four august giveaways! :: Okan Arts
four august giveaways!

four august giveaways!

SEATTLE WA  This month, Okan Arts’ giveaway features coordinated sets of vintage yukata cotton! Each set includes three one-yard pieces of indigo hand-dyed cotton. Four giveaways, valued at $48 each, will be given away.

Yukata cottons, typically 14″ wide, are used for making summer kimonos—casual, unlined kimonos worn at Bon Odori festivals throughout the hot month of August. For centuries the Japanese only used indigo for dyeing the crisp cotton. (Today every color is used to produce a wondrous array of vivid patterns.)

Indigo, one of the world’s oldest dyes, is considered a spiritual color. The rich navy blue connotes fairness, integrity and organization.

Okan Arts August 15 GiveawaySmall workshops use “chusen dyeing” to prepare and pattern the cottons. +click here to see a 50-second video showing the many steps of chusen dyeing.

Chusen Dyeing in Japan

To participate in these giveaways, just answer this question in the Comment box below: Why do you love the color indigo?

The drawing for these giveaways will be held at midnight PST on August 31, 2015. Four winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. The prizes will then be shipped anywhere in the world.

Indigo, by Jenny Balfour-PaulTo visit Okan Arts Shop with over 300 yukata cottons +click here

To buy Jenny Balfour-Paul’s amazing book, Indigo +click here

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are Vivian R of Red Bluff CA, Susan S of Federal Way WA, Marta A of Madison WI and Linda R of Olympia WA.

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225 comments to “four august giveaways!”

  1. Lottie Smith says:

    I love indigo because it’s a natural dye with a long, long history. I grew up wearing indigo dyed jeans and indigo is my favorite color!

    • Okan Arts says:

      Lottie—Indigo-dyed jeans are the greatest and hard to find these days. (My daughter’s middle name is Lottie.)

  2. Kae Eagling says:

    I love blues and indigo is my favorite of all blues.

  3. I think when choosing a color, it must strike you internally. When I look at true indigo fabrics the color is an intense strong expression of night.
    I love to use this coloring for the simplicity of the shading but the pattern used creates that inner movement making what ever I choose to use this fabric in will indeed be special. Simply put it is special and whatever colors you add to it makes your quilt extra special.

  4. Janet Bahr says:

    Indigo is one of my favorites for its interesting history of making and dying. It is such a rich saturated color that is hard not to love it! I want my next quilt to be made of vintage indigo blues and ivory snow white, a two color quilt!

    • Okan Arts says:

      Janet—You’d love Blue & White in Tokyo, a petite store filled with all things Japanese blue and white.

  5. Jerie Clark says:

    I love indigo because it is so crisp. I’m glad to hear what it stands for. I also like the tradition it epitomizes.

  6. Wilma Scott says:

    Indigo is the color of my Mother’s eyes. When my daughter was born with indigo blue eyes we had little hope they would keep. My husband had brown eyes and I had green eyes. But they did keep! Somehow my mother’s blue-eye gene slipped through!

  7. Jackie says:

    Maybe this will be the month I win!!!
    Indigo is so rich. Love it.

  8. Barbara Campbell says:

    Indigo has been a long favorite color of mine. It is crisp and shows up coordinating colors so nicely. I have been doing Sashiko embroidery lately and indigo is my go to fabric with crisp white threads contrasting so nicely.

  9. Toni Leli says:

    The indigo family of colors are my go to . . . for clothing and fabric. It’s so crisp and I use it as a neutral!

  10. Sue Smith says:

    Blues/Indigo are soothing, so many different tones and shades, sky, water, the deep calm of night. When I think of serenity I think of blue. The indigo night sky you can almost reach out and touch, floating in water feeling its silkiness enfolding my body. Blues are one of my favorite colors.

    • Okan Arts says:

      Sue—You’ve heard of the Fifty Shades of Grey. There are fifty shades of indigo, from the palest blue to blue/black.

  11. Patricia says:

    Indigo is such a calming color. Love this fabric with the dragonflies.

  12. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    Indigo is so serene, that’s why I love it.

  13. Janice says:

    Why do I love the color indigo? When I was a kid, I loved to lie on a blanket and watch the clouds move across the blue background of the sky. That was the beginning of my love affair with the color blue. Indigo is the most perfect shade of blue. From the lightest indigo to the darkest, almost black indigo they are all beautiful to me. When I see indigo, I see the history of the people who developed the color and made those first fabrics. I think of nomads who wear indigo robes that turn their skin blue. Indigo is beautiful in all it’s shades.

    • Okan Arts says:

      Janice—I’m an identical twin. When we were little, my mother dressed us in the last same clothes—Pam in pink, Pat in turquoise blue. Now we don’t seem to dress girls in any color of blue.

  14. Janet Wright says:

    Blue is my favorite color and Japan my favorite country to visit. Indigo has a special place in my heart—I love the way the color changes when the dyed fabric hits the air.
    Hope I win. Janet Wright

  15. sooz says:


  16. Sue O'Donnell says:

    I LOVE indigo! The color is so rich and intense it can make my mouth water. Seeing a deep indigo makes me happy inside. It just does!

  17. Donna DeShazo says:

    Nothing says “cool, clean, crisp, pure…” better than the blues of indigo!

  18. Rhoda says:

    I am not a fan of the color blue, but am always drawn to indigo. It looks like an earthy color that has texture & draws you to touch it.

  19. Barbara Hanaburgh says:

    I love the richness of dark indigo blues.

  20. Cindy Gilbrough says:

    The blue and white combination is one of my favorite. I feel good when I look at it.

  21. Alby Halsey says:

    The Indigo reminds me of the deep blue sea, always changing and always gives wonder to the world. The color goes with all things, and so does the earth. Love working with this color and would be honored to have some so beautifully dyed.

  22. Nina Shortridge says:

    I love indigo because of the saturation of color, the deep, deep blue.

  23. Tarnia says:

    Indigo appeals largely because of its organic nature, like cochineal or madder.

  24. sheila rideout says:

    I love the richness and variation of indigo blue – especially when using an indigo dye vat to hand dye fabric. I feel like it is the color that embodies the beauty of the Japanese aesthetic.

  25. Cathy Irish says:

    Because I’ve always loved blue (arguably, I was programmed to love blue – my mom assigned each of us a color for things like our bathroom cup, clothing, etc., and blue was my assigned color). With indigo I also love the history and am fascinated by the process.

  26. Jean Calhoun says:

    Indigo has always been my favorite and now I understand why having read the definition. It brings me peace!

  27. Carolyn says:

    The depth, intensity and the variation of color makes you want to fall into it.

  28. Beverly Shoger says:

    I love indigo blue, because I see the water and the sky in it’s blue tones

  29. Janet says:

    Why do I love indigo? It’s natural, it’s blue, it;s versatile, I love wearing the color indigo and I simply love the word “indigo”…..

  30. Marijke says:

    Indigo seems magical to me. A vat that doesn’t look very nice giving this wonderful blue colour.

  31. Claudette says:

    Hello from Canada, I will be travelling down to Seattle in Sept. and am planning to stop in! Love yukata fabric and indigo colors. I hope I am lucky and can win! Thx you for the opportunity ! Claudette

  32. Margaret Horton says:

    All blues are lovely, but indigo gives such variety of blue shadings.

  33. Shari K. says:

    I love indigo because the color has so many beautiful shades of blue. It never goes out of style.

  34. debby says:

    I love the historic aspect of indigo dying. Well, that plus blue is just one of my favorite colors!

  35. Nan Ryan says:

    My Mom, now departed used to wear an indigo jumper with embroidery across the top. She will always be to me and others that knew and worked with her, a symbol of fairness, integrity and organization.

  36. I love the deep, rich blue of indigo and have the materials to start a vat of it.

  37. So sad this is the last of the dragonfly bolt! Those dragonflies in that deep rich indigo are just stunning, absolutely my favorite. I love indigo because it has such a lush, yet natural look.

    • Okan Arts says:

      Teresa—When I showed the indigo dragonfly yukata cotton on Facebook when it first arrived, a local quilter immediately bought half the bolt.

  38. Indigo is a bold color that works well with everything!

  39. Jessica Jones-Coggins says:

    It evokes the sea. I’ve always loved blue

  40. What’s not to love about indigo? It’s cool. It’s royal. It’s luxe. I have always had a passion for blue and white, and love how Japanese textiles (and ceramics) play with that color combo.

  41. Jennifer Cuthbert says:

    Indigo makes me feel calm and grounded. I love the contrast of other colors alongside indigo.

  42. Denise Lentini says:

    Indigo- color of water, sky and work- what’s not to love?

  43. Dwana Zahn says:

    Indigo has always been my favorite color. Just look at the car I bought last week!

  44. Linda W Miles says:

    Blue is my favorite and makes my heart sing..

  45. marta says:

    watch the short video,very interesting…like the fact that they keep the old traditions,thank you…marta

    • Okan Arts says:

      Marta—The traditions are fast disappearing, I’m afraid. When I was last in Tokyo, one of the long-standing workshops had just closed. Interest in hand-dyed fabrics and young artisans to follow in the masters’ footsteps are at an all-time low.

  46. Brenda Wiseman says:

    I love indigo because it is so rich and alive. The color(s) can be so different and the contrasts seem to make the patterns shimmer on the cloth. Yet it has a humble reputation. Everyday, for everything. I have some indigo solution (settled out) in my basement — I need to revive it.

  47. Ann says:

    This is a tough question. Visually it is stunning. Indigo goes with so many colors in quilting. I made a quilt for my bed using reds,golds,and indigoes and use it every summer on my bed. It brightens up the room. I also love the indigo fabric with rabbits that I sewed. It is just one of my favorite colors.

  48. Quilting Tangent says:

    I love indigo because it is a mix of both blue and violet. It is very hard to find.

  49. Susan Zakanycz says:

    It is just the color of the blue in indigo, I love it!!!

  50. Chris Jurd says:

    It is the perfect foil for colourful prints – Japanese or not.

  51. Linda Rech says:

    Indigo. The color of the night sky and the sea. Calming and strong.

  52. Veronica Haberthuer says:

    Indigo has a rich history, from it’s discovery and use that has continued to today. I love it because it evokes the past and traditional designs and yet sits beautifully with modern design. It has a beauty for the ages.

  53. Rosie Crane says:

    Indigo has a magnificent earthly quality, reminding me of deep dark oceans and towering mountains in the half-light of morning and evening.
    Love it!

  54. Janet Bergman says:

    I love the crisp, rich color of indigo. Sure hope I win some!

  55. Judy Stadler says:

    I love indigo because it is blue magic, green out of the vat until air turns it blue, deeper and more blue with each subsequent dip. A peaceful, color you could lose yourself in.

    • Okan Arts says:

      Judy—Yes, dipping fabric into an indigo vat does not produce blue right away. It’s green/yellow until it oxidizes. That makes it very different from other dyes.

  56. Robin Shilman says:

    The richness of the deep blue to me says happy. The colors depth is so intense that you just want to touch it.

  57. Maya says:

    Indigo blue captures the power and the vastness of the sea and the sky. By incorporating these wave lengths into fabric it is possible to surround oneself and one’s habitat with the intensity and variation found in these natural phenomena.

  58. Laura says:

    Blue is my favorite color. However, I particuarly love the variety of colors one can see with indigo dye – from quite pale to almost black. This creates wonderful depth in any sewing project.

  59. Karen Addleman says:

    Blue/indigo is such a calming color for me. It just makes me feel peaceful.

  60. Linda Webster says:

    I love the colour Indigo because it partners beautifully with so many other colours. It adds a wonderful richness to any project in which it is used.

  61. Karen M. says:

    Blue has always been one of my favorite colors. I would love to make a quilt with indigo Yukata cottons!

  62. Sujata Shah says:

    Growing up in India, I remember Indigo dye was always around on most laundry shelves in every household. My mother used to dye the white clothes with hint of indigo as it made them look brighter. I think it is the most soothing shade of blue. It reminds me of the blue city, Jodhpur, Rajasthan! I have a board on pinterest dedicated to the color indigo. Not to mention I am dreaming of what I would do if I have this wonderful fabrics!

    • Okan Arts says:

      Great to hear from you, Sujata. I like hearing about your childhood in India as it is a different experience than my upbringing in Canada.

  63. Nadine Nakano says:

    I think the color indigo just resonates with me. Blue in general, but dyed indigo is special.

  64. Mieke Duyck says:

    I love Indigo…because I am an Indigo person! I have always loved all shades of blue, and I love the natural way it is made thrue centuries. So I would symply love to win some of those beautiful fabrics.

  65. Laura Marston says:

    Indigo is the riches blue and I consider it a neutral!

  66. Carol says:

    Indigo automatically connects me to an ancient community of dyers and I feel inspired to continue traditions of the “Blue Men”!

  67. Alisa Piar says:

    Indigo is the true blue. I fell in love with the color as soon as I was allowed to wear jeans as a teen. When I was stationed in Okinawa, I loved everything blue and white. The artistry was absolutely beautiful. I was young then and wish I had purchased more than I did for myself but a blue and white tea set did make its way back to me, lol!

  68. Emily Klainberg says:


  69. Cheri Searles says:

    I love the richness of indigos…paired with white, they are crisp!

  70. Patricia Smith says:

    Indigo is just one of the blues I Love, but it is probably the richest, especially when paired with white, my favorite color combo.

  71. Reid Barnhart says:

    It make my eyes tingle and my heart zings.

  72. Delaine says:

    Indigo, to me, is the purest and prettiest of all the blues. Blue is my favorite color. Thanks!

  73. gemma says:

    I love ,so much, the blues.
    SKY, SEA,

  74. Lu Peters says:

    I love indigo because it is the most iconic symbol of both Japan and the US. The Japanese technique of Shibori dyeing is revered for both the patterning and the changes in colors, and indigo Shibori is the most prolifically used. In the US, indigo has been classicised in the popular form of denim clothing, which transcends all classes of design from couture to work clothing.

  75. Sophie says:

    I love indigo color as it reminds me mediterranean sea, greek island, morroco ceramics, japanese sashiko so elegant… Blue is everywhere in the world and for me has a meaning of quiet, peacefull and beauty of nature

  76. Kaye says:

    I love indigo because of the soothing richness in color…..

  77. Katy M says:

    I love how deep a colour it is – I’m always drawn to indigo fabrics x

  78. Carole Anderson says:

    My favorite color has always been blue and indigo was once grown in South Carolina where I used to live.

  79. Wendy F. says:

    It matches my eyes.

  80. Debby says:

    I love indigo. I think that blues are such rich and lovely colors. Plus, they go with so many other colors. It is fun to make new pairs or trios of colors working together with indigo.

  81. Tobie says:

    I love indigo because it is universal. I think every part of the planet grows an indigo plant and every culture has figured out ways to use the plant and get wonderous blues!

  82. Indigo is such a deep, rich and glorious color! Thanks and God bless!

  83. Lee says:

    I love blues and the history of Indigo dye! thank you!

  84. Kathy Ray says:

    I have always loved the color indigo. It’s just a very soothing peaceful cool color. It reminds me of the sky and the ocean and the best part of nature.

  85. Elizabeth says:

    As a fan of Sir Isaac Newton and the resulting mnemonic Roy G. Biv, I love indigo because it is a combination of blue and violet. It is a color with tremendous depth. One of my sisters says it is the color associated with the third eye. I just love the richness of the color!

  86. Chris says:

    Blue-Indigo has always been my favorite. I think it’s the richness of the color. It looks and feels like the cool water of a lake.

  87. Claire Ross says:

    I have blond hair and blue eyes so always tend to favour blues to wear. These deeper shades of blue are my favourite. Thanks for a fab giveaway.

  88. Kathy E. says:

    I love indigo because it reminds me of the night sky when the day is quieting down and most things are coming to a rest. Every color coordinates with indigo so well! It is one of my favorite colors!

    • Okan Arts says:

      Yes, Kathy. I have learned that everything does coordinate with indigo and it’s got more life than black.

  89. Doris McCarty says:

    I like the depth of indigo blue. It’s such a rich color. I wore indigo colored jeans when I was a teen.

  90. Janie says:

    I love the deep saturation and richness to the color.

  91. Allison CB says:

    Love blues – remind me of the ocean – so calming!

  92. molly says:

    I’ve worn jeans and chambray practically my whole life. I never gave much thought to why I loved this particular blue UNTIL I started to dye with indigo. I feel like I’m at home when I see or wear this color. The process is pretty fascinating too. For three summers I have grown a small plot of Japanese Indigo and dyed yarn with it, but intend to try some cotton fabric this year.

  93. Tara E says:

    love indigo colour b/c it is so vibrant and rich! <3

  94. Connie Cain says:

    They are so true blue! Saturated and deep. Love them. 🙂

  95. Sarah J. says:

    It reminds me of water and therefore seems cooling and calm! These fabrics are stunning!

  96. always restful, refreshing — indigo…

  97. carol nelms says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color, and indigo is blue to the n-th degree. Supersaturated color!

  98. Alice Ronne says:

    I’ve become very interested in the indigo fabrics with their rich blue colors. It is such an intense color to work with to “connect” with my Japanese heritage. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Dawn Jones says:

    I love Indigo because of it’s pure natural vibe. It just screams nature to me. Have a wonderful day!

  100. MaryLou says:

    I think that Indigo is a cool, calming color. It always relaxes me. 🙂

  101. Clare V says:

    Indigo brings a glow to brown and on its own has a talent for aging gracefully. Like I’m trying to do!

  102. Marty Vint says:

    Ah, Indigo
    It draws me in
    As the name implies
    It is also the color
    Of my loved one’s eyes.

  103. Diane Beavers says:

    Indigo is elegant. Indigo is soothing to me and reminds me of reading beside a cool stream or lake.

  104. Peggy Gibbs says:

    I like any blue colors and the indigo is beautiful. Would love to win to use for charity quilts.

  105. Lisa Garber says:

    Indigo…well it reminds me of my Grandfather as he was in the US Navy and wore the color a lot. So really it reminds me of him and he has been past for quite some time now, just happy times!

    • Okan Arts says:

      Lisa—My dad was in the Canadian Navy. He wore a navy blue uniform except for his formal whites—until the forces were “unified” in the 60s or 70s. Then the army, navy and air force all received khaki uniforms. There was a huge loss of pride in the different services when that happened.

  106. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I love the deep blue saturation of indigo, and it goes with my blue eyes! Thanks for the chance to win!! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  107. Quilty says:

    Why I love indigo? Well, because it’s a beautiful color, very close to the color of the sea, which I love too! I spent 18 years living onboard a sailboat, and I miss the sea

  108. Fred says:

    Indigo is my mother favorite color! And I love my mom…

  109. Michele Timms says:

    Blue just happens to be my most favourite colour, but there is simply something special about indigo… I love that it is a natural dye and is popular all over the world… As seen in blue jeans

  110. Lucy B. says:

    Indigo, more than any other color, is calming.

  111. Peg Swartzman says:

    I fell in love with indigo when my sister, who lived 18 years in Nigeria, brought back gifts of garments and fabric dyed with indigo. The deep blue almost black….I just fell I to.

    • Peg Swartzman says:

      I meant to say just fell into! Like ad waking dream! Interesting that it’s is calming…. I guess I experienced that.

  112. Cindy Chock says:

    The deep blues of indigo always evoke a sense of calm to me.

  113. Vivian Roop says:

    Indigo is the first color I see when I go outside, it surrounds our whole world!

  114. Teresa Ranson says:

    I love indigo blue, it is so rich looking

  115. Teresa Ranson says:

    I love indigo blue, it is so bold and rich looking

  116. Debbie C says:

    I love indigo because it lasts. my mother has a quilt that was made before 1910 and all of the other fabrics are so faded you can hardly tell what they looked like, but the indigo is still so very BLUE!!!! Also, I my favorite color is blue and my eyes are blue and it is also the color I look best wearing. Blue is the best and indigo is the best of the best.

  117. Edna Warkentine says:

    Indigo blue reaches into the soul of a person to bring out the best of us.

  118. Gill says:

    Blue is my favourite colour and indigo is my favourite shade!

  119. Dale W says:

    Indigo, besides being a lovely color, has a wonderful history. Originally the Indigo plant was used to die cloth. The oldest center of indigo dying is believed to be in India, starting in the Greco-Roman period. The oldest recorded use of Indigo is in England in 1289.

    Indigo creates such striking contrasts when used with lighter colors. It is used for blue jeans and wears well, too.

  120. MaryAnne Jaravin says:

    I love indigo enough to sponsor an indigo dyeing session every July for the last 3 years for my journal quilt group.

  121. Kristin Sykes - David says:

    I can get lost in the deep and rich color of indigo. When my husband and I were at Crater Lake in June I discovered the color of indigo deep in the lake.It is the most amazing blue…..

  122. Kathie L says:

    I love that indigo goes with so many colors. also it is so much warmer than black as a neutral.

  123. I love the color blue, and always have. Indigo is my favorite shade of blue – it’s deep and rich and kind of mysterious, and I think every other color looks good with it too. I love indigo so much I named my blog Indigo Threads! I’ve collected lots of indigo fabrics (mostly Japanese and South African) and one day will make an indigo quilt – just for me!

  124. Emily Klainberg says:

    Love indigo and yukatas!!

  125. Linda says:

    For me, the color indigo is calming and allows me to focus on what is important. And, I love using it in my art quilt with yellow and fuschsia, my other two favorite s in the color spectrum. Thanks.

  126. Nan Beall-Fahlman says:

    A life of wearing blue jeans has hard-wired the colour into my self…

  127. Nancy says:

    Indigo, let me count the ways! It’s classic, it’s a natural dye, it’s beautiful!

  128. Betsy says:

    Indigo is so evocative for me! The color of the sky around or just after twilight! The bright blue of the rainbow! The blues in the snow shadows! And the heavenly indigo flycatcher! I just had many views of the indigo flycatcher but my first was in a magical place with wild brugmansia growing beside a small fairy house.
    Yes it is magic!

  129. Betty says:

    Blue has always been my favorite colour and I love the richness of indigo.

  130. Sharon Coker says:

    Indigo is never the same but always mysterious. It never loses its allure and is timeless.

  131. Bonnie Sethre says:

    I love making Japanese purses out of Indigo and old kimono silk

  132. Alice Brody says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color. The depth of color and many overtones make the blues of indigo really magnificent.

  133. Suzanne Kalish says:

    Such lovely fabrics as always! and I have ordered the book by the Japanese artist Ayako Miyawaki…. wonderful work! Suzanne

  134. Betsy says:

    Just have to say that I had the dragonfly design in my cart but now ….
    And Patricia wanted to ask you –were you the person selling Yukata many years ago out of a place on 3rd Ave NW and bout 70th or 73rd? I bought some from that person and a pattern and made 2 Japanese style vests. One as a gift.
    This is 2nd email so you may delete this one.

  135. Nina Dilley says:

    I love these fabrics, wish I could buy them all!

  136. Barbara says:

    Indigo speaks calm, excitement, and natural at the same time. And so many variations!

  137. Diane Callahan says:

    Indigo brings calm and peacefulness to my soul, like a moonless night at sea.

  138. Toni Belonogoff says:

    Indigo is the color of the sky and the sea–the ultimate tranquility.

  139. Kay Taylor says:

    I love most blues, but indigo is truly special. I consider it to be a neutral – there’s nothing that doesn’t go with indigo.

  140. Susie Cooper says:

    Indigo can evoke mystery in a subtle and flowing manner. Indigo also has a wonderful smell.

  141. Lori Smanski says:

    I really love blue. Indigo makes me feel happy. I can sit surrounded by blues and feel at peace and just wonderfully content.

  142. Catherine Sherman says:

    Indigo. Singlular and yet never exactly the same. Stunning color and beautiful dusty hues. Anything it touches is sure to only improve with time and use.

  143. Judy Brack says:

    The Indigo Color leaves me feeling cool and comfortable and happy. It reminds me of fresh clean water and clear blue sky… usually seen on camping trips or summers in the beautiful Seattle Area!


  144. Barabaraben says:

    The color indigo is significant in many cultures and reminds me of my travels in Asia. Many of my quilts use shades of indigo reflecting my love of the color.

  145. Jean says:

    Indigo is like comfort foods for your wardrobe

  146. Janice Takashima says:

    I love the color indigo because it reminds me of the sky and water and encourages me in a peaceful mood.

  147. Debbie Ueda says:

    I love Japanese indigo fabrics. As far back as I can remember in this life and farther back than that my favorite color has been blue. My eyes are blue so they intensify when I wear blue clothes. I love indigo denim in jeans and tops and indigo fabrics in quilting and home dec projects. I collect Japanese indigo fabrics and have experimented with indigo dyeing and shibori techniques. I truly love mixing indigo fabrics with whites and sometimes a bit of red for an extra color surprise.

  148. Barbara Dahl says:

    I love the color indigo because it is a true deep midnight blue, so hard to find in any other line. I love the history of it. I love the prints on it and the many things I can make with it that seem to go with every room in my house! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  149. Patsy Carlson says:

    I love the richness of Indigo and also the history behind it.

  150. Peggy File says:

    Indigo blue is so rich and cool. It is soothing like the dark blue of the ocean or the evening sky.

  151. Faith Shiota says:

    Absolutely beautiful color, love indigo, it’s richness and hues.

  152. I love indigo because of its long and varied history. It is also fun to play with its many variations of color and in over dyeing yarn and fiber!

  153. Margaret says:

    Indigo is blue and blue is my favourite colour for all sorts of reasons!

  154. Michelle D says:

    It is “darkly, deeply, beautifully blue.”

  155. Karen says:

    When paired with white, indigo looks and feels fresh to me.

  156. Andrea says:

    Indigo is unique, rich and calming, neutral and eye-catching, all at the same time.

  157. Debbie Flood says:

    The rich shades of indigo are beautiful and looking at them makes every other color sometimes disappear while indigo remains.

  158. Myra Ramos says:

    I love the color indigo because it is so rich and because it is simultaneously traditional and modern. I really would LOVE to win these indigo yukatas!

  159. Peggy S says:

    Love history and Japan – what better tie to both is indigo. Plus blue is my favorite color.

  160. karen bianchini says:

    Indigo feels deep and calming, a universal fabric that can go with many colors or be worked by itself. It seems to have a universal appeal as it is popular in many countries and cultures.

  161. Pauline says:

    I recently learned about the history of Indigo fabric in Japan and the quilts I saw are stunning. I love the colour and the history of it.

  162. Arbor Buchanan says:

    I love the color indigo because it makes my heart sing and my spirit soar.

  163. Nancy mcafee says:

    Indigo is the color of my eyes. It brings the colors of water and sky into a room, resulting in a deep peaceful renewing breath.

  164. giizhigaate says:

    Indigo is the color of the hours between, twilight, when the otherworld opens. It is the edges of winter, and the distant weave of bluffs along the Wisconsin River. It is where my heart aches, and yet, where I go gladly.

  165. Sara Goss says:

    I love the color indigo because it is an old soul that is eternally open to change.

  166. babs ratner says:

    Love love Indigo, these are beautiful.

  167. babs ratner says:

    Love Indigo because as one of the National Treasures of Japan it is One of the most difficult and amazing colors to create. Indigo is Art.

  168. Karen Owen says:

    I love indigo b/c of its history (back as far as 10th century I believe) as a dye in China & Japan. And it has so many shades, tones & values to evoke time, season & class. It especially works well as a nutural in landscape quilts and my father’s wardrobe.

  169. Whether a bright, light, blue-sky day or a star-laden, deep night sky, indigo can be both of these, and every shade in between. No two indigo pieces are alike, and the joy of the process is unmatched. Endless options to explore! Ancient traditions and techniques to honor. For me, indigo’s ancient mysteries evoke wonder and satisfaction.

  170. auschick in va says:

    My daughter is currently obsessed with anything blue, and that’s funny for me because I was obsessed with blue as a kid and refused to conform to wearing pink. I still never wear pink and either wear blue or green. They are staple colors in my closet!

  171. Val Gleeson says:

    I love indigo because it’s particular blue has such depth which lends itself to peaceful reelection. It invokes the spirit of generosity and intimate sharing.

  172. Doris says:

    I recently took an Indigo dyeing workshop and was amazed at the transformation that happened when the cloth first came out of the dye bath. It was a magical process! I love that you can control the depth of the blue by the number of times you dip the cloth. I will be making more Indigo cloth, scarves and other household linens in a few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the magic that happens!

  173. Edlamae Thompson Baird says:

    My heart soars with indigo and I can never have enough in my stash.

  174. Lisel Schwarzenbach says:

    I love indigo because the color is not a mere navy blue, but a color so deep with a mysteriously rich depth, that I believe can only come from a reduced indigo dye vat. I had one that I kept going for years during the 70’s but had to let it go when I took a long trip…. Unfortunately, I never fed another.

  175. Lorna Ellis says:

    I love natural fibers and dyes. My favourite colour is indigo, which reminds me of the Caribbean water and is reflected in some of my textile and quilt designs. This summer I started a collection of African indigo fabrics from which a quilt will be made for my daughter.

  176. Maureen Johnston says:

    I love indigo because it is both a sky and a water color and feels as deep as both. Indigo is a heart opener.

  177. Echo Langley says:

    Indigo for me means the mystery of the night sky or the depths of an ocean pool. It describes the slightest glimmer of light in the blackness

  178. Jeanell says:

    I love the color Indigo because it is so versatile in its use, from denim to decor and more.

  179. Kathy E. says:

    Indigo is the color of the moonlit sky at midnight. It’s tranquil, yet mysterious. It offers humanity another chance to get it right, to make amends, to move forward, to reach goals. Indigo is the color that is last seen before becoming black in the depths of the ocean. The color where light is befriending, but not overpowering. It is the color of connection with the world.