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february giveaways

february giveaways

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  This month’s giveaways feature Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s newly published book, Double Wedding Ring Quilts, and her Aurifil thread collection. Each giveaway is valued at $125. Four books and thread sets will be given away!

In her book, Victoria tells stories about growing up on a Minnesota farm and her adult life as a modern quilter in Manhattan. She reveals her original approach to double wedding ring quilts with twelve innovative projects. Victoria’s designer thread set includes 12 colorful spools (220 yards each) of 50 wt. cotton thread.
Victoria Finlay Wolfe Giveaway

Victoria Finlay Wolfe GiveawayVictoria Finlay Wolfe Giveaway

To participate in these giveaways, just leave a comment about why you like modern quilts. Go to BOTTOM OF RESPONSES to add your entry.

The drawing for the giveaway will be held at midnight PST on February 28, 2015. Four winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. The prizes will then be shipped anywhere in the world.

Visit Victoria’s blog at: http://bumblebeans.blogspot.com

Visit Victoria’s website at: http://vfwquilts.com

Read about visiting Victoria’s studio and home: https://okanarts.com/victoria-findlay-wolfe

This is an unsponsored giveaway. Thank you C&T Publishing and Aurifil Threads for your generous donations of these products.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. The winners are: Garen Sherwood, Norwalk CT; Cynthia Knapp, Bartlesville, OK; Kelley McCrory, Rutland VT; and Rhonda Hunter, Charleston SC.

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630 comments to “february giveaways”

  1. Fran says:

    I love new and different colour combinations!

  2. Dwana Zahn says:

    I like the modern look because it is fresh and mostly casual. It appeals to lots of the younger generation , like my grandaughter Elena who is learning to quilt.

  3. Carole says:

    Modern wakes up you up – it is like a sunny day in the middle of February (at least here where I am).

  4. debby says:

    I love the open-ness and the new way of imagining the old that the modern movement supplies.

  5. Cynthia Knapp says:

    I like the crisp lines of many modern quilts. I also like the fun, graphic fabrics coming out for modern quilting.

  6. kathy says:

    Modern quilts let you travel your own path and take a direction that leads to fun creativeness.

  7. Kelley Cunningham says:

    I like modern quilts because of their new approach to an old tradition.

  8. amy badskirt says:

    I like the bold style of modern quilts. They feel empowering and have stories to tell.

  9. Carola De Pascuale says:

    Modern Quilts are saturated with an explosion of colors. They demand to be look at and for me it always brings a smile

  10. Love the use of color and clean design.

  11. Laura Belkin says:

    The Modern esthetic as I understand it, is a breath of fresh air in quilting. Not more precise and elaborate, but re-imagining those good old formations of squares, triangles and circles. And best of all, the liberation of quilting!

  12. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    I love the freshness of modern quilting- the marriage of traditional quilting joined with new interpretations makes these creations sparkle with originality.

  13. Heather says:

    I like modern quilts because of their simplicity and charm.

  14. Roz Barrett says:

    yes yes yes! Would love to win Ms.Wolfes book!

  15. garen says:

    Love the freshness and the new twist on old traditional quilts.

  16. Mary Sue Fenner says:

    I love Victoria’s quilts, her classes and her books.

  17. Veronika says:

    I love that they’re different from what the non-quilting people think of when they think of quilts. I love the asymmetry and randomness and eclectic style that can be found in modern. And the simplicity too!

  18. Jackie says:

    I’m enthralled with Victoria’s quilts

  19. Modern quilts make me smile because
    they are bright and cheery!

  20. kristina says:

    Love Victoria’s quilts. Met Victoria at our Mn Quilters meeting. Her quiltsnare more amazing in person.

  21. Kay Taylor says:

    I like the twist on tradition of so many modern quilts. VFW is just so very good at that!

  22. Emily Klainberg says:

    I love Victoria’s work and Aurifil thread. Would make my day to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. Sheila says:

    Can’t wait for Victoria’s class at the Quilt House in April!
    (International Quilt Study Center & Museum)

  24. Chris Jurd says:

    I think modern quilts are another step in keeping quilting popular among the next generation. We need to keep interest up with the young sewers who’ll be taking our place one day!

  25. Jennifer Walker says:

    Hi Patricia, I like modern quilting because I like a lot of negative space in quilts, to my mind those spaces make the fabrics pop out. Thanks for the chance, those are beautiful threads!

  26. Stacy Hennigan says:

    I love modern quilting because of it’s clean lines and unique aesthetic! That a wonderful giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  27. Diana says:

    I love the vibrancy and movement of modern quilting and my favorite tend to be modern quilts that tackle traditional design.

  28. Brenda Miller says:

    I love all the vibrant colors. I especially love the old and new together.

  29. Linda G in WI says:

    I’m attracted to the freshness of the designs, the openness, the stark contrasts…the explosion of colors! Modern designs
    clear the fog out of my brain and I feel the fresh air seep in.

  30. kris says:

    I love modern quilts because they are useable (most of the time) and they are fresh and bright.

  31. Bonnie Chalmers says:

    I enjoy the bright, cheerful frivolity that comes with freedom to explore. The use of the traditional blocks but giving them a twist and the negative space available to play!

  32. Jerri Stroud says:

    I love the clear colors and simple presentation of many modern quilts.

  33. jill says:

    I can’t wait to start my double wedding ring quilt — so inspired!!

  34. Delaine says:

    I love the vibrant colors that are often used in modern quilts. Thanks!

  35. Elaine Gates says:

    I like the little something unexpected about the modern quilts, whether it is color, placement or design. They can be uniquely your own.

  36. Modern quilts go with my décor.

  37. Patti Karp says:

    i love the use of non traditional fabrics in traditional patters always have

  38. Stacy Lee says:

    I love modern quilting because I feel like it connects generations of people who may never cross paths otherwise. I love seeing my daughter get excited about quilting and meeting older ladies who have quilted for years and they have something to talk about it and share. I remember as a young woman in my 20’s quilting with ladies much older and loving it but at the same time wanting something fresh and modern so I am thrilled with all the new, fresh and modern quilting!

  39. Carol Mitchell says:

    I enjoy making and quilting modern quilts because of the clean lines and mostly pure colors. I tend to favor those with solid fabric.

  40. suzanne says:

    I absolutely love love love Aurifil thread!!! (and modern quilts too)

  41. Sue says:

    I love the precision quilting on modern quilts!

  42. Michelle Hart says:

    I love the use of color and the creativity it allows.

  43. Kellye Rose says:

    Love Modern quilts because they are so fresh and lively, with unexpected pops and design! I also love it because it’s creating a buzz among a whole new generation of quilters, and ensuring an age-old art has increasing longevity as it is adapted and continued.

  44. Sylvia A says:

    I think my recent attraction to the modern quilting, is the explosion of the bright colors the new fabric lines contain, especially Kaffe Fassett.

  45. sooz says:

    i love the fresh look to the classics..as though
    they got a reboot!
    A modern look at old favorites…nothing ventured,
    nothing gained.

  46. Leandra Grigsby says:

    I love modern quilts because they are DIFFERENT! I am not a fan of things that feel “canned” or the “same ole same ole”… I don’t want a replica of something that someone else has, I want something that’s unique. And now that I have discovered making my own fabric (thank you for teaching that Victoria), I can REALLY be an individual and let my creative spirit fly! 🙂

  47. Rachaeldaisy says:

    I like modern quilting for it’s continuation of quilting, the reinvention of the classics, and a fresh approach to traditions.
    Thank you for the chance to win such a great giveaway, It doesn’t get much better than an inspiring book and thread!!

  48. Andrea says:

    Modern quilts express zeitgeist and keep the tradition of quiltmaking and spreading comfort at the same time.

  49. Stacey says:

    Color, color and color….. bolder the better!

    Thank you for a chance to win a great book and awesome thread!

  50. LuAnn Prickett says:

    yes! What a terrific win that would be! Victoria is my quilting hero!

  51. Jayne says:

    I love all the individuality that comes with modern quilting!

  52. Natalie Robinson says:

    I love modern quilts because it creates uniqueness and really embraces freedom of individual expression…where nothing is impossible ! I love seeing the vast variety, the fun and the creativity expressed.

  53. Johanna Alford says:

    Modern Quilting focuses on the stitching (quilting) rather than the fabric. It will have clean, clear lines for the eye to enjoy.

  54. Modern quilting is liberating, breaking the rules, and no perfect points required for those quilt police to point out. Still working on releasing my inner modern potential.

  55. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    I really adore Victoria’s modern quilts, since they are rooted in tradition. There are a few other modern quilt designers I like, but Victoria’s always appeal to me. They look like she played, and had fun. She has a great eye for color.

  56. Stephanie says:

    I love how modern quilting is reinventing and invigorating so many classic, traditional patterns and opening them up to a whole new level of design. Victoria’s creative vision and her use of “made fabric” are so freeing and fun and inspiring!

  57. Claudette Vido says:

    Love modern quilts! It is about color, freshness and happy feelings! Making a wedding ring quilt is on my list of “to do”. Would love to win a book and thread! What a treat it would be! Thank you for the chance to win.

  58. Elaine says:

    Modern quilting is great because anything goes.

  59. Lorraine Lucas says:

    I love the color, the modern fabrics and the flexibility to create whatever you want.

  60. Ann says:

    OMG, that would be so WONDERFUL to win this book and thread set!! I so need to challenge myself to step outside the box, and GROW!!

  61. Rhoda says:

    Great give-away!! Can’t wait to win! 🙂

  62. Debbie Gallett says:

    I love the idea of taking a traditional pattern and changing it up in some way. I love Victoria’s ideas.

  63. Judy Morin says:

    I love Modern quilts such as the ones Victoria Findley Wolfe does. You still get the traditional blocks with new twists and even out of the box creativity. They are just awesome.

  64. Karen Williamson says:

    I am a traditional quilter who is intrigued by the modern movement and the connection between the two. Victoria is a wonderful ambassador for both.

  65. Maggie Magee says:

    Modern Quilts offer a free, yet sometimes structured approach to addressing design in regard to space–whether negative or positive, color–often clean and pure, and often muted, coupled with the unadulterated pleasure of making one.

  66. Rebekah S. says:

    I enjoy modern quilts because they are so free and open-minded and–well, nontraditional! =P It’s fun to break out of the box once in a while.

  67. Sarah french says:

    I love the “no rules” aspect of modern quilting.


  68. Lori East says:

    Honestly? I love all quilts, modern, traditional, art, whatever. What I love most in all genres is spunk and spirit, a different way of seeing. Yes, Modern quilts can embody that.

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  69. I love modern quilts because there is no right or wrong.

  70. Kelley in VT says:

    Just like traditional quilts are a reflection of the time in which they were originally created, modern quilts are a reflection of the here and now and what it means to us…

  71. Esther Martinez says:

    Wow…. You are too generous!!
    I will see you in Lincoln Nebraska and my sister Margo will be there too…
    We are way too excited to see your work and learn from you…
    Please bring your Blessed Mary piece… I’m dying too experience its beauty

  72. Lisa Mason says:

    Modern? So freeing, you can do whatever you want. Modern is today, it’s now! No boundaries, just go with your creative flow.

  73. Jojo says:

    I love all quilts and really enjoy watching the creations of a new generation of quilters.

  74. Connie Cain says:

    I love when modern meets traditional. It gives a new spin to old favorites. 🙂

  75. Karen M says:

    I like the clean, crisp look of modern quilts. I have made a couple and plan to make many more! Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Val says:

    I like modern quilts because they are “fresh” in their appearance and have a simplicity that is appealing.

  77. Sue Staum says:

    I like the freedom of modern quilting! I’m drawn to improv and bold colors!

  78. Donalee Kennedy says:

    Love the crisp clear colors in Modern Quilts… love negative space.

  79. Mandy M says:

    I love the colour palettes most of all. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  80. Carol says:

    I began my career as a traditional quilter and moved quickly into art quilts, but what I appreciate the most about ‘modern’ quilting is the combining of both styles. An entire new generation of quilters has been formed because of it! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  81. Jackie says:

    I love the graphic nature of many modern quilts

  82. Karen Mundt says:

    I love modern quilts because of their clean and crisp lines, and they show the quilting so well!

  83. Valleyliz says:

    There are two reasons I like modern quilts. One is the bright colours and the contrasts with white. I love colour. The second is the white space for quilting. I love to quilt on the longarm and like dense quilting. Modern quilts give the opportunity to combine stitches in blocks and make for lots of visual interest.

  84. Deb G. says:

    I like the vibrant colors interspersed with a lot of negative space in modern quilts. It gives so many varieties of ways to ‘quilt’ the quilt.

  85. Deb says:

    I love Victoria’s approach to quilting with made fabric and her double wedding ring quilts. I also love aurifil thread and prefer it for piecing.

  86. Sue Smith says:

    I love how there’s room for lots of great quilting.

  87. Hilde H says:

    The way Victoria twists with modern colours and traditional patterns is a feast for the eyes! She knows how to rock with colours!

  88. Suzanne Granstrom says:

    I am enjoying the modern quilt movement with it’s use of color and traditional shapes contrasted with plenty of negative space and interesting quilting.

  89. Debby S says:

    I like the freedom for expression, the solids and the appeal to a new generation of quilters.

  90. Barb in MI says:

    Love the new modern take on traditional patterns. A fresh approach with a fabulous look! Thank you!

  91. Michelle Lelevier says:

    Modern quilting in my view is respectful to the past with a nod to the future. Clean, innovative and well-grounded.

    Victoria nails it.

  92. Suzanne says:

    I love the boldness of color or contrasts of color, the open spaces that allow for the added texture and secondary designs that quilting adds

  93. Michelle L. says:

    Modern quilting in my view is respectful to the past with a nod to the future. Clean, innovative and well-grounded.

    Victoria nails it.

  94. Debbie K says:

    Took a terrific workshop with Victoria in Vero Beach – what a creative and generous teacher!

  95. Julianne says:

    I love all the fresh wonderful colors of modern quilts…

  96. Kathy MacKie says:

    I love it because there are no “quilt police”.

  97. audrey says:

    I love the graphic design and twist on what is normally a traditional look. Also, the fabric and color use is often very eye-catching.:)

  98. kathy says:

    Love all the old patterns that are done in the modern fabrics…gorgeous!

  99. Nicole says:

    I’m so glad that you and Victoria have become friends. I would love to have coffee with both of you at the same time.

    But why do I like modern quilts? They can be anything at all! Straight and exact or curved and improv; solids, patterns, made fabric! All of it works.

  100. Carolyn S says:

    I love the clean, aesthetic look that a lot of modern quilts achieve.

  101. Brenda says:

    I like the freshness of modern quilts. thanks for a chance to win.

  102. emily h. says:

    Love the idea of fun quilting!

  103. Martina says:

    I love the fresh look and the neutrals add such a great touch. The quilting is oftne just amazing.

  104. KarenH says:

    I went to the first QuiltCon in 2013 out of curiosity and it turned me on to modern quilts. I stood in front of Victoria’s winning quilt and was amazed! Going to QuiltCon in Austin in a few weeks.

  105. LINDA says:

    Love the cheery clear bright colors of modern quilts! Love making them too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  106. Sara Hill says:

    I love modern quilts because the colors are so novel

  107. G. B. Lang says:

    I love the modern quilt movement. Clean lines and beautiful use of colors. Thanks.

  108. Barbara Long says:

    I love the simplicity and elegance of negative space and minimalism of design

  109. Michele says:

    I like Modern quilts because of the fresh approach to color and the use of space. However, I also like traditional quilts!

  110. Emmanuelle says:

    Modern quilting means freedom, freedom to match colours, to mix shapes; it means to have an ‘open eye’.

  111. cynthia says:

    I love modern quilting because it’s liberated–people are free to choose what works for them!

  112. Jane says:

    I love modern quilts for the quilting opportunities. I am a longarm quilter.

  113. Mariel Broadwater says:

    I love all the beautiful bright colors used with some of the traditional patterns. It opens up a whole new experience of quilting for the quilting world.

  114. Em says:

    I love the fresh new fabrics used in modern quilts. I love Victoria’s wedding ring quilts. Thanks to her encouragement I now have one.

  115. Anne says:

    I like modern quilts because it has impacted what fabrics are available in a very positive way. That benefits quilters and dressmakers!

  116. Wanda says:

    I like the originality of modern quilts – fresh new styles and ideas
    Great combination for the giveaway – thanks!

  117. Christine MICHEL says:

    I try to comment in my bad english. I like very much modern quilts fot their lovely and bright colors. I began to quilt several years ago, but this year begin to use Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
    They are really so nice to patch.

  118. Toni says:

    I like the way modern quilts can stop you in your tracks~

  119. Jeannine says:

    I love the clarity and simplicity of modern quilts and the bright colors are so inspiring, makes me want to get busy and sew! Just love Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s designs and color sense too…

  120. Kathy says:

    I’m growing to like modern quilts for their simple, clean lines and use of solid colors. They are just refreshing after so many calico filled intricate traditional quilts.

  121. Ginny says:

    COLOR!!! Love all the color!!

  122. Toni Anne says:

    They’re so fresh and colorful, even the thread used for the quilting is colorful. It’s not your grandma’s quilting, no mauves or dusty colors anymore.

  123. Lisa McGriff says:

    I love the modern quilts because of the choices of colors, patterns, prints, styles, blank spaces! What a great and awesome giveaway!

  124. Joyce says:

    I love the simplicity of modern quilts! Your eyes get a chance to rest and enjoy the colors.
    Victoria’s quilts are awesome

  125. Melanie says:

    I love the freeness of Modern Quilting! No fear of the Quilt Police!

  126. grace thorne says:

    modern quilts caught my eye because of the color! i love bright colors and love working with different color combinations. i am not a designer in any form but i do love to work with colors….prints, solids or geometrics doesn’t really matter….orange is my current favorite….i love traditional quilts but what victoria does with the DWR simply astounds me…i want to see more….

  127. Penny G says:

    I like modern quilts for their bold colors and strong lines.

  128. Sue O'Donnell says:

    I like seeing new ways to look at things.

  129. Annie Rohlin says:

    I love seeing all the new possibilities and the freshness of the designs.

  130. Diane says:

    I just love the book.

  131. Mina says:

    I love the freedom of doing your own thing and not worrying about the quilt police

  132. Donna Morrissey says:

    “Modern Quilts” take me back to the start of my quilting life in the late 80’s-new ways to look at traditional patterns and making them speak to the current esthetic

  133. I love the twist modern quilting puts on the old traditional patterns! I also love the use of bold bright colors and the infusion of polka-dots!! The combination of old with new…is truly inspiring! Love Victoria’s work and am keeping my fingers crossed!

  134. Betty Reed says:

    I love the fresh approach to traditional patterns

  135. Rosalie says:

    Love the freeness of ideas she puts into the old stand by patterns. Being a farm girl as well I relate to the many quilts on the bed to keep warm in the house with not furnace. Much older than Victoria of course and always could use another box of the yummy Aurifil thread colors for my work.

  136. Kerry says:

    Beautiful and great to see different color ways for inspiration.kerry

  137. Peg swartzman says:

    I love the innovation of modern quilts…their decision of space, bright
    colors, rhythm, vision, humor…..playfulness…… 🙂 Peg

  138. DreiPunkteWerk says:

    I don’t like quilts with old fashioned designs and colours. Every row with the same block Design. I LOVELOVELOVE Victoria’s quilts – I just bought the Double wedding Ring ruler/Template :-))
    To win THE Book would be :-))))))))))!
    Liebe Grüße from Germany,

  139. Alice R. says:

    I love the fun colors or linear designs in many of the modern quilts. I love that there are so many different directions one can go with color and design. I love that many are simple enough for beginners to use to make their own designs. I love the freedom.

  140. Sharon says:

    I love that as modern as they are, most are still based on traditional quilts. Plus this style has opened up the world of quilting to a new range of artists, its’ all very exciting.

  141. Anna Z says:

    I love the asthetics of modern quilts and to expect the unexpected. I love the freedom playing with form and color allows.

  142. Parm says:

    I love the colours and modern quilts and quilting!

  143. Sherril McGann says:

    I like modern quilts because they are bright and fresh and fit in with today’s home decor.

  144. Tarnia says:

    I love the negative space, which engenders a sense of peace in many quilts. Otherwise, its the playfulness of many quilts that appeals.

  145. Ursula says:

    I really enjoy the clear bright colors that are often used as well as the dense quilting.

  146. Tamie says:

    Modern quilts speak to me, especially their graphic nature.

  147. I like modern quilts because of the wonderful amount of individual expression found in the quilts.

  148. JACKIE says:

    modern quilts please the eye of the maker

  149. Chris Fornell says:

    Modern quilts are such a wonderful way to attract new quilters, as well as adding an element of challenge to those who have been quilting for years. Sometimes i meed to be whacked on the head to see another direction!

  150. Linda S. says:

    Am enamored with the modern twist on some of the old traditional patterns. Would be thrilled to win Virginia’s book and the beautiful thread.

  151. Ann McNew says:

    As a longarm quilter, I LOVE all the negative space. It gives me a chance to get creative and use my quilting to enhance the fabric and piecing. I love the bright colors and randomness of some of the designs.

  152. Heather says:

    Modern quilts delight me with the many ways in which quilters combine fabrics and shapes in such unexpected ways … especially those that seem to reinvent traditional patterns.

  153. Patricia S says:

    I like modern quilts because I can really go crazy with quilting. Creating secondary designs with the quilting is one of my favorite parts of the process. Thanks sew much for this chance to win! 😀

  154. Allison C says:

    Endless possibilities, bright bold colors, and no limits.

  155. I like the can-do spirit of modern quilting, and the ethic of sharing. Maybe this is not entirely new to quilting, but I especially enjoy the intergenerational sharing.

  156. I am president of the Baton Rouge Modern Guild, I HAVE to like modern! LOL. It is so much more comfortable than stiff traditional quilting. the free, open spaces, the new way of thinking of the blocks, it is all amazing and wonderful.

  157. Lori Morton says:

    I looove the use of fun & bright colors in the Traditional patterns…makes them so different….but still a Classic! & all the Quilting too…in great open areas.

  158. Margaret Maloney says:

    Modern Quilting’s use
    of negative space leads to
    striking, stunning quilts.

  159. Diane says:

    i like the light colors and freshness of modern quilts. Nothing heavy about them.

  160. Robin Shilman says:

    I love her work and the threads look awesome.

  161. Robin Shilman says:

    I love her work and her threads look awesome.

  162. Jackie Lujan says:

    I love modern quilts because of the bright colors. Thank you for the blog.

  163. nellie says:

    i love modern quilts for their exploration of something new: color, composition, fabrics. love it all!

  164. Barb Mader says:

    After another 5 inches of snow here in Minnesota, I definitely need the bright colors of modern quilting and beautiful threads to look at!

  165. Annette S says:

    I like modern quilts since the colors seem more clear, not so muddy. Quilts have simple design with pop!
    Thanks for a chance.

  166. pam raby says:

    I love the clean, simpler line and composition of modern quilts and especially enjoy negative space that shows off the quilting. Victoria’s work is stunning.

  167. Julie in WA says:

    I like the modern quilts that reinterpret tried and true quilt blocks. It makes a connection between past quilters and present quilters! That is one reason I appreciate the creative spirit of Victoria Findlay Wolfe; she is bringing new life into this old and precious textile tradition.

  168. Marti M says:

    I like the open space and the mixture of colors. The modern quilts are so new and fresh looking.

  169. Sharyn B says:

    I do love all the open space on modern quilts – and the gorgeous free motion quilting that is normally used in it! The different colour combinations are ewxciting also.

  170. Sharon D says:

    I love the idea of taking a classic pattern and updating it with a modern approach. The possibilities are endless. Victoria’s work is so inspiring.

  171. Colette Levin says:

    I have just discovered Victoria and find her amazing! Her double
    Wedding ring quilts are spectacular . I would love to have her book. Modern quilts make you look at the quilt as a piece of art. The quilter adds a new dimension with her own interpretation making the quilts fresh and bright.

  172. Marg says:

    I like the use of negative space and the surprise of colour that I sometime see.

  173. Sandi says:

    Modern quilts are so eye catching with amazing colour and design.

  174. Lisa LeBlanc says:

    Double Wedding Ring quilts are my favorite, and I love the design twists in this book. The thread colors are gorgeous!!! I hope I win!

  175. Denniele says:

    Love the clean lines that some modern quilts have.

  176. Meg Tison says:

    Love the balance of quiet space and strong design elements.

  177. Lenore loftus says:

    I love modern quilts for their freshness, vibrancy, clarity. Modern quilts make me happy like beautiful summer day. I have fallen in love with this lovely art form.

  178. I like the starkness and clarity of modern quilts.

  179. Karen H says:

    I love the fresh, new feeling of modern quilts and the new twist on old patterns. Thank you for having such a generous give-away!

  180. Shari K. says:

    I love the clean lines, lots of negative space so the quilting shines and the bold colors.

  181. patty says:

    Victoria’s quilts are so interesting and fun. You never know what she will come up with next!

  182. Anna Kalayjian says:

    Love modern quilts with a twist of traditional quilts.

  183. Jamie Harned says:

    I love the idea of mixing traditional with new! And my favorite thing about the modern movement is there are now so many young people quilting!!!!!

  184. Pam Selkirk says:

    Modern quilts, in many ways, represent a rediscovery of the past. There is a cheerful component that’s re emerging, adding fresh, new energy to a beloved craft.

  185. Kathy Moore says:

    I love the old, traditional patterns made with new, beautiful fabrics! What an exciting combination!

  186. Kathy Moore says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  187. JOAN GODFREY says:

    I guess i like UPDATED quilts. tratitional quilt patterns made with modern fabrics……batiks or updated prints.

  188. Toni Leli says:

    Since joining the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild, I’ve learned to respect color theory, negative space, no borders and free motion quilting on domestic sewing machines. There is so much to learn!

  189. Anne oconnor says:

    Love the fresh newness of the modern quilts they inspire creation!thanks for the giveaway

  190. Linda F. says:

    I like the use of strong graphic design in modern quilts.

  191. Karlee says:

    I love the freedom it gives to just create and let the fabric speak to the design.

  192. Holly Henninger says:

    Love the modern quilts; keeping things fresh and learning new skills.

  193. Babs Aramowicz says:

    Modern quilts are the ultimate freedom of expression, using colours and techniques that are unusual, contemporary, rich and unique.

  194. Dorothy Hall says:

    Love any style quilt, but modern quilts are especially creative with color and machine Quilting techniques.

  195. Dorothy Hall says:

    L8ve all quilt styles, modern quilts are usually more colorful and machhine quilting is more complex.

  196. Jane Smith says:

    I love the wow factor and how the colors pop.

  197. Caroline Rohrer says:

    Love modern quilting — Clean lines, bright colors , individual designs & quilting show

  198. Cindy says:

    I like how modern quilts have quite a bit of white space so the beautiful long arm stitching is showcased.

  199. Sandy F says:

    Love the new color combinations!!

  200. Becky G says:

    I love that modern quilting brings new ways of looking at patterns, color, and quilting. And, I love the connection with historic quilting.

  201. folksmith says:

    i love the way you are given permission to do your own thing. to step outside the box.

  202. Judy Morin says:

    Love the new and wonderful twists with Victoria’s quilts.

  203. Friedasews says:

    I love the simplicity and fresh approach in design of modern quilts.

  204. Janie says:

    I think most of the modern quilts are easy to piece, have a pop of color and are always pleasing to the eye. I have been quilting for more than 20 years, I have never thought that throwing a pop of color into the mix would be so stunning. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  205. Peg says:

    This would be a wonderful prize to win.

  206. Elizabeth says:

    Modern guilts, take a old pattern and make it look new. It shows how quilting can change with the times. Taking a old pattern and just change the colors or the placement of the colors, and you total new. Just amazing. Takes my breath away.

  207. Susan Manson says:

    I love Modern Quilts that offer surprising compositions, minimal but beautiful quilting and lots of innovative uses of color.

  208. Kim H. says:

    The fabrics are the stars of modern quilts, rather than the piecing. The quilts are generally bright, uncluttered and fresh looking.

  209. Kathi says:

    Modern means no rules!

  210. QuiltShopGal says:

    Oh, how I do love wedding ring quilts and have been wanting to check out this new book.

    I love modern quilts for their refreshing designs that provide visual impact, yet allow the eye to rest and enjoy the overall design and color. I also enjoy that they tend to be perfect designs to topstitch quilt simply, or very detailed free-motion quilting and either way they always look great.


  211. elsa says:

    I like modern quilts for the freshness and color they have ~ anything goes sort of approach. Not always simple and full of fun ~
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  212. Andree Bergeron says:

    Modern Quilts are fascinating – sometimes built with traditional blocks, yet, with new color placement will bring a whole new meaning to the story the quilt is telling. They often have an element of surprise.

  213. Katherine Long says:

    I love modern quilting for the new twists it brings to an old art form, thus tempting a new generation to keep it going!

  214. Debra Caughell says:

    Hi there: thank you for the give away. As we know, quilts last for years and years and it is only fitting that quilts are part of modern society. Who doesn’t like curling up with a nice warm quilt, hot chocolate and a really good book. All quilts are beautiful and modern quilts are beautiful too!!

  215. Willa says:

    The chance for self expression. Opportunity to do it “my” way.

  216. I love the radiant colors, and creative application of modern graphics!

  217. Sharon Scott says:

    I love Modern Quilting because it is fresh, sometimes uses more solids and negative space. I especially love it because it allows someone like me who is not traditionally trained to explore, experiment and create something uniquely mine.

  218. Chris says:

    I like the styles of fabrics used in modern quilts.

  219. Linda says:

    I like modern because there are no rules .

  220. Marnie says:

    modern quilts are pieces of art due to the nature of their simplicity and Colors that pop!

  221. Mimi Kočanová says:

    Modern quilt allow you to use your own imagination and wider range of colour scheme.

  222. Kerry says:

    Modern quilts push boundaries, of color palettes, traditional patterns, and/or styles, and long-ago created rules.

  223. Betsy says:

    modern quilts often have a crisper, more architectural look which appeals to me. And with more solids, there is a place to better show the quilting stitches.

  224. Jayne Griffith says:

    I love modern quilts!

  225. Linda Brown says:

    I like modern because they are unique….anything seems to go….

  226. Theresa Sheldon says:

    I love the look of traditional patterns using the beautiful modern fabric and threads available today.

  227. Gayle says:

    I grew up modern in the 60s. Eames and Saarinen, orange leather and more.

  228. diane says:

    I make them because I adore the traditional blocks in new and more timely ways to reflect my current era lifestyle with fabrics and placement of them in the more traditional block setting or just design my own creation.

  229. Vicki P says:

    Modern quilt designs are closer to fiber art (which I love!) and allow for more freedom of color choices, asymmetrical patterns and plenty of negative space for FMQ. Modern quilting updates an old tradition with fresh ideas and – best of all – lots of young people interested in quilting!

  230. Ann Perry says:

    I like the clean lines, both in the design and the quilting. I like the brightness and… it is something new to try.

  231. Diane says:

    I love that modern quilts leave room for intricate, inventive machine quilting.

  232. Susan K Quilts says:

    Modern quilts have a whole different twist to quilting. Bolder colors, bolder designs, not the same old/same old patterns. A new way to look at older more traditional designs that make them “new” again.

  233. Linda LeMesurier says:

    because they are hip and cozy and it gets new quilters sewing!

  234. Chana Rincon says:

    Modern quilts have a clean fresh look that I love.

  235. Lou Wotzke says:

    modern quilts give me a way to do what I want with the scrap quilting that I love.

  236. Sandy K says:

    I love the bright colors of modern quilts.

  237. Vicki H says:

    Modern quilts seem to allow for more negative space quilting.

  238. margaret smeeding says:

    I love modern quilts because they are generally vibrant in color and break the rules of traditional quilting where everything is symmetrical…they are so much more imaginative (my opinion)

  239. Susan Arnold says:

    I like modern quilts for their simplicity, minimalism, use of negative space, and improve piecing.

  240. Michele Timms says:

    The Modern look is fresh and different usually… the patterns are varied and sometimes wonky which I love!!! The concept is outside the box which gives the designs freedom and simplicity.

  241. While I am a lover of Civil War reproduction quilts for my own home — the modern quilts are great inspiration for my work, they bring in a whole new generation of younger quilters, they tend to be made up of simple shapes which are less intimidating to the newbie quilter than complicated multi-piece blocks which gives timid newcomers the courage to try quilting.

  242. Allison CB says:

    Modern quilts seem to be uncomplicated and very dramatic! Love the simplicity of the designs and the elegance of the quilting!

  243. Rhonda H. says:

    Looking at or working with a modern quilt design is like inhaling fresh air – Inhibited, simple, yet very artistic.

  244. Mary Powell says:

    Modern quilts let you express yourself. Nobody can say you did it wrong. It’s all yours.

  245. Rhonda H. says:

    My previous reply should have read…uninhibited, simple, yet very artistic. My fat finger syndrome reared its ugly head.

  246. Christine Langlois says:

    Modern quilts are vibrant and bold. Love them.

  247. Connie B says:

    Love modern quilts – the colors are so vibrant, of course I love all the traditional ones too –

  248. claudette says:

    Love color, modern approach . It feels & looks fresh! Would love to win. Double wedding ring is on my to do list! Thank you for the chance to win.

  249. Carol says:

    I love modern because it is clean and interesting!

  250. Elaine says:

    Modern quilts are usually bright colors and very graphic in nature. So different from traditional quilts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. victoria says:

    I enjoy the bright, cheerful colors that comes with freedom to explore. The use of the traditional blocks but giving them a twist.

    • victoria C. says:

      I enjoy the bright, cheerful colors that comes with freedom to explore. The use of the traditional blocks but giving them a twist.

  252. Hedda says:

    I love modern quilts because they are an exciting and original take on an established medium!

  253. Sharon Thomsen says:

    I enjoy the simplicity of the patterns and the unique use of color in the modern quilting movement.

  254. Sue says:

    I love that quilting can change with the generations. Modern quilting is fresh, colourful and innovative. A way I can refresh my eyes and brain.

  255. i’ve done mostly traditional quilts so far but i’m ready to take the modern plunge. stashing my solids and ready to roll

  256. alma says:

    Modern quilts are becoming a passion for me now. You can go in so many direction with color and design.

  257. Sharon L. says:

    Modern quilts show off the quilting so much more.

  258. Sherri Brooks says:

    Modern quilts show me more imagination, color by the fabric choices, and creativity

  259. LisaT says:

    The bold bright colors and anything goes. You don’t even have to match up the lines!

  260. Suzanne Ctewart says:

    i like the Fresh look that still fits into a traditional home.

  261. Jean McClelland says:

    Modern quilts remind me of the quilt booklets that were published in the 50’s and 60’s. Since I saw these in the 80’s I thought they were printed in those colors because it was easier — the colors seemed so how subdued and I loved them. Of course, in the 80’s you couldn’t buy those colors.

  262. sweetfe says:

    I love the new perspective on a a pattern or design. I also love color and learn new things about it often with modern quilts.

  263. Laura B says:

    Honestly, I’m pretty traditional in my quilting tastes and a lot of the modern quilts are just too funky for me. However, when you take an traditional old pattern, give it a new twist and throw in some awesome vibrant colours, then I’m hooked.

  264. Gill says:

    I love the clean lines!

  265. LMJF says:


  266. Cindy Wolfe says:

    The bold designs of modern quilts are exciting and aren’t as scary to try.

  267. I love Modern Quilting as it allows me more freedom in design and playing with shapes than traditional quilting. It also feel there are no real restrictions and the sky is the limit.

  268. Shan says:

    I love being able to mix up the colours and designs into something totally unique.

  269. Joyce C says:

    There are no rules!

  270. Debbie says:

    I have not tried much with the modern quilts. Still more traditional but would love getting more into them, they fascinate me.

  271. I love the new fabrics especially modern twist on traditional designs.

  272. Kathy says:

    love them because they look simple but they are really very complex. They relie on color and proportion. They are also less repetitive than other quilt styles

  273. Larinda says:

    I love bright colors!

  274. Carol Broughton says:

    Love the clean look and uncomplicated designs!

  275. pat crocker says:

    Oh what a wonderful giveaway. I need to thank You. nowI need to hope I win! Thanks again

  276. Amy says:

    I like modern because it is a perfect blend of old and new.

  277. Joyce Carter says:

    I love modern quilts because of their simplicity.

  278. Kim Andrews says:

    I’ve never met a modern quilt that didn’t brighten my day and lift the spirit of a room.

  279. Rebecca says:

    I love color and I love modern quilts. Traditional quilts just aren’t my favorite thing. Oh a new book to get lost in and thread to try out all the new ideas. thnak you thank you

  280. Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi says:

    I am truly inspired by Victoria’s Quilts. I LOVE how she makes such beautiful works of art. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win!

  281. Nancy B says:

    I love modern quilts because of the fresh new look they bring to their surroundings. The bright colors add an extra sparkle too. Thanks for the give a way.

  282. Shelley says:

    I love all the beautiful colors, fabrics and combinations there of to make interesting quilts.

  283. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    I like Modern Quilting because it’s artistic, clean and not fussy.

  284. Beth T. says:

    I like modern quilting because it leaves room to accommodate whatever the quilter brings to it, seen through a modern eye. V. Findlay Wolfe’s modern Wedding Ring quilts exemplify what I mean: tradition made fresh and modern.

  285. debbie says:

    What a great giveaway. Modern quilts are so refreshing.

  286. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I have never made a modern quilt but I like the way they look and plan to do one when I get better.

  287. Ellee says:

    I like modern quilts because anything goes — no artificial restrictions.

  288. Kaye Koler says:

    i love modern quilts for their fresh clean lines….AND all the new mod fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway !

  289. I like modern quilts because they are art to me.

  290. I love the modern quilting movement because it allows me to express my creative side. Modern quilting is beautiful. Have a super day!

  291. amy says:

    I like the clean lines, creativity and use of negative space.
    They are fresh designs and appeal to the younger generation which is a good thing!

  292. Cathy Wilson says:

    I love the way modern quilts take an old art form in constantly evolving, new directions!

  293. Everything old is new again….modern quilting just makes everything pop the colors, the patterns, the machine quilting…..I love it all!
    Thanks for the chance to win Victoria’s newest book and thread line……..she is a wiz!
    Happy Sewing

  294. Linda Cartwright says:

    I have not made one yet, but they are so pretty. Making a modern quilt is on my wish list of quilts to make.

  295. Margaret Lawrence says:

    I love the bright colors and the more casual feel of modern quilting.

  296. R. Jones says:

    Leaning toward the contemporary in regard to decor preference, I like modern quilts because one can take elements from traditional quilt styling and easily apply those selected elements to ultra-modern projects.

  297. I like the freshness and simplicity.

  298. Dorothy Kline says:

    Modern quilts are growing on my because they make a statement with their color and clean lines.

  299. Sarah says:

    I like them because they pique my curiosity and usually involve some element of surprise or the unexpected for me.

  300. carol n says:

    I have made one modern quilt, for my nephew, it was faun and pretty. I would make another.

  301. Linda A says:

    Coming from traditional quilts, I am loving the bright colors and clean lines. My new motto “Never say Never”

  302. Kathy Davis says:

    I like Modern Quilts because it provides an avenue for those who might want to quilt but aren’t interested in the traditional style of quilts.

  303. Joan says:

    Just getting into Modern Quilting so this would be great.

  304. jenny says:

    i most love the traditional quilting influences i see in modern quilts…whether it be the vintage inspired fabrics, or quilt pattern. thanks, i just love V’s work.

  305. Sheila Wex says:

    Good Modern quilts rely on clean design and make textiles accessible to artists who may have previously limited themselves to other media

  306. Evelyn Wonner says:

    I love the way modern quilts take the older quilt patterns and put a new relevant twist to them with design as well as colors.

  307. Doris says:

    Victoria’s Wedding Ring quilts are exactly what I love about Modern quilts, they are clearly based in tradition but she blows the sides off the box of the traditional! I love this book, and only sew with Aurifil, so I truly am crossing my fingers that I win!!!

  308. Kelly says:

    I admire the modern movements encouragement of positive self expression from quilters. Some designs are simple and straight forward while others are loud and quizzical.

  309. Janet says:

    Modern fabrics look so great in modern quilts. And I love the freedom of modern quilting where really you can do what you want to! And I love Victoria and her use of that freedom in her quilting.

  310. Kristina Adams says:

    I the the open airy feeling. Like a bright breezy Hawaiian morning.

  311. Heather says:

    The simplicity, the colors, the white space, the modern fabrics are really great.

  312. Sarah J. says:

    I love the color choices and combinations and the freedom to take a traditional block and change it up into something new and different.

  313. Robyn says:

    I love the use of negative space

  314. Dionne Matthies-Buban says:

    I like the loss of predictability to the eye/brain

  315. suzanne kalish says:

    Have been a quilter for 40 plus yrs and love the new fabric designs used with older trad. Patterns..freeing and so beautiful!

  316. Marilynn D-R says:

    To me “modern” equates to utility as they are simple, most bright, and uncomplicated. A great quilt to use and love. I make quilts that are to be used.

  317. MoeWest says:

    I like modern quilt designs because they are less fussy and cluttered with prints. The negative space lets the quilting shine.

  318. Barbaraben says:

    Love the clean lines and wide open areas for quilting.

  319. alyce 04 says:

    Modern quilting has such simplicity and freshness

  320. Marla says:

    I love the way the modern quilting movement has invigorated the quilting community. It encourages us to explore and share our creativity.

  321. Laura says:

    I like the permission to be innovative in modern quilting and the “can do” attitude of the group.

  322. Tish says:

    Modern quilts are very exciting and fresh in that they are open to all kinds of new interpretations of old designs, creation of new ones, unhampered by tradition, and limited only to one’s imagination.

  323. Martha says:

    It is all about the color and the freedom!

  324. Kimberly Miller says:

    I am an artist. I love modern quilts because they are so unexpected. The colors are sometimes unexpected and the pattern/design is as well. I just finished a double wedding ring quilt in all wild colors, oranges, bright yellows, and turquoises. It is a fun, happy, wild quilt!

  325. Margo in Victoria says:

    I love fresh modern quilts because they are so freeing…they can be as matchy match as you like or as contrast-y as you like and most of all, they surprise you!

  326. Kristin Sykes - David says:

    I love the use of color in modern quilts. And the spontaneity!

  327. Nancy R says:

    My favorite aspect is the fresh colors, but I also love the playful relaxed wonkyness found in so many modern quilts.

  328. Jan Niemela says:

    Love the freshness

  329. Sam says:

    I like the negative space many modern quilts offer to incorporate free motion quilting.

  330. Kay Dace says:

    Modern quilts are fresh and innovative, and perfectly suit the people I know, their lifestyles and décor at home. I love modern techniques and trying out new ways of doing things.

  331. Lisa Marie says:

    I like modern quilts because of the freedom to make them whatever you want them to be. I also love the modern fabrics and the spectacular quilting on modern quilts.

  332. Amy L says:

    My favorite part about modern quilting is the “thinking outside the box,” or rather, “thinking outside the block.” It’s trying different emphasis than what’s been done before, using the negative space, combining fabrics in creative ways and free-form piecing.

  333. Judy Brack says:

    Love Modern as it allows you to BREATHE!
    The simplicity enrolls you in your personal interpetation of the design and the colors speak of a memory that stirs my emotions!

    Thank You

  334. Debby Oldenburg says:

    love wedding ring quilts and now super design by victoria. would love to win this

  335. Linda Webster says:

    I didn’t like modern quilts at first because they took me out of my comfort zone as I thought of myself as a traditional quilter. However, now I love modern quilts because they enable me to play with space and colour.

  336. Barbara Dolan says:

    I love the colors in fabrics today and find them to be very inspirational. Nice to see how colors that you wouldn’t think would go together really do work….would be fun to win.

  337. i love the negative space and vibrant colors!

  338. Marilyn Lone says:

    I love modern quilts because they brighten up my rooms and are fun to snuggle under.

  339. Sharon says:

    I love modern quilts since the first time I seen them. It must have been in the mid 1990’s, I was born in the mid 50’s, and I was thinking of making a quilt but politely complaining that I didn’t like the same old thing and wished a person could make a quilt like those beautiful paintings. My friend said, why can’t you? I had been sewing since I was three and nothing made more speechless than that simple question. Suzy sent me some clippings and photo copies of quilts and even checked books out of the library for me showing beautiful quilts. What a wakening. I still have not made the dream quilt, though I have experimented with wall hangings which proudly hang in my stair way. This might be the push to get to my goal that I need.

  340. Mary says:

    With the modern quilt movement has come more popularity and recognition of quilting as an art form. It has allowed more flexibility and possibilities in quilting. I love how it has brought more young people into the art.

  341. Dawn Jones says:

    I like the simplicity of many modern quilts, and of course the coloring.

  342. Marilyn Waite says:

    Modern Quilting lured me back to textiles and quilting particularly as a new medium after 40 years. Clean lines, negative space,and vibrant design and be expressed either with simplicity or great complexity. It is all up to the artist, the best part!

  343. Nan Beall-Fahlman says:

    Mmmmmmodern quilts are not boring, not fusty. They’re fresh and exhilarating !!

  344. Chris says:

    Modern Quilting is just a fresh approach to quilting. Kind of a new twist on the way we look at thinks.

  345. Pam S says:

    I love the negative space in modern quilting. It provides great canvas for beautiful machine work.

  346. Jofrid says:

    I have not tryed it a lot but it seems fun and lovely:-)

  347. TerriK says:

    I love the clean look of modern quilts.

  348. Lisa wilson says:

    Love modern because of clean lines and bright colours.

  349. Sarah says:

    I love how modern quilting plays with ideas from the past to create the future.

  350. Sonja McLane says:

    I love the beauty of them!!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway hope to see my name under winner:-). sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

  351. Cheri Searles says:

    I love the unclutterd, clean look! Thank you for the giveaway.

  352. Nancy Lanier says:

    Modern quilts allow the quilter to be more spontaneous and creative in the use and placement of fabrics and colors.

  353. I love the freedom of modern quilts and 15 Minutes of Play is my favorite quilt technique

  354. June says:

    The clean lines and use of negative space on modern quilts allow the eye to concentrate on individual colors and forms. Love them!

  355. Mara says:

    Beautiful prize, Thank you, I like the open spaces in modern quilts and the lovely quilting that some people are able to do, I would love to learn how to do FMQ.

  356. Kathleen says:

    I love the negative space that comes with modern quilting. Thanks for opportunity to win!

  357. Modern quilts are happy quilts. They allow you freedom to change, be innovative and daring.

  358. Piroska says:

    I love the new colour combinations that are so prevalent in modern quilting.

  359. Debbie M says:

    I’m drawn to all the bright colors. Some of the designs with large patches are very clever.

  360. Cindy Farmer says:

    I love the use of bold and bright colors in modern quilts!

  361. Nicolle says:

    I love how modern quilts bridge a generational gap and are a fun twist on classic blocks.

  362. Rose H says:

    I like traditional designs made modern. also modern quilts with hand quilting. especially double wedding ring ones! on day I will make one

  363. Amy M. says:

    modern quilting has such a great color scheme that is so bright, and vibrant. I’m getting married this summer, and have been thinking of tackling the double wedding ring quilt as a great project!

  364. Patricia says:

    Modern quilts take traditional designs up a notch, making them fresh and new. They are often playful and spontaneous. Modern quilts make the best use of all the great fabrics available today. Love them!

  365. Kathryn Ott says:

    modern quilts are refreshing whimsical and interesting. love whites popularity so clean

  366. Melissa Calderon says:

    I am new to sewing but would love to get good enough to quilt.

  367. Sylvia A says:

    I love the idea of taking a traditional quilt and making it into something more whimsical, more modern. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  368. Margo says:

    I love the new looks! It’s like quilting without rules!

  369. Cherie says:

    I love that colors abound. And that there don’t seem to be a whole lot of quilting rules!

  370. Dianne says:

    I love the fact that there is so much innovation in modern quilts.

  371. I love the free form design of modern quilts….endless possibilities!!

  372. Julie says:

    I have started making modern quilts and am loving them. Thanks for the chance towin:)

  373. Greta says:

    That book looks amazing! I am drawn to modern quilting because of the creative possibilities. I was never really one for rules.

  374. Amy Losordo says:

    I love the clean look of Modern quilts. It features the quilt designs and patterns. Love it.

  375. Mank says:

    I love the moden quilts because of individuality to be creative and seeing such beautiful work of art!

  376. Jane B says:

    I love the sense of freedom and play in modern quilts.

  377. Cheryl says:

    I’m a traditional quilter, but, I like how the old patterns (like double wedding ring) are made ‘new’ with Victoria’s subtle twists. Fun! (like Victoria is fun) Thanks for the chance.

  378. Linda says:

    I enjoy sewing fabrics together thus making my own personal fabric. My new fabric is then cut up and made into quilts, pillows and clothing. I enjoy the process of creating.

  379. Mary Jane says:

    I love the colors and clean lines of the modern quilt, they are such fun to make!

  380. Jody M says:

    My 25th wedding anniversary is coming up and I’d love some new, modern ideas from a traditional pattern.

  381. I love modern quilts because they can be so minimalist.

  382. Arianna Macy says:

    I like modern quilts for their simplicity.

  383. DeborahGun says:

    I love the bright colours of modern quilts.

  384. Annmarie says:

    Love the sometimes “weird” color combos & unique ideas quilters are using for modern quilts.

  385. Helen S. says:

    The play of bright colors inspires me to do more with my quilts.Love V F W designs and how she uses scraps to achieve new designs!

  386. LynneP says:

    I love all the saturated colors that are used in Modern Quilting and the graphic designs.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  387. Linda in NC says:

    I love the graphic quality that pared down design and solid colors gives to quilts. I love that another generation of quilters has added another aspect to our beloved craft.

  388. I love the bright colors used in so many of the modern quilts or how they’ll just add one bright to a quilt with blacks or greys making that color really pop. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  389. LizSamlow says:

    I like Modern quilts that feature Victorias made fabric!

  390. Judy Weaver says:

    love all the quilts and the colors…would love to make on

  391. Judy Weaver says:

    love all the colors…and would enjoy making a modern quilts

  392. I like the fresh and clean take on traditional blocks.

  393. Alice Ronne says:

    Modern quilts make me feel young!!!! The colors and styles are exciting to work with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  394. Debbie L says:

    Love all the colors and different possibilities.

  395. Linda Pawlak says:

    Bright, happy colors and clean lines make me HAPPY!

  396. Kristine says:

    I just love the creativity…that every quilter can add their own style and there are so many new patterns. While traditional quilts are beautiful, I think modern quilts just show a lot more personality.

  397. Diane S says:

    I have always liked the scrappy look and have a lifetime collection of fabric to use. Her enthusiasm and ideas want me to use this fabric instead of buying new. One regret I have in fabric collecting was passing up yards of the brightest orange fabric at a thrift store because it was 100% polyester.

  398. Vicki H says:

    Modern quilts seem to have a lot of space for creative quilting on them.

  399. Sandy K says:

    To me modern quilts are bright and cheery.

  400. K S says:

    I love the clean and bold looks of modern quilts.

  401. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I love the combo of old and new whenever possible. With todays fabrics and all the pattern out there it’s hard to not find something that works together!

  402. Connie says:

    All of the bright and colorful fabrics in modern quilts are something I really like!

  403. Alexis says:

    The bold colors!

  404. Gwen M says:

    I love the freedom of Modern Quilting!

  405. lynn says:

    I like the bold minimalist designs.

  406. Nancy Bemis says:

    I love modern quilts because the simple designs seem to showcase the fabrics and quilting more.

  407. Emily C says:

    I love the possibilities!

  408. Kris Koponen says:

    Modern quilts are alive, moving with rhythm, splashes of color, pieces of imagination and freedom and history, sewn together, love of maker and admirer.

  409. Karen says:

    I’ve wanted this book for a while. I like modern quilts because they seem playful without being kid-friendly, if that makes any sense.

  410. I don’t know how Victoria does all that she does…..
    I’d love to have her energy and creative ideas!
    Thanks for the chance to win…..fingers crossed :0)…

    Happy Sewing

  411. Ellee says:

    Modern quilts have a fresh look.

  412. Helen says:

    I love the fresh, bright colors in modern quilts, along with the often simple straight-line quilting.

  413. Penny G says:

    Bold color and simplicity are why I like modern quilts.

  414. carol n says:

    I like the difference in modern and traditional quilts, and enjoy making both!

  415. Linda A says:

    Modern quilts are new to me and I love the simplicity

  416. Kathie L says:

    I love the lack of fussiness. I’m all for clean lines.

  417. Lynn says:

    Color, Color, Color and the freedom to create as desired!

  418. Alice R. says:

    I love modern quilt because they welcoming to even novice quilters. They don’t require perfection to be successful.

  419. christine frost says:

    I love the contemporary feel of modern quilts and how modern quilts put a new spin on traditional patterns.

  420. Claire Ross says:

    I think they tone in well with the contemporary design of a lot of modern homes x

  421. Christine M. says:

    I like the creative process that goes along with making a modern piece.

  422. Alida says:

    Modern quilts are fresh, challenging, thought provoking & inspiring. They make me rethink what is possible & challenge me to look at fabric & design in a different way.

  423. Judy Morin says:

    Love modern quilts for the openness but love Victoria’s take on Double Wedding Ring quilts. I was lucky enough to hear her speak at Minnesota Quilters but her book wasn’t out yet. I loved seeing those quilts in person and hearing her story.

  424. Kat Scott says:

    I love the modern quilts because there is something for everyone….. bright colors, large areas of flat color (dull or bright), itybity pops of color…. angles, curves, plain, embellished, and on…….

  425. Suzanne says:

    I enjoy the free play that occurs when the designs are influenced by tradition but made personal with the choice of fabrics, quilting.
    Nothing cookie cutter here. Each quilt is an original, pure form of free expression.

  426. Patti Karp says:

    I have loved using nontraditional fabrics in traditional designs since beginning quilting about twenty years ago so I am excited to share with like minded people finally.

  427. Paulette CLAYTON says:

    I love the fresh graphic nature of modern quilts. Quilts with solid fabrics and traditional fabrics used in a new way! Very exciting and inspiring.

  428. Jackie says:

    I mostly like Victoria’s quilts.

  429. Dianne says:

    I love the freedom of expression in modern quilts. It is wonderful to see quilt makers willing to explore new possibilities.

  430. Karen Williamson says:

    I would love a copy of V’s second book. And of course, who doesn’t love thread? The 28th is my birthday so maybe I’ll get a special present. Thanks for sharing.

  431. JACKIE says:

    more freedom, more fun, and more me

  432. Sarah Clark says:

    So excited! Would love to win more thread and since I already have the book I could donate that to our guild library:-)

  433. Vicki Bartels says:

    Modern quilts are clean and fresh.

  434. Sarah Clark says:

    So excited to win the new book on Modern quilts of DWR and also some thread also! Hopefully I could donate this book to our guild library since I already have this current book.

  435. I am so glad to see the fresh new fabrics and the modern quilts that are like a breath of fresh air to our quilt world.

  436. I love the fresh look of modern quilts.

  437. Diana says:

    I enjoy working with vibrant colors in threads and fabric. I am also inspired by the ability to make use of my fabric stash by creating new fabrics to incorporate into my quilts. The modern quilt process allows me to bring various themes forward in my own way.

  438. Maree says:

    Love being fresh, fun and funky all at the same time! 😀 Thanks a bunch for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  439. Debbie Wagner says:

    I love the modern quilt movement because of its fresh, graphic designs and how it seems to inspire younger quilters to learn the art of quilting!

  440. Jan N. says:

    I love modern quilts because it’s so easy to create a design of my own using the modern fabrics which are so bright and colorful.

  441. Susan Westerberg says:

    Victoria’s book is on my wish list. Started my first double wedding ring quilt and am looking forward to trying variations of the traditional ring!

  442. martha mumaw says:

    I took a class from Victoria earlier and really enjoyed it!

  443. Ginny says:

    COLOR!! It’s all about the colors!!

  444. Heather says:

    I like how unexpected things can happen in modern quilts – the element of surprise, especially when traditional patterns are made modern as in Victoria’s quilts!

  445. Debbie Gallett says:

    I love the new variations on the old patterns. So fun.

  446. Brenda says:

    I like the graphic quality of modern quilts.

  447. Elizabeth says:

    I love Modern quilts because of their creativity. Instead of following a traditional pattern, modern quilters work more improvisationally. Love the free expression.

  448. beth says:

    Modern quilts are bold and beautiful!

  449. Lois says:

    After spending a weekend with VFW as the teacher, I have broadened my views of what is, what doesn’t have to be and what could be for pattern, fabric and color use for quilt makers in today’s world.

  450. Renee says:

    I love modern quilts because of all the new ideas that modern quilters come up with. I prefer quilts that are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. New ideas rock!

  451. Vicki says:

    I love the color and shapes in modern quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  452. WENDY E WHITEHEAD says:

    love the simplicity and sometimes complexity of a modern interpretation of an older design. Victoria’s double wedding rind quilts are the perfect example. Would love to win her book.Thanks

  453. Sheelagh says:

    Modern quilts with their beautiful colors, clean lines and simplicity
    of design have both freedom and impact.

  454. Kay Taylor says:

    I love the bright colors and clean, crisp look of modern quilt design. And I like aurifil threads very much – very good quality!

  455. Anita says:

    I like modern quilting because of the bold colors and designs.

  456. Sharon D says:

    I love that in Modern quilting anything goes.

  457. Patty Dunn says:

    Fresh-Fun-Fabulous & Funky, modern quilts are full of surprises..wonderful surprises!!!

  458. MaryT says:

    Mostly I love the fresh airy feel of modern quilts!

  459. Fleurette says:

    Quilts with bright modern fabric, bold shapes and traditional inspiration are so beautiful and timeless! Love modern.

  460. Sandi says:

    Love modern quilts as they make me look beyond the pattern and the colours!

  461. Ruth says:

    I like modern quilts for the twist on traditional and the use of the “what if” factor. It is a nice surprise see something new and recognize the roots in an old traditonal pattern.

  462. Renee says:

    i love the clean graphic elements of modern quilts as well as the open spaces which allow for spectacular quilting elements to be added!

  463. Diane Kummelman says:

    Recently discovered how to make traditional quilts look modern and love experimenting!

  464. Betty MacLeod says:

    Love the colors and use of negative space.

  465. Anita says:

    I love modern quilts. The use of bright, vibrant color and graphic dings is what appeals to me.

  466. Allison C says:

    Ability to have no restrictions, to have negative space, and improv.

  467. Heather says:

    The quilts are very fresh and clean. They inspire me to move out of my comfort zone.

  468. Meg Tison says:

    Love the freedom to do what makes me happy.

  469. Jane says:

    Totally love Modern Quilting because it allows me to be out-of-the-box creative.

  470. Randy says:

    love modern quilts because they are an enjoyable way to not only explore creative design options but also to share fresh concepts with each other.

  471. Nancy says:

    One thing I especially like about modern quilting, is that you can use
    all kinds of scraps, putting them together in ways that are pleasing
    to the maker.

  472. Susan B says:

    What I love about modern is the use of my creativity to inspire my quilt. Sometimes this makes the piecing go faster, which is nice in a crunch. It makes me really reflect on design choices. I’m just learning to do this.

  473. Amanda Johnston says:

    I enjoy modern quilting because I feel I can use more creativity while composing my quilts.

  474. Holly S. says:

    They are always so colorful!

  475. MaryLou says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. I think a big plus for modern quilts is the availability of wonderful new prints with their unexpected color combinations.

  476. Janie says:

    I think anything goes is a reflection of the new modern quilt designs. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  477. Louise says:

    Love wedding ring quilts made modern and made fabric concept!

  478. Mary Ann Hymel says:

    Been quilting for 40 years…always on the lookout for a new thought/process. I want to make each of my six grandchildren (ages 4 – 14) a queen size quilt. Think they will like modern rather than traditional.

  479. amy says:

    They have clean, crisp, modern lines and appeal to the younger generation! Maybe that will interest them in this fun hobby.

  480. Sheryl Hoag says:

    I love modern quilts because of the fresh shapes, beautiful colors, and permission to color outside of the lines!

  481. Sarah says:

    I like it because there is usually something that surprises me about it!

  482. Sonja McLane says:

    Because they are absolutely beautiful and unique!!!!! I am praying to win!!!!!! sonjasmith76@yahoo.com

  483. i’ve been following victoria’s blog for years, love everything she pulls from beneath her pressure foot. i’ve not yet attempted a modern quilt but it’s my next project. curves too!!

  484. DreiPunkteWerk says:

    Oh, I love modern quilts because of their bright colours and various patterns.
    I NEED Victoria’s book 🙂 I love her quilts veryveryvery much! The double wedding rings, the cute scrappies and all other things! I just bought the DWR ruler, so the book would be really matching :-))
    Thank you for the chance,

  485. Kathy Davis says:

    I love the colors and patterns and surprises a modern quilt brings.

  486. TheresaG says:

    I like the clean, minimal look of a lot of modern quilts. The larger areas of colour emphasize the pattern of the blocks more then a traditional all over pattern.

  487. Laura says:

    I am new to quilting and there are a lot of ideas in these books that I would love to learn and master.

  488. Fernandes says:

    I love the ideas presented in these books and would love to try them out in my next project – fresh and inspiring. Thanks!

  489. Amy Martin says:

    I love Victoria’s quilts. I love the colors and patterns that are considered modern.

  490. Amy Martin says:

    I love Victoria’s quilts. I love the colors, patterns, and textures that arise in modern quilting.

  491. Cynthia Knapp says:

    I love the fresh, crisp lines of modern quilts.

  492. Joy James says:

    I love all quilts! I am IN love with modern quilts!

  493. Sheila Moller says:

    What appealing and exuberant use of color in Victoria’s quilts. I love her designs.

  494. Laura M says:

    i like the can-do attitude of the modern movement and the experimentation with blocks/designs which is encouraged.

  495. Kerry S. says:

    The modern quilting movement encourages quilt makers to push the boundaries…color palettes, the scale of the blocks, prints and solids (negative space encouraged), and spinning traditional blocks into new blocks of wonder! And, the modern quilting community is very welcoming–and I love that! I’ve made more quilts in the last 5 years than I made in the previous 20 years! Victoria’s quilts are all quite stunning, and if her new book is anything like her 15 Minutes of Play book, she will have another hit on her hands. She is inspiring. Last, Aurifil is the very best thread that I’ve ever used. My 30 year old Bernina loves this thread! I would love to win the book and the thread!

  496. Paula R says:

    I love the fresh color combinations of modern quilts.

  497. Susan says:

    Love their simplicity in design, and the great quilting

  498. Janie Sutterfield says:

    Modern quilts are fresh and eye-catching. I love the twists on traditional quilts.

  499. DEE PLOUFFE' says:

    I just love Victoria and her approach to quilting. I must have her book!!

  500. Lynn Springer says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn and experience something new. I find that my art is constantly evolving and this is a true joy.

  501. Lou Wotzke says:

    I love the attitude about quilts and quilt making the most . the modern quilt movement was finding like-minded quilters for the first time in my life.

  502. Mary Burnette says:

    Oh I have been so wanting to make a modern quilt! this will give me a push! mary

  503. elsa says:

    Got the link to your blog from Victoria’s ~
    I like the fresh and bold look of modern quilts! I wanted to make quilts years ago but didn’t like what I saw at the time. I’ve been making quilts for the last 5 years because of the modern movement!
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!

  504. Toni says:

    there are no rules, no colors that can’t go together.
    Anything goes and if it doesn’t work, take it apart or cut it up and make something else!

  505. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I have never made a modern quilt because I am a new quilter. I do like the look of the modern quilts. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  506. Suzanne says:

    I like the idea of a traditional quilt pattern, turned on it’s heel into something so modern…………..it’s exciting!

  507. folksmith says:

    love the book would love to try the threads! hope i win the treads. thanks!

  508. Sarah says:

    I love the bold colors and fabrics in modern quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  509. I love the fresh approach to quilting/patchwork that modern quilts bring, traditions can be followed but rules can be broken at the same time. The freedom/encouragement to think outside the box.

  510. audrey says:

    I really enjoy the more open ‘feel’ to the more quilts. Such a refreshing perspective! Would LOVE to win this wonderful book and threads.:)

  511. TerriS says:

    I am older (55) but a newbie to quilting. I love all quilt styles but find the modern quilts to be fun and fresh. Their crisp, clean lines are are appealing and the colors just grab me.

  512. Hi there,
    I like modern quilting as it gives us more ‘room’ to express ourselves. The clean lines and mostly solid colours really stand out compared to other times in quilting history. I love, love Victoria’s take on traditional quilt blocks!!!

  513. Jessica P. says:

    I feel like modern quilts fit my personality better. I like fresh feeling that they have.

  514. Diane B says:

    Modern quilts I like because I can quilt w/my favorite designers bright prints and vibrant solids. I’ve never been a fan 1930’s reproduction prints; just too pastel and old fashioned for my home.

  515. Kristine says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’m a beginner and would love some inspiration.

  516. Rhonda Hunter says:

    The clean lines and bright colors make me want to just step back, take a deep breath, and relax. Modern quilts are simply the best therapy for a stressful day!

  517. Modern quilting combines old techniques and the liberated quilting “invented” by Gwen Marston, so it gives the quilter unique freedom to do exactly what her heart desires. I love the modern fabrics, so many of which remind me of Scandinavian design, and as I grew up in Denmark, that’s very nostalgic to me at the same time as very fresh. I also love the return of solids which had been almost absent from the contemporary quilting palette.

  518. Amanda says:

    i love the creativity and negative space

  519. Sophie says:

    Improvisation , creativity and dream of beauty reveal, this is what modern quilt means for me! I wish i could win this giveaway. Thank you!

  520. Bonnie Chalmers says:

    Hi, I’m very keen on the Modern quilt movement because it is bringing a lot of young people into the quilt world, the use of color is infectious! And the rule book has been rewritten!

  521. Sharon - IN says:

    There are so many things to love about Modern Quilting – changing up traditional quilts, negative space, color, simplicity, boldness or flip it around to calmness, no quilt police, and freedom to play and explore!

  522. Vicki Seals says:

    Modern quilts are fresh, fun, simple, lively. You are free to do whatever you want to do. Thanks for the chance to win such a great book and thread. vickise at gmail dot com

  523. Modern quilts- the colours and the uncluttered look. What’s not to like?!

  524. Julie says:

    I ahve been making quilt as you go block and love the modern look of them. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  525. Debby S says:

    i love the colors and creative process of modern quilts

  526. Stephanie Foster says:

    I’m new to quilting and I love the color combinations and modern patterns you use. This giveaway is awesome!

  527. Maxine Farrell says:

    Generous offering. Have been following Victoria’s work. Absolutely beautiful.

  528. Karen says:

    I like when people try to do something fun or weird or special with quilting. The pushing the limits is what I like about modern quilting.

  529. Patricia says:

    I like that the concept of what is a modern quilt will continue to evolve as fashion, taste and skills change.

  530. Lori says:

    I like the way modern quilts honor traditional ones but makes them fresh and up-to-date.

  531. Renee says:

    Modern quilts make me smile! Grounded in traditional patterns, they encourage a newly inspired creativity in me for color and fabric choices.

  532. Michele says:

    I like modern quilts because they are fresh and free looking. I sometimes imagine the pieces floating away from the quilt when I look at a modern quilt. I like the colors, the negative space, the quilting.

  533. Dianne says:

    I love your innovative ideas and sense of color and design. As a fellow midwesterner, hope to connect up with one of your summer workshops. Sounds more and more like it would be a tremendous learning experience for me.

  534. i so want to try a double wedding ring quilt, modern style.

  535. Karen M says:

    I love modern quilts for their clean, sparse feel. I think it’s great that younger women are embracing quilting and coming up with their own designs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  536. Laura says:

    I love modern quilts because they free me to make things that are more interesting to my tastes. Modern quilts really speak to me.

  537. The two things I like best about modern quilts is that the makers often see very traditional things with new eyes and that many makers go on to create things we’ve never before envisioned.

  538. Allison CB says:

    Fresh clean look, uncomplicated, big open designs, lots of quilting!

  539. Marie DiNicola says:

    I love the fresh, crisp lines, the bright colors and the freedom and creativity of the designs.

  540. Tanya Henriques says:

    I love the freedom of no boundaries. And color.

  541. Sharon S. says:

    I love the bright colors and the free interpretation of traditional patterns. Also the freedom to be as creative as you want!

  542. Modern quilting is all about creativity. It allows a quilter endless possibilities to explore color and design. Modern quilting is freedom to cut, sew & quilt in a way that allows the individual quilter’s personality & creativity to be expressed in their own unique style, with or without reference to historical quilting designs. Personally, modern quilting has giving a freshness to my work.

  543. Kylie says:

    I love using negative space.

  544. I like the clarity and starkness of modern quilts.

  545. Kaholly says:

    I like modern quilting because it’s a new venue for me, a new challenge! It’s bright and cheery, new and exciting.

  546. Linda Langendorfer says:

    I meant to say How could you not fall in love with the DWR all over again!

  547. Ronald J says:

    I like modern quilts because they evoke the techniques of the past while putting an entirely new spin on traditional methods.

  548. Lavonna Zeller-Williams-Bratschi says:

    I am a traditional scrap quilter who has fallen in love with modern quilts and am now beginning to work on some modern quilt designs. Victoria’s quilts are incredibly inspiring! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  549. Beatrix Bredel says:

    Fresh colours, modern Quilts……I like them, I need them.

  550. Shirley says:

    I like modern quilts because they are another approach to timeless patterns; they honor our ancestors but use contemporary ideas.

  551. Michele says:

    I really love the bold bright colors and patterns.

  552. Barbara says:

    I have been doing 15 minutes play with Victoria for a few years now! Love the look and I am hooked on making “scrappy” quilts. I would love to win her book.
    thanks for having this give away!


  553. Barbara says:

    not sure if my comment went through…..I love Victoria’s methods of quilts . I would love to win her book.
    thanks for haveing this give away

  554. Debbie Stefanuk says:

    fresh and new keeps my interest never boring

  555. Tammy says:

    I like modern quilts because they seem to be an extension of the quilter’s personality. The contemporary fabrics that have come from this movement have been truly wonderful. Thank you for the gracious giveaway!

  556. Penny says:

    I love Victoria’s fresh, modern take on traditional patterns. It makes them into something new and fun to look at and admire. Want to try this myself and would love having the book to begin.

  557. I love modern quilts because of the all the wonderful fabric choices! Mixing those modern colors and prints into traditional blocks makes such a difference. I just love exploring color and design in my quilting.

  558. Pauline says:

    I like modern quilts because they are different and quirky sometimes.

  559. Carol M says:

    Modern Quilts appeal to me because of their spontaneity. Love Victorias quilts!

  560. Kate Orchard-Merkel says:

    I love modern quilts because they all have their roots in the quilts that came before. It suggests that quilting will not die out, only grow and imbed new traditions for future quilters, deepening the history of this wonderful craft.
    Thanks for this great giveaway, and for the inspiration Victoria! I’m getting married next year, I’d love to have a go at a modern Double Wedding Ring, so please enter me for a chance to win, thank you.

  561. Dana Charlton says:

    I love the modern quilts because of the fabric choices. So many wonderful colors and designs. I would love to learn how to make one so it could be passed through the generations. Thank you so much for the chance to win and good luck to all. 🙂

  562. Sandra Woods says:

    I like the space and colors in modern quilts. Traditional quilts seem to be more about pattern, while modern quilts are more about design.

  563. Jean says:

    Warm and cheery can’t be beat, both with colors and warmth of the quilt. It doesn’t get much better. Don’t know how you can top these designs but I bet you will think of something. 😀

  564. Lori Millsap says:

    Utilitarian art form

  565. Laurie Russman says:

    love the use of colorful solid fabrics set against lots of neutral background!

  566. Diane says:

    Love anything Victoria Findley Wolfe!! Pick me for the win!!

  567. Ingrid Burton says:

    I love that in modern quilts there are far less rules. I like the fresh shapes and the freedom available in them. I love how VFW has reinterpreted classic designs and made them so fresh and modern! What a great giveaway, thanks!

  568. Joanna says:

    I love that modern quilts are bringing a new generation of quilters into the fold so that quilting will stay around for many years to come!

  569. Cheri Searles says:

    I love the clean lines and bright colors!

  570. emily h. says:

    Wanna win!

  571. Ann McNew says:

    I’ve been wanting to get VFW’s new book. Luv the look of her DWRs.

  572. Anne Perry says:

    Love the colors and designs. Thanks for the opportunity

    Anne Perry

  573. Jane Schmillen says:

    I love Victoria’s quilts and I really want this book.

  574. Debbie K says:

    Love modern because it is great to see a traditional medium taking on a fresh new face!

  575. Brigitte Baierl says:

    What a great prize! I like modern quilts because they use an old technique interpreted in OUR time. Best from the past and the present.

  576. Jennifer says:

    i love modern quilt bold color choices

  577. Margaret C. says:

    Be it cooking or quilting, living in the present is all about fusion. The mix of modern and traditional quilting is fresh and beckoning. Bring it on!

  578. I love modern quilts because they are so fresh and unexpected…never boring. I love to see the interpretation that quilters come up with and the color combos!!

  579. Marlene R says:

    I love modern quilts! I make my own rules, patterns and designs without the “quilt police”, whether it’s simple or complex.

  580. Linda LoBianco says:

    I am teaching my 13 yr old granddaughter to quilt. I find the patterns (called modern) are a reinvention of the traditional quilt. Since all quilts made in this century are modern. It is a tremendous source to take a traditional or antique quilt and reinvent your quilt through your mind’s eye. A “modern quilt” is just that. You are a part of that quilt. I love the quilting process of all the space a modern quilt is. This will continue to interest the younger women and men. To carry on their crsft. One day those “MODERN QUILTS ” WILL BE ANTIQUES. Where will the path of creativity take us
    Such an adventure! Fiber and thread.

  581. Betsy Vinegrad says:

    Love DWR made modern. Can’t wait to make one.

  582. Roz Barrett says:

    love the simple raw beauty of the modern quilt. They’re just so fresh and full of life.

  583. Linda K says:

    I like the crossover of art quilting with utilitarian quilting in modern quilting. Getting away from strict adherence to pattern and symmetry and reworking traditional patterns are some of my favorite modern quilting iterations, and something Victoria does especially well!

  584. Linda in NC says:

    I love the modern quilt movement because it’s a fresh take on our love for fabric, batting and thread!

  585. Judy Tucker says:

    You are always so pleasant and warm, and quilts inspirational.

  586. Melissa Joy says:

    I enjoy the simplicity and bold colors that give the freshness of the the modern quilt era!

  587. I love all the negative space and fresh color combinations!

  588. Bobbi Penniman says:

    Love modern – so fresh and exhilarating.

  589. Jacqueline says:

    I love the love that is apparent in each of Victoria’s quilts. I cannot wait to read their stories. I love modern quilts because they are just old quilts created in a new way.

  590. Kristina says:

    i love modern quilts because they are bold, happy, and always a bit unexpected.

  591. Linda F says:

    I love the modern quilt look; you can use brights/solids; make your own fabric like Victoria does. I love how you have so many options for quilting a modern quilt. It lets the creative juices flow and it truly is your own quilt!

  592. Siobhan says:

    Modern quilting reminds me why I started quilting in the first place – to play with fabric and express myself.

  593. Pam Hintze says:

    Every quilt has a story to tell. Even better when traditional meets modern.

  594. Becky Greene says:

    i love the freedom!!!

  595. started by Victoria inspired melon, double wedding ring, and made fabric modern quilt today. a first in all fore mentioned categories for me. the curves went together like a dream!!.

  596. Kim Cotcher says:

    I love modern quilts because they feel young and strong.

  597. Lauren says:

    I love the diversity of modern quilts. Someone is always coming up with a fresh idea.

  598. Judy Dunlap says:

    i have to say that I LOVE Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
    I have all her books. I have taken a workshop with her when she visited Baltimore Hertige Quilt Guild. Tried to take a class at QuiltCin this last week but couldn’t get in because the class was full. So I took my second lecture from her. I got home and have been so inspired to get to quilting.
    Hoping to win some of her favorite threads!!

  599. Leslie Bower says:

    My favorite colors are bright pastels which I think make up much better in a more modern quilt design. I am an accountant by degree and find that I am constantly trying to break away from always having symmetry. The more modern quilt designs allow me to do so.

  600. I went to my first modern quilt show….QuiltCon ! Modern quilts are works of art !

  601. Barbie says:

    clean,bright and totally individual.

  602. Bev Mabry says:

    i love modern quilts because it challenges me to think outside the box. I love Victoria because she’s, well, Victoria! Talented, beautiful and a great human being!

  603. Bev D says:

    I like to work outside the box, add something different to traditional patterns, and the geometric quilting.

  604. Pam Neil says:

    Love the simplicity of many modern quilts, but love the vibrancy of Victoria’s designs. Her latest DWR book is BIG on my wish list, for sure!

  605. Willeke says:

    I like modern quilts because they are a combination of traditional and modern.

  606. Patricia! I have been a fan of Victoria’s Bumblebeans site for years now, and loved her idea of “15 minutes of play”, would love to have met her too! I love modern quilts because increasingly I enjoy free form designing and quilting up on the design wall. I love the flow of colour and shape, love the vibrancy. I love generating unplanned strip sets and recutting them into blocks and elements…great for “therapy sewing” days.

  607. Sandra Fair says:

    Modern quilts speak to a new era in quilting.
    The movement will keep quilt making alive
    for generations of quilters. Carry on, Sisters.

  608. Patty Simmons says:

    Modern quilting has changed my life. First and foremost, it has given me a community to learn from, to share with and to be challenged by. Modern quilting in its simplicity or boldness or wonkiness or precision inspires me to keep on creating.

  609. it is a open way of processing and translating information on cloth. A way or capturing the shapes and spaces of our time. Looking around us and recording what is so, just the way our ancestors in our many different cultures did in their time. Not redefining traditional quilting or even challenging the current styles present in art quilting, to me Modern is just that. What we are reflecting using cloth, of our environment. In sixty to one hundred years modern will again look different.

    Valarie Poitier

  610. Irene Garcia says:

    Love the use of bold colors and design elements that “seam” to break the rules! Modern quilting has opened new possibilities for me!

  611. Pati Pitetti says:

    I love the clean fresh look of modern quilts.

  612. Pati Pitetti says:

    I love the clean fresh look of modern quilts and what Victoria has done with DWR.

  613. Leona says:

    i love the fresh fabrics and new way of expressing traditional quilts


  614. Kathy Placek says:

    modern allows me to create and not just do. It has brought me new friends as well as new confidence

  615. Connie Cain says:

    Modern quilting gives the younger generation a say in quilting and keeps it alive. 🙂

  616. Jane says:

    I love the looks of modern though I’ve always been a traditional quilter I thnk because of all it’s negative space. They are artistic and so spacious feeling.

  617. Dayle Gruder says:

    i love the modern quilt movement because the quilts are a new take on the old with fresh colors and clean lines.

  618. Therese says:

    Oh my! There is so much I like about modern quilts! Some of the reasons are:
    – clean lines
    – fresh interpretation of traditional patterns
    – vibrant color combinations
    – bold graphics
    – innovative approach to the actual quilting
    – creative energy that comes from being open to new ideas and techniques.

  619. I love modern quilts because they are bringing new quilters to the art form. I also love straight line quilting.
    Thanks for the chance.

  620. Loretta says:

    Simple yet so bright and bold! Gets the creative juices flowing!

  621. Diane says:

    They just add some zest to any room.

  622. Fernandes says:

    I would love to win!

  623. Laura says:

    I hope to win this!

  624. Karen says:

    I like the bright colors and bold patterns.

  625. Kim S. says:

    I love the clean fresh feel of modern quilts.

  626. LINDA says:

    HELLO, like Modern Quilts for their varied designs and bright colors! Like the colored solids for the backgrounds too. Kinda remind one of Modern Artist’s work! Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

  627. Jo-Anne says:

    i only briefly overheard the demo that Victoria gave at quilt con and was so sorry I had to head back to class. Would LOVE her book!!!!

  628. Kris Simpson says:

    The modern quilts speak to me with their movement, color and energy. I’m always drawn to them and my heart flutters!