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okan arts online shop: a family affair

okan arts online shop: a family affair

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  Even I can hardly believe it. The idea of an online shop for Okan Arts’s yukata cottons has become a reality.

Quilters and textile lovers all around the world can now access these remarkable fabrics from their homes. We’ve posted 75% of our inventory online and “opened our doors” for business.

Michael StoneTwo beloved people contributed to this accomplishment: The first is my husband, Michael.

The month we celebrated our 30th anniversary, Michael and I started building the e-shop. All that Michael cared about was functionality. And I cared passionately about the design of the interfaces.

Amazingly we’re still married after many challenging discussions and countless iterations.

Victoria StoneThe second is Victoria, my youngest daughter. Victoria accepted the part-time position of Online Shop Manager. Victoria will take care of orders and upload incoming products.

As a university student, Victoria worked in the Special Collections department of the campus library. She brings her skills in handling archival treasures and her enthusiasm for yukata cottons to the job. Plus, Victoria is a real people-person who enjoys delivering delight to others.

To visit the shop, click SHOP at the top of the page or +click here.

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14 comments to “okan arts online shop: a family affair”

  1. Congratulations, Patricia! You are so lucky to have two such incredible family members to support your passion and vision at OkanArts. Good luck with this new aspect to your exciting venture in yukata cottons! Pamela

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Congratulations! The “shop” is beautiful and functional. I love the fact that it’s a family business. Let the sales begin!

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Congratulations on your online shop!! It’s great to meet 2 of the people behind the “counter”, and lovely that it’s family.

  4. Andrea says:

    Offering Yukata cottons –
    what a wonderful idea, what a nice opportunity for us and of course for you.
    Congratulations, Patricia.
    Viel Glück!

  5. Rod says:

    Congratulations Patricia,
    I’ve witnessed your transition and exit from the sidelines and even became a customer (twice) for our priceless handmade quilts with meaning. I’m sure our online shop will have special meaning to so many of your friends and people you’ve yet to meet. You only do things one way… with class and grace.

    All the best for your success.


    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Rod, You were a big part of my success in the corporate world and then in my new life as a quilter. Thank you for all your trust and support! P.

  6. Sid says:


  7. David Owen says:

    Fab-tastic, Patricia! The online shop looks and works great! So happy for your continued successes and joy in the quilting world!

  8. debby says:

    Patricia, wonderful. You have a terrific selection and the website looks great. Congratulations.

  9. pia says:

    Congratulations, Patricia– all the hard work is evident, the site looks great, with both beauty and functionality knit together so well. It just sparkles and tempts! Hope 2015 is a tremendous year for you and the biz.