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updating a classic

updating a classic

by Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  I received this low-to-the-ground chair for my 6oth birthday in July. I was told that it’s a hand-stitching chair — a special chair for a woman who’s working on a needlecraft project.

Hand-stitching Chair SeatAlthough it was “love at first sit,” I wasn’t too keen on the drab, needlepoint seat. So I finished up a UFO — a free-motion stitching sampler and covered the chair.

(The original seat cover was not harmed in the refresh of this chair. It’s underneath the new quilted seat.)

The brown, checked fabric is from a cotton shirt of my dad’s. The rest are yukata cottons.

Hand-stitching chair seat, detailI’ve already spent a few hours in my old/new chair. The 9′ x 7′ quilt I’m hand-stitching flows all around me on the floor. I assume that’s how this chair is supposed to work.

Has anyone else heard of a hand-stitching chair?




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2 comments to “updating a classic”

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Fabulous update! Are you really hand quilting that big one?!

  2. Patricia Belyea says:

    Yup. I’ve stitched about two square feet. I’d like to be finished by December. (Only in my dreams!)