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color dash: a fabric collection by heather jones

color dash: a fabric collection by heather jones

By Heather Jones, designer of quilts and fabrics, author, teacher, and speaker

CINCINNATI OH It’s so exciting that my first collection of fabric, Color Dash for Robert Kaufman, is starting to make its way out into the world. The fabrics began shipping to independent retailers in September so you will be able to find them in your local shop very soon.

Color Dash is based on some of my sketchbook drawings, so there are a lot of bold graphic shapes that I originally created with markers and pencils.

I really wanted my first fabric collection to be a good stash builder full of beautiful colors. I think Color Dash hits that mark well. In addition to its role as a basic, the bold graphic prints are definitely strong enough to be used independently.

Color Dash by Heather Jones

The team at Robert Kaufman have been so incredibly amazing to work with. I was able to finalize the collection at their offices when I was teaching in Los Angeles last September. It was so nice to be able to work directly with them, rather than remotely from my house.

Color Dash by Heather Jones

The collection comes in three colorways, Sorbet, Harvest, and Shadow. They are all Kona color-matched so they work beautifully with many of my favorite Kona solid cotton colors like Cerise, Nectarine, Curry, Ice Frappe, Bonsai, Shadow, Silver, Black, and White.

It’s been a fun challenge to work with prints again, as I’ve been working so much with solid colored cottons in recent years. I designed some new quilt patterns to showcase these prints. The first one is my Make Your Mark quilt— a free pattern (below) found on Robert Kaufman’s website.

The Sorbet colorway (left) is full of warm tones in bright, saturated colors like cerise and nectarine with five prints. The Harvest colorway (center), with five prints, has cool tones of slightly muted blue and green, and a warm curry yellow. The Shadow colorway (right) just might be my favorite, as I’ve been on a black and white kick for well over a year. It contains eight prints in black and white, as well as shades of gray.

Color Dash by Heather Jones

Robert Kaufman also designed two quilts to showcase Color Dash. Both quilt designs are available as free patterns on their website, too. Below is Churn Dash quilt that features four large-scale churn dash blocks in the Sorbet colorway.


Also designed by Robert Kaufman, the Color Theory quilt (below) uses a little bit of every fabric in the Color Dash collection. Although the design looks rather complex, the quilt is quite easy to put together.

Marakech quilt by Heather Jones

Inspired by a vintage quilt, I designed Dash quilt (below) to highlight the collection—using the Sorbet and Harvest colorways.

It’s a great project to play with color and value, plus a good opportunity to brush up on your piecing skills. The bold design works well with both solid and printed fabrics. 

Dash quilt by Heather Jones

Marrakech quilt (below) is made in the Shadow colorway. The large-scale design, inspired by Moroccan tiles, is a great project to showcase your favorite fabrics. The Marrakech pattern works very well with solid fabrics too. The background fabric creates an eye-catching secondary design—a radiating star pattern.

Marrakech quilt by Heather Jones

While I admit that it’s quite satisfying to create things with fabric that I designed, I’m most excited to see what others make with it. Feel free to share your quilts and sewing projects using the hashtag #colordashfabric on social media. I can’t wait to see what you make with Color Dash!

Color Dash by Heather Jones

To visit Heather Jones’ website +click here

To visit Heather Jones’ shop where you can buy the patterns for Dash and Marakkech quilts, her book, more patterns, and prints +click here

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3 comments to “color dash: a fabric collection by heather jones”

  1. Kae Eagling says:

    What awesome prints from Heather.

  2. Janet C. Wright says:

    Beautiful, clean colors and lines. This will be a successful line of fabrics.

  3. Andrea Bursaw says:

    The freshness and understatement of your colors and designs are most appealing!