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four august giveaways!

four august giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month’s giveaways feature delights from artist Bari J—exuberant fabrics from her newest Art Gallery Fabrics collection Joie de Vivre, and her Maximalist Style thread set from Aurifil. Each giveaway is valued at $82 (four total).

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari J

Bari J didn’t know she was an artist until she starting painting in her thirties. Now non-stop, Bari J creates fabric collections, artwork used for home decor and housewares, and even graphics for Anthropologie mobile phone covers.

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari J

Each winner receives a bundle of 12 fat quarters from Bari J’s Joie de Vivre fabric collection.

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari JThe collection has lights and darks for great quilt making. To see the Joie de Vivre Look Book, +click here.

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari J

AND each winner receives a Bari J Maximalist Style set of of Aurifil thread—five spools of Aurifloss (18 yards each) and five spools of 50 wt cotton (220 yards each).

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari JThere are bonus giveaways for two runner-ups—a yard each of Bari J’s Joyeux Alphabet. One yard includes the whole Joyeux alphabet plus extra letters to make words! Each bonus giveaway is valued at $15 (two total).

Okan Arts August 2016 Giveaway with Bari J

To participate in the August giveaways, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What artistic super power have you discovered in yourself?

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winners of the fabric and thread sets are Shari K of Fletcher NC, Shelby C of Las Vegas NW, and Suzanne C of Houston TX. Winners of the Joyeux alphabet fabric are Meg B from Bellingham WA and Sheila R from Encinitas CA.

Thank you Bari J for the donation of the Joie de Vivre fabrics.
Thank you Aurifil for the donation of the thread sets

To visit Bari J’s website +click here
For more ways to connect with Bari J:

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The August 2016 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight PST on August 30, 2016. Okan Arts Giveaway is open to US residents (sorry to my Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing for the FQ bundles and thread sets. Two lucky winners will be chosen for the yardage of Joyeux Alphabet. Winners will be notified within 24 hours. Winners must respond within one week of notification or their giveaway will be forfeited. A list of winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

This is not a sponsored giveaway.

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158 comments to “four august giveaways!”

  1. Susan Zakanycz says:

    The artistic super power that I have is that I do not give up, like to try new things, and share what I have learned!

  2. Jessica Jones-Coggins says:

    The ability to sew in heat and humidity

  3. Vivian Perry says:

    My superpower is love. Once I get started on a project I fall in love with it and that feeling keeps me going.

  4. Allison CB says:

    The ability to leap tall piles of fabric in a single bound!

  5. TrulyBlessed says:

    I have discovered the art of looking on the bright side. This makes life truly a joy.

  6. Kae Eagling says:

    Instantly see a quilt design in unrelated things everywhere.

  7. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    This is my first exposure to Bari J and I love her work. So fresh, colorful and inspiring. Her fabrics will definitely be on my future radar. Thank you for featuring her work.

  8. Mrs. Plum says:

    I am a terrific doodler. I finally began doodling in a sketch book so I can more easily refer back to ideas, rather than trying to keep little scraps of paper. Thanks for the give-away–love Bari J’s designs!

  9. Annette Millard says:

    A few years ago I started saying Sewing is My Superpower. It’s a popular phrase now, but it meant a lot to me when I first realized what a superpower sewing really is. My mother transformed inexpensive fabric into acts of love While sewing most of clothing as had her mother before her. What an amazing and artistic power they passed on to me in teaching me to make beautiful things from whatever was available. Sewing restores the soul and I have seen that so often in the lives of others as well as myself. My favorite thing in the whole world is walking into my studio, looking to see what I have on hand and transforming it into something beautiful and full of joy. Truly a superpower, I am thrilled to exercise whenever I can! (And…. I LOVE Bari J!!! Oh, my, what fun I would have if I win!!)

  10. Jan says:

    My superpower is to stretch…challenge …and create in new artistic ways!!
    Never fear and always move forward

  11. Rhoda says:

    I have learned to trust my instinct and walk away for a day.

  12. jen says:

    The artistic super power I found is continuing to return to practice no matter how bumpy or windy the road!

  13. Janet Schayer says:

    My super power is to be less judgmental about my work and to simply enjoy the process of creation………..

  14. Linda Rech says:

    When I started quilting, a long-suppressed urge to draw blossomed. My super power is my ability to continually surprise myself.

  15. Kerry Smith says:

    I am unafraid of making quick decisions about selecting a wide variety of print fabrics to include in a quilt. I used to spend hours agonizing over my choices. No more! I love this super power!

  16. Ellen Hemmert says:

    I see quilt patterns everywhere!

  17. SOOZ says:

    i find i can combine any combination from any line and make it my own…
    i collect what i like, which is varied, and make it work together

  18. Alice Ronne says:

    Still looking for my “super power” but along the way I’m discovering a lot about my skills in color choices, composition and sewing. Love the process I’m experiencing.

  19. Sheryl allen says:

    My artistic superpower is to see the love inside every quilt or project!

  20. Jofrid says:

    I do love new things, and I love doing them. I also have found that if I practise I can do the quilting myself. I rip and do it again, so I am patient

  21. Brenda p says:

    My super power is turning traditional blocks into modern quilts with new and modern fabric and techniques

  22. Karen A says:

    My artistic superpower is having the ability to figure out how quilts are pieced together without a pattern.

  23. Shari K. says:

    Sewing is my Superpower! This FQ bundle and thread would certainly feed it!

  24. Quilting Tangent says:

    Picking fabrics that go together is my superpower.

  25. Lyn Wolf Jackson says:

    The artistic super power I discovered is joy and calm. Works every time.

  26. Elaine Quinn says:

    I have discovered the superpower of drawing & a more liberated use of color in my quilt making !

  27. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    I’m still searching for my artistic superpower!

  28. Emily Breclaw says:

    My artistic superpower is 11th hour quilting. . . It’s amazing what can be accomplished under a deadline! Lovely article on a fabulous designer!

  29. LINDA says:

    Just looking on the Bright Side of things! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Denise Losczyk says:

    Ability to learn new techniques!

  31. Ferne says:

    I think I do a pretty good job at putting colors together. I watched my Grandmother and Aunt quilt for years before I gave it a try and discovered that I was pretty talented a choosing fabrics and not to bad at matching seams. I enjoy it immensely and wish I had enjoyed more time quilting with them.

  32. Debra Lee says:

    I’m a good color mixer.

  33. Ellen McKenna says:

    My artistic super power is being able to knock out cool projects for my kids and put a smile on their face when they need it. The WIP pile may keep growing, but if I can make them happy, I’ll put “my” projects aside.

  34. jodi says:

    I have finally crossed over and am able to combine the old (my stash)with the new and it brings me great joy.

  35. Margaret Ballinger says:

    The ability to appreciate the artistic abilities of others and use them to spark ideas of my own.

  36. Diane Beavers says:

    My artistic superpower of late seems to be that I always have the perfect size scrap and color (solid or print) to add to a pouch or a mini. I love when that happens! My eye’s are really tuning into color these days too and find myself giving advice to those whom inspired me to quilt and sew..and it’s welcomed:)


  37. Darlene Jacolik says:

    My artistic super power is the ability to choose pattern and colors that work together and make my projects sing!

  38. carol n says:

    After spending years following my mentor to quilt shops, I think my superpower is a well developed use of color, thanks for the giveaway.

  39. Connie Lawrence says:

    My sewing is my super power as it brings me happiness and energy.

  40. Linda E in AZ says:

    I am amazed to find that I have an excellent concept of colors and what you can/can’t put together. Never had an art training, it’s just innate in the way I see things.

  41. Cathy sanders says:

    The artistic power I have is seeing the finished block and looking toward the finished project.

  42. Joanne G. says:

    I discovered a while ago that I write really well. Now I’m trying to always believe that!

  43. Maria Merante says:

    I learned how to work almost any mistake into the design…a carry-over from my fashion illustration class ages ago in during high school.

  44. Shelby Cefoldo says:

    My artistic super power is a willingness to craft outside of my comfort zone. I find inspiration in my everyday world.

  45. Abby Gable says:

    Sewing with horrible morning sickness and a crazy 2 year old!!

  46. Kathleen Murphy says:

    well my artistic superpower is a precious gift, handed down to me through generations ; from my mom’s flair for mixing colors, putting sceneries together and visionary view of the bigger picture, to my grandmother’s exquisite sewing talents and great appreciation for fabrics. Although I am nowhere near the talents of either of these inspiring women, quilting gives me the ability to tap into what they’ve so kindly passed on to me. 🙂

  47. Amy Frye says:

    I have discovered quilting. Quilts were always something I admired when I went to grandmother’s homes. To me, quilts looked like the beautiful patterns and colors I would see in the kaleidoscope I played with every time I went to my paternal grandmother’s home.

    On a whim one day, I talked to my husband about getting a sewing machine and started working on my first quilt. I have been quilting all 2016 and I absolutely love it.

  48. Lisa Bien says:

    Who knew I would be good at mixing colors and prints,not only in decorating my home and in the clothes I wear, but now in quilting.

  49. Pauline Rollings says:

    I have discovered that my artistic super power is… Being able to change things, like a graduation gown into 2 girls holiday outfits, mend ties into a dress and boys shirts into a quilt.

  50. Elizabeth Dyer says:

    I use my artistic talent to put together fabrics/colors that make a quilt pleasing to the eye.

  51. Lori Morton says:

    My artistic super power is sewing love into every stitch when making a gift for each person…making it specially just for them, and knowing they feel my love added in.
    (Am still working on more artistic ways, like specially FMQ each one to suit the person..the colors are pretty conquered, and patterns too.) I am still fairly new to super powerss in artistic ways lol

  52. Laura Grabow says:

    My super power is being able to carry piles of fabric without dropping any of them.

  53. Lindsay Rodems says:

    I’m quilting super hero in that I have big dreams and cover the world in quilts….

  54. Kamin Brown says:

    LOVE your fabric!

  55. Susan Beasley says:

    At 50, I started creating pincushions from damaged quilts to sell in my antiques booth. The pincushions are now more of my inventory than the antiques. I have a few wholesale customers who take my work to shows all over the country and I’m very proud of my hand stitching callous and giant “just in case” fabric stash. I think often of the many hundreds of my pincushions in use in sewing rooms all over! I’m such a fan of Bari J and her luscious fabric and her overall aesthetic. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  56. Pam says:

    What wonderful eye candy in this post! I think I’m kind of an average quilter but I guess my superpower is the ability to whip out quick sewn gifts when I need them (or more often, when my daughters ask me to come up with something for their friends or coworkers.) Thanks for this awesome giveaway. That fabric makes me swoon! )

  57. Crystal Harrison says:

    My super power is quilt as you go!!! I’m in love & cant stop!!!

  58. Sharon Kriesel says:

    I use more bright colors than I ever thought I would!

  59. Vanessa B says:

    That I can Quilt! 🙂

  60. Vicki L says:

    The artistic super power I have discovered about myself is I enjoy learning new techniques…a wonderful world of creativity in the quilting world. Love it! Thank you for this thread and fabric giveaway opportunity.

  61. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    I love creating, and discovered I have pretty good color sense, although it took practice. I’m happy with the colors and combos I choose now. I also think it’s fun. Love the colors in these fabrics. Thanks.

  62. Kay McCaffery says:

    I guess my super power is my ability to pick colors & put fabrics together for a project.

  63. Janie says:

    My super power is … I am able to stay focused on the project at hand. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  64. Amie Dailey says:

    My artistic super power is I am almost 100% self taught on multiple crafts. Sewing, quilting, knitting, painting, jewelry making, hand and machine embroidery and needle tatting. The only craft that I was truly taught or given lessons for was crochet. My grandparents taught me when I was about 6 years old. Love to just let my creativity flow!

  65. Michelle Baker says:

    I am a quilting ninja! I always thought I needed a pattern, but I just let the quilt speak to me…and it always does! Free motion quilting on Bari js fabric it a treat. It feels wonderful and it “speaks” beautifully!
    Be kind!

  66. Denise says:

    I turn fabric into expressions of loving kindness☺

  67. Kristen says:

    I love Bari J! I’m pretty sure that quilt math is my superpower!

  68. Carol Broughton says:

    Patience is my superpower!

  69. colleen lynch says:

    My artistic super power is to use my creative energy to rebuild a life and start to live a dream.. even when I didn’t think either were possible. Art and creativity can heal.. so maybe that’s is the super power of art!!

  70. Kaye Koler says:

    My super power is teaching my granddaughter, age four, to play in my fabrc stash and to sew!

  71. Sueanne says:

    Am excited about the “give away!”

  72. Cecilia says:

    My super power is the ability to keep making quilts for others. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Ray Burke says:

    I don’t know if it is a super power but I seem to be blessed with the knack of selecting, matching and using great color and pattern combinations. I love this material and would be so happy to win one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  74. Heather Zifchak says:

    Her art is stunning.

  75. Carolyn says:

    There are no mistakes…only creative compensations!

  76. Brenda says:

    That I can step in and teach a diverse group such a non-beginner topic as curved piecing (even to beginners) with only a day’s notice.

  77. Michelle says:

    Never giving up!!!

  78. Amy says:

    I believe that my artistic superpower is color. My favorite part of seeing is selecting the color and fabrics and I think I do a pretty good job!

  79. Kathy E. says:

    My super power is having faith in myself to learn new techniques and know that I can conquer them if I just practice. I have taught myself to quilt, sew, crochet and draw! Love them all!

  80. Karen B says:

    My superpower is the ability to switch from one needlecraft to another with ease. Needlecraft should be a category – sewing, quilting, bag making, crochet, knit, embroider, etc. I’m a needlecrafter! 😉

  81. Tamara Zingaro says:

    iI tweet patterns, color ways and sizes to my liking now.

  82. Barb K. says:

    I found that I really enjoy the process of putting together different colors to design a quilt!

  83. Trish says:

    Bari j you inspire me with your beautiful line of fabric After I lost my mom, I became very lost. I was introduced to quilting and fell in love with the possibility of making a gift that is a labor of love. My artistic super power came to me when I realized I was good at putting colors together and creating my own patterns. I learned to be not afraid to try new things. Sometimes I create instead of sleeping ;-( creating new works of art makes my heart smile and is fulfilling to the soul.

  84. Lenore says:

    I would dearly love to win this prize. ah, my superpower. It must be love. When i remember who i truly am, which is love, i fly like the eagles.

  85. PENNY KRUSZKA says:

    I am very curious which has artistically taken me through decades of needlecrafts -from macramé to quilting now. So many websites to check, blogs, etc. I am just amazed at all the ideas people come up with!

  86. Leslie Gates says:

    I have the ability to travel to imaginary places while I am creating.

  87. Ruby says:

    My Super Power is giving my children the encouragement to know their dream is possible.

  88. Ann Hudson says:

    My artistic superpower would have to be the ability to take a myriad of dislike fabrics and turn them into a stunning garment or fiber art piece! I love a good challenge! Thank you for the nice giveaway, LOVE Bari J fabrics!

  89. Stephanie says:

    My artistic superpower is intuitive color play.

  90. Mary Goedge says:

    I like to get into my scrap bag and work on something new. I can then move up to something bigger with some measure of confidence. The small items don’t go to waste, however, they get turned into doll quilts, art quilts or charity quilts for the guild .

  91. Patricia sherman says:

    Appreciation of art and desire to explore different techniques

  92. Judy Reed says:

    Discovering the free form quilting designing. Very traditional designs until I took a class in Japanese art. I have many books that I reference for color and symmetry.

  93. Robin Atkins says:

    The artistic super power I discovered in myself is this: the power to work intuitively, which has as side benefits the removal of self-criticism and the need for perfection!

  94. Deb M says:

    I’ve discovered I love using bright, beautiful colors in my quilts. My wardrobe is mostly earth tones but not my quilts! Bright and modern!

  95. Nancy C says:

    My developing super power is the ability to find interesting color combinations.

  96. Suzanne CAFLISCH says:

    I’ve discovered how to slow down and be in the moment while sitting in my sewing room. Colors seem brighter and ideas pop into my head more freely.

  97. Tamie says:

    My sewing superpower is longevity. I’ve been doing this quite awhile now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    I have learned how to be in my sewing room, surrounded by the huge array of sewing/crafting tools, and to relax, breathe and settle into the moment. Erase the distractions and focus on the moment. Then, ideas pop into my head and I end up being “productive”!


  99. Michelle says:

    My artistic superpower is to appreciate and acknowledge the artistic talents of others. Thanks for such wonderful giveaways and for introducing these artists!

  100. Deb W says:

    My super power is not being afraid to fail

  101. Cathie Gillette says:

    Thanks for the give away opportunity

  102. Leona says:

    My superpower is to sew love into every stitch and spread that love to the quilt recipient.

  103. Marilynn says:

    Super powers…well, I am good at teaching others, and have great patience with people. Also, very good with colors, color combos, etc.

  104. Kathie L says:

    I have great endurance!

  105. irene Harvalias says:

    I guess if I had to pick ONE thing I love doing best is picking fabrics that “go” together when making quilts. It’s my favorite part of the process! People actually ASK me for help, which I find quite flattering and sometimes a bit intimidating!

  106. Martha Isbister says:

    Ability to enjoy the small things.

  107. Barbaraben says:

    My artistic superpower is my amazing ability to discover quilt patterns in my everyday surroundings.

  108. connie akers says:

    My quilting super power is choosing color and creating color schemes. This is also my favorite part of quilting.

  109. suzanne guthrie says:

    joyful observation, seeing inspiration and joyfully exploring the translation into fabric with the texture provided by quilting

  110. Laura says:

    Artistic superpower? I am always learning and applying what I’ve learned on future projects!

  111. Charlene Cuhaciyan says:

    I can not be afraid to dice with scissors in to the fabric and create, as I would a painting.

  112. Amy Loar says:

    My artistic superpower is patience, in my projects, and helping beginners learn to express their creative side with fabric.

  113. Janis oetgen says:

    My super power is the ability to mix fabrics.

  114. Laura Gottlieb says:

    I love to learn new techniques, can concentrate for long periods of time, and almost always complete my projects, I guess my production ratr and the variety of my works are my artistic superpowers.

  115. Candace Simmons says:

    I too love color! I can never leave a fabric shop without a few yards. To me my fabric is like gold, I often find it hard to cut my fabric because I love a piece. When I walk into my walk in closet off my sewing room I feel as though I am in heaven! I am moving in a month and have to down size and I am having a difficult time parting with my stash!!

  116. meg says:

    My super power is taking the time to sketch out in my graph line notebook my vision for my creation. Color pencils benefit the sketch. Love and patience bring the quilt to life.

  117. Janie says:

    Thank you for the generous giveaway. She is an amazing designer.

  118. Ann Darling says:

    What artistic superpower? Not a one … Just the getting up every day … Going into the studio when I may not feel like it … Laying out a piece of cloth and turning it into something someone can wear and wear … And love wearing.

  119. Judy kehoei says:

    I find I am good at picking colors.

  120. Barbara Snider says:

    I am an artist! I never thought of quilting as an art, but I was wrong!

  121. Renee says:

    My artistic superpower is that my body remembers how to draw even when I thought I have forgotten.

  122. Laraine Salmo says:

    The ability to admit failure, but to learn from it, if only what not to do the next time, and never give up trying to do new things.

  123. Celtic Cate says:

    My artistic super power is curiosity. It is the fuel that sparks my creativity and leads me to new, mad skills in fields I never knew I’d explore, from paper making to quilting to basket weaving to rug hooking to doll making to jewelry making to knitting to clothes sewing to…well, who knows where the path will lead next? Shebam! Zazoo!!

  124. Candace Mackey says:

    Since learning to quilt I’ve discovered my ‘super power’ is the ability to create from wool and fabric! I create sculptures from wool and art quilts from fabric. I love that I’ve found this ‘talent’ after reaching the age of 62, and hope to find more ‘powers’ as time goes on!

    • Sheila Rideout says:

      Hi Candace – I also dream of fabric sculpture – and really using my retirement time to move ahead. Would love to see your work.

  125. says:

    My super power is finding the best fabric lines……and this one is super all right!

  126. Carol Strum says:

    I don’t know about super powers; I do know that I’ve recently discoverd an almost unlimited capacity to be amazed and facinated and curious, wanting to learn and do so many new things!

  127. Mary Cottrell says:

    My best power is my ability to share and teach . My artistic super power is out there somewhere and I’m still searching for it. I’m having a marvelous time on the search .

  128. Beverly Maragos says:

    My artistic super power is feeling the fabric to cohesively join each one into a color scheme that delights the person who receives my quilts.

  129. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    My inspiration comes from people like you and my super power is that I stay open to new ideas and new techniques and new fabric!!!!

  130. Carole Kubota says:

    Hope to see you at one of Lorraine’s retreats this year!


  131. Jean says:

    I’ve discovered that I really do have courage. Fiber offers the opportunity to take chances and push limits. It’s a good feeling.

  132. Dana Galasso says:

    Don’t read the what you should “not” do articles, just do it — it’s so much fun and you make something wonderful.

  133. janet mckeever says:

    what artistic super-power have I discovered in myself?…who knew?!…I have become totally enamored of English paperpiecing and flawless applique!…also all the embroidery and hand stitching…the slow-stitch movement is a direction that fits my personality and I didn’t even know it!

  134. Julie Stump says:

    The artistic super power I have discovered that I have is that I’m willing to play. Ask “what if” and just go forward without fear.

  135. Sheila Rideout says:

    I took a drawing class as my first real art class after retirement and found that I can’t draw without thinking about how to translate my drawing into fiber art! I am working on improving my free motion stitching so that it reflects some of the drawing style. My first piece was a version of my final drawing assignment of a “monster” – the scary boy from the movie the Grudge. I used antique kimono pieces with free motion to detail his face. I still like it as my first effort!! I’ll send you a photo if you would like to see it. Thanks!

  136. Donna says:

    My superpower? I discovered that I can transform mundane, sometimes even “ugly” materials into objects of astonishing beauty. Far out, eh?

  137. Barbara Mims says:

    My super power is the ability to simplify difficult patterns.

  138. Rosemary Newman says:

    I have discovered a much better color sense than I had when I was younger.

  139. Sue o'donnell says:

    My superpower is being able to get so immersed that time disappears

  140. Charlotte Key says:

    My supper power is looking at nature and the things around me for inspiration.

  141. Janet Bahr says:

    I have the “Able to jump before looking” super power. This special power enables me to tackle the most difficult of projects without hesitation. It allows me to create things that I never would have thought I could have accomplished where it not for this ability to jump into a project before the fear of “it is too hard for me” enters my mind.

  142. martyt says:

    Sometimes am just so pleased with what I do produce.

  143. Pem says:

    My superpower is the ability to only make one thing at a time, I create only one project from start to finish without starting any other project. This superpower requires dedication and willpower to not be distracted or enticed by new fabrics, designs and threads until I have completed my current project. The dividend is that I have no UFO’s.

  144. Kristin Sykes-David says:

    My superpower is to delight friends and family with the gift of a quilt that I made especially for them!

  145. Jan says:

    My superpower is persistence.

  146. Brenda P says:

    My super power at the moment is paper piecing I kept putting off trying it because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, now I can’t stop I love it !!

  147. april zemke says:

    I have learned to give new life to vintage blocks and quilts destined for the trash bin or to be used as cut up quilts.

  148. Mary Burger says:

    I believe my super powers are my ability to persevere when things are not going as desired and my joy when it, finally, all comes together into something special.

  149. Sallie says:

    The ability to see that something thought to be old, worthless, and going to be tosses has the potential to become something new, of value, and useful again with some creativity.

  150. Carol Broughton says:

    Patience is my super power!

  151. Vivian Roop says:

    My super power to accept any challenge and make it work!

  152. Cindy K says:

    Have been moving out of my “box” and trying new techniques. Have discovered that I like making pictorial and modern quilts after doing mostly traditional quilts for almost 40 years!

  153. PENNY KRUSZKA says:

    Collecting a beautiful stash of fabric!

  154. Karen M says:

    I’ve been told I’m good at putting colors together in my quilts so I guess that is my artistic super power!

  155. I’ve learned to trust in my artistic super power, my color sensibility. Thank you for this gorgeous giveaway! Everyone is describing such lovely super powers!

  156. Linda McLaughlin says:

    My super power is to be able to look at a quilt and figure out how it was put together.

  157. Debra Callaway says:

    My artistic Superpower: Patience, my art is using fabrics and I love doing English paper piecing. I keep being told i have to have lots and lots of patience if i like doing so detailed. So my superpower is patience.