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escaping the torture chamber

escaping the torture chamber

It’s amazing that I actually have a piece in the La Conner Quilt Festival. My quilting is so slow these days. I finished “Babbling” in March and have completed only one little ditty since then. I can blame it on being busy but that’s not the whole truth.

Since last October (one year ago!) I’ve been challenging myself with making a 6×8 foot quilt about the Japanese disaster called “Hope Survives.” The piecing of the sky behind the huge wave has hanging me up. I’ve made five different samples so far and nothing’s worked!

Spending time with Judy Irish, visiting Quilt Fest and meeting Joe Cunningham gave me the key to my self-made torture chamber. This morning I reworked my 300-odd piece sky into a 17-piece pattern! I think I might sew it together before dinner time.

I’m in a clear space, ready to soar. It feels good to transform my arduous project into something I’m excited about!

Late night addendum: Less pieces is good but the fabric I chose is not working. Now I can disqualify six ideas and move to No. 7. Lucky seven, please.

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