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curves unleashed

curves unleashed

By Patricia Belyea

LA CONNER, WA  The goal of this year’s Yukata Cotton & Curves Workshop was to play with simple component compositions. You make one element. Then you make another element. Then you make another element. Then you connect them all together.

The word of the week was FUN. No big masterplans. Just look at what is in front of you and think about what would be fun to make next. As one person commented: a Zen approach.

This was an Alum Session so the quilters had all taken a Curves or Doodle Piecing Workshop with me before. That gave them the skill set to work fast and have fun.

Here’s the Workroom where everyone gathered on Sunday afternoon to drop off their gear and head off to the Welcome Dinner at Nell Thorn. I hung quilts from my book, East-Meets-West Quilts, on the design walls. Ironically, there’s not a curve in sight!

On Wednesday afternoon, after we toured the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, we headed to the waterfront. There we visited Indigo Stitch and caught up with the Pippens. Sylvia Pippen opened her pristine stitch shop last December. Her mother Kitty, now 98, is a living treasure who introduced vintage Japanese textiles to American quilters in the mid-1980s.

Kitty and I are both identical twins so we share the bond of twinship with our love of Japanese textiles!

The whole experience this May was remarkable: great quilters, amazing projects, good food, and a lovely location.

If exploring curved piecing in your quilt compositions appeals to you, I invite you to join me this July or September for a Yukata Quilting Workshop in La Conner. For info on the upcoming sessions, just +click here

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8 comments to “curves unleashed”

  1. Susan Mayer says:

    Had a great time!

  2. Judith lawrance says:

    The patterns are fantastic! I just want to touch and behold the beautiful fabric!

  3. Penny Torkington says:

    Wonderful to see all these familiar faces and such creative work. I missed being there, but was away on a trip to Europe with Don. I know you learned lots of new tricks and stretched yourselves to try new things. Patricia has a way of bringing that out in us!! I sure like the work you did this year. It is getting me in the mood to quilt again.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Penny—You were missed but it sounds like you were having a wonderful time. Gloria took over your corner and had a glorious time! PB

  4. Susan Cherry says:

    Just love these “improv” quilts. Somewhat reminiscent of Gees Bend quilts

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Susan—These projects are really expressions of the makers. I think that’s why they remind you of Gee’s Bend quilts. PB