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birthday tea party

birthday tea party

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  Being born a twin includes, for me, sharing a womb, a childhood bedroom, and even boyfriends as teens. It also means sharing birthdays—as little ones, a pink cake for Pamela and a blue cake for me.

This morning Pam and I met at Miro Tea in Ballard at 8am. Pam was invigorated from her 6:30 yoga class, across the street at Kula Movement. I pulled myself away from cutting up triangles of indigo fabric to make our date. This was the only time we could get together to celebrate our birthday.

Miro Tea in Ballard, Seattle

In a tea shop filled with 200 teas and herbals, I ordered up a chai latte while Pam got her regular bright-green matcha latte. Huge GF tea cakes with wallops of dark red jam in the centers stood in for our colorful cakes.

Jim Stoccardo Painting at Miro TeaThe tea shop monthly features a different artist. Around us were gentle urban paintings of Jim Stoccardo, a Seattle artist who transforms cityscapes with unexpected inhabitants.

Although we’re neighbors, Pam and I have both been on the run these days. Refreshing tea, time together and a lovely spot to chat made a great present. So was the two-week pass to Kula from my sis. What a marvelous way to start the day and a new year.

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