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a visit with blair stocker

a visit with blair stocker

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  Earlier this week I drove 92 blocks north to the home of Blair Stocker, the force behind Wise Craft Handmade. Blair is known for turning meaningful fabrics into modern quilts.

When I pulled up to Blair’s address, I spied her classic Craftsman house through the gray November rain. Once inside, I discovered an airy home filled with all sorts of crafty delights—including a rack of quilts, of course.
For a short while, Blair and I chatted upstairs about what we’ve been up to and our aspirations for 2019. Then we descended into her envy-inspiring full basement studio. On one end was an extensive library, on the other a design wall, and in between all sorts of spaces for Blair to be creative.
Blair kindly gave me one of her trademarked Ruby Rulers, an essential tool for discerning the color values of fabrics. This is great for understanding the contrast between patterned lights and darks for dynamic quilt designs—especially in scrap quilts. I’ll definitely be using the Ruby Ruler in my practice.

Although most folks know Blair as a speaker, teacher and author, I was amazed to learn that she’s produced a workshop video that teaches aspiring and experienced quilters every step for making a quilt—from her philosophy to designing to finishing. That’s a very ambitious project!

Titled Dream, Learn, Quilt!, the online workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to learn right from her own sewing room. The workshop starts in January and runs for six weeks—with weekly video lessons and a private Facebook group gathering. The link for learning more is below, as well as a $25 discount for Okan Arts readers.

Blair and I could have kept talking but it was time for me to head back to my own studio. I drove south thinking about all the facets of Blair’s quilting and stitching endeavors—quilt making, two books, patterns, commissions, handmade goods (including her Found & Foraged Collection), and now an indie video workshop series. What an amazing neighbor!
To visit Blair’s website, Wise Craft Handmade +click here

To learn about Blair’s Dream, Learn, Quilt online workshop +click here
To receive a $25 discount for Blair’s Dream, Learn, Quilt! online workshop, use the Discount Code Okan25
Registration just opened and there is a $25 discount for early joiners. The Okan Arts Discount can be added to this discount for $50 off!
The first five students who sign up for the workshop receive a one-hour Skype consultation with Blair to discuss their goals and ideas for their quilt project.

To check out Blair’s Ruby Ruler +click here

To learn about Blair’s two books +click here

Note: Patricia Belyea has recommended products in this post. Please note that Patricia received no compensation for her comments except a useful Ruby Ruler.

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4 comments to “a visit with blair stocker”

  1. Janet Wright says:

    Another local talent! Thanks Patricia for letting us know about all of these wonderful talented people in our area

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Janet—If all goes well, I’ll visit Marcia Derst for a profile. I believe she’s a favorite designer of yours. PB

  2. David Owen Hastings says:

    What an inspiring person! Love all the light in her studio.