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david owen hastings: paper, scissors, thread

david owen hastings: paper, scissors, thread

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  Artist David Owen Hastings gets big points from me because he made a quilt when he was in high school.

There’s always a big hullabaloo when a guy quilts. What about a one as a teen? Now that’s something special.

David creates non-stop. It he’s not designing communications for good causes, David’s layering up one of his graphic abstractions where he combines intriguing monoprints, copied photos, special papers and lots of matte acrylic medium.

IMG_4140In many compositions, David stitches the top elements on his vintage sewing machine before he collages everything together. The dashed line of the thread adds a tactile effect that sinuously treks across the organic patterns. David mounts his final art on canvas, wood panels or heavy paper.

Last week I visited David at his home in Shoreline. His sweet dog, Ally, stayed with us as we sipped tea, toured the house to look at his art collection and checked out his impeccable studio. In his workspace I saw the Singer he’s been using since he was a kid, flat files filled with printed papers, and stacks of almost finished art.

David’s art is full of harmony with sculptural qualities and a graphic sophistication. You can find his collages at SAM Gallery, RE Welch on First Avenue in downtown Seattle and many shows around town. Right now David is part of a show of printmakers at Phinney Center Gallery titled “Painters Under Pressure.”

Art by David Owen Hastings


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