Creativity & Complex Curves
Student work from Complex Curves Workshop with Patricia Belyea
Student work from Complex Curves Workshop with Patricia Belyea
Student work from Complex Curves Workshop with Patricia Belyea
Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts

Creativity & Complex Curves

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Workshop A

THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE OFFERED AGAIN IN FALL 2022. To be on the Interested List for Priority Registration, send an email request to Patricia Belyea +here

SEP | OCT | NOV 2021
Five 3-hour sessions, every two weeks
Instructor: Patricia Belyea

Workshop A and Workshop B are exactly the same except for the Workshop times.

Mondays: Sep 20, Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 1, Nov 15
Hawaii 7am-10am* | Alaska 9am-Noon | Pacific 10am-1pm | Mountain 11am-2pm | Central Noon-3pm | Eastern 1pm-4pm | UK 6pm-9pm | W Eur 6pm-9pm | C Eur 7pm-10pm 
*Time change during workshop

Being able to add complex curves to your quilt designs is like being given keys to the universe. It opens up so many possibilities for inspiring new directions in your quilts.

​In this online workshop, you learn to add curved piecing to your quilt designs. You start by making a complex curved block. Then you move to continual curves, curved compositions, circles and squares, and curved connectors.

The workshop challenges you to think creatively as you learn new skills. Besides attending the workshop, you have two weeks to work on your projects before you get your next assignment.

Photos show student work.

Our Promise To You
If only one person signs up for the Workshop, it’s still a go. Patricia loves to teach and does not cancel published workshops. 


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You totally blew me away with this class. It really challenged me and often in ways I had not expected. I learned far more than how to create designs with complex curves.  Anne G

My head is full of inspiration, skills, ideas and freedom to create from the experience of being in your class.  Sally C

You lead THE BEST CLASS! Simply can’t say that loudly enough. That you are an artist is great however that you are an artist who is also a gifted teacher is unusual. I have benefited from your class way beyond my expectations. WAY beyond. Darcy S

I really appreciate this class and your wonderful teaching style. It has made a real difference in my understanding of not only the use of curves (which I now loooove!) but also in terms of how to think about creating designs and then making patterns to carry them out.  Annemarie R

You are a competent quilter and are able to:

- to sew and understand quilting terms

- attend a Zoom event with a device larger than a mobile phone, such as an iPad or laptop

- photograph your homework assignments and upload your photos to a private online space (not Facebook) or email your photos to Patricia to upload. A smart phone is perfect for taking your photos.

Patricia Belyea takes joy in teaching quilters how to add curves to their fabric compositions. Her step-by-step approach gives quilt novices and veterans alike the skills to design and sew multi-directional curves that are completely flat. Patricia has taught curved piecing in the US, Canada and the UK.

If you have a schedule change before the Workshop begins and Okan Arts can fill your space, you will receive a full refund less a $50 service fee. Once the Workshop begins, there are no refunds for missing any or all of the sessions. 

This workshop is as much about stretching yourself creatively as learning a new skill set.

- Don't measure yourself against anyone else

- Smile while you work on your projects

- Keep sewing