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happy StashFest presenters

happy StashFest presenters

By Patricia Belyea 

LA CONNER WA  When the doors opened for the StashFest Preview Sale on Saturday morning, everyone in the Civic Garden Club hall was ready. Tables and tables of fabrics looked fabulous. The initial rush of shoppers lasted almost three hours. When the day ended, the result was healthy sales and pleased StashFest presenters.

Today the weather in La Conner started with a deluge. It was still raining when we opened at 11am. The pace of shoppers slowed down completely—about 10% of the previous day. But something else happened. With its relaxed pace, there were longer conversations and more sparked relationships.

StashFest’s big goal is to raise funds for La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. Its second goal is to connect the Northwest quilting and textile community. When we spend time getting to know one another, StashFest Magic happens.

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