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curtis steiner: an eye for beauty

curtis steiner: an eye for beauty

By Patricia Belyea 

NEIGHBOR SERIES :: When Curtis Steiner opened his first shop on old Ballard Ave, he named it Souvenir—meaning “memory” and not a place to buy Space Needle salt and pepper shakers. Once filled with sublime art objects and his handmade cards, today his original retail space is slated to be replaced by an elevator shaft.

Four months after being displaced, Curtis started a new venue just down the street. Bearing his own name, the shop creates a total experience with its amassing of artist-made and antique treasures.Treasures at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Little drawers fill many of the shop fixtures. Each one brims with even more goods full of intriguing details.

Drawers at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Handmade cards still play a role in Curtis’ success. Two large cabinets display his greetings cards where Curtis recycles iconic paintings from his early days.

Handmade cards at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

With an eye for the unique, Curtis seeks out vintage and antique jewelry as well as crafts his own delicate gemstone ornaments.

Unique jewelry at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Vintage jewelry at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Vintage jewelry at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

The most recent art installation, Alex Lockwood’s paper sculptures made with discarded scratch tickets, added modern and colorful elements throughout the shop.

Alex Lockwood “Garden” at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

No matter where you look, there is something to catch the eye.Look up at Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Wrapped up with a wide brown ribbon, overflowing tissue excelsior and a gold-rimmed flower, gifts from Curtis Steiner elicit delight from those who appreciate the interesting and the eccentric.Gift wrap at Curtis Steiner, SeattleAlways knowing he would grow up to be an artist, Curtis uses his innate talents to create a rich environment stocked with his curated collection. Part decorative art gallery, part antique shop, part gift store, Curtis Steiner is a place to discover objects of wonderful beauty.

To gain more insights into Curtis’ world and stay up to date on new finds, follow: Curtis on Instagram.

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