seven august giveaways! :: Okan Arts
seven august giveaways!

seven august giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away Marcia Derse Designer Fabrics by Windham Fabrics—a set of five 7/8 yard pieces. There are seven giveaways, each valued at $52.50.

A dynamic and eclectic artist, Marcia Derse brings fresh ideas to quilting cottons. With her Art History: 101 Collection, Marcia playfully developed her fabric patterns named Amphora, Etruscan Glass, Cezanne Rooftops, Graphik Klee, Matisse Shutters, Miro Glyphs, Wald Klee, Hockney Pools, and even Blank Canvas. Also included in this giveaway are designs from Marcia’s Line Collection—an unabashed two-color pattern with messy brushstroke lines.

Working in her studio on Whidbey Island, northwest of Seattle, Marcia creates her inspirational compositions by working with plain muslin, fabric dyes and silkscreen paints. The result is a pattern portfolio full of color and texture!

Below are this month’s giveaway sets:
THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Joyce C of Chico CA, Carol T of Hermosa Beach CA, Cassidy R of Paso Robles CA, Jan B of Dummerston VT, Vicki O of Providence RI, Jill K of Boerne TX, and Michelle W of Madera CA.

To participate in the August giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What are your favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The August 2019 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on August 31, 2019. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (apologies to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Seven lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a five-piece set of Marcia Derse Designer Fabrics. Winners must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit Marcia’s website and shop for her fabrics +click here

To learn about Marcia on the Windham Fabrics website +click here

Thank you Windham Fabrics for the donation of Marcia Derse fabrics.

Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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508 comments to “seven august giveaways!”

  1. Julie Hallquist says:

    I think my favorite place to buy fabric is at a quilt shop when it’s well displayed, or there’s a great store sample.

  2. Millissa Masters says:

    My favorite fabric store, of which there are two close to me and of course my number 1 absolute favorite is at any quilt show that I attend!!!!!! There is So much inspiration, how can I say no?????

  3. Mary DeRay says:

    I enjoy shopping in the smaller quilt shops especially when we travel. It is important to me that we don’t lose the local shops!

  4. Sheila says:

    My favorite fabric shopping spots are the unexpected places, like the (just closed) Elma Variety store in Elma, WA, and The Fabric Patch in Ephrata, WA. I also regularly ‘visit’ online stores…born of rural living : )

  5. Mickey Beebe says:

    I like shopping for fabric at large quilt shows that are selling the latest fabrics on the market.

  6. Rachel James says:

    That’s such an easy question to answer! I like shopping at Okan Arts. Your vintage yukata fabric is beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind.

  7. Susan Reeve says:

    Just fabric-shopped at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, so that’s my new favorite! But I’m fickle, and love finding fabric wherever I travel.
    Thanks for your generous giveaways!

  8. Jan Dawes says:

    The Salvation Army. Seriously. I am amazed at the LQS quality fabrics donated to the organization. My local SA has a dedicated space for selling and displaying fabrics and notions/books.

  9. Sheryl Ramstad says:

    I love to shop at Quilted Strait in Port Gamble and Island Quilter on Vashon Island. It is fun to make a day of it and take my time and friends along for the trip. Also Esther’s on Bainbridge Island.

  10. Ellen Hemmert says:

    Hamilton Missouri

  11. Karen L Riley says:

    Used to love Fabric Depot in Portland, OR, but since it closed, I find myself shopping more online, or at Cool Cottons in PDX. Also love Okan Arts, of course.

  12. Vera Nunnally says:

    When we travel my husband locates the nearest fabric shop and I go crazy. Shopped in New Zealand, Germany, England, Hungary, Slovenia and even Cuba. And I like to support the local shops.

  13. PENNY KRUSZKA says:

    I am lucky to have 2 local quilt shops – one carrying more modern fabrics and one carrying traditional. Love them both!

  14. Kelley Cunningham says:

    I have to say, I am an online shopper. I am sure almost nothing of what I have purchased online this year is available locally. That being said, I do visit the local shops and never leave empty handed. I love Marcia Derse!!

  15. Janet Wright says:

    I love Okan Arts ( of course) for my Yukatas. Missouri Star and E-Quilter are my on line favorites. I love Marcia Derse fabrics.

  16. Karen A says:

    I try to shop localy, but the shops are small and not super close. Most of my purchases are online.

  17. Jackie says:

    I love to shop around. Local shop, on line, Joann’s. The local thrift shops. For the right color or texture I’ll look anywhere

  18. Jan Sutter says:

    I love Stitched with Love in McKinney, TX and The Quilt Asylum in Van Alystene, TX. I love going into quilt shops when I travel, to find new stash!

  19. Sharon says:

    Burkholders in Denver, PA is the best!

  20. Susan says:

    I have two shops that are really close to me, but Sharon’s Attic is the one I visit most often. So far I haven’t bought fabric online–I like to touch and feel first–but that may change.

  21. Raye Lewis says:

    any local quilt shop in any city, they each have their own style, lots of inspiration

  22. Alice Ronne says:

    I like to buy at quilt shows and LQS when we travel. I gotta be able to touch the fabric, see how it drapes, etc. Oooh! I get excited just talking about it!

    • Barbara says:

      I order most of my fabric online because the quilt shops in my area don’t carry modern or unusual fabrics. I love Marcia Derse fabrics and made a King size quilt from one of her earlier fabric lines, that I ordered online.

  23. Kate Meyers says:

    I try to visit as many quilt shop as I can, especially when I travel. In Maine every summer there is Marden’s who sell overstock fabric from other stores. The deals are unbelievable. London….Liberty, Tulsa, OK…..Stitches, online for Africian fabrics, MO….Missouri Star, Sevierville, Tennessee……Cherry Pit, Jacksonville, FL……Cinnamon Quilt Shop, and my personnel favorite Thread Lightly Studio in Okmulgee, OK.

  24. Kay Baker says:

    Anywhere where I am with my quilting buddies!

  25. Ardis Bucy says:

    Sew Creative in Ashland, Oregon has wonderful variety and great quality fabric. When necessary, online. Quilt Shows are like a candy store. Love Okan Arts for special pieces.

  26. Andrea says:

    Each set of Marcia Derse fabrics is gorgeous! This is a fabulous giveaway.
    I love the local quilt shops in my area. I seldom buy fabric online, except on the rare occasion when I’m looking for another half yard or so of a fabric I ran out of that I absolutely MUST have.

  27. Mary Lee Grabowski says:

    The shop near me with Marcia Derse fabric closed. But there are still 2 shops nearby. The Quilt Foundry in Maumee Ohio. And the Door Mouse in Bettsville Ohio. I like them both.

  28. Pat T. says:

    Oh! Wouldn’t it be awesome if Okanarts was my LQS!!
    I have to do most of my fabric shopping online. The special fabrics that I’m drawn to… (love Marcia Derse fabrics!!) are hard to find anywhere near me (the next best “Local Quilt Shop” is an hour and a half drive away)…

  29. Linda Andrews says:

    I make most fabric purchases at my local fabric shops, since keeping them viable is important to me. I do love these Marcia Derse fabrics, and I was first introduced to them at Esther’s Fabrics on Bainbridge Island.

    • Suzanne Pritchard says:

      I love to visit local quilt shops wherever I travel, so my projects all contain memories! When I’m not traveling, there are a few local options in the Philadephia area. Love these fabrics!

  30. Lynn says:

    I love the stimulation of touching and viewing in person the fabrics I buy, so 90% of my quilting purchases occur at my local quilt shops. Two quilt shops in my area closed last year, so I know how important it is to shop locally.

  31. Betsy Langberg says:

    B and J Fabrics on 7th Avenue in Manhattan!!

  32. Katrine A Eagling says:

    I mostly buy my own designs through Spoonflower or I Love Fabrics for my Kona solids.

  33. Brenda says:

    When a quilt shop is too crowded, I get visually overwhelmed. For that reason and because of my physical limitations, I prefer to shop online. I have two or three favorite shops and also am a regular at ETSY sites.

  34. Connie Koontz says:

    Shibori Dragon is one of my faves! Lots of Japanese inspiration…
    Connie K

  35. Jayna says:

    I’m between favorites since Ruby Street quilt works closed. The current go to shops are Undercover Quilts in downtown Seattle and Sleepy Valley Quilt Company in Port Angeles.

  36. Nancy Arneson says:

    I love small unique quilt shops. Sew to Speak in Columbus OH is one of my favorites!

  37. Kathi says:

    Local quilt shops — need to keep them in business!!

  38. Pam Nottingham says:

    I buy from my local quilt shops, but every once in awhile I can’t pass up the daily deal from Missouri star quilts

  39. Christine Gross says:

    Marcia is one of my favorite designers, even got to meet her at a local quilt show here near Seattle. My favorite and only places I shop are brick and mortar stores. Okan arts for Yukatas, Ben Franklin in Monroe,WA and quilting mayhem in Snohomish, WA. Whenever it is time to travel, a fabric shop or two is included.

  40. Bernadette Ho says:

    Aloha, from the Big Island of Hawaii! I shop at our local shops here in Hilo or drive to the other side of our island in Kona.

  41. Janet Schayer says:

    I shop at the Fabric Nook in Granby, Colorado. Local shops like the Fabric Nook help keep quilting alive in small, rural communities.

  42. Karen M says:

    I like to shop at my local quilt shops. It’s also fun to do a one day road trip and stop at a few (or several) quilt shops. And of course quilt shows are a great place to get inspired and shop. I love Marcia Derse fabrics and just today started a new quilt with her Art History 101 fabric.

  43. Rose Rademan says:

    I like to buy locally, we are lucky enough to have 3 local shops in Missoula, but road trips anywhere from 50-300 miles away to more local quilt shops are always welcome too. I occasionally buy online if I need a particular fabric that is sold out locally.

  44. Christi says:

    I am in the middle of nowhere, country living so it’s hard to get to any shop. I do love going to Foust Warehouse only 40 min from me and Pineapple Fabrics 2 1/2 hours from me.

  45. Pip D says:

    We shop online as there are few quilt shops here.

  46. Susan Zakanycz says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric is Asheville Cotton in Asheville NC.

  47. Janet Anderson says:

    I shop at shops within 60 miles of me usually. When there are local quilt shows I always try to support the vendors and buy from them. In the summer we are in the Pacific NW I try to go to many quilt shops. Unfortunately we will only be in Oregon this year, but next year we will concentrate on. Washington, so I will be able to enjoy La Conner again. .

  48. Janet Anderson says:

    I forgot to day I live west of Austin, Tx in the hill hill country. My favorite shop Valli and Kim’s closed due to sale of their building.

  49. Teresa Ruch says:

    It use to be Fabric Depot in Portland (closed), now Bolt, NE Portland, or Montaville in Lake Oswego and looking forward to a trip to Whidby Island next month.

  50. Dot says:

    My favorite place to shop is a local quilt shop, but they are getting hard to find these days. A close second is specialty mail order shops like Okan Arts, where I’ve found wonderful yukata fabric.

  51. Melody Lutz says:

    My favorite is my LQS…The Sew N Sew. 8 rooms of fabrics, 12,000+ bolts, EXCEPTIONALY educated staff….and Road to California Quilt show (last years haul was 27 yards)!!!

  52. Julia Bernstein says:

    Phenomenal Colors.

  53. Trisha Lediard says:

    My local fabric store “high sierra quilt” I want to keep them in business so I try to use cash to make my purchases. ✂️✂️✂️

  54. Linda says:

    I like repurposing fabric from thrift stores. I also like dyeing fabric when I have the opportunity. I recently volunteered at FabScrap in Brooklyn NY ( check them out!) and at the end of your shift you get to pick out 5 lbs of fabric to take home!

  55. Patricia Dudek says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is in person at a local quilt shop … if I had one! My LQS is nearly 50 miles from here and it’s a small store, so mostly I shop online, since there is such a great variety available and no brick and mortar store is able to carry a bolt of everything. They try, but owning a local business is an expensive proposition especially with the discount online availability of so many items. When we do travel I love to stop at every LQS we pass and at least try to find a regional fabric or two.

  56. I shop at a great fabric shop in Paradisw, Michigan when we are in MI for the summer months. The other 6 months are spent near Naples, Florida. We are so blest. I shop at a great guilt shop in Naples.

  57. I love to buy fabric at big quilt shows from vendors. I love to buy fabrics when traveling and wish I could buy local but most stores have closed.

  58. Mary Durki says:

    Quilt shop. There is something about seeing the fabric, touching it. Watch it being cut. Having a relationship with the shop owner. Can’t replicate on line.

  59. Mary Buersmeyer says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabrics are the local quilt shops, anywhere I find them.

  60. Karen S Kijinski says:

    I really enjoy ordering online. It’s like a surprise when it comes in the mail. However, my favorite quilt store was Sage Creek Quilt Store in Pocatello, ID. It didn’t hurt that i worked there. I have since moved away, it really truly was the best quilt store.

  61. Linda Cooper says:

    So many shops seem to specialize in fabrics that I have several favorites, Two Thimbles in Bellingham, Stitchn Post in Oregon, and equilter online as well as Okan Arts. I love Marcia Derse’s bold graphics and bright solids.

  62. Karla Kay says:

    I travel for work and have been able to visit fabulous boutique fabric stores in California, Oregon, New Mexico and more. Gossypium in Issaquah is a great shop in the Seattle area.

  63. MCM says:

    Love my local quilt shop Calico Creations and also a quick trip north to Two Thimbles. So thankful for our independent stores.

  64. Tesi Vaara says:

    Mainly I shop at my local quilt shop. But I do buy special fabric online if it is something I can’t get at my local shops. Love Marcia Derse’s fabrics. I’d love to be able to buy one of her packs that contain a yard of each design! Oh my!!

  65. Lezlie Lenz says:

    I love Marcia Derses fabrics. Favorite place to shop Quilters Destination in Arlington Heights IL

  66. Eddi Baird says:

    These fabrics would work wonderfully with my clothesline wrap baskets. They are for sale at the Olympia Farmers’ Market at Madame Sew & Sew’s booth.

  67. Karen Newberry says:

    My favorite place to shop is at quilt shows because there is so much available.

  68. Wendy Tuma says:

    Wherever I can buy quality fabric is my favorite place to shop! I enjoy visiting shops when I travel, or checking out online shops friends recommend. Seriously, part of the fun is finding new favorite places!

  69. Ruth Smith says:

    I love shopping at quilt shows, especially after being inspired by so many beautiful creations! I also shop online, always on a look out for sale fabrics. Marcia Derse is one of my favorites!

  70. Terri Karls says:

    I shop at Thimbles in Lemont, IL., Roberts in Joliet, IL, Quilters trunk in Beverly , Il., We have some great shops in our area—very fortunate.

  71. Katie Kennedy says:

    I like to shop local stores when we travel, so much good stuff to see!

  72. Patti Bach says:

    I love shopping in any quilt shop but I’m very fortunate to have two excellent ones close to my home in Albuquerque: The Quilt Works and Hip Stitch. They can pretty much answer all of my quilting needs. I spend a lot of time in the LA area and I have found the owner at work Quilt ‘n Things in Altadena is super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

  73. Pm Weizenbaum says:

    I’ve found the most exciting Japanese fabrics in Portland at Bolt and in Berkeley at Stonemountain and Daughter. However, living in Seattle, I don’t get to those shops very often (which might be a good thing). My new “local” favorite is Calico Creations up in Mount Vernon, where there’s an impressive range of bright moderns, batiks, and flannels.

  74. Daisy Rae says:

    My favorite places include local quilt shops, online quilt shops and thrift shops.

  75. Nancy Vase says:

    As much as possible I shop at independent local shops and where ever I travel. It is so important that we don’t loose them. They offer so much to their customers beyond fabric but also inspiration, friendship and education. Save the local stores too.

  76. Valerie Antoinette Gleeson says:

    Sylvia Pippins in La Conner, WA

  77. Deb Woolley says:

    My favorite place to shop is my local quilt shop. I will not purchase fabric unless I can touch it. When I am looking for speciality fabric I go only to shops that have a good following, reputable track record.

  78. Maryanne Dochter says:

    I prefer to shop local quilt shops except when we travel. then its fun to see what different locales are doing.

  79. I like to buy fabric at the local shop. I participate in a BOM at the store. I also buy fabric at Shibori Dragon because I love the Japanese prints.

  80. Phyllis smith says:

    I love the large quilt shows. You can find unusual fabrics.

  81. Gloria Smith says:

    I like to buy fabric at my local quilt shop Sew Biz. Also love Fat Quarter Shop online. They always have products to tempt me!

  82. Shari K. says:

    I have two local quilt shops that are really different from each other so I like to bounce back and forth between the two. Shop samples really help sell the fabric! So do classes!

  83. Barbara craven says:

    I love to shop anywhere for my quilting fabric and materials. I prefer quality fabric but love to be open to anything that calls to my creative soul and love to incorporate different textures and fibers. Knowing that there are no real rules has given me phenomenal freedom in my artistic expression. How liberating!! You never know when or where you will find a treasure.

  84. Rebecca DuBose says:

    I shop at Stitch and Frame, Vicksburg, MS. I also shop online and at The Quilt Place in Rockledge, FL. Anywhere Civil War reproductions are available. Also Stitchers Garden, Franklin, TN.

  85. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    I like to shop at small shops that I find along my travels. And when I am at home in Rhode Island, I like to shop at Ryco in Lincoln, RI.

  86. Carol says:

    Looking and touching fabrics at any local shop I visit wherever I am. I enjoy supporting small businesses and want them to stay open.

  87. Grace Kono says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric are the local quilt shows, which offer a wide array of beautiful fabric. Also, my local thrift shop is a good source of cotton fabric – some vintage, some new.

  88. Mary says:

    I love to shop at small brick and mortar stores to soak up the different energy from each.

  89. Jill Klop says:

    My favorite quilt shop is Creations, located in Kerrville, TX. They have a great selection, wonderful workers that are knowledgeable and helpful. There’s so much inspiration. I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go there! I love Marcia Derse fabrics!

  90. Martha Wacker says:

    I buy most of my fabrics on line. I seek out quilt as shops wherever I travel. My favorite local shop is Calico Cat in Honolulu.

  91. Connie Akers says:

    My favorite place is Wimberley Stitch Studio in Wimberley p, Texas.

  92. Cheri Searles says:

    Quilt shops…I find them everywhere I go!!

  93. Judy Lawrance says:

    I like to shop at local quilt shops when we travel and at quilt shows. I buy some quilting fabrics on line as well! I like to shop at our local Bernina store where many beautiful quilting fabrics are available.

  94. I enjoy most shopping for fabric anywhere that I can touch it! That is usually at my local quilt shop, but also quilt shows and vendors that may be at my quilt guild meeting. The two local shops are Eagle Creek and The Quilting Grounds.

  95. Sylvia says:

    As have mobility issues, I shop for fabric on line.

  96. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    Normally I use my local quilt shops all over the state of Minnesota but occasionally will order on line I also try to get to the state quilt show and my fabric or kits there. Love Marsha’s fabrics

  97. Julie Waldman says:

    I mostly shop at a LQS (Bay Quilts) but I also watch for good destash events on IG

  98. Barbara Kanaya says:

    I like coming to your shop! The geometrics always amaze me. I also shop for old kimono fabrics while in Japan.

  99. Cynthia Boudreau says:

    I like shopping for fabrics at quilt stores, online and at resale shops!

  100. Michelle Weatherson says:

    Despite living in a city with over 500,000 people, there is a death of quilt shops. In fact, there’s really only one proper shop left–and I shop it when I can. Beautiful, well stocked store with friendly and helpful staff. I really enjoy shopping there.

  101. Pat says:

    Bolt in Portland OR.

  102. Jill MacPherson says:

    Love Marcia Derse fabrics especially when they are at my local fabric shops!!!!

  103. Jill MacPherson says:

    Love Marcia Derse fabrics especially when I can purchase them at my local fabric stores.

  104. Shasta Matova says:

    My favorite place to shop is online – I can find fabric from the comfort of my chair and when the website is good, sort the collection in different ways – color, price, etc., so I can find what I am looking for. My second favorite is during a quilt show – it is part of the experience!

  105. Pat Davies says:

    I have several shops that I love to shop! “My” quilt store in Greenville, SC where I bought my machine is great as the staff are super helpful! However my husband and I are retired and do quite a few road trips.. so I google shops en route and visit these wish gives us a break a chance to walk around a bit and then hit the road!! Its fun to see each shops favorite colours and style!!

  106. Veronica says:

    My favorite place to shop is in Intercourse, PA. I love shopping at “The Old Country Store” and down the street at “Zooks” I always find great bargains. Don’t forget the hand made soft pretzel and fresh lemonade shop next to Zooks.

  107. Ali says:

    I like to go on road trips to quilt shops to look for interesting fabrics but I also haunt antique and vintage stores looking for old garments that can be reused!

  108. Ro Grund says:

    Any place that sells fabric…particularly quilt shops.

  109. Barbara Kampas says:

    I shop at two stores for Japanese fabrics: Quilted Threads in Henniker, New Hampshire and Okan arts for my yukata needs. For notions and ‘filler’ fabrics at times along with quilting books, I also visit the Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA. Of the three shops, shopping for yukata fabric is my favorite. I would love to see more of your fabrics online as I have a feeling that your shop has so many options to be enjoyed.

  110. Dawn Nock says:

    I love The Fabric Patch in Ephrata and the Quilt Gallery in Kalispell,Montana. Any place where the inventory is not just traditional.

  111. Sandra H. says:

    I have about four or five favorite quilting shops within a fifty mile radius of our small town and they are all great with beautiful selections.

  112. Sherry Roodhouse Black says:

    I support my local quilt shops by frequent shopping trips! I also love to scout out quilt shops wherever I travel and shop there, too, including by signing up for their emails and online sales. I support my favorite fabric artists/designers (such as Marcia Derse, also Alison Glass) by shopping their online stores (and giving them feedback and suggestions; I’m not shy!). Quilters are so blessed to have such a large selection of amazing fabric from which to choose, as well as such amazing fabric artists!

  113. Jackie says:

    At the moment my favorite place to shop for fabric is my own stash!! Every time I go into my closet I discover treasures I’ve forgotten I had. Its always a great surprise.

  114. May Lee says:

    My favorite place to buy fabrics are local quilt shops. I want to support these shops.

  115. Dee Dee says:

    Thrift stores that raise money for charities.

  116. Patricia Ann Karp says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabrics are the stores that sell first quality fabric discounted

  117. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    My favorite place(s) to shop for quilting fabrics are many!
    I love shopping at Quilt Festivals, especially when the fabric designer is on the spot to talk about her process and inspirations(s). I also love going to my Local Quilt Shop! There’s nothing more satisfying as walking in the door and receiving enthusiastic ‘Hello Suzanne”, look what we just got!!!!

  118. Joanne says:

    Quilting Mayhem

  119. Kim Scarborough says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabrics are quilt shops everywhere! I find them when i travel and love to touch the fabric!

  120. Cynthia Rosner says:

    Since I live in the Boston area my favorite places to shop are Cambridge Quilt in Cambridge,Ma and Fabric Corner in Arlington,Ma. They have different fabrics so there are many choices.

  121. Becky says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabrics is a local quilt shop if at all possible. It’s near impossible to see the true color and feel of a fabric online. However, I do buy online pretty often and usually ask for samples before I buy. Shops that give samples are the ones that usually get my business.

  122. Susan C says:

    I live in a rural are in Hawaii and shopping is really limited. I shop at a small quilt store about 10 miles from here but when I need something they don’t offer, I shop online at smaller businesses. When I travel, I go to local quilt shops. Sometimes fabric collectors are “destashing” on Instagram, and that can be a good source. Another fun thing to do is to find thrift shops and repurpose fabrics!

  123. sooz says:

    anywhere and everywhere…local shops,thrift hop shops.….
    on the road it is definitely an adventure. I usually remember where i bought it.. it becomes a trip down memory lane…

  124. Agnes Burke says:

    Okan Arts in recent years !
    otherwise small fabric shops I happen to pass by

  125. Janie M says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is at the brick and mortar shops. I like to see and feel the fabrics.

  126. Rose Pelfrey says:

    My favorite place to shop is local quilt shops, and I always hunt them out when traveling. I hate that I missed your shop in March while visiting my son in Seattle, but I think you may have been closed. I’m can’t wait to visit again and see your Japanese fabrics in person!

  127. Nancy G says:

    I shop at many online fabric stores. Two of my favorites are Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Melinda’s Fabric Shop.

  128. Deb says:

    I like to shop from quilt show vendors and local quilt shops .

  129. I really really wanna win

  130. Jan Horn says:

    I enjoy visiting local quilt shops! Each shop seems to have its own personality which makes it fun! New ideas for creativity!!!

  131. Rosemary says:

    Quilting fabric is difficult to find. Unfortunately besides specialty quilt shops, Joann’s is the only place locally. In the past, my sister and I took Quilt Shop Hops and we were exposed to a large variety of quilting fabric. I bought so many things, it will take me awhile to use them all up. I also have a pretty good stash.

  132. Rhoda says:

    Love the collections!

  133. Rhoda says:

    I love to shop wherever i can touch the fabrics!

  134. Mary Ellen Gilmore says:

    I love shopping at Two Thimbles on Cornwall Avenue in Bellingham. Such a great mix of modern, new-vintage and Civil War. Talented and knowledgeable staff as well. I go there to find a square!

  135. Martha Bouchard says:

    My favorite place to buy fabric is on a road trip. I love to discover new shops and talk we the people there. I find the nicest fabrics and people while traveling!

  136. Rubwita says:

    When I could still drive, I made day trips to the shops in Colorado Springs, Taos, and other “local” shops. Now I scourer online shops.

  137. Linda K PetersenSmith says:

    I am a brick and mortar first and foremost. Once I know what the compAny and fabrics are like, I can order on line. Like Yukata cottons, first I saw, then I bought!

  138. Margie Read says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric is any Quilt store that is close or 150 miles away. I am in the southern part of GA and my closest store with fabric is Hobby Lobby. If I go to Fl I have more choices. But being able to see and smell and touch fabrics is awesome. I have had some luck with on-line so that is probably where I will explore .

  139. Barbara Davidson says:

    Marcia Derse is my favorite place to shop for quilting fabric, fabric for any purpose! I love her designs!

  140. Diane Johnson says:

    I live in an “over 55” community with estate sales galore. That is where I buy fabrics for the 200 quilts I make each year for charity. I couldn’t pay retail for so many donations. It is a challenge to combine into eclectic designs, my favorite projects. Otherwise, my nearby quilt shops are my candy store!

  141. Darlene Arnswald says:

    My favorite local place to shop is “The Quilt Place” in Rockledge Florida. There’s so much to see (and buy)! Always something new. It’s a great place to wander around and get lost for 2 or 3 hours 😉 !! In fact I’m convinced that my car knows the way there with or without me!

  142. Valerie Lau says:

    Sadly, our small town’s local quilt shop recently closed due to the owner’s retirement. I enjoy the serendipity of discovering Asian themed remnants, yukata and kimono pieces and the like at our college town thrift stores. When traveling, I enjoy browsing quilt shops…especially the remnants and fill-a-bag opportunities!

  143. Jane says:

    I like to support independent fabric shops around western washington. also on travels elsewhere. their displays are so invigorating!

  144. Rebecca Turner says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilt fabric is a local quilting specialty shop. They have friendly staff, a large fish pond INSIDE with a waterfall and they don’t use plastic anymore. When you make a purchase and need a bag, they have pillowcases made of donated fabric they give you. They encourage you to fill it with your scraps, stitch it shut and bring it back. They donate it to the local pet shelter for beds for the animals. Not to mention some of the most beautiful fabrics around!

  145. Donna says:

    My favorite source for quilting fabrics is a small independent shop with an interesting and unusual point of view. Each owner brings a unique perspective and selection that expands my world.

  146. GAIL Proctor McCARTHY says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is one of my local quilt stores. In Cowlitz county, we’re lucky to have three and each one is very different from the others.

  147. Judy morin says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is my local shops. There are many and we are having a shop hop right now in our state. Fabric, patterns and another ruler I just needed to have. Lots of temptations.

  148. Pam S says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is at quilt shows. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  149. Jessie McCloskey says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics are my local fabric shops and the vendors mall. I also hit the clearance sales at JoAnn’s every now and then.

  150. Susan Rush says:

    I love shopping at quilt stores I didn’t know existed. That always happens when I travel with my husband, much to his chagrin.

  151. Linda Suter says:

    Oh my – buying fabric – my favorite past time second to using the fabric. My favorite places are my local quilt shops – WebFabrics in Purcellville, VA – and Suzy’s quilt shop in Manassas, VA. Love these shops and they love me! Each is so different in character and in the fabrics they carry. Love ’em both!

  152. Claudia Sheehan says:

    I like shopping at my local fabric store in Boulder. Elfreide’s carries great quilting cottons and the finest drool worthy garment fabrics in Colorado. Plus she gives the old world (German) customer service. She and Loran greet you, ask if you a looking for anything in specific, and if not, they leave you to browse at your heart’s content. I once went into the store 20 minutes before closing, and said I wouldn’t take long, since I was just going to quickly through her remnants, and she said to me ” you have time, don’t rush”. Customer service at its best.

  153. Teresa Mori says:


  154. Jeannie says:

    I try to shop at my neighborhood quilt store, but it is small. Debbie can’t carry every line, so I resort to online shops or the designer if they have a shop on their websites. I’ve been a huge fan of Marcia’s since she sold her fabric at shows and events. What a generous giveaway!

  155. linda schiffer says:

    My most favorite places to shop are local quilt shops (brick and mortar) I find when I am traveling. Next favorite are my own local shops (Springwater Designs, Crabby Quilter, Bear’s Paw) … online places include, Fat Quarter shop, and maybe Artistic Artifacts.

    🙂 Linda

  156. Pamela PV says:

    I love checking out local fabric shops. But, I also really enjoy shopping online at Okan Arts and other small online retailers – even Etsy for hard to find or unusual fabrics. There is a certain thrill when a package of fabrics arrives in the mail and you are literally seeing and touching it in person for the first time. This line of fabrics from Marcia Derse is really fun!

  157. JamieS says:

    I mostly shop online, but do enjoy local quilt shops when I’m traveling.

  158. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    My local quilt shop is the best place but any place that sells fabric may have something useful.

  159. tanijean says:

    I travel for business, so try to stop in to at least one local quilt store each trip. I always see something new, and usually go home with a yard or two of something special!

  160. Sally Perfuffle says:

    I love any local business that does not support fast fabric! Fabrics that are ethically sourced, fair trade, and treat their factory workers fairly are the way to go 🙂 I also love supporting the economy through small businesses.

  161. Reena says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabrics is craft shops such as Michaels or Joann’s.

  162. Deb Christie says:

    My favorite places to shop are a nice little shop tucked away in the country and anyplace that I have not been yet! I love vacationing and finding a new fabric shop.

  163. Mary DAVIS says:

    I love the graphic designs and bold colors of Marcia Derse fabrics. I shop my LQS Jackman’s Fabrics and several online shops: Thousands of Bolts, Etsy sellers various, Handcocks of Paducah, Fat Quarter Shop.

  164. kathy powell says:

    I look for locality owned quilt shops and specialty fabric shops.

  165. Shirley A Whitcomb says:

    I still prefer to purchase my fabric at a quilt shop. I am usually looking for a specific color hue or texture that I need to view personally.

  166. David Owen Hastings says:

    Nothing beats shopping for fabric at Okan Arts! I love pouring over the rolled bolts in your shop, each one is good enough to eat. I also love shopping at Quilting Mayhem in Snohomish, for the sheer variety and size of the store. It’s a great destination!

  167. Harlan Sexton says:

    Kaede kimono store in NYC, my LQS in Queens NY, Equilter online, and fabric stores that I spot on road trips.

  168. Inger says:

    I shop at Pacific Fabrics in Seattle (so sad the Northgate location closed) and I like to get fat quarters at local fabric/quilt stores when I’m traveling. And it’s hard to resist the vendors at quilt shows!! Just stumbled across Okan Arts – looking forward to seeing more! So many amazing artists here in the PNW.

  169. Lee Jordan says:

    I will shop anywhere for quilt fabrics. But I am planning one with fabrics from Okan Arts.

  170. Pat Kato says:

    I wish I had a favorite local shop but it seems as the small shops have all closed that were near me. I shop when I travel and I shop on line. I’m excited that I found Okan Arts as it looks very inspiring.

  171. Christine P says:

    Hi, I was in the shop today but I didnt know about the giveaway. How can I enter?
    Thank you!

  172. Sandy Allen says:

    Besides local quilt shops, I love to shop for quilt fabrics at thrift stores and garage sales. It’s amazing some times what you find!

  173. Lynn McQuown says:

    I live in a quilting fabric wasteland, so all my purchases are online. I miss seeing fabrics, checking out the scale of the prints and the tactile aspect. Your fabrics, and newsletter are a godsend. EyEcAnDy!!!

  174. If you sell fabric and it inspires me I will buy it! That means I love shopping for fabric, be it in a quilt shop, at a show, or a garage sale or on line or from one of the designers websites . Love playing with the tactile feel of a beautifully woven fabric.So i have no favorite, i will shop fabric anywhere

  175. Karen Winther says:

    I like to visit quilt shops in out of the way places when I’m traveling, quilt shows big and small and I have a couple of on-line shops that are my favs.

  176. Cecile Dechambre says:

    My favorite quilt shop is Modern Quilt in Phoenix ax. The long hot trip from flagstaff is worth it. Cecile dechambre

  177. Nancy says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics are thrift shops, for garments to recycle, and Dharma Trading Co., for fabric to dye my own. I am sorely tempted, though, by Okan Arts’ selection! Nancy

  178. Sharon Quintenz says:

    I like local stores. Some are a jumble but it’s worth digging thru the bolts.

  179. Louisa Lawson says:

    Nearly always from a local quilt shop and especially those st the large shows

  180. Maria Naito says:

    Local shops and when I’m on a road trip I’ll map out stores on route to visit. Quilt shows are great too.

  181. GD Wiley says:

    3 favorite places to shop: 2 independent quilt stores in my area, and online shopping (various sites according to my needs). I also like to shop when traveling. Quality is essential!

  182. PKBinns says:

    It’s difficult to find stores close by with so many closing. I mostly shop online now.

  183. LORETTA says:

    Love, love shopping at quilt shows. I attend several a year.

  184. Marty Mason says:

    My most often go to places are on-line shops because of the diversity of fabrics available at my fingertips. Love, love, love Marcia Derse fabrics and have been one of her fabric fans for a number of years so, thank you for the great August giveaway.

  185. Lea Ferring says:

    I shop at local quilt shops ; I have to touch all that gorgeous fabric as I go through a shop. I visit quilt shops anywhere I travel. And I love going to quilt shows where you can meet many vendors from all over!

  186. Bertella Hansen says:

    I like independent quilt states like the two in Bellingham, one Carrie’s Marcia’s fabrics. I also like to shop at quilt shows, always new things there.

  187. Betty Falardeaux says:

    I’m partial to the oranges mix selection because these are one of my grandchildren’s school color combinations. I’d love to make her a quilt of these colors. The curve patterns are amazing.

  188. Helen K Gyllstrom says:

    With the closest quilt store 1.5 hours away, I often shop online. The shops I follow are in Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Wisconsin, and around. When we travel, I often add another shop.

  189. Diane Michal says:

    About 90% of my fabric shopping is done locally. We are blessed with an excellent variety of shops here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I have a few favorites, but I also like to check out the smaller shops off the beaten path because that’s where I find the hidden gems and truly esoteric finds. My online favorites are Hancock’s of Paducah, Fat Quarter Shop, and

  190. Peggy D'Adamo says:

    I shop mostly online even though I’d rather do it in person. Alewives, Cottoneer, Fabricworm, Hawthorne are some of the ones I follow. Wish I could shop the used kimono market in Kyoto.

  191. Cathy Mueller says:

    West Michigan has many small quilt stores that I love to patronize. One in particular, The Attic Window, refuses to sell machines, thus has a harder time , succeeding than those stores that do sell machines. However, any vendor that has an inspiring display will usually get some of my money….❤️

  192. Sue Kersey says:

    I love the rich orange colors and would be thrilled to have them to work with. The patterns are just Wonderful!!! Sure hope I am lucky this time!

  193. Ann West says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabrics is at my local quilt store. I also attend a lot of quilt shows and purchase fabrics from my favorite vendors. As a quilter, I feel I must support my local quilting shops and vendors or they won’t be there for me in the future. I love being able to see fabrics and to be able to feel them before I buy them. Thanks for this opportunity!

  194. Carol Simpson says:

    I shop in any quilt shop I can find. And I’m lucky enough to have a tiny, well-stocked quilt shop right around the block from me. Gotta run to the quilt shop!

  195. Kitty McLoud says:

    I like to shop at local quilt shops in my area and also love to shop at quilt shows where I can always find unusual fabrics from international vendors. Thanks for a chance to win these lovely fabrics!

  196. Cheri Searles says:

    I shop in my local quilt shops and love several online shops.

  197. pjserge says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabrics would be my local fabric store just up the street from me. They are well light and have a good selection of fabrics to choose from! Than I have yet another one around the corner even closer. It’s great to have choices!

  198. Karen says:

    Since we lost one of local quilt shops I have found beautiful batik fabric at Fabrics Plus in Anacortes. I also frequent Calico Creations in Mt. Vernon.

  199. dcsimp says:

    I shop at my local quilt shop as much as I can. And since it’s right around the block…..

  200. Michele Wallace says:

    I shop at multiple fabric websites such as Missouri Star,, Hancock of Paducah. I shop by color and pattern and the way I feel when I see the photo of the fabric. So I shop by heart actually. All 7 collections feel very nice to me.

  201. Cindy Brouillard says:

    I like to shop in all quilt fabric stores, as well as on line. I prefer to buy in person, as online is reserved for desperation purchases.

  202. Marilyn Smith says:

    Since I don‘t Have a nearby quilt shop I tend to buy online and at quilt shows. I love Cherrywood fabrics.

  203. Katalin Hise says:

    Sew excited! – Marcia will be the guest speaker at our September guild meeting. I always love buying fabrics directly from the artist when after I’ve been inspired!

  204. Linda Raker says:

    The closest quilt shop is 30 minutes away so often I will order from Hancocks of Paducah. I have been there and know they have quality fabrics and lots of them!

  205. Terry Yep says:

    Anywhere, brick and mortar, online, small local shops, wherever I travel, guild annual shows, antique shops, garage sales. A true fabric addict does not scoff at place of origin.

  206. Andra Stanton says:

    Lyons Quilt Shop in Lyons Colorado!!!

  207. Pam Wald says:

    My favorite is Super Buzzy in Ventura, Ca. Love that shop.

  208. mcrowin says:

    I love locally owned shops with staff who are friendly and knowledgeable, and that offer workshops so I can learn and be inspired. I am lucky to live walking distance from such a shop, Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, WI.

  209. Jo Strickland says:

    I check in and shop at my local quilt shop. But, my favorite places end up being quilt shops I find when I travel. Every shop has their own “ flavor” and it is fun to bring back a taste of our travels and put them in a quilt.

  210. Jean Etheridge says:

    I shop for quilt fabric wherever I go! I shop locally, we hunt out quilt shops when we are on the road, and we travel just to get to quilt shops. I do shop online but that’s not my favorite.

  211. Cheryl Lanfear says:

    After my recent move, I now shop at Fabric Smart which is only five miles away from where I live in Florida, Tremendous variety and great staff make it very special!

  212. Jo says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is MY STASH! I start there and am always surprised by what treasures I find there. Then I go to the local quilt shop.

  213. Jeanne C Risser says:

    My favorite local place to shop is Austin Sewing in Round Rock, TX!

  214. Jeanne C Risser says:

    My favorite local shop is Austin Sewing in Round Rock, TX!

  215. Carol Sexton says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabrics is Hancock’s of Paducah. They have a wide selection of fabrics. I also love shopping for fabrics at quilt shows where they display fat quarters and you can see more of the product line in a short space. Thank you Windham for donating Marcia Derse’s fabrics. I would be honored to win!

  216. Kathy A says:

    I do a lot of charity sewing and a lot of the fabric I use has been gifted to me. I do buy at quilt shows and shops recommended to me when I travel. I have never been disappointed with the “deals” at MSQC. Would love to have a batik bundle.

  217. Kathleen S Kolodziejczyk says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabric are:
    Okan Arts
    Missouri Star Quilt Company Hamilton, MO
    Quilter’s Haven Olathe, KS
    Quilting Bits and Pieces Eudora, KS
    Sarah Fabric Lawrence, KS

  218. Marilyn Fite says:

    My local quilt shop first. Because one small quilt shop in our rural community cannot be all, I shop online at independent quilt and fabric stores.

  219. Janet says:

    I live in a rural area and am grateful we have a well-stocked local fabric shop that I love. And, the owner gives us area quilters an additional discount. Always come away from quilt shows with some fantastic find. I’ll also occasionally buy on line.

  220. Lynn says:

    Fancy Tiger in Denver, and in northern CO, Fig Leaf, Loopy Ewe which is half yarn, and Stitches. For online sales Etsy and Hancocks in Paducah, KY. Okan Arts has magnified my interests in Japanese Quilts and fabrics. Thank you!

  221. Sydney says:

    Fabrics Plus–Anacortes, WA
    Bolt–Portland, OR
    PNW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival vendors–Everett, WA

  222. Roberta DesRoches says:

    I like to go to a quilt fabric store that carries a plethora of fabric. However I live near a discount store that buys (well known artists like Kaffe Fasset)leftover quilt fabric for $2.99 per yd

  223. Lauren C says:

    Gossypium quilt shop

  224. Kathy Dwyer says:

    Quilted Strait Port Gamble WA

  225. Jenny says:

    I love shopping for fabric in Shipshewana,IN. There are a number of great shops… with a few more just a few minutes drive away. Thanks for a chance, I love Marcia Derse fabrics!

  226. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    I love to shop whenever I travel to see new shops and what they have to offer. And of course my local quilt shop!

  227. marty says:

    local shops, thrift stores, road trip stops all work for me. These fabrics look terrific especially the pink one

  228. Jann Block says:

    My favorite New Hampshire shop is Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. This store is about an hour from my home. My favorite on line shop is OKAN Arts. That is only a few finger stokes away.

  229. Jean Gunsolley-Bauer says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabric are Hancock’s of Paducah and any quilt show.

  230. Alice Brody says:

    Okan Arts, of course, I loved shopping from Just Imagination for hand dyes, but sadly for us, Judy has retired! EQuilter on line, sadly the local shops here in NYC are closing.

  231. Donna Smith says:

    I love to visit quilt shops for fabrics and I also believe in supporting their businesses. Special treats are visiting quilt shops when I travel-two of my favorites were in Hawaii and in Japan.

  232. Amy Loar says:

    I love Marcia’s fabrics and have purchased a few along the way. My favorite place to buy my fabrics are the quilt shops that I encounter when I travel, and a couple of online stores like Okan and Etsy if I am looking for something special.

  233. Barbara Sanders says:

    I shop at the local quilt shops in my area, they all have a different selection and vibe.

  234. Liza J Dodd says:

    As an SF Bay Area native, I have many fabric stores to choose from. They are Stone Mountain Daughter, Bay Quilts, Piedmont Fabrics, and New Pieces.

  235. JNM says:

    My favorite place to shop is at the shop of the current town I am visiting! I just visited a shop that I found out is actually one of my favorite quilt booths at Houston Festival.

  236. I like to stop at vintage clothing stores for fabrics. The textiles are usually in very good condition. The pieces are generally more expensive because they are made up in clothing but you can often times find beautiful and very unusual fabric designs and textures you won’t find in fabric stores.

  237. Suzan Sullivan says:

    My favorite places to look is at a couple of local thrift stores. One, in particular, is called The Legacy, specializing in craft items, is full of amazing fabric, trims, yarns, buttons, accessories, etc. They sell fabric by the pound. Some of my most beautiful fabrics have come from there. Another local thrift store sells fabric by the bag, and there were some wonderful treasures inside. Recently I visited a quilt show and of course purchased from a vendor there.

  238. Catherine McHugh says:

    My favorite quilt shops are those that have a diversity of fabrics, completed quilts hanging on walls (meaning, they are quilted), and friendly, helpful staff.

  239. Teri says:

    I like to shop at local quilt shops which unfortunately or perhaps fortunately are a few hours away now. Love to find shops in places I visit.

  240. Janet says:

    I love the colorways as well as the lines throughout. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  241. Lois says:

    I love to visit fabric shops when I travel. I also enjoy my most local shop, but regret that my favorite most local shop has closed.
    I can enjoy shopping online, especially when there are multiple photos of the fabric line made into items. This is so helpful for understanding the scale of the fabric.

  242. Bernice Harris says:

    My favorite store to shop for fabric keeps changing because here in Seattle the stores keep closing, including just this summer the fabric store closest to me. I have purchased yukata from Patricia at class, but have yet to visit Okan Arts. Perhaps if I don’t, that will do the trick, and it will stay open forever!
    The most interesting fabric store I visit is Over The Rainbow on Camano Island, about 1.5 hours north of Seattle. Because it is primarily an online store, the massive collection (thousands and thousands of bolts) are arranged by designer on two floor levels with the label end of the bolt facing out, stacked sideways or one on top of each other, depending on the shelving. Sometimes it’s near impossible to pull them out, but the staff are super helpful.
    Some friends came up with the term “bolt drafting” (as in sport drafting, when you conserve energy while racing by positioning yourself behind the racer or racers in front of you) when we are shopping together, discover one of us is having some cool fabrics cut, and ask the cutter to cut us a yard, too. Bolt drafting happens a lot at Over The Rainbow!

  243. bjstultz says:

    I like shopping at quilt shows as they have the newest fabrics and lots of different lines, more than the small local store can carry.

  244. Joyce Paterson says:

    I love to visit quilt shops that carry unusual and often imported fabrics

  245. Kathrin Brown says:

    It has to be my local quilt shop – we have one of the best in our area but an hour away 4 more. I like to support local and need to feel and see the fabric in natural light. Thank you for the give-away.

  246. Sylvia L. Dresser says:

    I like to use a variety of fabrics in any piece, so I shop where ever I can – including quilt shows, fiber shows, and general fabric stores in addition to specific quilt shops.

  247. Signe says:

    Our guild stash buster bazaar always yields some great finds but the real excitement is visiting new independent shops when we travel. Each shop has it’s own personality and the people you meet are always wonderful.

  248. Jerry Turner says:

    Rosies Calico Cupboard in La Mesa California and online if Rosie doesn’t have the full color line. Quilt shows are good too.

  249. Doni boyd says:

    My favorite place to buy fabrics are the local quilt shops … where ever they are!!! Some are local, but many shops in our area have closed. In my humble opinion there is no better way to choose fabric than to actually see it and touch it. Besides – that’s part of the fun – petting fabric!! Thanks for the opportunity. Doni @ Oregon coast

  250. Roxann Burns says:

    Quilt shows, on-line, quilt shop

  251. Wanda Hanson says:

    I would love to shop at an actual quilt shop but there are none near me and driving in toward Chicago is not fun. I have to resort to online shopping from many sources. I love Marcia Derse’s fabrics and have no problem with buying them online and not seeing them in person as they are always wonderful.

  252. Kathie L says:

    I do like my local quilt shops. Very friendly and helpful.

  253. I like to shop at the big quilt shows. I always look for hand dyed fabrics.

  254. Sara Kelly says:

    Ananse Village, Ft. Bragg, CA
    Quilt Shows
    Quilt Shops
    My stash

  255. Anne Gouiller-Moore says:

    My guild friends garage sales, cause they buy beautiful fabrics to be turned into wonderful quilts but time runs away ….

  256. Joan says:

    I like to shop at quilt shops in different areas, when I am on vacation.

  257. Linda Teufel says:

    A quilt store that is an hour away but has the latest and low prices Plus a great restaurant near by.

  258. It happens only once a year but I love shopping at The Stitchin Post in Sisters Oregon.

  259. Christa Rinne says:

    I like to see fabric in person so try to find it in a local shop. Quilt shows are also great for the variety of fabric available.

  260. Connie Akers says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabric are Stitch Studio & Sassy Scraper right here in Wimberley, Texas.

  261. Janis Rose says:

    Anywhere and everywhere there are fabrics! I especially love hunting down specific fabrics that might have been recommended for an out of date pattern for which the fabrics are no longer made. There are so many gorgeous fabrics to be found wherever you turn!

  262. Patrice says:

    Our local quilt shop is inside the town’s hardware store! The selection isn’t very big, but when you absolutely need something to get a project going, that’s where we head. The next closest full-service quilt store is 80 miles away.

  263. Rochelle Blair says:

    I love to shop at small quilt shops that have colorful fabric. I am addicted to color. I also like shops that have a huge collection of quality batiks. I am a stash collector so I am always on the lookout for fabrics that speak to me.

  264. Gail says:

    Fabrics are like food – I choose them with my eyes first so I most often shop where the fabrics are displayed beautifully and I can feast my eyes on them. I do like to support small, local shops with personalized service.

  265. Joyce Calderon says:

    Good morning! I shop for fabric in many places….. thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, quilt shops and online. You just never know where you will find a wonderful piece of fabric!

  266. Susan Mitchell says:

    (I couldn’t figure out how else to enter the contest for Marcia Derse fabric–I love it!)

    My favorite brick and mortar places to shop for fabric are The Quilted Strait in Port Gamble and your shop in Ballard (sob!). Among my favorite online places are Hawthorne Threads, ilovefabircs, and Quilt Home (Colville, WA!).

  267. Melissa Robinson says:

    I like to shop at a shop in Port Gamble Washington called The Quilting Strait. Also, at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, I love to go yearly to the two quilting and craft shows and shop the fabric vendors. On line I like to shop the Cottoneer site.

  268. Joy-Lily says:

    Her designs look as though they were created with batik wax.

  269. Lois says:

    Well selected fabrics and that they’re placed so you can easily get close to them and hold them next to other fabric. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  270. marlene barkley says:

    My favorite shopping is at quilt shows. I don’t have a great fabric shop near me.

  271. Janice Mockmore says:

    I like to purchase some fabrics from a local quilt shop but sometimes I cannot find what I want and make a purchase on-line. The give-away fabrics are beautiful!

  272. Elizabeth Garber says:

    Cool Cottons, Portland OR
    Big Sky Quilts, Great Falls Mt

  273. terryb says:

    I enjoy shopping shops when I travelling. A recent trip to Shipshewana, Indiana, was fun and offered four different shops with great variety. At home, there is more than a handful to visit whenever I want, though there is one favorite among them.

  274. Since my mom was a Moda quilting fabric designer, my favorite place to “shop” is the storage unit I rent to house our collected treasures. Otherwise, I buy fill-in fabrics from everywhere!

  275. Sandra Weimer says:

    My favorite place to shop is at my local quilt shop, Four Winds Quilting in Billings, MT.

  276. Celia Boland says:

    I usually shop at independent quilt shops locally or when I travel. I am always on the look out for unique designs and love visiting the web sites of individual designers.

  277. Kathy S says:

    Lately I find thrift shops a great source for vintage.

  278. Pat says:

    I love bright colors and different designs in fabric. It would be a challenge to use Marcia’s fabrics. I live near Portland so have many shops to visit. But Pioneer Quilt Shop in Portland and Boersma’s Sewing Center in McNinnville are my two favorites.
    I am hoping to win Marcia Derse’s fabrics.

    Thanks for the change to win!

  279. Jean Scharf says:

    I love to feel the fabric and see the actual colors as I design a quilt so buying in person is a joy. For charity quilts I shop for deals online to make my dollars go further.

  280. Donna Mattison-Earls says:

    My favorite places to purchase fabrics are varied. We have only one quilt store nearby that I love, Tumbleweeds. I order from Okan Arts,, and equilter when I can’t find what I need.

  281. Ann says:

    I shop for fabric in many ways: quilt shops, on line, quilt shows. Anywhere I can see beautiful fabric. Ann

  282. Jean M Ramirez says:

    I love to shop at The Quilted Fox in St. Louis Mo. It’s a small shop with really friendly helpful staff. They have a unique selection of fabrics that a rarely see repeated in other shops. Love it there!

  283. Iris says:

    I live in southern Ca. My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric is M&L, Sewing Arts in Santa Monica and Michael Levine.

  284. Tova says:

    When I’m in Guatemala I love to shop at the ‘pacas’, an area in the mercado (market) that has tons of recycled clothing and some cloth. Some tables, my favorites, sell anything on that table for 1 or 2 Quetzals – that’s 13 or 26 cents US! I buy lots of cotton and linen garments and cut them up for quilting. I am committed to recycling cloth in preference to buying new whenever possible, tho I admit I occasionally succumb to the loveliness of some patterns of new cloth.

  285. april c says:

    I shop at small shops when I travel and I also check out local thrift stores and estate sales for interesting textiles and garments I can cut up. I love the Art History line 🙂

  286. NancyB from Many LA says:

    I don’t really buy a lot of fabric, not much money, but I like the Fat Quarter Shop, and Stitchin Heaven

  287. Donna Bell says:

    I’ve enjoyed using Marcia Derse “Botanicals” as accents on two quilts. The bold designs and saturated colors are wonderful. I shop and support my local quilt stores first, quilt shows second, and online when tempted by the wonderful colors and patterns I can’t find locally.

  288. Carol says:

    What a lovely grouping! I prefer to shop at my LQS because there is something about seeing the true colors and feeling the “hand” of the fabric! Of course, local is relative because if I am traveling it is the closest LQS to me!

  289. Marlene says:

    I really think it’s important to support my local and independent quilt stores in the Chicago area, like Second City Quilts, Quilters Destination and Material Girl. I also buy online though, when I absolutely need a particular item I can’t find locally. And of course I love to check out shop in places I am visiting. I love Pacific Fabrics and Undercover Quilts in Seattle. 🙂

  290. Lori Mukai says:

    There is nothing better than jumping in the car and driving to Denver, Pennsylvania and visiting my FAVORITE quilting/sewing shop, Burkholder’s Fabrics. Big shout out to the shed of cows out back of the store!

  291. Denise Thomas says:

    My very favorite place to shop for quilting fabric or any fabric for that matter is Superbuzzy Fabric store, in Ventura California. She carries one of the largest selection of Japanese fabrics I have ever seen. And she sells online.

  292. Drew Betz says:

    My local quilt shop where I can see and touch the fabric and take in what I want to match. Two Thimbles in Bellingham WA.

  293. Jill Moreaux says:

    The Cotton Patch in Lafayette, CA, Hilly’s Quilts in Antioch, CA, and quilt shows. I am so lucky to have so many quilt shops within 40 minutes of my home!

  294. TANYA WYATT says:

    I like to shop for vintage quilting fabrics at estate sales

  295. Rosemary says:

    I would love to win some of that beautiful fabric to make something for my 2 year-old granddaughter who loves everything I make her.

  296. Roxanne Kelley says:

    Jordan Fabrics here in Grants Pass, OR is a local base for mail order quilt kits, table runners and beautiful fabric by the yard. There is a table of left over scraps various sizes by the ounce. Love looking through it. Also Plaza sewing has had wide selections of quilting and fashion fabrics for the almost 40 yrs been here. Quilt shows are great too. Sometimes online. So many choices nowadays.

  297. Cindy K says:

    All About Quilts, Sew Country, Lucky Charms Quilts, Material Girls and Quilters Yard are all within driving distance from my area. I like every one of them.

  298. Maureen Foley says:

    I relocated to NJ from Seattle, where there were so many interesting places to look at fabric, in the Public Market, in Northgate, in Fremont. Since I relocated, and hauled all my fabric cross country, I try very hard to “shop” in the fabric I already have. And I like to supplement this with only small pieces I might see at a quilt show. I’ve been lucky enough to find some Marcia Derse fabric there, and it adds such a spark to my mind and then the quilt.

  299. Sarah Sheckells says:

    I love going to quilt shops but I also want to look online because of the wide variety of fabrics. Unfortunately you can’t feel what you are looking at but there is so much out there!!

  300. Linda H says:

    I’ve never been in a quilt store and left empty. Hancocks of Paducah has everything so when in Paducah it’s a must. I look forward to a visit to Missouri Star. Then there are the vendors at quilt shows, some without store fronts. Online is convenient but I want to see the colors and feel the fabric.

  301. Susan Maresco says:

    Favorite fabric shopping: thrift stores, Okan arts, “Back Porch” fabrics in Pacific Grove CA, Kauai and Oahu–all fabric stores while on the prowl in places that have shops new to me, like Sew ‘n Sew in Fort Bragg CA.

  302. Aime Augsburg says:

    Where do I like to shop for quilting fabrics? That is a tough question. I wish it wasn’t so … but it is. I live in northern Arizona. The quilting shop in my town, of Sedona, just recently closed its doors. Now I need to travel a minimum of an hour … just to buy thread! It’s very sad. Previously I lived in the Phoenix valley and had easy access to a plethora of wonderful quilt shops. My favorite one is the Bernina Connection. A two hour drive will get me there. You gotta do what ya gotta do, when it comes to quilting, ya know?

  303. Janis Gorski says:

    I love shopping at OkanArts and at my local flea market!

  304. suzanne guthrie says:

    I especially enjoy the fabrics I find when traveling, these double the memories, the thoughts associated with the specific fabric, and memories of the location. doubles the pleasure of sewing, or of contemplating my stash!

  305. tpmgmd50 says:

    I’m always looking for vintage fabrics so rummage or estate sales are worth a try. Most recently I stopped at a local garage sale. No vintage fabric but I came home with five vintage quilts, real beauties.

  306. Adrienne says:

    I’m fortunate enough to live not far away from a quilt store with a beautiful selection of high quality quilting fabrics, notions, and books. Plus, it has the most wonderful staff of experienced quilters who are always nice, always caring, always ready to help, and always ready to impart their knowledge. I enjoy my visits to them not only for practical reasons, but often just to stop in and say, Hello. It’s from them that I learned to quilt.

  307. Janet Yokoe says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabrics are Hancock’s of Paducah Joann’s and
    Connecting Threads.

  308. terrie walker says:

    I love shopping at my local quilt shop the most. I use the internet as needed and then go on summer shop hops to find special one of a kind pieces.

  309. Di says:

    I love The Quilt Barn in Puyallup, WA, in the next town over from me. You walk in, and you just want to settle down and look for a long time. Also, I love the mercantile in Amish country in northeast Ohio, where every farm has quilts flapping in the breeze on long clotheslines. Mmm… it is so quiet and peaceful in the shops. A true treat to shop in such a special atmosphere.

  310. SUSAN LOMBARD says:

    Over The Rainbow on Camano Island

  311. Cheryl says:

    I shop on line and at any and all quilt shops I happen to come across…! Love this post and would love to have a list of all the shops mentioned here.

  312. pjdominici says:

    I’m organizing the donations to our Quilt Show. There are so many previously loved fabrics that I cannot avoid a “pre-sale” bargain. That’s my favorite place to buy quilting fabrics.

  313. Amy Buckley says:

    There are two wonderful fabric shops in my area where I shop for quilt fabric but my favorite place is the one that has the fabrics I need.

  314. Jerie Clark says:

    My local quilt shop is Glacier Quilts in Kalispell Montana. They have everything quilting and their fabric selection matches my delights

  315. Barbara Dahl says:

    I love to support my local quilt shops (Cascade Fabrics in Sedro Whoolley WA and Two Thimbles in Bellingham, WA) well some online sites. My two favorite online shops are Over The Rainbow Fabrics in Camano Island WA and Quilted Twins. Thank you for the terrific offering!

  316. Pat Wong says:

    I shop the vendors at quilt shows, I like to support them and it is a bit of a drive to a ‘real’ fabric store.

  317. I go to Carriage Country or Port Gamble- Quilted Strait stores for material

  318. Carol DeGraaf says:

    My favorite place to shop is the Two Thimbles quilt shop here in Bellingham, Washington.

  319. Jill Ault says:

    Pink Castle Fabrics, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  320. Katie says:

    I love shopping in stores dedicated to fabric- something about the smell, the colorful eye candy, the atmosphere, takes me to one of my happy places! I find myself sighing happily and involuntarily when I walk through the door. The decrease in the number of local quilt shops make this a lot harder to enjoy, of course, but I take advantage anywhere I find one. My closest local stores are now 35 and 45 minutes away, so not so easy to pop in to “just browse”.

  321. Susan Smith says:

    I love to buy fabric at quilt shops. Island Quilter, GeeGees in Yelm, Pacific Fabrics. If I have a specific fabric I’ve seen that I can’t find I shop online. EQuilter, I can find anything I cant get locally. I like to buy from the vendors at quilt shows – big or small. I bought some of Marcia’s fabrics when she was a vendor at the PNW Quilt & Fiber Arts quilt show in Everett last year. Her fabrics are beautiful. More fabric is always better. Love to get some more of hers.

  322. Bev Adlawan says:

    Love Quilting Mayham in Snohomish—both the classes and fabric

  323. Jann Adams says:

    My favorite places are speciality quilt shops in my area for example, Country Corners in Nyssa, OR and Quilting Bliss in Nampa, ID.

  324. Shauna Moulton says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is at quilt shows. Pacific International, Road 2CA, even our local quilt show offer something different and inspiring. I shopped at Marcias booth at Puwallup while attending Sewing Expo and got to chat with her. So talented and very down to earth!

  325. Jerri Stroud says:

    My favorite is The Quilted Fox in St. Louis, but since I no longer live there, I would have to say Shibori Dragon. I haven’t yet had the chance to go to Okan Arts, however.

  326. Alice Dyer says:

    Although I’m on the east coast, my favorite fabric is on the west coast, namely Shibori Dragon. As my taste and quilting experience develops, my fabric preferences include more modern, larger designed and bolder colored fabrics which requires shopping around.

  327. Karen Swiech says:

    Online at and in person at Emma’s quilt shop and franklin mills in franklin, Massachusetts.

  328. Barbara Grandon says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is quilt shops and the larger local quilt shows like PIQF. PS…I have a friend who also lives on the island!

  329. Julie Landrith says:

    I like to shop at my local quilt shops. Sometimes I shop on line if I am looking for a specific fabric that seems elusive on the local scene. And I like to shop on my shelves since I have been gifted some very fun and unusual fabrics over time.

  330. Vicki Sanders says:

    My favorite place to shop is local quilt shops followed by trips to Lancaster, PA, shops and then online.

  331. clare renoux says:

    I enjoy finding fabric at yard sales and locally owned fabric stores. When I travel I seek out at least one fabric store on the route or more when available.

  332. Pat Hanna says:

    I am blessed to have 5 quilt shots within a 30 minute drive. I shop at them all!

  333. Cris Pera says:

    I shop all the local quilt and fabric shops in Portland and Vancouver and love to shop and visit anywhere I travel

  334. Laura S says:

    I drive to a place about an hour away from my house, A&E Fabrics in Pensacola. They have thousands and thousands of bolts and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes but they have fantastic customer service and a great loyalty program and I have never walked away empty handed!

  335. Sally says:

    My favorite place to shop is in my own stash — I love everything there! But when Ii’s time to replenish, anyplace that has quality fabric is worth looking. And I belong to a creative sewing group, and the free table at each meeting has yielded some incredible finds.

  336. Melisse Laing says:

    If it says fabric on the sign outside and especially if it says fabric sale, I check it out no matter where I am. Marsha used to be active in our FiberOptix group but now is busy with her business. I recommend her little shop on Whidbey Island.

  337. Sally Strawn says:

    I try to support our local quilt shops in B’ham, but I also like Over the Rainbow and I have shopped at Marcia Derse’s studio too.

  338. Daisy Rae says:

    Charity shops or local shops are my ports of call for fabric.

  339. Denise says:

    My favorite place to shop is my hometown shop-Quilters Corner – supporting local, brick and mortar shops is valuable for the quilting industry. They have great fabrics, classes and friendly helpful staff.

  340. Jackie Stevens says:

    I hit eight quilt shops between MIssissippi and Oregon this summer and know I missed several. Can’t beat a well displayed quilt shop.

  341. Mary Quarles says:

    Since retiring, I have lived in a small town in Southwest Virginia, and must drive ten to sixty miles to a quilt shop, or attend quilt shows with vendors. I think I have purchased more fabric in recent years than I did when living in a major metropolitan area (D.C.).

    Mary Q.

  342. margo elaine clyma says:

    I am lucky to live near Lancaster County in Pa. and often go to the many quilt shops in Intercourse, Pa. And who does not love a road trip to Berkholders – so much fabric and such great prices too.

  343. Mary says:

    I love shopping our local Sonoma County CA quilt show fabrics, and have some beautiful fabrics to play with!

  344. Mary O. says:

    I like to shop online, my local quilt shop, any quilt shop I enter, and of course all the great booths at the quilt shows. especially the small shows with the local shops represented.

  345. Priscilla Mui says:

    I am not a frequent quilter, but when I do, I dye my own indigo patterns or go to Michael Levine (I live in the Los Angeles area) or the stand-by, Joanne Fabrics.

  346. Pat Ioveno says:

    Of course shopping on-line gives quilters the largest variety of fabrics, but if you’re a fabric lover, stepping into a quilt shop can take your breath away.

  347. mzjohansen says:

    I love being able to shop for fabric at a quilt shop! Sadly though , I don’t live near any so I have had to educate myself bout what substrates are used by different designers and manufacturers. When I love a design but don’t know what a substrate is like I like to order 5” squares of the fabric line or a fat quarter of the fabric to help me decide. I use several online vendors whose website always give me inspiration…..and yes, Okan Arts is among them! Thanks for this chance…Marcia Derse Fabrics just cannot be beat for quilts or clothes.

  348. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    Fabric stores in my area are closing leaving only one small store available in my community. I like to shop in stores that provide a great variety of fabric and Quilting Mayhem is a store that is quite aways for me to travel but is a lovely store and well stocked.

  349. Joan Sheehan says:

    Sisters, Oregon quilt shop, Quilt Expressions & Quilt Crossing Boise, ID, and now, this wonderful offering!! Thank you so much for being online!!!

  350. EILEEN KEANE says:

    I buy most of my fabric at my local quilt shop, but I also enjoy shopping at quilt shows. There are so many vendors and so much variety!

  351. Marcy Polsky says:

    I love shopping at quilt/fabric shops in small and large cities when I travel out of state. I also shop in my closet for clothes that I no longer wear and refashion them into quilts and garments.

  352. Kelly Morrison says:

    I live in Portland Oregon. I like to shop the many local fabric stores and stop at “The Hitching Post” in Sisters, Oregon when I go there there. I also like to repurpose thrift store finds of interesting fabrics.

  353. Caroline Rohrer says:

    Really beautiful fabrics.

  354. Lyndalee Korn says:

    My favorite quilt store is Fabric Mart. Also Fabrix in San Francisco.

  355. dyemaven says:

    at quilt shows is always fun! possibly styles from different shops all in one place. love marcia and love her fabrics.

  356. Linda McLaughlin says:

    I rarely shop for quilting fabrics but when I do it’s usually on line because I live in a rural area with minimal fabric shops. I also print a lot of my own fabrics. Marcia Derse fabrics are among the few that I do purchase, probably because they look hand printed.

  357. Gwen Delmore says:

    Pacific Fabrics in Seattle, my collection of vintage fabrics from my father’s Curtain Store in Portland in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s, and stores in towns I visit. These are the places I like to shop. Also a fee online shops like Stitch Supply.

  358. Kathleen Morrison says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon. I like to visit the local quilt shops. And cry overtime a fabric store closes. I also like to visit thrift stores to find fabrics to repurpose. And will try to get to Okan next time I am in Seattle.
    I hope I didn’t post twice, I got interrupted .

  359. Cindy Hanrahan says:

    I love shopping for quilting fabrics at my quilt guild, there are always lots of beautiful choices of high quality fabric at great prices. I also love to choose fabric at quilt festivals. Thanks for the giveaway, these are beautiful!

  360. JMA says:

    Locally, WebFabrics in Purcellville,VA
    On travel, Calico Gals in Syracuse,NY and Quilter’s Corner in Ithaca,NY
    Also, any yummy quilt shop in towns where we visit for just a few hours or days!!

  361. Debra says:

    Quilt shops

  362. Val Chinen says:

    My friend goes to Japan once a year. She kindly picks up 3 or 4 different fabrics each visit. For a person that does not sew, she’s done a good job of picking fabric.

  363. Barbara Diaczynsky says:

    The fabrics are great.

  364. Wendy Hill says:

    It’s fun to go shopping at a friend’s house–there are such different collections in each home, and we take turns visiting each others closets. Otherwise, I like to shop in person, so I can get a fiber fix while shopping! I used all sorts of fabrics, so I will shop anywhere there are (good quality) fabrics.

  365. Lorraine Sonoda says:

    So fortunate to have East Bay local quilt shops: My favorites are Bay Quilts, Kimonomomo, Piedmont Fabrics, & Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

  366. Carol Thomas says:

    Most of the shops in the Los Angeles area have closed unfortunately. When I am up in the Central Coast of California, my favorite shop is Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove.

  367. Jennifer T. says:

    I shop for fabrics all over – Webfabrics (where I purchased Art History and Marcia Derse’s newest panel and coordinating prints and a bundle of fat quarters of EVERY ONE of her gorgeous solid fabrics last month), and Jinny Beyer Studio near me in Virginia, Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, Delaware while on vacation this summer. As many places as I can!

  368. Jan Kantz says:

    I love smaller local quilt shops, especially if there is a contemporary flare to the shop and samples. Well displayed and good lighting is important.

  369. melissa sherrow says:

    My local fabric shop is my favorite place to enjoy and purchase fabric.

  370. Leticia Wong Ley says:

    Hi, I shop at Joann, Beverly in California, some batiks on line and Scaps. But also in thrift shop using old garments that had cotton fabrics.

  371. Rosalie says:

    My local quilt shop is first but I also shop online and a discount plus free shipping will have me browsing and buying!

  372. Dionne Matthies-Buban says:

    Quilting Mayhem

  373. Sonia says:

    Being a very tactile person makes me want to feel and fondle. I therefore tend toward quilt shops and quilt shows. However, I will go for Marcia Derse wherever I may encounter her work.

  374. Sondra J Landess says:

    I love to stop at quilt shops that I find while traveling. I also like to shop at the larger quilt shows that sell fabric as well as some of the larger quality craft shows that show beautiful quilts and sell fabric.

  375. Vivian Roop says:

    Anywhere I can get lost in fabric — a shop or a show where there is lots of color and ideas.

  376. Brenda C says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabric is brick and mortar shops. I visit my local shop regularly and always stop on any road trips to check out new places.

  377. Anni Hudson says:

    I shop at the local quilt shop in my town for most things but have always been an avid online shopper too since there are so many choices! I like speciality shops such as Okan Arts very much, I don’t know where else I’d find such an amazing selection of Japanese yukata fabric, and great commentary on using the fabric as well.

  378. Deborah Stone says:

    I really love shopping at the Goodwill. I can find 100% cotton shirts, all kinds of strange prints that I buy if they are 100% cotton or silk. I hardly ever go away empty handed.

  379. Catherine Erlanger says:

    In Columbia, MO, where I live, there are 3 quilt shops — I would like to support them but they appear to be focusing on selling embroidery/sewing machines & related classes with a few BOMs using patterns from popular quilting magazines, with fabric to support those ends. So, I search the internet for wool fabric. Ever since I read “East Meets West”, my interests are changing & found my way to Okan Arts.

  380. Kathie says:

    I love local quilt stores but so many have closed! I always seek them out when I’m traveling, too. I do end up buying online more and more. Etsy is my go to these days.

  381. Jennifer Sweeney says:

    Quilting Corner in Riverside CA

  382. Cynthia Wood says:

    I love shopping for fabric online. I can shop at 10pm as I’m lying in bed about to sleep for the night or in the early morning when my household is asleep.

  383. Ginny Leber says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilt fabric is BOLT in Cloverdale, CA. I live close to that shop and am so grateful they are there.

  384. Del Thomas says:

    Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove, CA, is my all time favorite shop. Fortunately I can only drive up from SCalifornia a couple times a year or I would go broke! I occasionally buy from Marcia directly and will look for specific fabrics on eQuilter. It would be lovely to add more of Marcia’s fabrics to my fabric library.

  385. Pip says:

    I would love to shop Tokyo but alas, must shop online.

  386. Donna says:

    My favorite places to shop for fabrics are at quilt shops especially while traveling and at quilt shows. Love to look at fabric and feel the fabric.

  387. Patricia Jeys says:

    I collect fabric remnants from anywhere in Japan and China, any Chinatown or Japantown in the USA or Canada. I love silk kimono and cotton yukata fabric scraps! I also really like my local quilt shops here in Salt Lake City.

  388. Barb K says:

    I live in a rural area so do a lot of my fabric shopping on-line. I do love to visit quilt shops also when I have the chance!

  389. Janet Pugh says:

    I love the unique fabrics found at vendor’s booths at major Quilt Shows in the U.S. My stash has some wonderful ethnic fabrics, unique surface-designed fabrics, hand-dyes, and vintage fabrics from various countries.

  390. Barbara Montejo says:

    I like to shop at local quilt shops(although many in Southern California have closed) and at quilt shows.

  391. Jennifer Quick says:

    The quilt store that I used to frequent closed so now I purchase a lot of batiks from Hancock’s of Paducah.

  392. Carolyn Billheimer says:

    ch my taste perfectly.I love to shop for my cotton quilting fabrics at Modern Handmade in Scotts Valley, CA. It is an independently owned, near to me shop that specializes in modern quilting. They offer free “Sewcial” sewing twice a week as well as classes and have fabric and quilt samples that match my taste perfectly.

  393. Chris Kornele says:

    I like the quilt shops in small towns that are near mom and pops places to eat . Shopping local is good. Hands on classes and demonstrations by local professionals keeps the classes small. The social experience and attention help me gain skills.

  394. Ginnie Hebert says:

    Besides my own stash, I love to shop my local quilt shops. I also like to visit quilt stores when I travel.

  395. Mary Marusin says:

    I enjoy going to shops while on vacation. Recently 3 different shops in Alaska. I have a few pieces of kimono fabric from my Japanese daughter-in-law’s grandmother. What a treasure. I also shop our local shops. So many fabrics and I love Marcia Derse.

  396. Nanci Cartwright says:

    My favorite place to buy quilting fabrics is at my local Santa Fe Quilt Shop, I have also bought online at Hawthorne Fabrics. However, after seeing these fabrics by Marcia Derse, I must try to find her fabrics online. Beautiful.

  397. Sally BC says:

    I love fabric and look for it where ever I go. Recently I’ve been checking at Antique malls and stores and finding nice cotton. Of course I do a lot of online as well.

  398. Betty Phillips says:

    My favorite places to shop are quilt shops and my friends stash (smile).

  399. Nancy Gilpin says:

    I like to purchase fabric at individually owned quilt shops or when these shops are represented at quilt shows. It is important to keep them in business as they provide very personal service and many more interesting choices. The chain fabric stores are much less interesting and the quality varies greatly.

  400. ss waxman says:

    Any type of estate, tag, yard sale or what ever it is called depending upon the part of the country one lives…

  401. Carolyn Wolf says:

    Since I live in southern Oregon, that is where my favorite quilt shops are. My top two are Sew Creative in Ashland, and Tater Patch on the other side of the Cascades in Merrill. Any shop that carries Marcia Derse’s fabrics is pretty special!

  402. Tracy Allen says:

    Love to shop at my favorite shop that carries an ecclectic array of trendy quilting fabric. Also, finding something wonderful when I travel is always exciting.

  403. spierssusan says:

    The Quarter Stitch, the French Quarter in New Orleans! At Mardi Gras time, they have the most wonderful fabrics in the green, gold & purple of typical Mardi Gras colors!

  404. Lois Helmbold says:

    I love to shop at yard and estate sales, thrift stores, the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale, East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (Oakland), SCRAP (San Francisco).

  405. Susan Buchanan says:

    LOVE these prints! So bright and cheery.

  406. Martha Robinson says:

    Valley Fabrics in Northampton MA is my all-time favorite quilt shop! The owner has a great eye for interesting lines. She also has an online presence,;but I am lucky enough to live nearby.

  407. Clare Kapitan says:

    I primarily shop at small Independent quilt shops near home and when I travel. I’m a scrappy quilter and “shop” the scrap swaps at guild meetings.

  408. Christine says:

    What are your favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics? My favorite places in the last 20 years or so is Center Diamond in Cannon Beach OR and Josephine’s Dry Goods in Portland OR. But now that I have discovered Okan they are now on my short list of 3!
    – Christine

  409. Beth says:

    I’m sure the “politically correct” answer would be the local quilt shop, but there is not a shop closer than an hour away from me. I usually shop online—wherever I can get quality fabric at the best prices.

  410. Katherine Glans says:

    I love to find small quilt shops when I travel, always fun to see what surprises there are!

  411. Stephanie Braskey says:

    My favorite place to buy fabric is my local brick and mortar quilt shop where I can touch and feel the fabric. If they don’t have what I need, then I go online.

  412. Diane Richter says:

    I like to shop my local quilt shops of which there are 5 within 35 minutes of my home. I really like to see and feel the fabric before I buy it. And each year Sew Expo in Puyallup is exciting as I get to explore the multitude of offerings.

  413. Chris Thomas says:

    I like to support local shops. Blue Bar Quilts in Madison, WI was started by a member of my local fiber arts group and has a wonderful selection of interesting fabrics as well as classes in dyeing, construction, quilting, etc.It’s friendly and helpful staff are wonderful, Unique to this shop is a gallery of work that changes often and draws me into the shop, and there is also a space for makers to sell their wares. Kudos to my local quilt shop!

  414. Barbara Colvin says:

    I love a good sale, and those happen all the time at online retailers. I love the convenience of shopping from home. Of course, there is always my huge stash…I find the best way to save money is to shop the stash. LOL

  415. Wendy Johnston says:

    I enjoy shopping online for fabric, but my favorite place to shop for fabric is at local quilt shops. When I walk into a quilt shop, I feel energized. Seeing the fabric and being able to touch it is truly the best experience.

  416. Kathleen Kahn says:

    My favorite place to shop and take classes is at Back Porch in Pacific Grove, California.

  417. Sally says:

    My local quilt shops, quilt shows, and on-line. It’s all good!!

  418. Carole Brower says:

    Online as shops to visit are few and far between and often selections are limited. I sign up for several fabric newsletters and blogs and look for discounts and free shipping or go to Amazon if the price is better and I can still get what I want. Enjoy visuals, tutorials, blogs for inspiration and new techniques or tools/notions. Discovered Japanese kimono finds recently with amazingly beautiful fabrics.

  419. susan says:

    I am fortunate to live walking distance to a lovely makers shop named Harmony. They carry fabulous fabrics and yarns and have a delightfully enthusiastic and supportive staff. Thank you for this opportunity.

  420. Tecla Shaffer says:

    Stone Mo uh brain in Berkley has a wonderful array of fabrics as do many of the small fown quilt shops across the state.

  421. Joan Ledet says:

    My love is to see, touch and buy my fabrics at quilt shops. Especially when we tour another town.

  422. Mary Willis says:

    My favorite New England quilt shop is Quilted Threads in Henniker NH. My online favorites are Westwood Acres and the Fat Quarter Shop.

  423. Connie Pietrala says:

    WOW-what a great giveaway. I have changed my buying to internet sites rather than quilt shops because of the large selections.

  424. Kristi says:

    When I purchase fabric, I visit The Quilt Shop in Poulsbo, WA. I also like to visit quilt shops when I travel. However, I am trying to use my fabric stash which is quite sizable!

  425. Kathryn Dalheim says:

    My local quilt shop is Sew Deja Vu in Stow, Ohio…and it carries Marcia Derse fabrics! My favorite shop away from home is Somewhere Sewing, in Millersburg, Ohio. It’s in Amish country, where our quilting guild does 2 retreats a year. You could not ask for nicer people than the owners and staff of both shops. I made some log cabin variation blocks with Marcia`s Art History fabrics; they are gorgeous and a joy to feel and work with!

  426. Linda says:

    I love shopping at local fabric stores but I REALLY enjoy quilt shows! Lots of variety in one place! Beautiful fabric makes me happy!

  427. Rita Hays says:

    I love to shop at my local quilt shop, Material Girl, and any shop on my vacation travels is fair game!

  428. Barbaraben says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics are at my local quilt shops and at quilt shows where the vendors have amazing displays of merchandise to attract buyers viewing the many inspiring quilts.

  429. Rose Paslay says:

    I’m lucky to shop at six local quilt stores in my area!

  430. marylouh says:

    Jackman’s Fabrics. they have lots of
    fabric and all of the supplies that you
    need for quilting – from sewing machines
    to pins and needles. They also have
    lots of classes. The prize materials
    are beautiful – go from bright to more
    subtle. thanks for the chance to
    get one of these.

  431. Gladys Schulz says:

    Macia Derse fabrics speak to me as an fabric artist. They bring out the creative energy in my work.

  432. Eileen Martens says:

    I find fabric mainly on the internet and at small fabric shops, when I run across small shops. Unfortunately, the are few and far between. I am always on the lookout for wool fabric for my winter quilts.

  433. Janine says:

    I love to shop at brick and mortar quilt shops whether those shops are local, regional or ones I find while traveling. I love to see what quilters are doing and get inspired by others creativity.

  434. Marie Burnham says:

    My favorite places to find fabric are at the “non-big box” stores, either online or in person. They seem to carry a wider variety of artisan-style fabric designs and batiks (both my favorites) than the larger companies.

  435. Catherine Green says:

    Cool Cottons in Portland or Sisters in Centralia, WA

  436. Barbara Minton says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilt fabrics is at my local quilt stores. We are blessed to have 6 places here in the Tri-Cities to go to. And then if we want to make a road trip, we can go to Walla Walla (2 good stores) or Yakima.

  437. Elizabeth Ruth says:

    Thrift stores. You can often find fabrics that are no longer available in fabric stores and cotton garments that you can cut up. Last week I found a “new” Liberty London shirt for just a couple of dollars.

  438. Patricia Coppock says:

    I buy my fabric all over the place. I love to support local shops, shops in nearby cities known for great sales and selection. I purchase fabric from speakers that come to our guild with their line of fabrics…and even at estate sales.

  439. Edith M Dunn says:

    My local church thrift store has fabulous fabrics donated when older quilters downsize! Also Asheville Cotton Company, a quilt shop where creativity reigns!!

  440. cyndy parry says:

    Japan flea markets, my guilds’ “Free Couch” fabric … and, well, to narrow it down, any place that has fabric as it is sure to have something I HAVE to have!

  441. Lynn Smith says:

    Kaimuki Dry Goods, Honolulu. I sewed my own clothes beginning in high school in the ’60s! I still shop here whenever I am in Hawaii. It is fabulous.
    My local shop in Virginia — Ragtime Fabrics has something of everything, and staff keeps everyone enthusiastic and on track for surrounding ourselves with beauty.
    I need to see and touch fabrics in person!

  442. Sue Chambers says:

    I enjoy shopping in local shops when I travel. I search on my phone for quilt shops nearby to explore different shops, looking for new ideas and fabric that “speaks” to me.

  443. Maryanne James says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabrics are: 1. Estate sales/yard sales where I can often find vintage fabrics. 2. Online because the possibilities are endless! 3. Quilt shops because I know the quality and tight weave I want will be found there with little to no effort.

  444. Lydia Reading says:

    Quilt shows! Quilt stores wherever we travel! 2nd hand stores to recycle clothing with striking fabric! My closet for clothes not worn! Vintage shops for bits of handcrafted embroidery or lace, or whatever catches my eye, yard sales, estate sales.

  445. Kathy C says:

    Locally, Holly’s Quilt Cabin, Centennial, CO and A Quilter’s Corner in Erie, CO are hard to beat. When traveling to California, Superbuzzy in Ventura and Roxanne’s, A Wish and a Dream in Carpinteria are favorites.

  446. Gabrielle Pentz Ryan says:

    Wherever I travel. I buy binding fabric or for a last border at independent quilt stores.

  447. Ann Woodman says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilt fabric is Mabelena’s in Ortonville MI where’d they are friendly and knowledgeable. I can touch and feel the fabric, (including Marcia Derse’s), and I prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores whenever possible. Plus it is a twofer as my son and his family live nearby!

  448. Kathleen Wragg Baker says:

    Gossypium Quit Shop , it’s inspiration at its best !!!

  449. Annette says:

    Places I like to shop for quilt fabric are my local quilt shops….Twin Cities Quilting,Millie P’s, and more.

  450. Karen Scribner says:

    I love to shop in one of the five quilt stores within a 16 mile radius of my house. I go to day retreat every week in two of them, and they both have a day of charity quilting once a month.

  451. Vicky says:

    I love to shop at the StitchinPost , great selection of fabrics ,,,,,,in Sisters OR……

  452. Madelyn Lenard says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric is at estate and garage sales. I love the feel of vintage fabrics, and one time I lucked out by getting five 2-yard pieces of African wax resist cotton in the wild and flamboyant African designs and colors. It was being offered as $15 for as much as you could stuff into a plastic market bag. In addition to the African fabric, I managed to slip into the same bag eighteen yards (yes, 18 yards) of 100% silk. There is nothing more victorious than getting 28 yards of fabulous fabric for $15. I live for these deals! Another time I got a bag of about 10 yards of small cuts of blue Japanese cotton at a garage sale for about $6. The sellers were people who know fabric, so I can feel confident that they actually knew the value of what I was buying, so I didn’t have to feel guilty about the incredibly cheap price I was paying. Then another time, a full box of Kaffe Fasset scraps from a woman who decided she “didn’t like the fabric”. She just gave it to me. YAHOO! Cheaper than drugs and it’s legal! I love getting fabrics I love for great, unexpected prices! (Then of course I could also pay $75 for the most perfect cotton print, so I’m not entirely cheap. If it is fabulous and I love it, I am just as likely to purchase it.) Oh yes, my name is Madelyn and I am addicted to fabric.

  453. Dorothy Ann Martinez says:

    I am an unabashed fabric hoarder who shops for fabric at local fabric stores in the Southern California area, and other regions of California. One of my favorite stores is the Kapaia Stitchery in Lihue, Kauai. When I travel, I’m sure to research local fabric stores ahead of time, and thoroughly enjoy the unique style of each of these local quilt shops. I also shop online, and receive emails from a variety of quilt blogs, which have unique collections of fabric designs. There are so many options for beautiful fabrics, it nearly makes me dizzy!

  454. carol denning says:

    My newest favorite place to shop for fabric happens to be a thrift store on a military base. Yes, I know this is not available to most people,however I am grateful to the many people who donate , rather than just throw away, when they must change locations while in service to our nation! The ethnic variety is awesome. and colorful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  455. SANDRA L ELLISON says:

    I shop primarily at Bay Quilts in the SF Bay Area, but I also love Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley.

  456. Michelle D says:

    SALT LAKE CITY has great quilt shops – lived there for 20 years and really miss them!

  457. Kay Skov says:

    Stash in Walla Walla, Wa.
    Boersma’s in McMinnville, Or.
    The Tater Patch in Merrill, Or.
    B.J,’s in Bend, Or. and Cool Cottons in Portland, Or.
    and Etsy since the closest store selling quilting fabrics is over 80 miles away!

  458. Nancy C Best says:

    Fabrics Plus in Anacortes, WA, they have so much fabric is so many styles, and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

  459. Donna G Lindsay says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics include “Bay Quilts”, Richmond, California; Okan Arts, Seattle (have the pleasure of visiting store once and shopping while taking a class); therefore: online shopping with Okan Arts.

  460. Allison Wilbur says:

    Knit One Quilt Too in Barrington RI (fabulous shop) and the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. I also love to dye my own fabric. Marcia Derse’s fabric works so well with my hand dyes!

  461. Nancy Lamoreaux says:

    I live in Boise Idaho and we are blessed with two wonderful quilt stores, The Quilt Crossing and Quilt Expressions. Quilt Expressions has a large selection of Marcia Derse fabrics.

  462. Linda says:

    I do appreciate our one local shop. They’re always welcoming, willing to help if need be, or just let you roam. A special treat is shopping at quilt shows with many vendors esp PIQF in Santa Clara.

  463. Barbara Davies says:

    Thrift stores are my preferred haunt for quilting fabric. One particular local charity shop is only open three partial days each week, and often has fabric lengths and sewing notions, sometimes partially completed quilts. Okan Arts was my first fabric shop source for years. Somehow, buying “new” felt so extravagant and self indulgent. What a treat to have long lengths to work into repeat design elements.

  464. LaVerne Mullane says:

    My favourite quilting stores are Creative Quilting. Bib n Tucker, and couple more in Duncan BC. My absolute favourite shops are always at the local quilt shows.

  465. Ellen McCarthy says:

    I love to find fabric shops as I travel, especially in Europe. I start searching for them as soon as I have a trip planned. I have visited tiny Japanese fabric shops and mid-sized embroidery shops in Paris, high couture and quilting fabric shops in Spain and souks in Morocco to name a few spots. They are always gateways into other cultures, but the common ‘thread’ (pun intended) of fabric love provides a language we share.

  466. Cassidy Rowland says:

    One of my favorite places to shop for quilting fabric is at a Quilt Show; there are always some small odds and ends just perfect for the next quilt!

  467. Kane says:

    My favorite place to shop is my local quilt shop. I also love Hawaiian Fabric Mart when I visit Oahu. I have purchased online but I prefer to see the fabric as I know exactly what the colors are and can match them better.

  468. Cynthia Mandarano says:

    I enjoy visiting local quilt shops when I travel and buy most of my fabric there. I shopped at Okan Arts when I visited Seattle. Loved meeting Victoria. 🙂

  469. Lottie Smith says:

    Marcia’s prints are so very flexible in contemporary work. I love her fabrics!

  470. Janice Chiaffredo says:

    Quilt and Kaboodle in Cleveland, GA

  471. Christine Schultz says:

    My favorite shop for unusual and simply beautiful fabrics is Quilter’s Corner in Ithaca, NY.

  472. Debra Dobbs says:

    More and more I am dyeing my own fabric, so I purchase yards of various weight cotton through Test Fabric or Dharma Trading Company. Marcia Derse’s fabrics blend so very well with hand-created fabric. When I need commercial fabric I take a road trip to Sisters to The Stitchin’ Post, or to Fiddlesticks or Cool Cottons in the PDX-Vancouver area. Cannon Beach has a lovely fabric store, as well.

  473. says:

    Local quilt shops and online. Love finding local quilt shops when traveling.

  474. Debra Miller says:

    My local quilt shop and thrift stores.

  475. Carol Young says:

    What a stunning collection of fabrics.I am fortunate to have a direct source of Japanese fabrics from family.

  476. Carol Young says:

    Love your fabrics. I would like to try some projects using this fabric.

  477. Nan Ryan says:

    The Modern Sewist in Sarasota FL is a fav local shop. When traveling, I like to purchase something from most shops I get to stop at as a remembrance of the town I stopped in.

  478. Janet Miller says:

    I find great fabric in all the local quilt shops.

  479. frances STEWART says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilt fabrics: online anywhere from ebay, amazon, Joann’s, fabric websites like Jenny’s Missouri Quilting (exact name ?) and Japanese kimono websites selling kimonos/yukata/fabrics etc.

  480. frances STEWART says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilt fabrics: online anywhere from ebay, amazon, Joann’s, quilts, fabric websites like Jenny’s Missouri Quilting (exact name ?) and Japanese kimono websites selling kimonos/yukata/fabrics etc.

  481. Jan Beckert says:

    My favorite place to shop for fabrics is online! There are so many amazing sites — including yours! — and so many choices available.

  482. Kim Mast says:

    My very favorite spot, is often my own stash. I have been given, willed and adopted so much, I only shop for the special spark of fabric, to set the whole thing cooking. Okan Arts, Etsy, Ryco in R.I. and LorraineFabrics. Marcia Derse is one of my favorite artists. Longtime fan, and lucky enough to find her fabrics are the perfect “match” for me.

  483. Sue Havre says:

    I love Marcia’s prints. They are creative and inspiring. Her sense of color and the scale of her designs make her fabrics ideal for art projects especially wearable art.

  484. Marcia says:

    My son lives in Tokyo so I look forward to going to Nippori Town when we visit him. I also look for material at the local thrift stores.

  485. Carol Y says:

    I love to get fabric from local quilt shops if I can. Sometimes I buy from resellers on Etsy.

  486. Sarah Hilley says:

    I drive to NC for fabric most of the time. There are several quilt stores in North Carolina.

  487. Lois Moore says:

    I love to shop at my local shop in Palo Cedro, CA. The Blue Iris.

  488. Edith Allison says:

    Tumbleweeds in West Barnstable, MA!!

  489. Ann Milne says:

    Quilt Expo in Madison, WI!!

  490. Claudia says:

    I love to search small quilt shops for unique finds.

  491. shirley Vanderbroek says:

    I have been collecting Marcia Derse fabrics for along time and just brought a pattern that would make a beautiful quilt with her fabrics!

  492. Carolyn Hanson says:


  493. lee says:

    Usually my two local quilt shops and I always try and look when I am traveling for local shops!

  494. Ellee says:

    My favorite places to shop for quilting fabrics are my local quilt shops. The fabric is high quality and I can touch it before making a decision. I will buy online if the fabric I need is not available locally. No chain stores for me. When I travel out of town, I always check to see if there are fabric shops along the way. I’d much rather buy fabric as a souvenir than a mug or t-shirt.

  495. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    Fabric shopping has changed a bit as so many of the stores in my area have closed, mostly because of retirement! I do support my Local quilt store and others as I travel to Seattle. The winners of this very generous give away will be so very fortunate!

  496. Sara G says:

    I love fabric shopping at pop-up shops because that means I am at a retreat working on my quilts or at a quilt show looking at quilts.

  497. Glen Baker says:

    My favorite place to shop for quilting fabric is Rosies Calico Cupboard in San Diego, CA!

  498. Sarah Ahlgren says:

    Marcia Derse + Okan Arts? Oh yes. Sign me up.

  499. Mary Jo Buckingham says:

    I love to buy fabric wherever there is a diversity of colors and themes and cultures represented. Okan Arts fabrics allow me virtual trips to Japan and all things Japanese, The Quilting Bee in Spokane provides me those opportunities to explore fabric designers, and Center Diamond in Canon Beach has introduced me to hand painted, hand printed and unique batiks related to coastal themes.

  500. Jackie Kelly says:

    Beautiful fabrics.

  501. Chris Chambers says:

    I try to shop at small quilt stores when I travel. Sometimes shop on-line with eQuilters since they donate some of the purchase price to charity. And, of course, Okan Arts!

  502. Caroline Rohrer says:

    My favorite p;ace to buy fabrics is my local quilt shop, #The Christmas Goose. The staff makes me feel like I;ve come home every time I go there.