I would like.

  111. Jean Iannone says:

    Life in general keeps me from spending in my sewing room.

  112. Fear of messing up keeps me out of my sewing room. I used to make some really special quilts before I became afraid. But, how could I resist with those fabrics and template that you’re giving away.

  113. Jerie Clark says:

    Not much keeps me away, I spend some time there nearly every day.

  114. Martha E Wacker says:

    Love these bright and happy fabrics! What keeps me away from quilting are silly mundane household tasks…. and my beloved old dog who needs lots of care….. but I’m always thinking about the current or next project, and when my fingers get itchy, I’m back in there again, housework be damned!

  115. Adeline says:

    welll, mostly eating ,sleeping, keeping up the yard, the house and charity work. and the day is done !

  116. Jackie Stevens says:

    I am kept out of my sewing room by housework, laundry, errands or life in general. However to be honest, I am in there most days for some period of time.

  117. Susan Pittman says:

    I teach preschool, and I have so many ideas going around in my head just for my job, that the sewing gets put on the backburner. I feel like my creative energy is all used up by my teaching. I would love to spend more time creating in my sewing room, but there’s only so much time & energy available.

  118. Shirley Guier says:

    Not much! Grandkids and happy hour with friends will keep me away.

  119. Tina says:

    My little dog who loves jumping up in my lap and generally getting in the way!

  120. Colleen Bergin says:

    Focus…my plan each day is to sew. Doesn’t always happen but it’s happening much more often!

  121. Sue Deshensky says:

    Unfortunately, right now, I do not have a sewing room. My house is undergoing some renovations and when everything is done, I hope to have a brand new, amazing sewing room. For now, I have a limited space on the coffee table.

  122. Elaina Sabado Dooley says:

    Thanks for a chance in this awesome giveaway!! My clutter, from piled fabrics that have been cut to the remains of time spent choosing fabrics for my next project make me avoid my designated sewing space. I always seem to always pile everything on my cutting area so I end up sewing in the dining area. It’s a work in progress for me. ☺️❤️

  123. Jackie Kelly says:

    I’m a fan of Victoria. Her quilts are an inspiration. I try keep off the computer, FB, etc, takes my time.

  124. Jill Watson says:

    My two kitties who want undivided attention. Their littles eyes say’ look at me and not at that quilt you’re sewing’.

  125. Denise Monday says:

    Work. It gets in the way of all the fun stuff.

  126. Janice Miller says:

    Having an 8-5 job that sucks up valuable quilting time!

  127. Diane Vankirk says:

    Sometimes iI just need to rest my eyes and my back, otherwise instead of a fun, rewarding experience my sewing room looks almost threatening!

  128. Sue Phifer says:

    Sometimes planning for travel or travel itself keeps me away from quilting, but I am always noodling on ideas and VFW inspires me.

  129. Mary Johnston says:

    Keeping up with Facebook, jigsaw puzzles, and depression keep me away from sewing. Nothing keeps me out of the sewing room because I have quilting in every room.

  130. Mary Buersmeyer says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and sewing is work and being too tired at the end of the day.

  131. Dawnell Muecke says:

    I’m usually in my sewing room, but I always get sidetracked with organizing and cleaning it. It’s a Zen thing!

  132. Alyssa says:

    Cooking keeps me from sewing. Got to feed the family.

  133. Bally says:

    Piles of UFOs at the doorway and everywhere.

  134. I can answer that question! It’s the cold weather that keeps me from getting into my sewing room. January and February are cold months here in Minnesota and my sewing room is over our garage. It’s hard to keep warm so I do lots of handwork sitting in my family room chair and watching old movies. By March the weather will be warmer and I’ll be up in my sewing room! Lovely giveaways, thank you. Victoria’s fabrics and quilts are awesome!

  135. April Blood says:

    Usually it’s just taking care of family and especially my grandsons I have three little ones but since I retired I’m spending a lot more time in my sewing room and I have never been so happy

  136. Jane Childerhose says:

    Love your fabric and quilts!!! I’m looking forward to making your Cascade quilt….

  137. Debby says:

    Volunteering, a grandson, or my longarm quilting jobs sometimes get in the way of play. Oh, and putting down a bamboo floor!

  138. Kate Pietschman says:

    Nothing and everything -at the moment winter light – when the sun sets so does my mind – looking forward to Spring returning!

  139. Gail Mandli says:

    Just not enough time in the day. I do my best to find VFW’s 15 minutes of play every day because I know that will turn into 30 or more.

  140. Buffie says:

    Usually caring for my bedbound boyfriend, but u try to escape to sew for at least an hour at night.

  141. Phyllis Karpus says:

    Since I am retired and independent, I have few constraints on my time. However, the one thing that keeps me from my sewing room is visits from my grandchildren.

  142. Stacey Leonard says:

    VFW is my quilty BFF in my mind! Love her!! What keeps me from sewing is getting to bogged down in my job and other responsibilities to get in there. But when I do it’s so good for my soul!

  143. Erin F. says:

    Pursuing a Ph.D. keeps me from getting in my sewing room and working on my quilt projects. When I am not taking classes, daily tasks, chores and errands often prevent me from quilting.

  144. Sam says:

    Walking the dog keeps me away but find that if I walk right in the door and go straight to the room then I don’t get distracted by anything else

  145. Victoria says:

    I am in there a lot. What keeps me out is silly stuff like eating , sleeping etc.

  146. Diane Broekhuis says:

    Work and time spent with my grandkids! Do what you love, love what you do!

  147. Susan Roy says:

    Right now moving is keeping me from quilting – so frustrating but only 3 more weeks of packing and moving and then I’m going to hit the quilting road again

  148. Janet Hood says:

    We are remodeling our house ourselves. One of the first areas to be done was my small but lovely sewing room/studio. But now, while doing the living/dining room, half our furniture is stored in my sewing room and it is also our temporary dining area! No room to sew. But as soon as possible planning Yukata cloth pillows and wall hanging for the new living area. Can’t wait!

  149. Stacey Leonard says:

    I am a huge VFW fan and in my mind we are great friends! My other responsibilities, job, life keep me from sewing. But when I’m in there, I love it and it’s good therapy for my soul!

  150. Joan Perez says:

    My mom is the person who interrupts my sewing on a regular basis because she’s a very active 87-year-old who does not like to sew and never understands why it’s my favorite thing to do. I have stacks of unfinished quilts but she has other ideas about what I should be doing….like road trips and fun days together. She’s right. I only have a limited time left with my mom and the sewing room will always be there.

  151. Terry says:

    I love my quilting space … What keeps me from being in there all the time are grandchildren

  152. Patricia Hanna says:

    Housework or responsibilities to other family members usually. Sometimes I “freeze” because of fear of ruining a project.

  153. Anny Schomburg says:

    My sewing room is my bedroom too. So I am in there quite a bit, but not always productive. I can see as much as I want or as little. Just have to
    Get out of the slump.

  154. LInda says:

    Now that I am retired, the only thing that keeps me out of my sewing area is my health. My usual is to sew for two or three hours every afternoon. For the past 17 days I have been down with a very nasty virus and have not sewed any. My fingers are twitching!!

    🙂 Linda

  155. Jane Bernauer says:

    I love vfw designs, techniques and her concept of play. I have a 90 year old quilter mom who needs care and 3 grandkids who I care for 2 days a week. I’m a shining example of the sandwich generation. Tgat’s What keeps me from getting into my sewing room as much as I’d like…but I manage to create and play many days. My life is rich and full and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  156. Glenda Williams says:

    Lots of interesting things to do in retirement and 3 active Golden Retrievers to exercise, brush and clean up after. Also like to cook and exercise. Quilting is for my mental health.

  157. Rachel G. says:

    What keeps me from my sewing room is when it is a complete mess! Thankfully I have finally gotten a good organization system. Love all of Victoria’s patterns and books!

  158. Ursula Heinrich says:

    What keeps you from getting into your sewing room and working on your quilt projects? I would like to create every day but life gets in the way. My cerebral activities and not balanced with my creativity with fabric. Additionally, there has been no snow. Snow always spurs me on to quilt more. I would love to win one of the Five February Giveaways. Thank you in advance!

  159. Karen says:

    I am out of my sewing room in the evenings to spend time with my husband but I do seem to find time most days to spend some time in there.

  160. Patty McArdle says:

    One important part of keeping me away from my sewing room is babysitting my granddaughter! Hopefully soon I will bring her in to have her sew alongside me!

  161. Karen hillier says:

    Oligations and guilt about them.. but I am fighting the guilt!!!

  162. Karen M says:

    So many things! Laundry, cooking, washing dishes, driving my daughter to her appointments. I try to get into my sewing room every day but sometimes it doesn’t work out. At least I’m retired so outside work doesn’t get in the way.

  163. Rebecca Lawrence says:

    To make gifts for others and to hone skills to be able to continue to teach— that’s what keeps me going. From layettes and baby clothes to kids toys to pillows, bags, and quilts, I enjoy making things for others. I also lead a small group of tweens and teens at my library each week in our sewing club.

  164. Dianna Eickhorn says:

    I keep going in my quilt studio but productivity is at a low right now due to incorrect storage. Trying to reorganize! Might be a rather long process but I’m up for it! Let’s get organized! Let’s go see!

  165. Vicki Finchum says:

    I get into my room many days. What gets me out? Doc appts for my mom. Having to walk the dog other household chores

  166. I usually keep myself from getting into my sewing room, but once I have everything under control, down the rabbit hole I go and it’s sew, sew, sew!!!

  167. Alice Ronne says:

    Life sometimes keeps me out of my sewing room. Priorities of being in the “sandwich generation” but grateful that I can do this for my mother (turning 91 this year). But, this year is the year that I am making time for me and my sewing machine! Beautiful collection!

  168. Ann Reed says:

    Trying to make a quilt top per week but, it keeps snowing and that means hours of shoveling every day or two!

  169. Diane E Wespiser says:

    What keeps me away from my sewing and finishing projects is family get togethers, hikes and travel. Love Victoria’s fabric, patterns and books!

  170. Jan Baethke says:

    There are many things that keep me from “Visiting” my sewing room and machine! Monthly Guild meeting along with a class with the visiting national teacher like Victoria; my weekly Quilting Bee meeting; a few doctors appointments; visits from our kids; cleaning to be ready for our kid’s visits; another weekly quilt bee meeting, and lunch out with quilty friends! 🙂 But some nights when I can’t sleep, I’ll make a visit at midnight to sew for “15 Minutes”!!

  171. G. Catherine Wight says:

    The tasks keeping me from getting to my sewing/quilting room are needing to take care of necessities for my elderly mother.

  172. Emily Stahowiak says:

    The only thing that keeps me from sewing is work! I’d sew all day everyday if I could ❤️

  173. Vicki says:

    LIFE. Family, grand children, sports, too much time on internet looking for inspiration.

  174. april c says:

    The only thing keeping me from sewing right now is work…. I’ve been sewing on my days off. I am a new quilter working on my first quilt.

  175. Kim Loar says:

    I travel quite a bit and that keeps me away from my sewing/quilting. Lovely fabric and interesting templates. Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. Emily Shuff Klainberg says:

    Cooking, beading, travel, life and procrastination.

  177. Agnes Burke says:

    Time ! Sandwiching a quilt later this week while floor space is available. Then trying to dedicate a day here and there to the pleasure of quilting!

  178. Laura says:

    What keeps me away from the studio? All those little life errands. Like medical appointments, grocery shopping, getting the car fixed, doing returns, drycleaners, and of course, shopping at my local quilt store .

  179. CAROL F CONNELL says:

    Life gets in the way. I volunteer at 4 different places. Along with doing church books. I do go to quilt shops twice a week and belong to two guilds.

  180. Maggie says:

    Quilter’s block…I stop when I reach the stage that I’m not confident completing.

  181. soozi says:

    mundane things like, sleeping , eating…i would be sewing much more if i didn’t
    have to tend to those things!

  182. Jane says:

    Generally, I sew every day. But currently I’m caring for my 90 yr old mother-n-law. Sewing is my therPy and when I cannot sleep, I sew. Thank you for the giveaway.

  183. Heading to San Diego kept me out of my sewing room! I’m back home now, and the only thing that can keep me out are my grandkids!

  184. Tish says:

    few things keep me out of my sewing room – going to quilt shows is, happily, one of them!

  185. Barbara wellman says:

    Up until the last year in was the barn that kept me from the studio. This past year my other half has become ill then was diagnosed with a aggressive cancer. So now that has kept me busy. I’m working on hand projects and getting back to the studio when I can this year.

  186. Pam says:

    This fabric is delightful! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m an English teacher so reading essays is what keeps me out of the sewing room. But the job has its own rewards too. 🙂

  187. Giuliana says:

    What keeps me from my quilting studio and completing projects? Physically i am able to leap small dogs, restless cats and complaining parrot. But completing projects? I think it’s my Buddhist monkey mind that holds me back a bit. But if I can push through that I’m on to sewing yoga and fabric nirvana! Lol
    At any rate signed up for VFW BOM so ready or not here I come couldn’t resist.

  188. Julie Waldman says:

    What keeps me out of the sewing room is too much volunteer work, coupled with the feeling of “overwhelm” when I have too many projects going… which doesn’t stop me from starting new projects!

  189. Annie Aarts-Bijleveld says:

    I love quilting i can’t stop i am in love

  190. Lisa Long says:

    What keeps me from my studio? So many projects to do, so little time! Full time job, household chores and not much sleep. I try to spend a few hours during the weekend in my sewing room. I live for 3 day weekends!!

  191. Cindy mizer says:

    I work part-time in a library. It takes up a lot of my time and energy.

  192. Cynthia Meredith says:

    I love the vibrancy of VFW-both the fabric and the patterns. Not much keeps me from my sewing, except maybe the inertia that comes from not knowing what I’m going to do when I get there because I have so many projects in progress.

  193. Chris Pascuzzi says:

    Nothing keeps me from my sewing room! I don’t always get to spend as much time there as I would like but I do spend time there each and every day

  194. Becky DuBose says:

    I’m sorry but I find no instructions on how to enter the give away?

  195. Jan Wisor says:

    I tend to take on more than I can handle which in turn causes me to do nothing. Go figure!

  196. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    My computer!

  197. Lynn Baker says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and working on projects. My messy cutting table is my biggest stumbling block. Once I get it in order I’m ready to dig in and see!

  198. Shasta Matova says:

    The only thing that keeps me from sewing is the job – have to make money in order to buy the fabric!

  199. Nancy G. says:

    Now that I am retired, I spend quite a bit of time sewing. I have a number of unfinished quilts that need to be completed.
    I take breaks to do housework, yard work, walking my dog, knitting and reading.

  200. Anita L Jackson says:

    Oh gosh, I guess that four-lettered word “work” keeps from my sewing room…. No Work-No Play… I must finance my little habit some how! 🙂

  201. Betty says:

    I am fortunate to be retired so I can almost always sew when I want. The only thing that keeps me from sewing are my other hobbies such as reading, cooking and some traveling.

  202. Abby says:

    I fret over which fabrics to use and which ones to start cutting. I know its only fabric and have started to use a design wall to improve my color sense and ultimately my productivity.

  203. Debbie McLaughlin says:

    Beautiful fabrics, and a generous offer. What keeps me away from my studio is the usual combination of all the other competing demands: paying work, family life, and exercise…and the weird belief that if I can’t spend more than 15 minutes, then is it worth it? Experimenting with little bursts of creativity are what bring me back!

  204. Carol Harvey says:

    There’s not much that keeps me out of my quilt studio except exhaustion and Holidays when family are present in my home. My quilting studio is definitely my “Happy Place!”

  205. Cindy Fuller says:

    What fun fabrics! Inspiration indeed to get in there and play. Distractions from everyday life can keep me out of my studio even though it’s my ‘workplace’. From cleaning, cooking, errands for others. I sew every day, but most of the time it is for others and not myself. Trying to change that up though, by scheduling in Happy Sewing time!

  206. Brenda says:

    Time and cooking

  207. Patricia John says:

    Many things keep me from sewing, including enjoying all the online sites with inspirational photos, fabric and ideas! Also I tend toward perfectionism and that can stall my progress. My goal this year is to sew more and procrastinate less!!

  208. Linda McLaughlin says:

    I make studio time a priority and get in there everyday, the only thing that keeps me from it is travel and then I always have a project with me.

  209. Donna says:

    Right now, what stops me from getting into my sewing room is the fact that we have moved, have a lot to do to sell our other home, and I can’t settle down enough to sew anything….or just think straight.

  210. Susan Currin says:

    Traveling for work keeps me from quilting as much as I would like. Now I actually schedule time on my calendar and it is working! I get excited when I see my quilting date coming up. I plan what I will work on and prep as much as I can so my time is productive. I love VFW quilting patterns—just completed the Star Storm Mini Quilt and want to try one of her challenging templates next.

  211. Pauline Salzman says:

    Sometimes it is just the lack of inspiration.

  212. Linda A says:

    Beautiful fabric. Hope to win!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  213. Joelle Guay says:

    Sometimes there are just too many ideas in my head, I don’t know where to start!

  214. Diane Wiley says:

    Marie Kondo:). My sewing room sparks joy, but there’s a lot of other stuff collected for over 60 years that doesn’t. Once I started decluttering it’s been an obsession! I can see the end in sight; my house and I feel much lighter and I’ve really got the urge to play – the best spark of joy!

  215. Patricia Dooley says:

    This time of year, with winter happening outside my loft/sewing space window in MN, only the unanticipated, the catastrophic, the unplanned event can take me away from the pure pleasures of creating!

  216. Rebecca says:

    Guilt more then anything. Like i have housework to do

  217. Kay Welch says:

    Most often it is myself – rabbit holes on the Internet eating up time, procrastinating when I have hit a snag or problem with a project, and of course, life’s other commitments. I am being more focused this year to sew daily, even for a few minutes. So far so good.

  218. Dar Arnswald says:

    Tasty fabric! Oh Boy!!
    As I do making my living quilting for others – sometimes I am just too tired to focus on my own projects. When I am in that kind of funk tho – I find sitting in my design room and milling thru patterns, books, fabric, COLOR, etc — usually snaps me out of it!

  219. Maridel Armstrong says:

    Life gets in the way…cooking, cleaning, church but I still spend as much time as I can in my quilting room. It is my safe place!

  220. Sue Dillon says:

    One thing that keeps me out of my sewing room is my inability to set aside a sizable amount of time to make it worthwhile

  221. Laura Socha says:

    All the “shoulds” keep me out of the sewing room…the things that should get done before I have time to play!

  222. Lane Hill House says:

    Sadly, four years ago I ordered a 2010q to save 20% “used 10 hours” machine. Unable to remove the jammed bobbin from the casing, I was sent a replacement bobbin case. Finally… able to use my machine, it was so loud. My husband was asleep and I stitched maybe two inches. I have not used the machine since. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  223. Sandra Cooper says:

    Other activities tugging on my time!

  224. BarbinMi says:

    Love the fabrics! I guess a combination of overwhelm to sort thru my sewing room and search for a new job keeps me away…

  225. Brenda says:

    Winter depression, along with CFS, arthritis, and chronic back pain.

  226. Sylvia says:

    No tmuch keeps me from quilting!

  227. Kathy Y says:

    So many beautiful fabrics out there! LOVE VFW everything! What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and working on quilt projects? Sometimes reading magazines or surfing the web, looking at other’s inspirational work. OR, shopping for more fabric!

  228. JoAnne Pasqua says:

    Now with the rains the weeds have come in full force to detain me from my sewing room. The thrill of beautiful fabrics make it easier to speed up the process of pulling the weeds!

  229. Peggy Aronson says:

    pets, chores, exercising

  230. Evelyn Ostrander says:

    Love Victoria’s quilts. The thing that keeps me out of my sewing room? My husband thinks hehhas to eat every day. Can you imagine? Lol It’s my stress relief. Thanks for the drawing.

  231. Sandi Cade says:

    I try very hard to get in there for a little time every day!! I used to think everything had to be done before I could give myself permission for some me time! I’m over it!! The house just gets dirty again. A quilt is forever!

  232. Tracey Brookshier says:

    Right now my sewing room is a mess – and I have to clean it up to a minimum level to feel that I’m allowed to play in it.

  233. Laura Belkin says:

    Good question! I think I have to do other things first like taxes and house cleaning.

  234. Ann says:

    I’m tired from work, so I need to hurry up and get “re-tired” to get to all of the sewing ideas I have in mind, several of which are Victoria’s quilts. Love VFW!

  235. Andrea Johnson says:

    Very lovely giveaway! What keeps me from getting into my quilt room and working on my quilt projects? Answer: too many commitments that require driving across the metro area for something I’m not that invested in, and I come home tired. I am dropping all but the most important of these (daughter and little grandson take TOP priority) and keeping the ones that are quilting-related.

  236. Betty Vincent says:

    I’ve been busy getting fabric organized, weeding and deciding what to use fabric in a wall hanging and preparing for taxes this week is what is keeping me out of the sewing room. I can’t wait to get busy sewing.

  237. Marla Whalen says:

    My mentally taxing full-time job is what most often keeps me out of the studio. Not only the time spent working, but the tiredness and headaches that sometimes go along with it. I’m doing better at finding small batches of time and getting more quilting into my days! (Also I want these templates so bad!!!)

  238. Janet Coe says:

    My day job, housework and three pups! I need to find us 15 minutes to play!

  239. May Lynne Gill says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room and working on my quilt projects? 21 little Kindergarteners who learn best through play and creative projects! Most of my energy is spent figuring out ways to introduce concepts through art–something they will use throughout their lives! xoxo <3

  240. Amy says:

    Right now my studio is freezing! I’ve been making my own templates, but would love to try some ready made ones. VFW is an amazing designer and colorist!

  241. Brenda Foley says:

    I have a full time job! So after working overtime, just too exhausted to sew, but most evenings and weekends I’m sewing!! Thanks for opportunity!

  242. Becky DuBose says:

    Reading a book keeps me from my quilting!

  243. Nicole says:

    WORK gets in the way of my sew time for sure! Love everything VFW does – books, Sizzix dies, everything! Thanks for the chance to win.

  244. Joan says:

    I am lucky to have retired almost two years ago so now not much keeps me out of my sewing room!

  245. Aime Augsburg says:

    Life. Life. And, more life.

  246. Lucia says:

    what is keeping me tearfully away…I am nursing/rehabbing my broken wrist. Getting better, but not there yet! How great would it be to have this to look forward to!

  247. Margaret Kennedy says:

    While I try to get to my studio most days, sometimes ordinary other activities get in the way!

  248. Kay says:

    I sew on my dining room table so dinner guests keep me from sewing.

  249. Colleen says:

    A very busy work schedule! But, even taking a little time each week, makes a difference. Thank you – great giveaway!!

  250. Elizabeth Meyer says:

    Life! But you just have to be ready for that moment when the stars aline and off you go!

  251. Ellee says:

    What keeps me from sewing? I change my mind a lot on my fabric choices; however, once I make up my mind, nothing gets in my way until it’s finished.

  252. Margaret Looby says:

    The only thing that has me leave my sewing room is sustenance! Every once in a while I get hungry & have to eat, that’s about it!

  253. Caroline Emmons says:

    Waiting for inspiration

  254. Alison Awes says:

    Gorgeous prize pack! My biggest obstacle is bedtime!! I could sew all night, but I know that’s a tough situation the next day…

  255. Kitty says:

    Living in tiny trailer and have to use dining room table to sew and it’s a pain to clean up to eat.

  256. Diane W says:

    The only things that stop me are eating breakfast and taking my medications! Then I’m off to my sewing room for the day!

  257. Annette S says:

    My state of inertia keeps me from my quilting creativity. No energy left from the many commitments in my life right now. Have been a follower of Victoria’s work and should apply her “15 minutes of play” to my schedule. Love her style!!

  258. Kari Lippert says:

    My sewing room is moving from Hawaii to the mainland so its a little hard to get into right now. I’ve retired, so work will no longer prevent me from stitching. I think the only thing now will be cleaning… Next up, a cleaning person! (Since I retired in October I have repaired and requilted a king size quilt, hand-pieced 2 quilt tops and now working on my 3rd! I’m getting used to carrying my “quilting space” with me!)

  259. marlene barkley says:

    Getting sidetracked. So many fabrics and patterns lead to a lot of “what to do next” questions in my head, thus, nothing really accomplished..Not a valid excuse, must focus.

  260. Connie German says:

    Volunteer projects. I love helping people with all kinds of things, driving to appts, even helping them sew and quilt.

  261. Angela J Short says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Other crafts keep me away from sewing more. It’s ok though. I enjoy lots of different crafts. Enjoy your day! 🙂 🙂 angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  262. Pauline says:

    My guilty conscience keeps me away from my sewing room. It’s my guilty pleasure, so I have to “earn” the time to sew! I’m forcing myself to start anything new and work on finishing up my many, many UFO’s. Need a spare pair of hands & an extra brain:)

  263. Ann M Saunderson says:

    What keeps me from the sewing room is staring at the snow, work or just plain laziness. Sometimes it’s what do I do first issues!!

  264. Cara Lamb says:

    My computer is in the same room. I’ll say, “I’ll just check my email,” and forget what I came into the room to do.

  265. karen says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way. A bit sidetracked from a minor surgery this month but it certainly hasn’t stopped me from planning new projects, a little embroidery, and shopping online! ☺️

  266. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    I have a very healthy relationship with PROCRASTINATION!

  267. Susan Mayer says:

    Family always comes first…and cooking..and cleaning…the list is too long!!!!
    Love your fabrics as always…wait! I have a few minutes so it is off to sew!!!!

  268. Mary S says:

    What keeps me from getting into my sewing room more often is the fact that I’m too poor to retire from my job. Argh.

  269. Mary Rowin says:

    Chores and volunteer work keep me from my projects. I am fortunate to be retired, however, so I have more time to play with than many.

  270. Rand C says:

    Only priority family responsibilities and travel

  271. Nancy Gilpin says:

    I don’t clean up after each project and this “mess” puts me off from getting started again.

  272. Dionne Matthies-Buban says:

    My dogs. They need to eat and have plenty of outdoor breaks

  273. Sarah Sheckells says:

    A great disappointment these past two weeks! My husband has been away so I had time to work but the flu hit me and hit me hard! Nothing to be done but get well. I so hope I will have the time again soon!!

  274. Rosemary says:

    I love those bright colors. They would look fantastic if I used my winnings to make something for my 20 month old granddaughter.

  275. tinakaye S says:

    Not to many things keep me away for very long. I love being in my happy place

  276. JANIS PEARSON says:

    Inability to decide which project to start (or finish!)

  277. Ilse Scott says:

    Love this line of fabric- very little keeps me from my sewing room- cooking for my husband ,exercising daily and gardening, but this time of the year is the best!!!

  278. Karen Baskett says:

    Nothing. Nothing keeps me from my sewing room. It’s my happy place. 🙂

  279. Joana K Mains says:

    I love the Off the Cuff quilt by Victoria and the new fabrics. What keeps me from sewing? I recently was diagnosed with be genetic disease so tests and doctors appointments are keeping me from sewing at this point in time. But I have a positive attitude and know I will back sewing very soon.

  280. Renee says:

    I have lots of projects to work on in my sewing room but I’m trying to finish hand-quilting a quilt for my newest great-niece who is named after me and will be 2 months old on the 18th.

  281. tpmgmd50 says:

    What kept from my sewing room the last three weeks was an absolutely amazing trip to Japan, including the quilt festival in Tokyo. Take Patricia’s advice and go to Japan. Just go! Don’t think language is a barrier as the Japanese people are so kind and helpful and will make sure you are Taken care of. I am already making my list of what to see when I go next time.

  282. Barbara Colvin says:

    Being distracted by a current knitting or crochet project is a primary reason.

  283. Christine Kellogg says:

    What JOY you find in these fabrics!!~!!!!!!

  284. Kat Glans says:

    I am a bit of a messy quilter so I have to organize and put away fabric before starting on the multiple projects I seem to start in a week, so that makes me hesitate at the doorway, but usually I just jump in anyway…

  285. Carole K Tsutsumi says:


  286. Jo Ewald says:

    The thing that keeps me out of the sewing room (and typing slowly and with lots of errors) currently is TWO broken arms. Didn’t turn on the light and fell. But soon I’ll be back in the sewing room.

  287. Deb M says:

    If my husband and I have a busy day planned, I may just wander in and look at my projects. I won’t do any sewing but it’s nice to step back and think about the progress I’ve made or what my next step will be.

  288. Faye Jones says:

    Not much keeps me out of my studio- mostly just preparing meals and occasional lunch date

  289. Karen Newberry says:

    I have so many things I like to do and then also learn new skills so often I am away traveling to classes or shows, but I do get in my sewing room almost daily when I am here.

  290. Jodi Gradolph says:

    Beautiful fabric! Love Victoria!!!

  291. Mona Alderson says:

    My dog Daisy needing a long walk or run may keep me from sewing for a while, but I try to coax her into the sewing room with me.

  292. Jeri Eva Zintgraff says:

    I love the fresh colors and patterns. Thanks

  293. Jeri Zintgraff says:

    Work unfortunately keeps me from spending time in the sewing studio. But I make time for my mental health!

  294. David Kish says:

    I don’t have a big enough studio room and I have to keep my growing stash in plastic storage boxes and due to my kitties, I can not leave projects out and ready for instant creation. So creating quilts requires, unpacking and then packing-up to protect the fabrics, tools, creation and kitties.

  295. Edi says:

    My family, my home, my dogs . . . All need my attention at different times. But i still make some me time and thatthatds in my sewing room. Gorgeous fabrics, thanks for the opportunity!!

  296. Ellen Liliedahl says:

    Love all the beautiful fabrics and especially all the sunny yellows!

  297. Marilyn Fite says:

    I have a number of things I like to do…needlework, coffee with friends, cooking, reading, traveling, and then, there is procrastination!

  298. Signe says:

    The lack of organization and backlog of projects!!!!

  299. spierssusan says:

    Too many UFO’s & too much “stuff” to organize!

  300. Melody Lutz says:

    Being a caregiver for my 85 year old mother!

  301. Linda Suter says:

    What keeps you from getting into your sewing room and working on your quilt projects? Actually researching and reading about different textiles and quilting techniques and patterns on the internet. I get so many new and different ideas – like the Yukata fabrics, yum! – but I get sucked into looking and reading and not actually cutting and sewing.

  302. Susan N says:

    Mostly what keeps me from getting in there is people who need me to do something else! But I get in there pretty often. =)

  303. Wanda Hanson says:

    There really isn’t much that keeps me out of my studio now that I am retired. Indecision about what to work on probably keeps me from getting as much done as I would like.

  304. Barbara Grandon says:

    What keeps me out of the studio is caring for my in-laws, both with Dementia. Difficult to watch them evolve in their disease process. My studio brings me joy ….the opposite end of the spectrum. Barbara.

  305. Carol Kuse says:

    beautiful fabric and patterns.

  306. Phyllis Merritt says:

    Not enough hours in the day.

  307. Jane says:

    Walking the dogs and enjoying the great outdoors.

  308. Marie O'Kelley says:

    Baby, it’s cold outside! Either that or it’s too hot. Because my sewing room is in an unheated attic, it’s either freezing in the winter ( even the sewing machine refuses to run) or it’s so hot in the summer that I can’t tolerate it — so I grab whatever fabric inspires me and retreat to the first floor. Its a good thing I love handwork.

  309. snicklefritzin43 says:

    I super love the VFW fabric collection and the BOM. I succeed in daily working in my studio and completing projects and commitments when I make a schedule and stick to it. There are always distractions and I have to decide what my purpose is to be.

  310. Nancy says:


  311. Jan Kuester says:

    I so appreciate your website and blog! Thank you for the opportunity! Love VFW’s new fabrics and unique quilts-she always seems to lead the charge in modern-traditional design melding. My family, garden, our business, community service projects and stealing time to enjoy the ocean do take me away from my studio…but i still steal time for my creative heart to get the quilting-fabric time it needs!

  312. Lynn Thornton says:

    I love Okan Arts! I finally was able to get into my quilt room just this past week! We are renovating several rooms with flooring so furniture and boxes have been moved back and forth. It felt sooo good to get back in there- and I love the new floor!

  313. Cindy Chock says:

    Nothing keeps me out of my sewing studio since I earn my living as a dressmaker. Getting to my quilting and personal creative projects is another story!

  314. Grace says:

    Family obligations keep me from my sewing room, but I still try to get at least 4 hours of sewing every week. I always seem to find some time for my addiction even if it mean staying up late, or rising early before the day begins.

  315. Joan says:

    Not enough hours in the day!

  316. Char Behrens says:

    Sometimes life keeps me away from my sewing. I’m a self employed artist so sometimes that keeps me ultra busy. My unwind time is quilting because it makes me think differently. But if I’m to tired to quilt ( What? I know right!) I’m looking for new patterns and fabrics to use.

  317. judy shields says:

    Thanks! the thing that keeps me out of my sewing room is working and babysitting my grandchildren.

  318. Terry Cullan says:

    Work, work, and more work keeps me from seeing but on my days off I try to get as much in as I can.

  319. Frustration ! Work, cooking, walking the dog (joyous), family, grandchildren (best). But it all is ok when I finally get there.

  320. Cindy Hanrahan says:

    Unfortunately, my job has a tendency to keep me out of my quilting room; if I could get rid of it and housework I’d be set 🙂
    Thanks for the chance at the beautiful fat quarter collection.

  321. Kathy S says:

    Often what keeps me from the studio is sudden inspiration to begin the design of yet another project.

  322. Myra Katz says:

    Fortunately I do not have any problem getting myself into my quilting room. I look forward to quilting every day. I envision my quilting for the day as I am waking up.

  323. Donna Abrams says:

    The only thing that keeps me out of my sewing studio is making meals, running errands and going to church. Other than that you can find me in my sewing studio doing what I love best. Thanks for the opportunity to get into your drawing. I love your fabrics and would love to do a project using them.

  324. Hilda Krebs says:

    Always love your giveaways

  325. Judith McGinty says:

    Well, all the books I have started and are 1/2 way through, plus all the books stacked up waiting to be read, plus all the books that haven’t even been published yet, keep me from getting to the quilting room. Then my volunteer time with Hospice, and my spouses expectation of some undivided attention, then if it’s sunny outside the garden calls. But today it’s raining so I will get to break away and sew a seam!

  326. Liz Mosier says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love hearing about places I need to visit.

  327. Paulette R McKenna says:

    Working full time plus a second part time job. I love, love, love sewing and even though I can’t do it as much as I want, it helps keep me sane.?

  328. Gail H says:

    Too many projects in progress, too much mess in sewing room.

  329. IRENE HARVALIAS says:

    WOW! Who wouldn’t be ecstatic with any one of these???

  330. La Veda Myers says:

    My grandchildren who are living with me…10, 11, 12 years old

  331. Judy Hartwig says:

    Overcast days of winter often keep me from working on my quilting projects. Overhead and task (artificial) light just doesn’t bring me the same feeling of happiness and motivation as sunlight through the window.

  332. Debra Miller says:

    Beautiful fabrics! What keeps me out of my sewing room is that I am easily distracted! I love the thrill of the hunt for a new idea, new fabric or a new pattern and I am a great starter but a really slow finisher. I keep plugging along but find I really like sewing better in the living room in front of the TV.

  333. Catherine Erlanger says:

    Would you believe it — volunteer work? Too many workshops, fundraiser planning & executions, soothing ruffled feathers, editing member directories, et al. I’m cutting back on the “good works” and looking forward to rediscovering UFOs in my sewing room.

  334. Kathy A says:

    Trips out of town

  335. Billie Shannon says:

    I get really tired in the morning working or running errands. When afternoon comes I usually need a nap before I can play.

  336. Lisa D. says:

    Gee, all the house stuff, laundry, cooking keep me out of sewing room. The only thing I have fun regard for are the grands. I want to be thin and rich like George Clooney and Mrs. Clooney or, is this his daughter? Then I could have a see-through fridge full of sales that were made for me and someone would be doing my laundry and then I can meet my quilting destiny.

  337. Laurie Peters says:

    VFW is so inspiring! Beautiful new fabric collection, too.
    Family needs (food) keep me out of my sewing room. I get by with taking hand piecing when I can’t be at home!

  338. Ruth Lancaster says:

    I love the bright colors and bold graphics that work with the florals.

  339. Roxanne C Kelley says:

    I don’t get in to sew/quilt if the weather outside is unusually nice – sunny. There is pruning, transplanting, other gardening to do. If rainy or snowy here in Oregon, perfect for sewing. Or the other extreme – over 90 degrees in the summer.

  340. Ruth Lancaster says:

    Opps didn’t read the question we were suppose to answer. What keeps me out of my sewing area? Everyday life things. I find I have to devote special time so I can get to my sewing.

  341. Vivian Roop says:

    Never enough time. Life, in general, is very busy. I like it that way but would enjoy more time sewing.

  342. Lynda J Bolster says:

    What keeps me out of my sewing room ? —- among the thousands of distractions —– emails and websites like this one showing the incredible artistry from around the world —- going to quilt shows, quilt shops, our guild meetings, quilting groups —- finding new fabric, new patterns — endless possibilities. Even my husband and our cats have learned that needle – thread – fabric (one word) is priority

  343. J M Ange says:

    Life sometimes gets in the way of happy and artful endeavors.
    Solution–forget about the necessary and indulge in the wonders and satisfaction of creating!

  344. Barbaraben says:

    Very little keeps me out of my sewing room. I have a continuous collection of audiobooks that keep me company as I work away on my projects.

  345. Pam says:

    Wish I could say nothing gets in the way. LOL However, life does have its demands now and then. Love the fabrics.

  346. Gabrielle Ryan says:

    My full time job, which I still enjoy. So I sew on the weekends. Cheers!

  347. Trudy says:

    Too many ufos when I really want to play with new ideas – which adds to the stack of ufos but I do it anyway.

  348. Sharon Sterns says:

    The dust, the dishes,the children, the husband…oh my!

  349. Ann West says:

    I am dealing with our 90+ in-laws, an ailing husband, and sick grandchildren. It seems like when it rains, it pours. Health issues are what seem to be keeping me from quilting. But I must keep my priorities straight, and do what needs doing now – later will come the quilting. Thanks!

  350. melissa sherrow says:

    Snow kept me inside and I was enjoying sewing until the electricity went off!

  351. Joan C says:

    Everyday chores or distraction keep ME out of my sewing room. I avoid cleaning as much as possible but it does need to be done sooner or later!

  352. Mary Jo Stipe says:

    Housework. While I spend a lot of time in my sewing studio, there are days when I never quite get there because I feel the house needs my attention…and that always take more time than I expect.

  353. Amy says:

    An unfortunate set of priorities keep me from sewing as much as I would like. I am also a procrastinator. When I allow myself the time to work on a quilt, I have the best, most relaxing time. The time absolutely flies by and before I know it, the day has passed and I am at peace.

  354. diane says:

    mostly my health stops me, but mentally I NEED to create and sew, whether it is for myself or for others the desire is there to be fulfilled. I work as often as I can and will never give it up as long as I am vertical!

  355. Deborah Porter-Santos says:

    Taking care of my 92-year-old mother and father is more than a full time job and keeps me from having the energy to sew as much as I would like! But it’s a good thing.

  356. Kathie says:

    Things that keep me from quilting = an exhausting job, a snuggly kitty, and lots of other interests! Once I get in there, though, time flies because it’s so rewarding.

  357. Kristin Laura says:

    Even though my computer is in my sewing room, it is probably my biggest distraction.

  358. Ginnie says:

    Distractions like art journaling!

  359. Diane says:

    My iPad is my biggest distraction. And feeling like I have to get life chores done first.

  360. Rose Rademan says:

    I still work full time so that’s my main excuse,but doing a few retreats lately made me realize a big chunk of time is great, but since that won’t happen often enough I need to get in there and keep on working. At the moment though I’m concentrating on a hand work project. And I do like a clean house, I know that makes me boring…

  361. Margaret Gordon says:

    When I dont have all the necessary fabric pieces I want for a project, I don’t want to start. Invariably, when I start, then look for an additional piece, I cannot find what I want.

  362. Jerry Turner says:

    What keeps me from getting int my sewing room an quilting? Life’s minor demands – breakfast for starters and then there’s laundry and dog washing.

  363. Pam J Cope says:

    lately what has kept me from my sewing room is WORK. 🙁 have to earn money to keep buying fabric, also had 3 fab weeks in Japan, visiting Kyoto & Tokyo and 3 days at the quilt show. so sorry I missed the craft show you mentioned. Now I will HAVE to go back!! Hope to sort through the giant suitcase of indigo fabrics I brought back from Japan and start a new project soon. xoxo

  364. Patti A. says:

    I think I did enter already but not taking any chances. I love your fabric and patterns so much

  365. Karon says:

    A great giveaway. Would love to win.

  366. Rochelle Summers says:

    When I have to take care of the rest of life: pay bills, grocery shop, laundry, clean house.

  367. Barbara Mims says:

    A visit from my great granddaughter who wants to “help me” sew .

  368. Katalin Hise says:

    Love VFW’s colors and innovative designs. And her dog is pretty cute too!

  369. Lori Morton says:

    What a great Give-a-way!! Thank you for chance to win 😀 What has kept me from my sewing space, has been hospital trips …doin Chemo stuff now…makes me tired… But I am winning, and will be back to fun things before long! 🙂

  370. SuzyMcQ says:

    My sewing machine is set up in my large kitchen, on the table, so I am able to machine or hand-stitch my quilts whenever I’m not cooking or baking or cleaning, or walking dogs, or gardening in good weather. To maintain well-being I try to sew daily. It makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something creative and meaningful.

  371. Kris says:

    These fabrics are just so much FUN! What keeps me from my quilt studio is running out of time because of getting exercise to keep my type one diabetes in check. And, spending time with my fabulous husband, kids, dog and friends! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  372. Kathy Pitts says:

    Lovely fabrics. The major thing that keeps me out of my studio is yard work or we have guests coming and that means at least a little dusting. Since we have just had more snow here then anyone has seen in years I am up there all day, every day.

  373. Linda Estelle says:

    Sense of overwhelm. So many projects that deserve my attention, but they must be perfectly thought out before I start…

  374. Susan Kelley says:

    My quilt studio calls but family obligations, garden chores and household tasks keep getting in the way.

  375. Kimberlee says:

    The thing that keeps me out of my sewing room is my family. They keep me so busy. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, bathing, getting ready for everything, etc. I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Luckily I have a sewing group at someone else’s house once a week.

  376. Gloria Cotten says:

    Nothing keeps me out of my studio for long! But I do have some other things that make demands on my time: laundry, household chores, cooking meals, husband, family and church. I do usually manage at least a few minutes working on a quilt most weekdays and Saturdays. Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  377. What keeps me from sitting down at the sewing machine is mostly the piles of unorganized boxes and fabrics in my guest/sewing room. I spend time organizing and loose sewing time. Or I sew and risk the piles sliding everywhere. Most days, I get my lightweight machine out and sew in the dining room.

  378. Barbara Conti says:

    Luv the Victoria Findley Wolfe inspirations….I have made many Japanese inspired quilts and these fabrics would add to my next project….My friend who llives in Okinawa asked me to make her a king size Japanese quilt using any Asian fabrics and pattern…..what a challenge!

  379. Lily Kamikihara says:

    What keeps me from sewing is having to feed my family at a set dinner time. I could sew until I get hungry but the family is hungry all the time. I feel guilty if we do too many take-outs or leftovers. I want them to know I love them.

  380. Barbara Hancock says:

    The things that keep me from my sewing room are slowly being taken care of:
    1. Feeding my husband. Well I have reduced preparation and cooking time to 30 min. or less and
    I have taught him to make meals.
    2. Cleaning the house: scheduled a twice monthly cleaning service.
    3. Recent downsizing: almost complete.
    4. Doing so much for others: this is a difficult one because I love helping others. I’m working on prioritizing so I have more time to work on projects I want to work on and this bundle of fabrics has me excited and energized.

  381. Myra Katz says:

    I visit sewing machine almost every day. I love to quilt!

  382. Theresa says:

    Sometimes it’s just the hectic pace of daily life and things crop up and need tending making demands on my dwindling energy! I’m amazed at all I got done in a day when I was younger! Now I have to pace myself to meet the demands of a day and run out of steam many a day! Even so I still manage to get into my studio in between “things” for some lovely, nourishing moments! Loved the “off the cuff” quilt of Victoria’s! And oh, the gorgeous fabric–a wonderful splash of color!!!! Exhilarating!

  383. Kathie L says:

    Sometimes the clutter discourages me from going to my sewing room. It isn’t restful at those times.

  384. Deb C says:

    The sewing room being in a chaotic, distracting mess keeps me out of it. It happens so quickly, being a fabaholic, scraps, threads, tools out of place, it just becomes too much and I avoid it. Nothing inspires me more than an organized, tidy sewing room.

  385. Anne Peters says:

    What keeps me from my studio? Procrastination. Love entering my studio when it is tidy and everything is off the floor. When being creative, the room looks as though an explosion has occurred. So, it pays to keep it in order, use boxes and drawers and make sure everything has a place. Then it invites me to enter.

  386. Lynn Haia says:

    Life! Cooking, cleaning, teaching, yard work, bill paying, grocery shopping, volunteer work, pet care, and sleep! 😉

  387. Lisa Frederick says:

    Having to cook and clean!!! Would rather be sewing

  388. Laura F. says:

    Gorgeous fabrics. Love them.

  389. Karen Friedrichs says:

    Frustration of having too many ufos!

  390. Laura Freeman says:

    I do a lot of volunteer work. It takes away from sewing unless I’m making things to give to different organizaitons in which case I’m still not sewing for myself. When my sewing room is a mess it’s hard to be motivated to sew.

  391. petitepotager says:

    I am in my studio a lot, but often doing regular sewing, not just quilting. I have a lot of quilt tops to quilt and I even bought a semi-industrial Juki (which I love) to get me to do the actual quilting but I keep delaying because I don’t want to mess up my beautiful quilt tops. I just need to choose the simplest and do it. It’s the only way I’m going to learn!

  392. patty Adams says:

    Life definitely gets in the way! Unexpected interruptions that I am required to take care of. But I get into the sewing room as often as possible!

  393. Sallie says:

    Work seem to keep me from spending more time and and the pile of papers and stuff which seems to gravitate to the sewing room.

  394. Barb K says:

    What keeps me out of my sewing room is being between projects and making up my mind what I want to do next–I love to pick out colors when I do decide!

  395. Kris Simpson says:

    Your quilts are beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful prizes, too. I am sometimes overwhelmed with ideas which can keep me from finishing the first project before getting started on another. So many things I’d like to do! Sometimes I stick with safer too, which I regret because I love the more complex designs!

  396. NancyB from Many LA says:

    Right now no sewing table! I’m in the process of ordering some cube storage furniture and building my own sewing table big enough to hold 2 of my machines, with enough counterspace to have plenty of room to sew! Then I’m going to build my cutting table the same way.. I’ll have a lot of storage then!

  397. dk jackson says:

    My husband when he wants me to help him do his projects

  398. Moira says:

    Busyness keeps me away from quilting.

  399. Terrie says:

    I see too many new exciting projects and always seem to often begin new ones before the others are completed; making time to exercise and other commitments already on my calendar. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  400. tina says:

    Work, kid, husband, dog and household chores keep me from getting into my sewing area. Plus it is in the basement where it can be a little chilly. Thank you!

  401. Mary says:

    Dog training and practice! We have 2 rescues that need a lot of attention. I just need to focus on both!

  402. Mary Lynn Sutherland says:

    I’m a college student at 60+ and I make myself do my homework first – also I’m not good at just going in the sewing room to take advantage of a free half hour because I can’t decide where to start.

  403. Carolyn Wolf says:

    Sometimes the sun is shining, and I would just rather be out in the garden, or walking in the woods. Life just has too many things to offer and time is short. I have a hard time making choices. Of course, once I am in my studio, I don’t want to leave!

  404. Trudi Sommerfield says:

    Two things keep me from sitting down and working on quilts: (1) Procrastination – one of my very worst habits. (2) Having so many things I’d like to work on that I end up not working on any of them.

  405. Janine Morrell says:

    I’m in the midst of decluttering my sewing space and getting it organized after our relocation. I think better and get more I inspiration from an uncluttered space. I anticipate spending more time in my new space very soon. Thank you for reading all these comments and for your generosity, and for inspiring a whole new generation of Quilter’s. Janine Morrell

  406. V Sanders says:

    Procrastination. Pure procrastination keeps me from my sewing room. There are things to do before I can take the time to sew. Everything needs to be done perfectly. It squeezes out the time to sew, yet sewing ends up making me more productive. So, why don’t I sew more? I just don’t know.

  407. Meg Cupman says:

    Two things are slowing me down in the quilt room 1) I’m obligated to make a wedding quilt that is not in my style, it doesn’t make me sing, but I know they love it…I’m half done but without enthusiasm. 2) After over 35 years of quilting, the room is overflowing with fabric that no longer inspires and UFO’s and patterns I no longer want to make. I need to apply Marie Kondo’s techniques and declutter like crazy.

  408. Judy Valentino says:

    what keeps me from my studio-work but I am retiring in 5 days!

  409. Julia says:

    TU. The past 3 weeks I learned to ignore the emails and created a binding method for hexagons for my grandmothers flower garden quilt I started 38 years ago.

  410. Paula Morgan says:

    What keeps me out of my sewing area? Granddaughters, the best kind of interruption!

  411. Janet Hasselblad says:

    The constant mess in my sewing room keeps me from sewing. I’m working on it though!

  412. Janet Bahr says:

    Depression and procrastination But when I can break through it I have an rewarding day of sewing.

  413. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    The only thing that keeps me from my sewing room is my own laziness about taking the 40ft hike to the door….it’s out in a playhouse!

  414. Millicent Mito says:

    Helping my sister take our 95 year old mother to doctor appointments following 45 days in rehab after18 days in the hospital. It’s been exhausting. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. I did get away to Road to CA for a few days and purchased some fabrics that I hope I’ll be able to put to use in the not too distant future. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fat quarters. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  415. Barbara Davies says:

    the colors and patterns of the swatchs we see here look like a blend of yukata/Japan and 1950’s summer cheer. Happy and pleasing. And the quilt pattern is balanced and controlled with a bit of the unexpected. I love these juxtapositions!

  416. Chloe Collins says:

    I finds myself always thinking about what I should be doing instead of doing something that puts me at peace. So 2019, I take care of my happiness when needed and enjoy all my hours of sewing.

  417. Patricia says:

    I am retired, but cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household chores often pull me away from my studio. I would rather be quilting!

  418. Laura says:

    Family responsibilities.

  419. Jenny Rekeweg says:

    Not much keeps me from my sewing room thankfully! Whether I walk in to clean up, work on a project, or look for inspiration I go in everyday!!!

  420. Beth Dollar says:

    It is hard to balance life and finding time to sew. I feel guilty if I sew and neglect other things like exercise. So I guess it is a choice.

  421. Beth Dollar says:

    It is always a balance- taking time to sew or exercising etc.etc. Plus too many projects.

  422. sandy kelly says:

    Life, all the activities of family seem to get in my way of sewing. I want to develop the habit of sewing even for an hour when that is all I can fit in. I only sew when I have at least 4 hours to do so.

  423. Marty Mason says:

    Commitments!! My dear one is going through some health issues and was recently hospitalized. While I wasn’t in my sewing room, I was stitching binding on to recently finished quilt.

  424. Claudia Loney says:

    Fun colors and designs. When I need to go somewhere like shopping or picking up grandchildren is about the only thing that keeps me out.

  425. Rosalie says:

    Sometimes it is caring for my goats and donkeys that keeps me from my sewing but usually it is that I don’t have a deadline- I procrastinate. I definitely feel better if I sew at least 5 minutes a day!

  426. Cynthia Mandarano says:

    Hi, thank you for the opportunity. I’m not sure if this is how you enter the VFW giveaway. I hope it is. 🙂

  427. Kathleen Kaeding says:

    Since my mom passed away last fall, I’ve spent at least part of most days in the sewing room. Family obligations are what keeps me away. My mom had Alzheimer’s and when she was alive, I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible so quilting was when I could snatch a minute or two and when I wasn’t tired. She had been an artist and my fiber arts group had a challenge to make a small quilt about your favorite artist. So I tried a new technique and made a portrait quilt of mom to keep me inspired.

  428. Malia Pruitt says:

    If I can’t get in my room to sew it’s because I have other obligations. So far this year I’ve been finishing up the unfinished projects. It’s been very freeing, and motivating.

  429. Donna says:

    During the past year I have had lots of cancer treatments which kept me out of my sewing room. Now that I am feeling better I try to get into my sewing room every day. Quilting is good therapy for me. Thanks for doing another giveaway. Fabric looks really fun.

  430. PaulaR in GA says:

    I’ve been really focusing on not being a time waster w/tv & iPad, etc – so far so good! . . .BUT the thing that keeps me from being more productive in my sewing room is my yard. I love working in my gardens (getting exercise) – then my hands get tired & sore. It’s tough trying to choose!!!

  431. Melissa Robinson says:

    I wish I had more time for a long stretch of time to start planning a big project. I just need to plan out the start of a project.

  432. Cindy Brouillard says:

    Everyday life keeps me from getting into my sewing room.

  433. Brie Nickerson says:

    Ii would sew more often if I knew someone besides me liked it! A good reason to go for quality and plan to donate to a homeless veteran!

  434. sarah moss says:

    We own a family run dairy and between feeding men and cows, with the unexpected mad dashes after runaway cows, my time is scarce for my sewing room!

  435. Michelle D says:

    I get preoccupied with thinking I should organize my quilt room better rather than just quilting!

  436. Sonia Spence says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! The only thing that stops me getting in the sewing room at the moment is the fact that I’ve just had an operation and can’t sit for too long (sad face!). Otherwise, I try and visit my sewing space every day….it helps to keep me sane!!!!

  437. Ellen Young says:

    When I am stuck on how to proceed with a quilt, I find it hard to get into my sewing room. Often times, the answer will come to me at the oddest of times and then I am back at it.

  438. sue says:

    Books! I am easily distracted from my sewing room by a good book. Currently I am reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean which I highly recommend. I have a lot of quilting projects that I want/need to get to.

  439. Phyllis says:

    Nothing! Except walks with my greyhound Charlie, and making my garden grow!

  440. Amy Loar says:

    Currently, the thing keeping me out of my sewing room is the task of selecting what comes next. None of my projects are talking to me, and I have a couple of tasks that have deadlines. Maybe a day of whimsy sewing would do the trick… And I love Victoria’s stuff. I’d love to see her play with your yukata cottons!

  441. Sylvia Schmidt says:

    Love Yukata cloth, and Takashimia!

  442. Beth says:

    My husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in October. Our lives have been dominated with that ever since. I try to get handwork done while he is in the hospital and at doctor’s appointments, but I have a bit of trouble concentrating. At home, I’m busy with the day-to-day tasks of taking care of him. He WILL get better, and I WILL get back to making. I’m really looking forward to both.

  443. Ellen Miller says:

    I often dilly-dally around the house before going into my sewing room because I know that once I’m in there I forget about everything else: stretching, eating, paying bills, even bathroom breaks, until someone calls me to dinner. I love playing with colors, patterns, textures and sewing.

  444. Adrienne says:

    I’m not sure. I’m really not. I’ve asked that question of myself many times. Sometimes, I’m so inspired I work on a project – what feels like non-stop – for days and days. I can skip meals and not even notice it. Other days, I’m not motivated / interested to do work on a project at all. I’ve learned to be easy on myself, and just let that go. The wish to quilt always comes back to me in a most loving way. I go with that.

  445. Mary Holshouser says:

    I like to read and if I get a good book I hate
    to put it down. I like to do paper crafts so
    I’m often making greeting cards. I’m in my
    sewing room but often not doing any sewing.
    Too many interests and not enough hours
    in the day. The fabrics are beautiful.
    thanks for the offer.

  446. Sue Mattson says:

    Feeling guilty about undone housework.

  447. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    In a word Life. Too many distractions and inability to focus.

  448. Daera says:

    Shoveling snow has kept me from my sewing room, but I recently reorganized my fabrics and found some wonderful fish fabric that I purchased when Patricia and Victoria visited Hood River. The bright red has cheered up a very white and grey couple of weeks here!

  449. Sheri Woods says:

    My husband had shoulder surgery this week – that’s put a limit on the time I can commit to quilting daily. But he’s on the mend, and my UFO stash is being attacked!

  450. Wendy Bynner says:

    love VFW and her patterns- what keeps me from my sewing room is travel- my husband has the travel bug and takes me along on great adventures.

  451. Sandra Rosier says:

    Not much keeps me out of the sewing room. I’m retired, so without that schedule there’s extra time. Love to sew every day.

  452. Tanya says:

    I sometimes have to wait for sunshine through the window to warm my sewing room.

  453. Barbara Jenson says:

    I have some on going back issues but I’ve been doing more handwork when it won’t let me use my machine.

  454. Gale W.S. says:

    I do a lot more reading in the winter months, which does keep me out of my sewing room, but gives me inspiration as I read about historical needlework and designs.

  455. Quilting Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    My husband. He supports my quilting and growing fabric stash. However, he enjoys my company. Who can say no to time with a sweet husband or little kids? Really.

  456. Bertella Hansen says:

    Being on board of Preschool and doing the bookkeeping plus president’s duties with the Ferndale Downtown Assn. are two of the things that get in the way of being in my sewing room working. Although, with the snow this week I have finished two projects. I really enjoy seeing the Tokyo show through you pictures, thanks.

  457. I am trying to reduce my golf handicap and score under a hundred. That keeps me out of my sewing room. I get a little sad about that!

  458. Kane says:

    Procrastination and long distance travel for months at a time. But once I get in my quilt room I’ll spend hours and have to make myself leave.

  459. Sueanne Mockensturm says:

    What a wonderful prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  460. HARLAN SEXTON says:

    What keeps me from piecing is – in the immortal words of Jimmy Buffet – “my own d*n fault.” I work, volunteer, and make the home, so keeping sewing a top priority requires an effort. In recent months, I’ve played with matching my creating hours to morning energy levels; that’s made a big difference. Instead of getting to it as a reward for clearing away the underbrush, my sewing time comes first on my free days.

  461. marty says:

    seeking inspiration. Do count me in.

  462. Barbara Diaczynsky says:

    fabric is nice

  463. Jude Masten says:

    Wait…. life outside my studio?????

  464. Tecla Shaffer says:

    I seem to be pulled away when my husband comes home early from work wanting to spend time with me. Also this past year I was overseeing the construction of a separate building to use as my studio. It takes so much time to put things away in a handy manner, but I love my new space!

  465. Mary McDermott says:

    I love your fabric! Recently completed two quilts based on East Meets West Quilts book. I’m really pleased with the results.
    Many thanks.

  466. Nancy Vase says:

    Love her fabrics, the Books are inspirational. Getting it would make me go in my room and sew. Right now obligated to complete a king size raffle quilt.

  467. Kris Koponen says:

    I’m a bookkeeper for my families small sailboat repair business, so early winter keeps me busy getting ready for tax season. But as I work my mind wonders to planning my next quilts! . At night I have been dreaming of picking out fabrics! Busy time ends this week, so back to my sewing room!
    Victoria’s fabrics are bright, vivid and incredible! Thanks for shining a light on them for us.

  468. Del Thomas says:

    Retirement was supposed to give me more time for quilt making. But I am so busy that I keep postponing time in my sewing room. I need to learn how to work in small segments of time, rather than waiting until I have an entire day to just sew.

  469. margo elaine clyma says:

    The day to day requirements of daily life often keep me from my sewing room. and some days there are doctor appointments and other aspects of my life that take my time. I love to spend time in my sewing room; some times actually sewing and some times just enjoying my fabrics. Margo Clyma
    PS I recently made a quilt from your East-Meets-West Quilts book. Perhaps you would like to see my finished project?

  470. Barbara says:

    My sewing room is a disaster. I have too many fabrics, stencils, beads, books. magazines and fabric pencils/paint. When I try to clean, I find so many wonderful UFOs. This is what prevents me from sewing in my sewing room but the dining room and that big wonderful dining table is just outside the sewing room. That is where I’m creating now.

    What keeps you from getting into your sewing room and working on your quilt projects?

  471. Barbara Simpson says:

    It is such a joy to see the pictures you took of the 2019 quilt festival in Japan! The fabrics for this give away are beautiful and I would love to win them. Thanks for allowing me to enter. Barbara

  472. Julie T says:

    Gardening, preserving food, and my dog keep me out of the sewing room. Since hip replacement 2 months ago, I am maing up for it all and quilting away!

  473. Linda N says:

    Beautiful days in San Diego and the need to be out in the fresh air keeps me away from the quilt room. Having lived in many countries where the air was a health hazard, being here is a blessing.

  474. Jean G-Bauer says:

    Well, we did just get 14 inches of snow, I should probably do something about that. Sometimes I come out for meals and maybe do something about the tumbleweed size dust balls going by on the wood floors (or not).

  475. Mary Cordill says:

    I will always chose babysitting my beautiful 2 year old granddaughter Allison Valentine, over quilting and crafting…I figure she will only be this little and happy to be with me for a little while…sewing and creativity come after baby love time!

  476. Rosalie Applebaum says:

    My sewing room is also my guest room and my granddaughter’s bedroom. When it is being used as a bedroom, I cannot be in it. So I take my sewing machine down, put my projects away, and make it ready for guests or my granddaughter. This is usually for several days and I cannot sew in there until they are gone.  

  477. Mary Jo says:

    A full time job and life are what keep me away, and I’ve always felt I needed a large block of time to be in my studio; however, one of my resolutions this year is to spend even 15 minutes in the studio every day. There’s always something I can spend time on, even if it’s just sitting and pondering an idea!

  478. Joy P says:

    LOL, normally getting lost in reading blog postings…sometimes work and house cleaning get in the way also.

  479. tw says:

    I miss my sewing room when I am ill and when family matters take precidence. Otherwise it is fabric all the way!

  480. NinaEmerick says:

    Two things primarily keep me out of my sewing room.
    One is feeling unable to make a decision on some specific issue. For example I may not have enough of a fabric I am using in my project and trying to figure out what my alternative options might be suitable.
    Two is having too many projects, and many times ideas swirling in my head, to be focused enough to work on anything. I am so excited to make many different styles and designs of quilts, which I usually give as gifts to immediate family but also nieces, nephews, quilts of valor, and charity, that makes difficult to focus.
    I love so many fabrics and they create such marvelous visions in my head.
    I love Japanese fabrics, ideas, and intricate designs.

  481. Jean Bailey says:

    I enjoy Victoria’s books, it would be nice to use her fabric too.

  482. Ann Rippel says:

    What keeps me from going to sewing room. One is vertigo, For the past six months terrible vertigo. Wake up on days and barely can walk. Go to therapy, have seen Doctors. May last up to a year.
    Just want to get well.

  483. pam biswas says:

    Always love VFW quilts.

  484. Marcia O’Donovan says:

    My studio is truly my sanctuary, so I work very hard to be here every day for at least a little while. It’s good for me and for those I love….who incidentally are, in some way, the reason there’s a ‘pull’ for me to be here. It is truly ALL GOOD!! I’m just now becoming familiar with VFW’s beautiful work!

  485. Theresa J says:

    Lack of inspiration

  486. Cindy K says:

    Grandkids keep me away from my sewing room. Except for 2 of them who are now learning how to make quilt tops. When they are here, the sewing room is where they want to be!

  487. Noam says:

    I struggle making a commitment to cutting into the precious fabric and risking messing up great fabric.

  488. Angela Horne says:

    My two cats — when I head to my sewing space, they meet me there, hoping to distract me with their furry friendliness. And it usually works! (It is really hard to quilt when a kitty is intently watching you through the machine’s throat…)

  489. Laura S says:

    I’m working lots of overtime right now and I have a household to take care of. I still manage to get some quilt time in nearly every day, but some days I’m just too tired. I try to use larger blocks of time, like on the weekends, to set myself up for success during the week by preparing things that I can work on for 15-30 minutes in the evenings.

  490. Wendy Johnston says:

    I am a retired school teacher, so I have a lot of time for sewing. However, things that take time away from my “crows nest” are Bible study, cooking, exercise, and occasional cleaning.

  491. Patricia Ann Tomes says:

    Always have interesting information on quilters and designers.

  492. Cathy Green says:

    Too many opportunities looking me in the face. I pick up one project, see another I wanted to work on, switch to it, see another, and on and on and on

  493. Ann Novak says:

    Right now my husband needs a lot of my time. But I’ve found that I can still make the most of my quilting time by: first precutting all my fabrics and organizing them into block unites (or smaller) on my cutting table. Then when I get some “break time” I can work on small units of my quilt and place them on my design wall and watch the quilt grow.

  494. Kathy Weyenberg says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s quilts are wonderful! This winter it has been Cross Country Skiing that has kept me from my sewing room. I have been working on organizing my work room and finishing some of the projects that I have started, this is making more space for working on new projects.

  495. Judy Valentino says:

    Work keeps me from quilting! But I am retiring at the end of February so I hope to quilt every day!

  496. Kathleen Miller says:

    Helping keep my almost 98 year old Dad (3/2/21) in his own house besides running my own takes a fair amount of time plus I make and have dinner with him every night. Otherwise, it’s sewing time, unless I start reading.

  497. Ann Rhode says:

    Not much keeps me away from being in my sewing room, but decisions about what blocks or graphics to use for the fabrics selected may slow me up!

  498. Lois Borchers says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!! The only thing that takes me out of my studio is gym class and occasionally my grandkids. Have to save time for them. Love your fabrics and VFW’s designs.

  499. says:

    If I sit for coffee in my favorite chair, my lovely dog will jump on my lap and suddenly I’m reading a book instead of getting into my sewing room.

  500. lacefaerie says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance of winning! What keeps me out of my studio these days is caring for our grandughters, 16 months & 5 months. It’s a joyful trade off!

  501. Carol Johnson says:

    I am what keeps me from getting into my sewing room. The room is upstairs, but I’ve noticed that this winter I’ve been dumping little piles of books or empty boxes just inside the door to put away “later”: Chi totally blocked. I’m up there ASAP to put away the mess and pull out the colors that inspire me.

  502. carol Denning says:

    What keeps me out of my sewing area is( at the moment) cold air: my not insulated walls or windows, but I do drag my “Little things” stitching to sit near darling hubby and we share a lap blanket and giggles. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely giveaway!

  503. Terrie Benedict says:

    So many things keep me from my sewing room! The never ending household chores, and clearing away the outside debris from Hurricane Michael! The repairs to the huge hole in my roof caused by 3 fallen trees are almost complete, after 4 months. I am blessed that my sewing room and contents were spared. No water in that room! I have been able to do a bit of cross stitch when I sit down to catch my breath!!

  504. Kay Skov says:

    Grandchildren (they’re too young to start sewing) and some occasional (the absolute minimum!) housework.

  505. Judy Helms says:

    Procrastination is the biggest excuse for not getting into my quilt studio. Before I know it, it’s time for bed and another day without quilting. But I am embroidering a center medallion for a quilt, so guess I am still involved in my quilting obsession.

  506. gini says:

    Grocery shopping and cooking and playing tennis keep me from getting my projects done (or started!).

  507. Christine Sullivan says:

    My sewing room feels neglected due to tending two Grandchildren under the age of one! I am with them 5days per week , 10-12 hours per day, and then I can’t think!!!

  508. Ellen N says:

    I occasionally help out with the grandkids but that gives me as much joy as spending time in my sewing room. Fortunately, I am able to lose myself in my fabrics and projects a good part of the week, I am a happy grandma. Love Victoria’s new fabric line, thanks for sharing them!

  509. Debra C Stewart says:

    I have back pain and am scheduled for surgery in late March. But until then i can’t sit at my sewing machine. Hand piecing is an alternative that keeps me making quilts whether vertical or horizontal.

  510. Susan J. Tresner says:

    Life gets in the way!

  511. Ruth York says:

    Spending time with grandchildren and working with Habitat for Humanity take up most of my non-sewing time. I will be making a quilt for the next Habitat Family to put in their new home so I get to combine the two loves.

  512. Beth T. says:

    It’s one of two things: either I’m too tired (because I have lupus), or, when I have some energy, I have so many duties to catch up on that I feel as if quilting must be subordinate to chores and by the time a few responsibilities are taken care of I am too tired again to spend time quilting. I need to prioritize quilting when I have energy, remembering that doing what I love is good for me.

  513. Wehaf says:

    My general habits of procrastination, mostly.

  514. Lydia Reading says:

    What keeps me from playing in my sewing room? My sewing room! It’s a bit of a mess. No actually a total mess. An intense job with long hours drains the energy needed to get in there and properly reorganize it. Need some extended time and a big reset button. But nothing energizes me more than a lovely stash of beautiful fabric laid out before me ready to jump into a new project. VFW’s collection is so lovely, it would be such a joy to receive.

  515. Carol Y says:

    Procrastinating mostly, but also I like to have large chunks of time to work on projects vs. 30 minutes here and there.

  516. Claudia says:

    Just me. I love to bake and cook.

  517. julia says:

    Flowers are inspirational.

  518. Pandora Lolos says:

    My 2 little pups keep me from sewing more than I do. They get lots of attention but seem to want more as soon as I sit down at the sewing machine. I love Victoria’s new Ringleader pattern and her new fabric collection.

  519. Regan Barnes says:

    My three children keep me from sewing, but I do manage a few minutes here and there.

  520. cyndy p says:

    Not much keeps me from having at least one full day in the studio each week; emergencies or illness would, of course. Often after the household goes to bed, I go to the studio until the wee hours…generally until I reach that point that is a good place to stop. Appreciate the shot at a beautiful and generous giveaway!