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By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  This morning I took my Three Hill Walk with a camera. I was looking for some design ideas for a quilt top I am working on titled “Courage.” Although this quilt has nothing to do with flowers, I couldn’t help myself and started taking photos of unusual blossoms along the way.

Then I realized the significance of the flowers for me. I am blossoming, emerging as an artist. That is a big mouthful for me as I have always considered myself creative and nothing more.

Today is June 23. The 23rd day of the month has been auspicious for me.

On May 23, 1980 my first child, Kalynda Janine was born. Kalynda died 17 hours later. All of my expectations were dashed and my life was derailed as I recovered from the loss.

On December 23, 1983, I moved into an apartment in Seattle with Michael. We had just arrived from California, knew no one in the city and had never lived together. It was the first day of forging a life together. (This year we will celebrate 30 years in Seattle and 29 years of marriage.)

Today I am choosing to jump off the cliff into the unknown. To allow myself to make quilts that might not be functional. To express ideas through my craft…I mean, my art.

Blossoms 2, June 23



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