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boy, were they surprised!

boy, were they surprised!

There was the oddest conversation for the first ten minutes at the church hall in Mount Vernon this morning. Due to a complete miscommunication, the gals at Northwest Quilt Connection (NQC) thought I wanted six long tables for putting my presentation props on.

My contract said that I was going to be putting on a trunk show with my lecture, but no one really knew what that meant. Finally, our hostess Joy Neal said “Oh, you want to set up a shop.” Once we started talking the same language, it became apparent that the yukata cottons should be in the foyer where there was lots of room.

I felt pretty self-conscious about the trunk show today for two reasons. First of all, it was unexpected and maybe not something NQC likes to do. Secondly, I have acquired so many bolts since StashFest that I have a HUGE inventory. It was an embarrassment of riches.

All the same, the NQC members enjoyed seeing the extensive assortment of Japanese fabrics. There was quite a bit of diversity in what was purchased—a good amount of indigos, some of the outrageous abstracts, and plenty of the classic flowers and Japanese motifs.

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