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counterintuitive fun

counterintuitive fun

By Patricia Belyea  

SEATTLE WA  Today, while winds blew high and hail pelleted down, students stayed warm and cosy at Okan Arts Shop. The lesson of the day was Counterintuitive Piecing—making a quilt top in the exact opposite way as generally prescribed.

Counterintuitive Piecing Class at Okan Arts ShopWe cut up fabrics with scissors and sewed them back together—creating slightly wacky and mismatched blocks. This approach creates a folksy look that can’t be imitated with rotary cutters and cutting mats.

Counterintuitive Piecing Class at Okan Arts ShopWhen the class day ended, each student was about halfway done. I have scheduled the next Counterintuitive Piecing class as a weekend event—two days of learning (April 19-20)—so students leave with a finished quilt top!


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