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four december giveaways!

four december giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month’s giveaway features four vintage Japanese yukatas (casual cotton kimonos). Each is tailored using traditionally hand-dyed yukata cotton—three for women, one for a man.

Big questions to be determined if you win one of these fabulous finds: Do you wear it? Do you hang it above your bed? Or, do you cut it up and use as feature fabric in your next quilt?

Yukata No. 1: Sakura blossoms dance across a background of oversized shibori-style tie-dye patterns, in indigo and white.
Yukata No. 1

Yukata No. 2: Pairs of red, mauve and white cherries dominate this rich indigo yukata.
Yukata No. 2

Yukata No. 3: The classic geometric pattern in indigo and white signifies a yukata originally sewn for a man. Yukata No. 3

Yukata No. 4: Mega grapes and leaves decorate this deluxe yukata.
Yukata No. 4

To participate in the December giveaway, just answer this question in the Comment Box below: What brings you joy in the holiday season? ALSO include a number (1 to 4 ) to signify which yukata you want.

The drawing will be held at midnight PST on December 31, 2015. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. The prizes will then be shipped anywhere in the world. (International winners are responsible for customs.)

THE DRAWING IS NOW CLOSED. The winners are Karen M of Longview WA, Bee D of Owensville, OH and Garen S of Norwalk CT.

JaponTex in La ConnerThis weekend: To see more vintage yukatas and wonderful Japanese textile treats, stop by JaponTex in La Conner WA: Friday 4-7, Saturday 11-5, Sunday 11-5.

The participating artisans at this FREE holiday event: Sylvia Pippen of Sylvia Pippen Design, Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts, Mary Pettus of HeARTful Gifts, Denny Fox of Quilting Foxes and Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors.

To learn more at the JaponTex website +click here

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195 comments to “four december giveaways!”

  1. Allison CB says:

    Oooooooo so pretty to cut up…I would npbe hanging them as inspiration in my sewing room! 2143 would be my preference!

  2. Claudette says:

    It makes my heart sing!! 2143 or your pick. They are all beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Rhoda says:

    I love all the family interactions. From gifts to food, shopping to wrapping, ending up with delish food with extended family. We are so blessed to live in the USA.
    I love #4.

  4. Susan says:

    Family time brings me joy during the holidays. #4

  5. betty says:

    Being with my family makes me happy during the holidays. I would love to win #4 yukata, although they are all beautiful.

  6. Robin Shilman says:

    My family brings me joy. The chance to see them or FaceTime with them makes my day. Yukata 1 would be my first pick if I was purchasing it. They are all beautiful.

  7. Peggy johnson says:

    My Joy comes in knowing the babe in the manger sent by God to be my Savior.


  8. Raine Phillips says:

    I would love to win No 4 I only have a very small family and they live in Malaysia so its just me for Christmas but I have kind friends who always welcome me to their homes to share their family’s Christmas festivities.

  9. Sally Mayer says:

    Family! 1

  10. Jackie says:

    Love them all, but prefer #2. Such fun.

  11. Janet Wright says:

    So beautiful. # 1 sings to my heart. Janet

  12. Natalie says:

    Omg…this is the one to win! My son would loooovveee this, number 3!
    What brings me joy during the holiday season is being able to buy gifts for toy drives, looking at people’s faces when they grow emotional over a gift I made for them. Shortbread, watching how excited little kids get over visiting Santa, and visiting my uncle and family on Christmas Eve !

  13. Janice Paine Dawes says:

    Oooo. They are all lovely! Joy for the season is hearing stories of unselfishness. I would choose no. 3.

  14. Beverly Threadgill-Robey says:

    The music of the holiday season makes my heart happy! And Yukata No. 2 would please me no end. I’d probably wear it.

  15. Laurie Wilkey says:

    Love being with my family and I love number 3!

  16. Nat says:

    I love them all! I will wear it for awhile then I might cut up to make quilt to give away for charity. Thanks Patricia xx

  17. Barbara Campbell says:

    My favorite part of the holidays is visiting with friends & family & sharing. I enjoy watching my kids & now their kids & all their friends grow into wonderful young people.

  18. Ann says:

    I love to decorate our house with handmade items, such as quilts, painting, and ornaments. It gives me joy when my grandchildren come over and look at everything and picked their favorite ornament which I give them for their tree at home. The holidays are a magic time where we visit friends we have not seen in awhile. I would love to win #4 for a gift for my husband.

  19. Karen Smith says:

    Getting together with my family and friends are what bring me joy during the holidays. I have a large family including my two teenage children (14) all the way up to my 90 year old father. Some part of my family always come together during the holidays. It is a time to appreciate and enjoy each individual.
    (4 is my favorite, and 1 as the second)

  20. Barbara Hancock says:

    Celebrating with family and friends as we prepare to greet Jesus. It is best when we have children to share the joys of the holiday. My early childhood was spent during the occupation of Japan. I love Yukata, so if I win you can select which ever one you desire for me to have.

  21. Jeannie says:

    Oh, I wish I was going to be in LaConner. I’ll be near there for the holidays. My favorite part of the holiday is making things for gifts. I feel like a part of me is included in each little thing I make.

  22. kate barbieri says:

    These are beautiful! Wishing all of you peace, joy and love of family during this holiday season. Love number 2!

  23. Peggy Johnson says:

    I will wear it at least for a period of time, but at some point I will probably cut it and make a quilt.

  24. P Rime says:

    Greatest joy? Seeing our kids. Hands down. We’ll be happy with whomever can make it home.
    Yukata #4

  25. The Eclectic Abuela says:

    Rest makes me happy during the holidays–some time off to think and plan.

    I love #2–Cherries! 🙂

  26. Ruth Jones says:

    To be with my descendants . My parents are deceased so I am now this year the matriarch.
    They are my future. I like # 2 or #4 the best.

  27. Heather says:

    Joy at Christmas is watching my adult children interacting with each other as if they still lived at home. So much laughter.
    I would like 1 or 2. They are all so beautiful. Thanks.

  28. Belinda Hart says:

    Having my 88 year old mother, even though we are a couple of thousand miles apart, alive for another Christmas brings me joy.

  29. Bev Mabry says:

    I come from very humble beginnings. Because of that, my family and I try and give back. We go out and feed the homeless and take them hygiene bags. Wouldn’t be Christmas time without that. It’s such a blessing to us. And btw, couldn’t stand to cut up. If it fit, I would wear it. If not, I would display it. Number 2 !

  30. Miep Jager-Schiphorst says:

    My Christmas is spending time with my family. I would wear the kimono if it would fit me, if not I’ll display it in my quilting studio. I really like no 1 and no 3. Many thanks and have a Merry Christmans from sunny New Zealand.

  31. Rhonda Ludwico says:

    Enjoy being at home with hubby, cat,and dog in Japantown, San Jose, CA. They’re all beautiful!

  32. Harriet says:

    Love the lights in the midst of darkness. I am a fan of #3.

  33. Linda Andrews says:

    Joys of the season come my way through loving acts toward others and openness to the gifts of the spirit they share with me! Sewing gifts is another source of joy!
    #3 is my choice, though 2 is delicious!

  34. Valerie Gleeson says:

    Family together and sacred music give me joy at the holidays. I would be privileged to have any of the yukatas.

  35. Chris Chambers says:

    Spending time with out of town friends and family that I see only once or twice a year. #4 is my favorite, then #2. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Joan Stuart Ross says:

    My favorite Holiday joy occurs on Christmas morning, when late December’s quiet fog and frost filter down; when my loving husband serves me a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.
    Yukata #3, for him.

  37. Season says:

    My family brings me the most joy during the holidays. My girls are still young enough for the magic, which makes for great excitement.

    These are beautiful. I love 2341. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  38. They are so amazingly beautiful! I have long wanted one to wear. Stacy hurt

  39. Tarnia says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would look to donate mine, if I won, to Daughter #1, since she is a fan of most things Japanese. She loves flowering cherries, which we have planted for her, so yukata number one thanks.

  40. Debby Cox says:

    I love this time of the year…getting to spend time with my family and taking time for myself to spend sewing. All four Yukata are beautiful. If I had one I’d probably enjoy time wearing it. I would love any of them in this order: 4, 1,2,3, I’m looking forward to JaponTex this weekend. Thank you for all yourhard work on the

  41. FionaC says:

    They are beautiful, too beautiful to wear?…I think they are too beautiful not to!

  42. FionaC says:

    Family, and finding gifts for them bring me holiday joy. I think no.1 is my favourite.

  43. Kae Eagling says:

    Sewing and visiting with friends. Number 2

  44. Betsy says:

    All the lights and especially the light and delight in my little nieces eyes when they first see the Christmas tree lit up!
    #4 I can’t imagine cutting it up–the magic is in the wholeness.

  45. theresa j says:

    I love getting a chance to visit with familly and friends during the holidays.

    I would love number 2,4, 1 3

  46. MoMo Bee says:

    The joy that my granddaughter feels from simple things is contagious. #2

  47. Patricia Sherman says:

    All for the medical advances and the people that worked on them.

  48. Patricia Sherman says:

    Medical advances, number 3

  49. Nancy Rocker says:

    #1. The excitement of New York City dressed up for the holidays and the spirit of the people.

  50. Jan hutchison says:

    The many traditions of Christmas and the memories they invoke. #3

  51. Barbara Bushey says:

    Being with family brings me joy. 3 is my favorite.thanks

  52. CAROL MCFEE says:

    So beautiful, it would go over my bed when I wasn’t wearing it 🙂
    I love them all but No3 is my favourite.
    My favourite thing about the holidays is being together with family who live far away, can’t wait.

  53. Kaye Koler says:

    It makes me happy to see everyone being a little kinder, a little nice to everyone…
    All of the yukatas are beautiful…….my fave is number 3! Thank you!
    Happy holiday season!

  54. Alice Ronne says:

    My joy in the holiday season comes with family getting together, catching up, seeing how quickly the children grow and sharing/keeping up with cultural family traditions. Gorgeous selection!

  55. Jerri Mitchell says:

    I’m entering this for my son. He is what makes me happiest during the holidays and year round. My 18 yr old began life addicted to many street drugs and I adopted him at 5 weeks old. We didn’t know if he would have speech, or cognitive function. We have been very blessed as he only has Asberger’s. He is about to graduate high school and is applying to art colleges! He loves Japanese culture and drawing manga. He wants to illustrate children’s books. He would cherish this yukata.

  56. Ann Reid says:

    Cuddles from my grand daughter (she lives overseas) who I have not seen for 2 years, will bring me great joy this Christmas season.

  57. Linda A says:

    Family and friends. The season to give and share.
    All are beautiful. My preference is #4,1,2, 3.

  58. Patricia Smith says:

    The opportunity to sing in the chorus for Handel messiah. No. 1 would my choice.

  59. Deb Woolley says:

    Joy arrives every morning that I wake up. The joy of family and friends brings most of our happiness. I enjoy the colors of the season, the anticipation of children waiting for a visit from St. Nick, the smells of baking , the twinkling lights on the Christmas trees, the music and the celebration of a child born many years ago. As far as yukatas love them all, however numer 4 has my attention.

  60. Janet says:

    Being with my family is my number one priority but making a holiday gift every year for my friends and family is something I look forward to creating…this year it’s a table runner of trees made with Christmas fabric scraps that I’ve collected through the years…..If I win I would choose #2 and I would wear the Yukata

  61. Mary Ann says:

    Being with family and friends during the Christmas Holidays brings me joy.
    Number 1.

  62. marijke says:

    Peace and quiet and some free time to be creative
    Nr 4

  63. vera schmidt says:

    When my sons,daughter in law and 2 grandsons come home bring me the greatest joy 1,3,

  64. Mischa says:

    I love spending time with my family. It’s that simple. I would choose #2 and I would wear it every day!

  65. Ann Genaske says:

    Seeing distant friends, #3 Thank you for this opportunity

  66. Sharon Lawford says:

    Christmas Day in our home is quiet but lovely, just Peter and I sharing Green and red marguritas and taking in Meryl Streep movies :-). I would so love to win #4 with the lovely grapes on.

  67. Madeline says:

    What brings you joy in the holiday season? Remembering that every gift comes from above and working to keep that spirit alive in kindness to myself and to others.

    ALSO include a number (1 to 4 ) to signify which yukata you want. So very difficult as they are all lovely! 1 or 3. 2 or 4. Number 3, please. Thank you for the giveaway.

  68. Veronica says:

    These Yukatas are so sweet. They look comfortable. I might wear it for a while and decide to make something else with it- but will hesitate before cutting it. It would be so nice to wear. Hard to choose- any would be wonderful! Number 1- if I must choose!

  69. Kerry S. says:

    What brings the most joy to me during the Holidays is spending time with family and friends–enjoying wonderful meals, sharing stories, playing games, and enjoying the decorations of the season, especially the outdoor decorative lighting. It is also a particular joy in our family to give back to those in need, especially supporting food banks. Yakuta #4 really speaks to me, but all are very lovely.

  70. Susan says:

    What brings me joy is seeing my two beautiful daughters for the holidays.

  71. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    My children and grandchildren bring me joy all the time, especially during holiday times. Any of the 4 would be wonderful but number 2 is my favorite.

  72. Carolyn says:

    Sitting by the open fire, a pot of soup on the stove, the tree decorated, presents wrapped, loved ones safe and time to plan next year’s quilting projects. #1

  73. Janice says:

    Like most people, family get togethers give me Joy during the holidays. I love seeing the kids growing up. Some we don’t see but once or twice a year, so the difference is very noticeable. Best of all, is when a new baby comes into the family and we not only get to sew for the new little ones, but we get to hold them close and get a good dose of baby. There’s nothing like being with family for the holidays.
    Yukata No. 1 I would wear it. I absolutely could not cut it up.
    Thanks for the great give away.

  74. Stashu Smaka says:

    putting all the christmas lights in a pile in front of instead of on the house, and lighting them up. yukata #3

  75. Peg Swartzman says:

    I enjoy remembering the village I grew up in and the caroling party Christmas Eve. My family now is mixed religions and so I created a tradition of giving the family a game for the first night of Hannukah. A game night or afternoon is still my favorite joy of this season.
    I like either # 1 or #4.. Put my name in for the one with less voters! Is that fair?

  76. Cheri Searles says:

    My family brings me my greatest joys…always! I love number 2!

  77. Nancy says:

    Travel with family. #2

  78. Linda Fleming says:

    Celebrating Christmas with family and friends, far and near!
    #3 of your wonderful Yukatas – for my husband…

  79. M Trelfer says:

    Joy – is being with my family. Number 4 1 3 2 thank you

  80. Denise says:

    Beause my sons do not live near by, having my three sons and thier families here with me brings me joy at Christmas. It is crazy hectic, but joyful.

  81. Denise says:

    Oops forgot the choices – 1,4,2,3

  82. Liana says:

    So beautiful. # 1 sings to my heart.

  83. Barbara Hanaburgh says:

    Not really a big fan of the Christmas season, I’m glad when it’s over. Number 1 makes me smile the most. Thank you for the 4 giveaways!

  84. Barbara Minton says:

    I grew up as an army brat and aunts, uncles & cousins were usually half the country away. So having my kids and grand kids within a short distance makes a joyful holiday season for me. I would love to have Yukata # 2 with the cherries and it would get cut up eventually for an art quilt.

  85. Rachaeldaisy says:

    The merriness of Christmas brings me joy. The cheerfulness and celebration, and pretty sparkly decorations. These Yakatas are all beautiful but I paticularly love No.2 with the cherries.

  86. Donna DeShazo says:

    What brings me joy at this season? Family! It’s the one time of the year that we come together, from the Pacific NW, the Southwest, and the Pacific Coast. I love seeing the youngest generation as they move from childhood to teens….
    I would love to have kimono #1…no, wait, #4…or #3….or #2!

  87. My children. Having young children makes the holidays such a special time for me. I would love to win #2

  88. babs ratner says:

    the holidays is about gifting and loving family and friends. I would hang the kimono if I were to win. And would love to have #2 very very much. xo

  89. Susan Zakanycz says:

    Visiting with family brings me joy. #2

  90. Dot says:

    I love celebrating with my family. But I also enjoy making a contribution to every red kettle that I pass. My favorite is #1, which might be just the one I need to finish my yukata quilt!

  91. Felicia M. says:

    The holidays were very special to my mom growing up(Christmas day was her Birthday and my brother would have leave from the Navy).
    So having my nieces, nephews and other extended family together now sharing and teaching them her(our),traditional Japanese recipes brings me great joy!

  92. Jamie S says:

    The wonder on my grandchildren’s faces gives me joy at Christmas. I would be thrilled with any one of the kimonos. They are each exquisite. Thank you for the opportunity.

  93. Judi Bushby says:

    Spending time with family is what brings joy at Christmas. Sharing kind thoughts and happy times. Number 3 is my favourite. I am always drawn to textiles with a geometric print and my son would live this for a summer robe.

  94. Meriul E. says:

    What brings me the most joy is getting together with family and friends during the holidays. My choice is number 1. Thank you for this opportunity.

  95. Dale W says:

    What gives me joy is making things to give to loved ones and those less fortunate. I love to sew and quilt! I have loved all the beautiful yukata cottons I have purchased from you and enjoy using them. Thank you! # 3

  96. Nancy says:

    What brings me joy is the warmth and cheer exchanged between people who would probably never interact. I love them all. 4 would be first choice

  97. Dorothy Bird says:

    I love that so many wonderful and distinctive hand made things are available to buy for gifts and for myself. Truly inspirational ! #4 would be my choice.

  98. Jessica Jones-Coggins says:

    What brings me joy? Cotton. The smell of freshly ironed cotton. The feel of it in my hands. The smell of freshly ironed cotton evokes memories of my early sewing days. #4

  99. Kathy Hendry says:

    Christmas carols, lights, cool nights, little kids’ smiles bring me joy in the season.

  100. Vicki Seals says:

    I love putting up the tree and watching the lights. I like #2. Thank you for such a great giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  101. Kathie L says:

    I love the music of Christmas. The idea of anticipating something miraculous. I’d love to show off a yukata to my Japanese friend. My favorites, in order, are 2,4,1,3. Thanks so much.

  102. Heidi says:

    I am joyful if I am able to complete a handmade gift for everyone on my list! My first choice is #3 as I would gift it to my husband. Also love #4, but of course they are all beautiful!

  103. Amy L says:

    Quiet walks after dark, taking in the festive lights brings me joy during the holidays. I like #2, but would be happy with any of the lovely yukatas.

  104. Linda says:

    The lights and colors of the season make the season bright!

  105. Karen Sternberg says:

    Yukata #2, so fun & vibrant. I’d probably wear it sometimes, but alternate w/ hanging it somewhere so I could enjoy looking it.

    Chorale music at midnight Mass, particularly joyful.

  106. Sheelagh says:

    The most joy of the holiday season is spending time with family.
    My favourite is number 4 – the design with the grapes is so beautiful.
    Thanks for the contest.
    Happy Holidays!

  107. michele duffy says:

    Listening to the snow fall. I live near an open field but there’s a light on the other side so I can see the flakes coming down and hear their almost silent fall. It’s breathtaking and meditative.
    #2 with those lovely cherries would be wonderful.

  108. melissa says:

    I get my most joy from spending the holidays with my family and friends. Baking, playing games and spending time outside is best when shared.
    My yukata preferences are 1,2,4,3. Thank you for the opportunity.

  109. Maryln Nelson says:

    Family & friends. #2

  110. Loretta Romanko says:

    Christmas is about the music and the smells… Bing Crosby, Barbara Striesand, pine trees, nutmeg, turkey….. As the backdrop for family members talking and laughing and remembering!!!
    Love to have #2, thanks!

  111. Kris Nardello says:

    Hearing young voices singing traditional carols acappella brings heartfelt tears to my eyes for the beauty of the voices weaving through complex melodies. #2 makes me happy and I would wear it.

  112. Peggy File says:

    The love that I feel for my fellow man. The decorating that my husba d and I do together. The creche, the music, christmas eve candle lighting at my church.

  113. Peggy File says:

    I forgot to say #3

  114. Lorraine F. Emineth says:

    family and the time to spend with them….my new Marine grandson will be home for the holidays….can’t wait to see that young man and tell him how proud I am…# 2

  115. Teresa Ruch says:

    I would hang it for a while in my studio where I can enjoy the design in the fabric. I would then start a collection of fabrics that would go with it to make a quilt. A wall piece that would have other fabrics of hand dyed and printed designs that I would create to make an abstract piece. The yukata piece would be the feature design. I like the all but number 4 gives me joy to look at, then 1, 2, 3

  116. Signe says:

    Our annual small neighborhood get together refreshes our caring for one another. Family is of course a big part of the holiday with cooking being shared by all. Quiet times, riotous laughter. #4 stole my heart

  117. Emily Klainberg says:

    Family brings me joy during the holiday season. I’d want #3 if I win. thanks for the opportunity

  118. Martha Isbister says:

    I love all the colorful holiday lights that people put up, and leave up into February!
    The geometric design, 3 grabs my attention. Happy Holidays!

  119. jlbergen says:

    Great joy comes from family being home for the holidays (including my son who lives in Tokyo). I love #4.

  120. Renae Matson says:

    The joy of the season is sewing for my four little grandchildren and spending time with the, in the kitchen, preparing all the treats I made their parents! Life is so good……being a grandmother is the ultimate gift! I love #4 because we used to own
    Vineyards! Happy Holidays to you! Renae

  121. Barbro says:

    Making others happy gives me the most pleasure. Yukata #1 would provide inspiration in my sewing room.

  122. Kris Koponen says:

    I feel joy in seeing all the kindness and love that is shared so openly over the holidays, the bright spirits and warm hearts. All the yukatas are beautiful, my favorites in order are 1-4-2-3. I would display it at first so I could admire its artistry and think of its history. Next I’d pass it on to my daughter. My dayghter is of Japanese ancestry and would feel honored to wear a beautiful yukata! Looking forward to JaponTex!

  123. Tobie says:

    I love being around family this time of year and I love all the yukatas. I would probably wear mine.

  124. Janet Hasselblad says:

    Love them all! I’d wear them in a house, with a mouse and cry while cuuting them up for quilts. My favorite thing about the holidays is live music, lights and family. I like 2, 1, 4, 3.

  125. Kathleen McQuiggin says:

    Singing Christmas songs bring joy to me. Love #2 with the Cherries!

  126. Gill says:

    My family bring me joy every day – not just Christmas!
    #4 please

  127. Twinkle lights, Christmas music, snowflakes and happy children bring me joy in the holiday season! Thank you for the beautiful giveaway. Number four is my favorite.

  128. Ann Hedberg says:

    What I love most about the holiday season is the spirit of Christmas that seems to surround us at this time. I love the family time together.
    If I am lucky enough to win, I would like No. 2.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  129. Alice Brody says:

    The lights, the ornaments, and most importantly family and friends together.#4 or #1

  130. Andrea Bursaw says:

    The best joy of the season is when something I have made brings the recipient delight; it’s the unmistakable surprise and happiness, especially when the person doesn’t know it’s coming. I would give #3 to my husband to wear, studying how it looks on him to decide how I will eventually cut it up and make something else.

  131. meg says:

    beautiful fabrics

  132. Nancy says:

    Each one is beautiful. My favorite is number one.

  133. Nina Dilley says:

    My holiday joy comes from the warm little hugs and kisses from my two Grandchildren and being able to witness their excitement during the holidays.
    I would love to be gifted Yukata #1 for my daughter who would wear it with respect and treasure it as I treasure her.
    Happy Holidays and Peace to All

  134. Laura Marston says:

    Family is the Joy for me and somehow we always manage to find a way to get together.
    I would be thrilled to win any of the four but # 2 would be my choice!

  135. Adamandia K says:

    Friends and family bring joy to the holidays. [Yukata choice #2]

  136. Lyn Wolf Jackson says:

    What brings me joy in this season is the snowy weather and being with my family, actually the seasons and my family bring me joy all year. My yukata choice would be the cherry blossoms, #2. Thanks for the opportunity.

  137. martha thompson says:

    stormy weather at this time of year is joyful because we can be still to make stuff.#1
    or #3.

  138. Patty Simmons says:

    My grandsons’ joy brings me happiness. I would love #4. Thank you. Peace.

  139. Laura says:

    Number 1.
    Many things bring me joy in this season, but most of all the smiles and laughs of friends and family.

  140. Carola S. De Pasuale says:

    What brings me joy is the effort that family members take to be with their loved ones. My heart leaps with joy when we are all sitting down at the table talking about our lives and then I have flashbacks of when they were little kids, and then I think my own childhood and feel the hug of time.

  141. Donna Capis says:

    What I enjoy most is having family all together in one place. We can catch up with each other face to face. I know there is e-mail and Skype but it’s so much better in person. And everyone has a hand in the food preparation, much fun had by all. The Yukata that I like best is #1 though they are all wonderful.

  142. Lois Reimer says:

    What brings me joy during the holidays is when I see my grandchildren spontaneously thinking of ideas of giving to those in need. It is a sign of the true spirit of the season. I would love number 2.

  143. Vivian Roop says:

    +Touching base with friends, opening those boxes and boxes of decorations recalling past holidays and enjoying the special foods that only make their way to the table at this time of year.

  144. Carole Anderson says:

    Being with my family brings me the most joy during the holidays. I would like yukata number one.

  145. Joanne says:

    The tiny things bring me joy … hand cutting snowflakes for the window, hanging a wreath on the door, discovering new ways to perk up the house with holiday themed, easy to make decorations. Yukata No. 4.

  146. karen bianchini says:

    I love having all my friends and family gathered in one place, my home, once a year to share food and good company. I especially am grateful to my son for traveling to this event each year because he knows how much it means to me. My order of preference is 4,3,1,2.

  147. Margaret says:

    Listening to “sacred” choral music bring me joy!

  148. Beate Christy says:

    I ll be back to La Conner soon. Last visit was to the Kaffe Fasset exhibit a couple of years ago. I hope this is an annual event !I started with sashiko some years ago and enjoy the versatility of the running stitch.

  149. Rebecca Durham says:

    What brings me joy in the holiday season is everything – family, food, sights, smells, children, singing, candles and the beauty that surrounds us everywhere.

    Yukata #1, but all of them are absolutely beautiful.

  150. Dionne Matthies-Buban says:

    What brings me joy this time of year?
    Making dresses for my little niece! The yukatas are beautiful! 2 and 4 are my faves

  151. SOOZ says:

    the holidays are all about children who are in their 50’s have never
    missed coming home for christmas,,,coming from london , japan, new york,,
    year after year.,now with their families..,my husband and i are truly blessed.
    love yukata with the cherries, #2.

  152. Karen M. says:

    Family definitely brings me joy, especially my daughter who will be home for a week at Christmas. Love all the yukatas, but probably #4 the most.

  153. Michelle says:

    Joy for me is seeing the delightful interactions of family members, ages 18 months to 94, at our annual holiday brunch! 1432

  154. Mary Helen in OR says:

    Thank you so much for this generous offer. I love the spirit and acts of giving that the season fosters. Acts of caring for others; food drives, toy drives, even the collection of new underwear for shelters; make my heart sing. Yukata number 3 would be an inspiring fabric for me.

  155. Sheryl L. Ramstad says:

    #4 Being with family brings me joy in the holiday season! We always gather around a very difficult jigsaw puzzle with laughs and drinks and puzzle till all hours of the night!

  156. Brenda says:

    People — friends and family — bring me joy this holiday season. I would choose No. 2, followed by Nos. 1 and 4.

  157. Hester Tinti says:

    I love decorating the house for Christmas. It is preparation for all the family to gather, eat great food, open gifts, and sing together. Pine scents, spices and candles make magic for one brief time each year. 1423 would be my preference in the yukatas.

  158. sharon says:

    christmas cookies and my nephew who still believes in santa
    i like no4 tthen 2 then 1 then 3

  159. Ray Burkr says:

    I love the opportunity to visit family and friends. I would be pleased and blessed to display whichever I received. Thank you.

  160. Nicole says:

    I would go for #3 if I win and get to choose (love blue with orange!). My Christmas mantle gives me joy. It’s a fake garland intertwined with white fairy lights and four figurines: a clay angel, a plastic Father Christmas, a vintage mercury glass snowman, and a wooden Nutcracker. For me all those symbolize the different parts of Christmas: religion, secular, winter, and tradition. And it looks nice too.

    Second favourite JOY is our xmas book collection. I’ve got board books, non fiction, chapter books, picture books, joke books, trivia, song books, and more. Over 40 books that only come out for a few weeks a year. My kids love them, visitors love it, it’s awesome. (less awesome are the duplicates I’ve accidentally acquired).

    Thanks Patricia. Happy holidays to you!

  161. Mania says:

    In the holiday season makes me the most pleasure meeting with family- My children live with their families in other countries. If I win, I would like yukata No. 2. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway !

  162. Sharon L. says:

    Having our son home for Christmas. He is single and our only child (43 Yrs.) A small family. #1

  163. Dwana Zahn says:

    Having the family together. We had a scare with my sister this year and thank God everything turned out wonderfully after her surgery.

  164. Debra Callaway says:

    What brings me Joy in the Holiday season? Spending time with Family, finding just the perfect gift and finding creative ways to package gifts with guessable shapes and sizes to make it not so easy to guess. To decorate the tree with well loved ornaments that are full of memories of Christmases Past.

  165. Debra Callaway says:

    I forgot. My favorite is #2 Cherries, but I also absolutely love the Geometric (#3) but would love to have any of them (and I would wear it if it was not too small)

  166. Teresa Vainoris says:

    I do love the giving spirit–just wish it continued for 11 more months.
    My choice is #2

  167. Colleen says:

    My grandchildren give me joy everyday but watching them wrapping presents they bought for their family members was so much fun they had choices of wrapping paper and plenty of tape and scissors. They were sitting around a coffee table busy choosing what to wrap and which paper to use and watching to see that the intended recipient was not looking.
    I would be pleased to be chosen to receive any of these beautiful garments and I have not one clue what I’d do if I got one until I see it and feel it

  168. Michelle Flamer says:

    Family brings me joy at Christmastime! I like them all but Number 3 is very pretty-my birthday is Christmas Day so I am partial to the color red!

  169. Lyn says:

    #2 would be my choice. What brings me joy is spending time with family and friends, and simple pleasures like going for a drive to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

  170. Linda says:

    Joy for the season – I have enjoyed the holiday celebrations with 3 of my quilt guilds. All of them included sharing our talents with the less fortunate by giving to community needs – homeless children and pets, hospice, battered women, etc. All are beautiful – my preference would be 2, 1, 4, 3, but would love any if I won. I would hang, wear, and share with my daughter.

  171. Nan Jorgensen says:

    The wonder in a child’s eyes and laughter at the lights, music, packages, giving, all the special joys of the season.

  172. Garen says:

    Joy come from my boys being home from school – I miss them terribly while they are away. Also my sparkly Christmas trees !
    Love number 1,

  173. Alia says:

    I love all of the yukatas! Thank you.

  174. Toni Lachance says:

    What gave me joy this Christmas was having my mom with us, and sharing memories of Christmas with my dad. If I win I would love number 2, but any of them would have a happy home with me.

  175. Patricia Sherman says:

    Seeing other people’s happiness puts joy in my heart. They are all so beautiful, but since I am a larger person I would like number 3. I have a similar one that is too small now, given to me by my brother and his Japanese wife around 1962. My fabric is not nearly as nice as yours. Love seeing all your posts!

  176. Cyndi Campbell says:

    Joy from returning to live in the states and seeing family, again. (3)

  177. Sara Goss says:

    I find holiday joy in beauty. The beauty of nature dressed in her pared-down winter colors, the beauty of holiday sparkle in our decorations and the eyes of children, and especially the beauty of spending joyful time with family and friends.

  178. Bonnie Sue Flynn says:

    I love the cherries but any of them would be great. sewing for my grand daughter is my christmas joy.

  179. Lori East says:

    What brings me joy in the holidays? ALL of it. From the simple family time and glorious excitement in the whirlwind of preparations to delicious meals and the greatest joy of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus. People are kinder, the weather is cooler, and the light is wonderful. Really. I love it all.

    This is very generous of you! My favorite is, I think, #3. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  180. Jessica says:

    The first one is gorgeous and classy

  181. Jenny K. Lyon says:

    I find joy in the quiet moments of Christmas. I keep the gifts and parties to a minimum and celebrate Christ-mas. I am in that brief period where my children have left the nest but do not yet have wives or children-this period of quiet will not last! I’d love #2! Thank you!

  182. Chris Chambers says:

    I collect toys for various charities during the holidays.
    I would probably hang one of these (couldn’t bear to cut into one). Preference would be number 2 or 4. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!!

  183. Michelle Banton says:

    Seeing other people happy brings me joy at the holidays (and all year round). Which would I like? They are all beautiful, but probably # 4 or # 1. But I certainly would enjoy any of them. And – I would probably wear it. Happy New Year!

  184. Laurie W says:

    I love giving gifts and spending time with family. I also love #4.

  185. Karen Wheeler says:

    I enjoy being with family. #3

  186. Emily Klainberg says:

    Family and friends gives me great joy during the holiday and all year long.
    I love #2 I will wear it!!!

  187. elizabeth baker says:

    Joy=Friends, Family and winter weather.
    Any one of them would be grand.

  188. Nancy says:

    I love the colors of number 2.

  189. Maribeth says:

    Number two will be gorgeous cut into big blocks for a quilt.

  190. Reid Barnhart says:

    #1….Joy for the season is thinking and planning for family and friends and then being with family. this year we had our first greatgrandbaby joining in the family celebration.

  191. Margaret Crawford says:

    I love your fabrics!! If they are more beautiful in person than they are on the computer, they must really knock your sock off!!
    Problem: I am not a quilter. I could see these fabrics used in a garment but because the fabric is so narrow, it would to be seamed together and matched. This brings to mind print repeat. How far apart are the repeats?
    Has this been done with your fabrics? I can’t believe it hasn’t been attempted with great success.