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faux project runway: two quilt challenges

faux project runway: two quilt challenges

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  Coming back from Seattle to Victoria this Thursday morning, I brought no quilts with me—even though I have a guild presentation here in one week. The urban legend of customs officers writing SAMPLE in black magic marker on the front of finished quilts influenced my decision.

Once I got to my hotel room, aka my temporary quilting studio, I decided I would make a baby quilt with yukata cottons before the Westshore Quilters’ Guild meeting. Then I woke up this morning and decided to make a second quilt by next Thursday morning.

For the baby quilt, so far I have designed and sewn the quilt top, and bought and pre-washed the backing fabric and bamboo batting. For quilt No. 2, since 6:30 this morning, I have selected the fabrics, designed the quilt, and pre-washed and pressed the fabrics. Later this afternoon I’ll walk to Mood Fabrics, oh I mean, Satin Moon Quilt Shop and buy the batting.

There is something exciting about my self-imposed deadline. Usually I’m the slowest quilter in the world, hesitating before I do any quilting task. This challenge has me breathlessly racing forward.

Will I have the two quilts ready for 7:30am on Thursday? I’ll sure try but if anything comes up with my parent’s health, I’ll abandon my game.

End of Story:


The baby quilt for Flora in New Zealand made it to the February meeting of Westshore Quilters’ Guild in Colwood BC. The backing is an electric green Kona cotton from Satin Moon in downtown Victoria that matches one of the yukata backgrounds perfectly. The quick quilt was stitched in the ditch and then finished with a scalloped edge made easily with a freezer paper pattern.


Golden Opportunity Quilt, in progress


The working title for this quilt is Golden Opportunity because I feel that my stay here in Victoria is a special gift for me to find time for myself and my quilting.

I made a pattern of arced curved areas that intersect for the center of this quilt. The borders will be 14″ wide yukata cotton with beautiful yellow-gold blossoms and fresh green leaves on a rich indigo. For the corners, I will use the fabric with the bold orange “wheels.”

Once I cut out the fabrics and auditioned them, I could no longer run with the wind. This design has potential but I knew I had to slow down and resolve a few details.

Notes to self:

Change out the mustard fabric
Consider changing the geo “connectors”
Replace the small piece with the large yellow flowers to have more yellow flower showing
Consider recutting the small piece with the orange ”wheels” to have more solid orange showing
Decide on the fabric for the little circle (where the rug shows through)

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