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four april giveaways!

four april giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away a pair of Kai 8″ professional shears, an East-Meets-West Thread Set from Aurifil, and two yards of hand-dyed yukata cotton from Okan Arts. There are four giveaways, each valued at $147.

Kai Pro Shears are the sharpest scissors you will ever own. On my quilting pal Joe Cunningham’s recommendation, I bought myself a pair and can attest that they’re amazing.

Made with high carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, Kai Pro Shears will cut YOU as easily as they breeze through fabrics as light as silk and as heavy as leather. So be careful!

STUDIO TIP: I like to keep my pro scissors in their original plastic sleeve. This discourages my family members from grabbing my precious shears for any old household task.

WORKSHOP TIP: I tie a skinny strip of colorful fabric to the big handle of my Pro Shears when I attend a group event. I know that someone could mistakenly pack my scissors and take them home. That one little piece of fabric can save me a whole lotta heartache.Included in the giveaway is the East-Meets-West Thread Set that released at the same time as my book, East-Meets-West Quilts: Explore Improve with Japanese-Inspired Designs. The Aurifil Thread Set with ten small spools (220 yards) of 50wt cotton thread celebrates the colors of yukata cottons in three shades of indigo and seven brights.Two yards of Japanese yukata cotton are also included in this giveaway. The hand-dyed slate-blue fabric features blue orchids with a hint of pale pink and curious dragonflies. The vintage fabric measures just over 14″ wide.THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Dawn N of Ephata WA, Deborah D of Silver Spring MD, Wendy F of Palmdale CA, and Ruth F of Seattle WA.

To participate in the April giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: How many sewing machines do you own—include working, not working, on loan, in storage, old or new, big or small?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The April 2019 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on April 30, 2019. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (apologies to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a pair of 8″ Kai Pro Shears, the East-Meets-West Thread Set from Aurifil, and two yards of vintage yukata cotton, as shown. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To learn more about Kai 7000 Series Shears +click here

To learn more about Aurifil Threads +click here

To see the Okan Arts Shop with a large selection of yukata cottons +click here

Thank you Kai Scissors USA for the donation of the shears and Aurifil for the donation of the thread sets!

Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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586 comments to “four april giveaways!”

  1. Mary Ann Holloway says:

    Own two working machines. One my husband uses to make strips for crocheting wool rugs. That machine was one I used for three decades. The second sewing machine is my indulgence that Ia greatly love.

    • quiltdeva says:

      I own six machines. All are in working order.

    • April zemke says:

      I use 4 machines plus a serger and a felting machine. I have loaned 1 out and one is a nonworking hand crank plus two machines for kids with a chain stitch. Also two more vintage kids machines used for decorations.

  2. Linda Hanna says:

    I own three sewing machine.

  3. Renata says:

    I own three sewing machine: a Bernina 830, Bernina 380 and a Bernina Q20. What a wonderful giveaway… your yukata fabrics are beautiful!

  4. Jan Sutter says:

    I own 3 sewing machine, the latest one is my husband’s grandmother’s White treadle machine.

  5. Linda Lim says:

    I own 4 machines: a Kenmore from 1971, a Bernina from 2000, a Featherweight c1960’s and a Sashiko from 2017. Love them all.

  6. Judy morin says:

    I have a Bernina 710 and a 1947 Featherweight I take to classes.

  7. Catherine Erlanger says:

    I have two machines, purchased with intent to resume sewing in 2000. They have moved with me from the east coast (CT) to the west coast (SOCAL) to mid-America (MO) — cleaned & oiled at each destination. In MO I joined a quilting guild, took off the machines carrying cases, and began quilting — —

  8. Susan Ritchie Voegtly says:

    5 – if sergers don’t count! 2 are Janome. One, is because of the first! ❤️❤️

  9. Rhonda Hunter says:

    I own 5 machines. My grandmother’s Singer, a Viking 225s ca. 1990, Viking Sapphire 870, Viking Opal 690, and a Bernina 770QEE.

  10. Tina says:

    I own three machines, one on loan, a bernetta and my main machine, a bernina

  11. jane says:

    I own 2 machines: one a trusty Viking, used for years of sewing and quilting. The other is the treadle machine of my husband’s grandmother. It’s in the garage right now, but I used it 45 years ago to sew half curtains for the display windows in our little store in a Colorado mountain town. The building was from the 1800’s and had served as the grocery store for that high country mining town. Now that was a fine life!

  12. Dawn Nock says:

    I own four.A Featherweight, two Pfaffs, and an industrial converted to a quilting machine.

  13. Bonnie says:

    I own three machines. What a wonderful giveaway.

  14. Pam VanAustin says:

    I have one sewing machine, an Elna Experience, and one Singer Serger.

  15. Patricia says:

    I own four sewing machines: a Singer treadle, on which I learned to sew as a child; a Singer Featherweight, the first machine I bought for myself; a Bernina 750, my main sewing machine; and a Bernina 215, my travel machine.

  16. Katrine Eagling says:

    I own 3 working sewing machines.

  17. Arlene says:

    I own three machines: a Babylock Quilter’s Dream, a 1980’s Morse (from an aunt) and a 1950’s Singer in its cabinet (yard sale $5). I feel very fortunate.

  18. Cynthia Wood says:

    I have 3 sewing machines. My first one is a Bernette that my sister-in-law gave me when I started quilting. Then ai bought a small Janome that I could take to workshops. I bought a Juki a few years ago. It is my favorite machine.

  19. April C says:

    I own two machines, an old Viking and a new Viking.

  20. sgrancio says:

    I use the Bernina 150 I bought in 1999 all the time. Have a mature but not featherweight Singer in reserve for emergencies and am planning to buy a small and lightweight machine to use on sea days during a cruise next year.

  21. Joan Holms says:

    I own 2 sewing machines. A very nice 25 year old Pfaff and an inexpensive, lighter weight Pfaff for classes and workshops. (I’m hoping to soon be the proud owner of a Singer featherweight.)

  22. Nancy Coker says:

    I have two Bernina machines and one Featherweight

  23. Susan Reeve says:

    I own five sewing machines. My workhorse Husqvarna, two Pfaffs I inherited from my sister, a Baby Lock quilting pro and a Baby Lock Sashiko 2. Now if I only had time to use them all… Actually, I’m donating one of the Pfaffs to a shelter, and saving the other Pfaff for my nephew who wants to learn how to make his own shirts.

  24. Linda Noel says:

    I own one sewing machine. A Singer Patchwork.

  25. Beverly Maragos says:

    I own 4 sewing machines, (including my new BL Sashiko from Okan Arts) and one sit disown long arm.

  26. Veronica says:

    I have 2 working electric machines and one treadle singer. One of my machines I inherited from my mom, the other is a new “fancy” computerized type. The scissors look fabulous and the fabric and thread- who wouldn’t be thrilled to win?

  27. Karen A says:

    I own 3 sewing machines + a serger.

  28. mary says:

    Three, a 45 yr old Singer, a small travel size Singer and a Baby Lock.

  29. Trisha says:

    I have 4, two old Singer machines that are for show only. And 2 working machines, 1 is my primary machine and 1 is a travel machine. I love my Kai scissors✂️✂️✂️

  30. Carol says:

    I own 8 machines. 5 are vintage machines. 2 of those were passed down through the families.

  31. marlene barkley says:

    What a coincidence..I had just counted them A total of 8 machines.

  32. Gale says:

    I have 2 sewing machines, one was my mother’s and is in storage. So disappointed that Canadians are excluded from this fantastic giveaway!

  33. Raye Lewis says:

    I own four machines-one Kenmore sewing on loan, one sewing embroidery machine, one lightweight machine to take to sewing classes and one serger. I am hoping to get my mother’s 1950’s Singer.

  34. Angela says:

    I own two: a serger and a traditional machine! Although I’ve been eyeing up a straight stitch machine for a while now

  35. Shirley A Whitcomb says:

    I presently own 3 sewing machines. I gave up my vintage gold standard Bernina to my daughter and now own 3 more. They are all working- one to quilt, one to piece and smaller one to take to class. I would probably have more but lack of room keeps me at 3.

  36. Stephanie says:

    I have about a dozen or so vintage sewing machines, of which about 4 of them are regularly used in rotation. I love them all!

  37. Jackie Kelly says:

    I own 6, three on loan, one for travel, on I use all the time and a sit down quilting machine.

  38. Donna Prevedell says:

    I’m the happy owner of two sewing machines: my mother’s 1940’s featherweight Singer still in its original case with all the fancy attachments and my dauntless used Bernita Artosta 170 Quilter’s Edition. It has hummed along an average of about three hours a day for at least ten years. I’ve worn out one walking foot, but otherwise frequent tuneups have kept us on good terms through thick and thin (fabric).

  39. Pat says:

    I own 2 Baby Lock sewing machines. The first, a Symphony, I’ve had for awhile. I originally got it to replace a Viking Sophia because it had a wider throat area to make quilting easier. The second is a smaller lighter Amelia purchased to take to quilting retreats and sewing bees. It’s my go to machine for piecing.

  40. Carolyn Puckett says:

    I have an old Singer that my parents bought me in 1967 for my first sewing lessons, my grandmother’s treadle machine and a 1001 Bernina, my workhorse.

  41. Christine Gross says:

    I own one machine now, recently gave up on my grandmothers that I had and used. It had a good life. I already see 2 other machines in my future….a sashiko Babyloc plus another. This will take some time tho.

  42. Ardis Bucy says:

    I own and use 3 sewing machines: 820 Bernina, Ricky Timms small Bernina and 1951 Singer Featherweight. Love them all!

  43. Pam Nottingham says:

    I have 2 sewing machines. One is a wonderful pfaff and the other is a brother so I always have one to use while the other is serviced.

  44. Judith Kolodny-Price says:

    I have enjoyed and continue to love using my only
    owned machine, a Bernina 1090.

  45. Nancy Blankenship says:

    I own 5 sewing machines. The one I use most is a Janome 6600. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  46. Patricia Dudek says:

    There are seven vintage Singer machines in my collection: a Centennial 201, two 301’s, a 221 Featherweight, a model 28 hand crank machine from the 1930s, two toy machines, one of which is a hand crank. There is also a Janome Horizon 7700 in the stable. I’ve tried all of them, and use the vintage Singers for my piecing and the Janome for machine quilting, adding bindings, etc. Yukata with dragonflies are my favorites, one day I want to make my son a Japanese inspired wall quilt.

  47. Michelle Weatherson says:

    Three machines. Two working and one not so much, but I can’t seem to let it go.

  48. Chris Fornell says:

    8, I think, and that includes the featherweight I had as a kid. But at leasr 50 miniature machines.

  49. Chris Fornell says:

    Oh wait. I just thought of 2 more full size!

  50. Betsy says:

    I have one….my mother 1950’s Singer…..I learned to sew on it and I still do. Quite adaptable really. And I always feel I have my mother with me when I sew. She was an amazing seamstress and for a time made a lot of our very unique and wonderful clothing. And quilts….I keep it simple….

  51. Robin Shilman says:

    I have 2 machines, one I have never used, bought used before I decided to buy a new.

  52. Jacqueline Stauch says:

    A total of six sewing machines. I own one 1952 Singer Featherweight, two Pfaff sewing machines, one Elna from the 1970’s that was inherited from my mother-in-law and one Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machine for a total of five sewing machines and one Viking serger machine. They all are in excellant working condition!

  53. Connie Akers says:

    I have 3 working machines. The oldest is a 1936 Singer which my great aunt used to make belts & buttonholes for clients for close to 40 years. I have the 1970 Kenmore that is heavyduty & tough & my granddaughter is learning to sew on & the 2004 Bernina that I purchased to make my daughter’s wedding dress. I have 2 that are decoration on a high shelf.

  54. Linda says:

    Six, Pfaff, featherweight, two Singers, Janome, Bernina. Just gave away a Pfaff to a college student.

  55. Martha Wacker says:

    I own 3: my wonderful Bernina 700 series which my son calls “the spaceship”; my old trusty Kenmore; and my mother in laws old treadle machine which currently serves as an end table.

  56. Judi Drozdowski says:

    I have 5 machines, a singer treacle, black featherweight, white featherweight, a 20+ year old Bernina 1090, and an APQS George longarm

  57. Connie K says:

    One antique Singer & 2 Berninas…stitch me happy!!

  58. Karen Friedrichs says:

    Only one so it is the favorite! Wonderful generous give-a-way.

  59. Tesi Vaara says:

    I own 4 sewing machines. A Bernina 640 which stays home with me, two Bernina 530’s and an old Singer.

  60. Emily K says:

    I still sew on the machine my mom got me in college, a beginner model Brother!

  61. Jackie says:

    If you count my “sit-down” long-arm, it is six! How did I get so many? Only one is a hand-me-down – from my mother who made some of my clothes and taught me to sew on it. It is an old (~1945 vintage) Singer portable.

  62. agnes burke says:

    I have 3 machines I use . I bought a Featherweight before going to college in 1968, had no idea I would be quilting one day, was making clothes. After graduating, working in a fabric store, bought my workhorse Bernina 830. My hefty industrial Singer has produced lots of theatrical drapes.
    My machines feel like they are a part of me. Like a pair of scissors, have a small pair of Kai, would love a pair of 8″ !

  63. Barbara Kampas says:

    I have two machines – a Bernina Virtuosa 153 and a Singer Featherweight.

  64. Linda Fleming says:

    I have four sewing machines – one from the 70’s; a Brother from the mid 2000’s and two Janome machines – a Horizon and a portable lightweight.

  65. Patti Bach says:

    I own 3: Janome MyStyle for on-the-go sewing; Viking Sapphire 850 (currently listed for sale on eBay so I can upgrade to something); and my Juki 2010 (which I adore). Thanks for the opportunity on the giveaway!

  66. Gale Lee says:

    I have two Bernina machines: one for quilting and a serger. Exciting to be involved in such a super give away.

  67. I just sold one over the weekend do I’m down to four: big Bernina, little Bernina, serger, and my grandmother’s.

  68. Christi says:

    Funny question to ask used to be I had one old machine then I added a serger a gift actually. Next I won a Janome, my old machine broke so perfect timing. I then bought a small travel machine for classes. I have a mid-arm and a work horse Brother 1500. So let’s see 5 machines total. That seems like a lot.

  69. Jerie Clark says:

    I have a 14 yr old Bernina and an old singer that came in my sewing table. I only use the Bernina and take it back a forth in Summer and Winter.

  70. Karen Newberry says:

    Seven. A Juki I use primarily, two sergers, a Sashiko, my mother’s machine from the 60’s, a Brother that has lots of stitch options and was my main machine until I got the Juki and a very old, heavy machine ,y husband bought for me that I’ve never used. The older ones are purely decorative at this point.

  71. Terri Karls says:

    15 sewing machines, 1 Embroidery, 1 serger, and a long arm too.

  72. Ellen Hemmert says:

    I have two. I got a new Juki at Paducah last April and love it.

  73. Ann Berg says:

    Great question! 5 featherweight (4 black, 1 white), 3 Bernina, 1 Longarm Juki! 1 toy one too! Can’t have too many!

  74. Six. Two Berninas, two Baby Locks, a Featherweight and my A-1 longarm. And in the course of a year I use them all!

  75. Pam says:

    Swoon! This yukata cotton is gorgeous! I love the lines and the delicate coloring, and I’m imagining a jacket. have two sewing sewing machines – my mother’s vintage Viking and a Janome. I love them both.

  76. Katherine says:

    I have one machine, a Bernina B570qe.

  77. Phyllis Karpus says:

    I have 5 machines…2 featherweights circa 1950s…one Singer table machine circa 1950s… one Singer portable I bought in the 80s. I bought one of the featherweights when I was in high school in the fifties. I also have 2 Janomes which are set up and used everyday. I would have difficulty parting with any of them. All are in running order.

  78. Paula says:

    I have 3 machines. My old Bernina that gets to go on retreats and classes, my new Bernina that I use at home and an old treadle machine that needs a new home.

  79. Ruth S says:

    I own one machine, a 1968 Singer Stylist, the only machine I’ve ever had. We’ve been through a lot together!

  80. Peggy St George says:

    I own 3 machines, including the Singer I learned to sew on 60+ years ago.

  81. Jude Swift says:

    working – a singer 1952 featherweight; a pfaff quilter sewing machine; a juki straight stitch machine; and a husqvarna serger, which i never use. not working – nothing, thankfully! i take my featherweight on car trips, i use my pfaff for sewing clothes, etc., and the juki gets a workout for all the piecing and quilting i do! excuse me, i need to use my massager now…..

  82. Michele Rook says:

    3 machines – Singer Featherweight 221 1949, White treadle and Bernina Quilters edition.

  83. Gail Willett says:

    I own 3 sewing machines. Two Pfaff Machines and one Jenome. I like my Pfaff the best.

  84. YOchi dayan says:

    I have two berninas. One is 13 y old and the other is new. I am very lucky to have them.

  85. Linda Allen says:

    Three – Juki which I sew on every day. Bernina for binding and machine quilting and Janome for workshops and retreats. I love them all.

  86. Becky DuBose says:

    I own 3 sewing machines and a serger! And I use all of them.

  87. Linda W says:

    I own (and only have room for) one sewing machine, a basic Janome, around 5 years old. I had a very old, excellent Bernina and donated it to a sewing workshop in Haiti where I know it would be put to good use.

  88. Patricia Molinari says:

    I own 2 Bernina machines. Patchwork is about 15 or so years old and the 325 is only about 6 years old. Love them both. I use both machines all the time and take the Patchwork edition to classes and on vacation.

  89. Patricia Smith says:

    I have 4 and use them all. I have 2 Pfaffs, a serger, and a longarm.

  90. JamieS says:

    I have four, including a Singer Featherweight that I received for Christmas when I was 13. It started me on this journey.

  91. Sharon says:

    I own one, a Pfaff, that keeps me going.

  92. Deb Woolley says:

    My workhorse is my Viking designer 1, for speciality sewing and free motion with stitch regulator is The Bernina 550, and then I have Memaws singer treadle, and then there is the embellisher, shashiko machine and serger. I am truly blessed with equipment . Might I add this is a fabulous gift of scissors, aurifil and beautiful fabric. Thank you.

  93. kaye koler says:

    I currently own eight machines, all in good working order. From treadle, handcrank, to a range of electric I choose a project and complete it on the chosen machine.thank you for the giveaway!

  94. andrea bursaw says:

    I own 3 machines… inserted in a partners’ desk, one for travel, and my grandmother’s treadle, which I keep in case we have an extended power outage.

  95. Barbara Hancock says:

    I win three machines, one from 1970 that I love.

  96. Lynn kuehn says:

    I am the proud mama of 4 machines. I bought a basic machine years ago and when I started to quilt in 2014 I bought a Bernina. I own the workhorse, a Bernina 790, 330 for travel, and a Q20 midarm I love Aurifil for piecing and quilting on all my machines and am very excited about such a wonderful giveaway ! I would definitely put that Yucatán to use – a beautiful pattern.

  97. Kim McEuen says:

    I have six machines- two berninas, three featherweights, and a brother. Do longarms count? If so, I have one of those too!

  98. Lynn Kuehn says:

    I own a basic Brother and when I started quilting in 2014 I bought a Bernina. I now own the workhorse, and Bernina 330, 790, and the Q20 midarm . I use Aurifil for piecing and quilting and would love to quilt that beautiful Yukata fabric on my Q20 using the threads from the collection. What an exciting giveaway!

  99. Sherril McGann says:

    I think I own about 10 sewing machines….I’ve lost count, lol!

  100. Jackie Bloom says:

    A Juki for quilting. A treadle for if the power goes out and I think they are cool. And an old kenmore of my mom’s that needs some work

  101. Susan Rush says:

    I own one sewing machine and one serger.
    Aurifil is my favorite thread brand and I always need more! I have never used Kia shears, but I’m excited to try them. And Yucatán fabric! Wow!
    This is the best giveaways ever.

  102. Maryanne Dochter says:

    I have 7 machines. I gained 3 featherwts from my mother-in-law’s estate and I never knew that she sewed!

  103. Judith Lawrance says:

    What a glorious prize!
    I have 9 machines: 2 Berninas, 2 Elnas, 1 Featherweight, 1 old Singer that used to be a treadle that my mom used to make everything I ever wore as a girl , 1 Domestic my husband gave me the first year of our marriage in 1964, 1 Child’s Elna that actually used to work, and a Serger (if it is fair to include that!)

  104. toriganaku says:

    I don’t own a single sewing machine — I do all my sewing by hand!

  105. Sherry Massey says:

    I own two sewing machines. A Pfaff Expressions and an old Baby Lock that my aunt gave me. Not sure if it works :). Not even sure where it is at this point.

  106. Sheryl Ramstad says:

    I own three sewing machines and love them all!

  107. mlmasters2014 says:

    I only have two. My juki workhorse which I love and a husky star huskverna which is lighter and I can zig zag and decorative stitch with it.

  108. Sue Dillon says:

    I have 3 machines and love each. One for different reasons

  109. Joan Bruck says:

    I have an arsenal of 6 sewing machines — 3 Janomes, 2 featherweights, a Viking inherited from my Mom. A serger inherited from my mother (not sure it works). I love my Janomes and a sharp scissors. The Janomes are workhorses. The 9400 stays home and the 3160 travels. The 6500 is the one that got me started with Janome.

  110. Dottie MACOMBER says:

    Seven: three working, two that were working when I put them in storage, a treadle that was my great-aunt’s, and a serger that I haven’t used in years!

  111. Mary Lee Grabowski says:

    I own 3 machines. 2 Vikings that are workhorses. And a mid arm babylon for quilting. I gave my first Viking to my daughter.

  112. Samala Ray says:

    Oh boy. Let’s see… 2 Pfaffs, one with embroidery unit. 1 Janome Gem for travel. 1 Singer, gifted to me by my MIL when I was pregnant, almost 30 years ago that I’m ‘holding’ in case the Kiddo ever decides she wants to learn to sew. 1 Norton Funquilter. And last but far from least, 1 treadle from Great Grandmother. So, only six. So far anyway. 🙂

  113. Sylvia Schmidt says:

    Oh, my! Treadle, antique tabletop Singer, Grandmother’s 301 Singer, Featherweight, Brother computer portable, Bernina 153 and Bernina 770QE!
    But then, I have been quilting for over 60 years…

  114. Janet C. Wright says:

    I only own two machines. An old Pfaff–before digitalization and a Jenome 6500. Love them both–all in good working order

  115. G. Y. Kono says:

    Guess one can say I have a collection of sewing machines (8) and four are working. My Bernina 1260 is the oldest (1995) and is the one I mostly use for sewing and quilting. I take the lightweight Janome portable machine to classes and on vacations and the Singer Featherweight gets used at times, along with my Pfaff. The other machines are in storage.

  116. Valerie Lau says:

    I have three machines. Two are Singer Featherweights, the first one was a gift from my grandfather who ran a sewing factory. I also have a Bernina inherited from my late sister-in-law. She loved to quilt.

  117. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    I own three sewing machines – a Brothers “Project Runway” sewing machine that I won by making a quilt for the Linus Project, and I take it to all my workshops and retreats; my grandmother’s 60 year old Singer in a cabinet that I use for machine quilting; and my toy sewing machine that I played with as a child that sits on the top shelf in my sewing room. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. Joni Barrott says:

    I own 3 machines. Thank you for the give away.

  119. Sara J. Tarr says:

    I own 4 machines and a serger. My oldest is an elna su that I bought in U Village in the mid 1970’s. I love my Bernina(s) and use them all the time.

  120. What fun reading these comments from everyone. I’m in good company — my first machine, a Singer, was a wedding gift 61 years ago, I have added: a Janome, a Bernina 440QE, a Bernette with embroidery, 2 Featherweights, and a serger. Total of 7. I live in 2 locations, so have some in each.

  121. Jill Spencer says:

    I own 5 sewing machines. Two are vintage from the 1950’s. They are my favorite.

  122. Mary D says:

    1 own 10 sewing machines and a serger. 6 are vintage Singer machines including one Featherweight. I love sewing on my vintage machines. I do give away machines after teaching others to sew. I have given away 3 so far.

  123. Julie Landrith says:

    I’m rather embarrassed to say that I have 6 sewing machined including my serger. That seems like a lot. I use 4 of them pretty consistently (including the serger).

  124. Lisa Lauch says:

    I own:
    1 A-1 longarm; the biggest sewing machine in the fleet!
    1 workhorse sewing machine
    3 Singer Featherweights! Someday, I plan to refurb all of them…
    1 serger (does that count?)
    Total: 6!

  125. Kate Pietschman says:

    I own two sewing machines, one Bernina 350PE, one Juki TL2010Q, and one Bernina serger. All three are great machines and serve me well. Stay inspired!

  126. Cindy Fuller says:

    I love machines…Working ones in my studio include 2 Pfaff, 3 – Industrial Juki’s (walking foot, coverstitch, overlock), 1 – US industrial blindstitch, 1 – Avance embroider, 1 – APQS Longarm, 1 – Singer Serger. Also in the family are 6 – Singer Touch Tronic 2001 models that only several are working and one of them being the first machine I bought in 1978 and it works. There are 13 vintage, 1 of which belonged to my lovely grandmother. Also 1 Adler Leather Stitcher and 2 – Singer Leather Stitchers. Oh my! I’ve never written this down or counted before. I’m blessed. I use those that work and decorate with the vintage! They are beautiful!

  127. kathy says:

    I own 3 sewing machines: a Pfaff from the 70’s that is in need of repair, and 11 year Pfaff and Juki that are my workhorses.

  128. Cindy Chock says:

    I have 6 sewing machines: a Singer featherweight which was my mother’s cica 1950, which I use on location work, a HuskyStar and a Janome 7330 which I use for my students, a Bernina 350, a vintage machine that was donated to me and my pride and joy Viking Designer 1. I also have 2 Bernette sergers. One I use everyday and one is for backup.

  129. Rose Rademan says:

    I own 2 sewing machines. A fabulous Bernina 1090 that I don’t think I’ll ever want to replace. And I have a wonderful 15 lb Singer that was made in 1954 that is perfect to take to the lake and retreats.

  130. DeeDee says:

    I am so fortunate to own two sewing machines. And even luckier that both were gifts! I try to pay it forward with a lot of charity sewing.
    Thank you!

  131. Pamela Voorhees says:

    two: an older Bernina 1008 and my husband’s older Pfaff

  132. Linda Suter says:

    I own 2 working machines – both Janome. I think Janome are the best quality for the price. My main machine is my Memory Craft 6500. A bit older – but totally awesome with a very large throat area which is great because I quilt my own quilts on my Janome. My other Janome is a small basic model, much lighter weight, for taking to quilting bees and to classes. I love both my Janomes!

  133. Quilting Tangent says:


  134. Trudy Koszarek says:

    I own four plus a serger. Always need a spare.

  135. Lori says:

    I own 4 machines – 2 I use regularly and 2 I haven’t used – AT ALL l

  136. Mary Okruhlik says:

    Two 1970’s era sewing machines here, one is a Kenmore.

  137. soozi says:

    I only have 6, I say only because i know someone who has 28!
    A Janome, an Elna, 2 Brothers, a featherweight, and a Juki. I use four
    of them, the others i “rescued”. love them all!

  138. Andrea Johnson says:

    I would love to win this one, especially for the yukata fabric! I own six sewing machines. Two don’t work (Pfaff – there’s story there). Another, a Singer, is actually my husband’s and is still in the box. My trusty Bernina, my mother’s lovely reliable Featherweight, and a White child’s sewing machine that is still in the box. Fingers crossed!

  139. Karen L Riley says:

    I own two machines, one working and one not. I just gave one that had belonged to my mother to charity.

  140. Alice Ronne says:

    I have 3 sewing machines and one serger. Thank you for your wonderful give-aways! Love your site and looking at all the yukata material.

  141. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    At present I own four sewing machines and a serger. All are in working order my newest purchase was a featherweight that I take to retreats.

  142. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    I have two sewing machines and I love them both.

  143. Pam Cope says:

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! One long arm, 3 regular domestic machines, one treadle machine, and a collection of toy machines numbering at least 20!

  144. Suzanne says:

    I own 5 sewing machines. I’ve always wanted to try those scissors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  145. Joey in PDX says:

    What a lovely and generous giveaway!
    Currently, I only have one sewing machine (Bernina Patchwork 140), bought years ago and seldom used for many of those years. Having recently rediscovered quilting, I’m putting it to good use. I wonder if multiple sewing machines will be in my future: for exclusively piecing? quilting?

  146. Nancy Gillooly says:

    I have 11 sewing machines and 1 serger
    1 Juki TL-2010-Q, 2 Featherweights, 1 Bernina1260, 1 Brother, 1 Singer Fashion Mate 237, 1 Nelco, 1 Elna, 1 Singer Treadle, 1 Leader Hand crank, 1 Vintage Singer with a wooden case
    and a Juki Serger

  147. Tish says:

    I have 5: a Singer from 1969, a Bernina 1530 (my workhorse), 2 featherweights and a sashiko machine.

  148. Barbara Kanaya says:

    Hi, I own 4 machines but I used to own 6 sewing machines. I had two Singer sewing machines, my mothers that was over 60 years old and one my parents gave me when I graduated high school. Since then, I have acquired two Featherweights, a Brother fast speed, a Bernina, and a mid-arm quilting machine.

  149. Becca says:

    I own 3 sewing machines and they’re all exactly the same model I travel a lot and I needed to buy a machine that runs on 220 when I live overseas, I have one I keep in the states too. And I own 1 serger.

  150. donnalockwood says:

    I have a Gammill longarm, a Pfaff 7570, a Janine Gem, a old Bernina 850, a newer Bernina, a featherweight, a babylock serger and 3 enbroidery machines. I use them all.

  151. jodi says:

    well…never counted before now! i have 3 elnas from back in the day and a white serger. you are soooo generous patricia! thanks so much!

  152. Nancy Batchelder says:

    I own a Bernina 630, Bernina 830, a Singer Featherweight that belonged to my grandmother, 2 old machines that don’t work and could probably never be workable but I like them for decoration, and 4 antique child/toy machines. I was able to go to the Tokyo Quilt Festival this year and would love to have the Yukata cotton to go with the vintage indigo textiles I purchased. Thank you.

  153. Lisa D. says:

    I have three machines. A Babylock Ellegante3, an ancient workhorse-New Home Serger, and a Felting Embellisher Machine. I will be a very happy and grateful seamstress-quilter if am selected to receive a give-away!

  154. Nancy says:

    Three sewing machines and a serger. My main machine is a Juki and I have two vintage Vikings.

  155. Christine L Milodragovich says:

    I own three machines total: 1). a Bernina that is my workhorse at home 2.) a Singer Featherweight that was my mother-in-law’s and is rarely used and 3.) a Bernina at the cabin that gets a run for its money. Oh, yes, there is also one more that lives 500 miles away and is meant to be for my daughter but I seem to be the one putting on the most miles! Thanks for your generosity and sharing such beautiful products!

  156. Renee L says:

    I sew on the previous generation’s machines! My mother’s 1960 Elna purchased in a duty free port when we returned from South America. And my MIL’s converted treadle Singer given to her as a new bride in 1947. What marvelous inheritance!

  157. Linda H says:

    I’m a snowbird and have 3 machines in each location, 2 Featherweight for classes, my workhorse machines Bernina 1230 and 710, backup machines a Pfaff and small Brother when the Bernina goes in for maintenance.

  158. Joan Hinchcliff says:

    Three sewing machines and a felting machine, then there is the industrial one in my husbands shop he uses for car upholstery.

  159. Loree says:

    Two sewing machines and a serger

  160. Janis Gorski says:

    I own three! Would love to have more.

  161. Cara Lamb says:

    I own one sewing machine, vintage 2003. I’m kind of sort of thinking of getting a second one.

  162. Rosemary Rivas says:

    I would love to win some of this beautiful fabrics and make something for my granddaughter.

  163. Alice Brody says:

    I own two Bernina, a 440 and a 710, both in working order

  164. Roberta Bowen says:

    Well, probably a dozen that work – all Singers from the 1920s through the 1950s – treadle, FWs, 301s, 500 series. Oh, and one lone Elna Lotus TSP. I have the 301 that I learned to sew on that traveled the world with us in the military.

  165. Roxann Burns says:

    Maybe too many…2 Bernina machines (345 and 765), a Babylock serger, a Juki straight stitch, Babylock Shashiko 2, Babylock needle punch Embellisher

  166. Karyn Kubo Fleming says:

    Two sewing machines: my right and left hands!

  167. Janice Yakel says:

    I own 2 Baby Lock sewing machines and a 1989 Baby Lock serger. This is a wonderful give away and I’d love to win because April is my birthday month! Thank you!

  168. Jane Coombs says:

    i have three. A 1955 Elna-great for sewing leather. A Janome Skyline5 and a Babylock Evolution Serger. I just bought my grand daughter a Janome Hello Kitty Her older brother aged 9 is the heavy user

  169. Sue Smith says:

    I must own about 30 machines–mostly old singers. I’m looking to downsize them soon and it’s too crowded in here

  170. Susan I Utt says:

    I own 5 machines

  171. Susan McQuade says:

    I own three machines; two working and one questionable.

  172. Rebecca Grant says:

    I own two Berninas.

  173. Ellen Fineman says:

    I own three machines. I have a featherweight from my mom, a bernina 770 QE and a Janome dc 2019. I had recently given my previous Janome to my daughter but missed the portability it gave me. I bought the latest version to replace it.

  174. Janie McCombs says:

    I have four sewing machines. Beautiful work on this giveaway!

  175. Janne Potter says:

    At one point a couple of years ago I had five machines, which I thought was a lot until I started asking my quilting buddies. I’m an amateur machine collector, it turns out. 🙂

    I am down to two now, both Berninas: a B330 for piecing and some fancy stitching, and a B770 for quilting. I’m in the market for a Featherweight. 🙂

  176. Connie German says:

    11 at last count

  177. Sylvia Dresser says:

    Only one! Best machine I’ve ever owned, Janome 9400.

  178. Marlene M says:

    I have two machines: a Babylock Quest Plus that I bought gently used that is a work horse and I sew on it everyday, and an old, old Kenmore that has seen better days.

  179. Terrie says:

    I currently own 2 machines, my great Bernina 560 (I call Bernice) and my wonderful 1948 Featherweight (I call Florence) which I take to workshops.
    Thank you for the chance to win those great prizes!

  180. Lisa says:

    I have 4 machines and considering a 5th.
    A Mercury 280 L comercial, an old White, a Bernina 570Qe and a Bernina 440 serger.

    Thinking about a sit down quilter too.

  181. Brenda C says:

    I have two treadle machines, three vintage singers and four modern machines. Gulp, i guess I have 9 sewing machines.

  182. Roxanne C Kelley says:

    I have 4 machines, a Bernina, a Pfaff, a Janome, and a small Brother. Also a Babylock serger. I love all the amazing stitches, and now the built-in thread clips and push button presser foot lift.

  183. Mary Willis says:

    I won five machines. I have two small Brother machines that are exactly the same. Both of them stopped working about a year after I purchased them. So I did some investigating and purchased a Bernina 440 quilters education which I love. The I bought a JUKI 2010 for it’s free motion quilting with a bigger throat than the Bernina. Finally, I bought a Featherweight. It is delightful and I use it frequently for retreats and paper piecing. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  184. Elizabeth Cooperrider says:

    I own 2, but dream about #3.

  185. Pamela Stiles says:

    two machines: one that was my mother’s, that I learned on and took for myself when she died 50 years ago. I bought a fancier one when I retired, five years ago.

  186. Lorrie Moore says:

    I have 4 sewing machines. My old 1954 Pfaff is the workhorse.

  187. Miriam Kahn says:

    I own two sewing machines. One that’s two years older than I and a true work horse, and a second that’s newer and has electronic controls. I love them both.

  188. Carolyn Nannery says:

    7 machines.

  189. Suzie Wood says:

    I have a table top Elna that is still in the box most of the time as there is no free table space, an old luggable Elna that I purchased in college and love (it came with cams), 1 lighter weight portable, and lastly, 1 portable that a friend got when she purchased “a state of the art” machine. 4 total and yet I applique by hand.

  190. Nancy Hanson says:

    I own 5 machines. Three Berninas and two sergers. Love sewing, quilting, handwork.

  191. Lovesanimals says:

    I own 3 working sewing machines + a serger.

  192. Karen Wong says:

    I own 2 sewing machines and 1 serger. All old Singer, I’m ready for an upgrade!

  193. Char Behrens says:

    I own 3 machines. My Husqvarna Scan 300, an older Singer that was my friend’s mother’s machine and my grandmothers treadle Singer. I only use my Scan 300 for quilting.

  194. Leslie Gates says:

    I have sewing machines, a Juki industrial machine that I love! So fast! A Juki home machine, mostly for button holes, and an Elma serger. Great prizes!

  195. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    Only 4. One is my travel to meetings and sew ins, that is always in the car.

  196. Lorrie M says:

    I own 4 machines. Maybe they own me.

  197. Elizabeth K. Baker says:

    43 year old sewing machine. Singer. Bought with my first pay check. Best investment ever.

  198. I own three sewing machines, Bernina 580, Singer Featherweight, and Singer XL 1000. I also have a serger and a BabyLock Sashiko machine. Thanks for the chance to win these delightful prizes!

  199. Laraine Salmon says:

    Probably more than I need. One Bernina B750 with the Stitch Regulator for quilting and the Embroidery module. One Brother PQ1500 for piecing and straight stitching. One Serger, because they are just so useful for so many things you did not realize until you’ve had one. One very lightweight Brother to take to classes, and 2 Singer Featherweights, one white and one black, because they are cute, and indestructible with a little TLC you can do yourself because they are mechanical, not computerized.

  200. Alyse Axford says:

    I own two sewing machines, one that works & one that I would love to work.

  201. Lee Burnham says:

    I own 2 sewing machines, a 4 year old Bernina I bought when I retired, and my grandmother’s Featherweight which I used until then. I think I will start taking it to workshops; I am increasingly tired of lugging that Bernina around.

  202. LaVaughn Bye says:

    Three machines remain (out of eight), my go-to Bernina 730/200 Artista, a Janome 760 Platinum Jen (on its last feed dogs), and a rarely used Brother PQ1500. I’m kicking myself for selling my Featherweight!

  203. mzjohansen says:

    Oh dear…this may be an embarrassing question…let’s see: 10…
    Janome mc8900, BL serger, BL Sashiko, Bernina153QE, Bernina 180, 3 Singer Featherweights, Singer 301, Singer vintage

  204. Mary Holshouser says:

    I have two sewing machines – one is my trusty
    Elna that I’ve had for over 25 years and use a lot.
    The other is for my granddaughter. A friend
    didn’t want it.any more and dropped it off
    at my house, I haven’t been able to get it
    taken to its new home yet. Love the
    prize for this month. thanks for offering

  205. Cheryl Aloise says:

    I have 1 sewing machine and 1 embroidery/sewing machine. Just got the embroidery and trying new things. Never tried a pair of the Kai scissors, but they look amazing!

  206. Sandy Allen says:

    I have 5 machines if you count my husband’s sewing machine and a serger. One is my mom’s old machine which I need to get fixed at some point. The rest are all in working order.

  207. Ann West says:

    I own 5 sewing machines: a Bernina 830, a Bernina 440 QE, a Pfaff Grand Quilter, a Singer Featherweight, and a Bernina Serger 2500DCE. I hope to inherit a Singer treadle machine which would bring up my number of machines to 6. And I love them all dearly!

  208. Pam Z. says:

    I own two sewing machines, both are Babylock Quilters Choice machines of separate generations. Both of these are big and are working machines. Unfortunately, they are getting old; one is about 15 years old and the other is ten, my favorite. It is my favorite because it has automatic threading, cutting, and foot lift functions. The older machine is stored in a closet because I rarely use it.

    I am in the market for a lightweight machine to take to retreats and charity group sewing events, but cannot find one with those functions!

    Actually, I own one more, an old porcelain sewing machine painted with flowers that is about two inches high, not a working machine. I found the little piece in an antique shop and keep it out to admire.

  209. Barbaraben says:

    I own four sewing machines. Three of them I use on a regular basis and the fourth belonged to my mother.

  210. Chris Ruiz says:

    I own seven sewing machines.
    A small apartment size Singer(my first, which was a gift) to a 790 Bernina (which was not a gift) along with a beautiful green Husqvarna from the 1950’s. And a couple more machines for good measure. I love sewing machines!

  211. Eileen Hallock says:

    My prized sewing sheers disappeared during my move from Oregon to California. Emptied every box from my studio and still cannot find them. Would be so grateful to win a new pair!

    • Eileen Hallock says:

      Oops…forget to add my sewing machine count! I have my free arm singer that I purchased while I high school..1973…a Featherweight from 1934 the year my Mom was born…a Featherweight from 1956 the year that I was born. The last is the one that I do all of my sewing on. It is a workhorse.

  212. Karen Baskett says:

    I own 4. A Bernina that doesn’t leave the house, a brother that does. A Juki serger and a Baby Lock embroidery that I got second hand and very thankful to the people that sold it to me. All of them work and I use all of them.

  213. Fran says:

    I have three machines: an ancient but touch-as-nails Bernina, a Bernina serger, and a recently-acquired Juki mid-arm machine. Currently looking at used industrial machines for a tiny cut-and-sew shop I want to set up.

  214. Candace Mackey says:

    I have two Baby Lock machines, a Crescendo and a Sophia, which is a small machine with an embroidery module. I also have a vintage Pfaff and my wonderful Featherweight, the best piecing machine I own. I used to own 8 machines but got rid of four of them due to space. I love Yakuta cottons and particularly vintage cottons.

  215. Donna says:

    I own 2 Bernina sewing machines plus one featherweight and a serger. I love the sound of sewing on the featherweight. Love all your fabrics – so beautiful.

  216. Michelle M Harrison says:

    3 + a serger!

  217. Patty says:

    I own 14 sewing machines including 3 miniature Singer toy machines.

  218. Mary says:

    I own 2 Bernina sewing machines plus one serger. Love those Kai scissors – I have a small one and love it.

  219. Denise Perlich Lynch says:

    Two sewing machines. One belonged to my mother. The other, my husband bought for me when I started quilting.

  220. Suzanne says:

    I am the fortunate owner of 6 sewing machine! Wow!
    I have one that belong to my grandmother, one my mother bought in 1940, a Bernina, a Brother, a Janome, and a Viking serger.

  221. Mary Rowin says:

    I own one Bernina Sport, circa 1986, all metal. I have used it for sewing many articles of clothing, for quilting, mending and for making fiber books. I have tested new machines at Quilt Expo but my Bernina does everything I need.

  222. margo elaine clyma says:

    I own 6 sewing machines. I am sorry to report that my 7th machine (a Bernina 1080) that I loved, just died. I used it for many years and am sad to see it go to sewing machine never land.

  223. I own 3 machines. One is an embellishing machine. It’s so much fun!

  224. mckittycat says:

    I have 5 sewing machines – a 1959 White that I got used when I went off to nursing school, a Janome 6600, Janome 7700, Janome QDC421, a White featherweight and a serger.

  225. Mike McKay says:

    I own 2 machines (working) – down from 3 – but now considering the Sashiko 2 after reading your article!

  226. Ginnie Hebert says:

    I own 5–a computerized Pfaff, a Juki straight stitch only, a Babylock serger, a Handiquilter longarm, and an antique hand operated antique!

  227. Pam Pontious says:

    I own two working machines – a 20 yr old early Viking computer and a new Juki. I sew a lot of heavy faux fur fabrics which the Juki handles much better than the Viking. My old Viking from 1960s which I used for the furs gave out – parts no longer available. Hence, the new Juki.

  228. Donnalynn Ozawa says:

    I have 8 sewing machines, a new Janome HD9 (for bagmaking/leather), Bernina 900 Nova, 1230 and 770QEE, Babylock Sashiko 2 and Embellisher, Singer Featherweights 221 and 222, 3 sergers, Babylock Ovation and Coverstitch, non working Bernina 1000. I occasionally teach sewing and let students use my vintage Berninas when their machines won’t work.

  229. lisamoonself says:

    Hi, I own 1 sewing machine. I am a beginner and loving every minute of it!

  230. JLS says:

    I have 3 featherweights, 4 BERNINA’s, 2 Janine’s and a couple others. I find many at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores. When I find someone who wants to learn to sew or needs a machine, I gift them one of my finds! I love spreading the joy of sewing and quilting!

  231. Marsha says:

    5 sewing machines, including the black Singer in a cabinet that I learned on in high school in the 1960s.

  232. Mary Ann Bloom says:

    I own 6! Two for stitching, 2 for embroidery, 2 old ones. I still own my first sewing machine given to me by my Dad for my 8th grade graduation gift! Lol. Of course the newest one is my go to.

  233. Catherine Dreiss says:

    I own three working sewing machines – a Bernina 350 PE which is permanently on top of my dining room table, a Janome Horizon on loan to a friend who has had it far too long, and a sweet Singer Featherweight. I am also in the midst of restoring a Singer Handcrank to take camping.

  234. Janet says:

    Oh, how I hate to admit this – 7 machines all working. A Kenmore I bought when my son was born; a featherweight my mom bought me for classes/retreats; my mothers Singer 500 (Rocketeer) when she moved; a featherweight I rescued from an estate sale; a lightweight Singer a friend & I bought when we needed a machine with a buttonhole stitch for a class; a white featherweight – because I always wanted one; and a Juki with a wide neck for quilting.

  235. Marcia says:

    I own three machines: a 1939 Featherweight, a Babylock Illisimo Gold II, and a Babylock Triumph serger. Each satisfies a different sewing habit of mine – piecing/quilting, embroidery, and serving. Life couldn’t be better!

  236. marty says:

    two machines………the Featherweight bought as a teenager as well as a Bernina

  237. Marie says:

    My two sewing machines were both gifts from my mother. At 101 she continues to encourage my quilting!

  238. Gail Wilcox says:

    I own a Bernina 630 that still works fine in spite of a cracked housing as a result of making pet beds for the local animal shelter. Just last month I added a Baby Lock Aria with a computer screen that is almost as large as a regular iPad tablet. Both are a joy to use for different reasons – love them.

  239. Carol Kuse says:

    I own two machines. My Bernina for sewing at home, and my Singer to take when I could no longer carry my Bernina.

  240. Victoria Skidmore says:

    So fun to think about each machine I have and their story! Thank you.
    I started sewing on a antique Singer child’s machine with a hand crank that my mother received as a child in the 1920s. I loved making doll clothes. My first “real” machine is a Japanese made machine I received for Christmas at the age of 14 in 1966. Emdeko. It’s a fabulously all metal machine that weighs a ton and sews beautifully. Makes great buttonholes and I have no idea where my mother got it. Wish I did!
    I then splurged and bought myself a Phaff creative 1475 when I was in my 30s and made clothes and 5 wedding gowns for each of my daughters as they grew up and shirts for my husband and son too.
    I then thought I needed another machine so I traded the 1475 in on another more “modern” Phaff and thought that was it. I was in the machine store weeks later and noticed my little 1475 looking so forlorn with a price tag on it and was shocked at how I felt about seeing my old friend I had abandoned so I bought it back!!! Relief!
    Then I wanted a featherweight and my daughter surprised me with her mother-in-law’s grandmother featherweight and I had it restored and it’s a sweet gem.
    I then came across another featherweight weight that was made in my year of birth so I had to have that and had it restored and repainted in silver!
    Love it!!!
    So that’s a grand total of 6 machines. I love them all and thank you for the opportunity to reflect and remember how each of their stories entwines with mine.

  241. Catherine Jaquith says:

    I only have 1 sewing machine.

  242. Michele Wise says:

    I own five sewing machines. I also own 20 toy machines. Three of the sewing machines are featherweights. I only really use one. I did not count the serger.

  243. Meg says:

    3. A Bernina 880, a Janome portable and another basic and old Bernina. One is at our cottage in case I just have to sew something. You know how it is.

  244. Bethany Garner says:

    I have nine sewing machines – several vintage Bernina’s 1230 and 830 and I use a Janome 6600 all the time. Pfaff, Elna and a Montgomery Ward basics from my high school and college days round out the collection along with my mother’s 1947 Featherweight that was hardly ever used.
    Love and use all of them from time to time.

  245. Charlene Cuhaciyan says:

    I own 2 sewing machines, one at least 12 years old, and a newer one which my daughter talked me into buying. I love them both. They serve different purposes.

  246. Donna Smith says:

    I own three sewing machines: a Bernina, an Elna and a treadle machine.

  247. Teri says:

    I’ve accumulated 5 sewing machines on my own including a serger. My husband has become interested in sewing and machines so after he found a 1950’s Singer to use to learn to stitch, he found 2 very vintage working machines he couldn’t resist.

  248. pjdominici says:

    I own threw sewing machines that work. An old Singer in a cabinet that may or may not work and a machine that felts. But I use my Babylock Elizabeth as my standard machine!

  249. Linda says:

    I am grateful to own three machines.

  250. Deborah Damerville says:

    I used to own 2 machines but am now in the process of moving. So I gave both away. Luckily my daughter bought me a new one. So I am back in business.

  251. Nance says:

    I own 4 machines: a Juki, that is my workhorse, a Pfaff, that is way too fussy, a Viking, that is waiting for my daughter to live in a real house, and a BelAire, which is like an old portable Singer. I earned the BelAir when I was 12 years old by cleaning my grandmother’s house each Saturday for $1.00. The machine cost $25, so it took me about 2 years to earn it. I have had it for 56 years now. Yikes!

  252. Loretta says:

    I have 4 sewing machines, 2 Berninas, a featherweight and a Viking. I sew on a Bernina Artists 640 at home and take my 215 for sewing days with my guild. The featherweight has not been used for years, I keep saying I am going to get in out of the black box and clean it up. My 640 replaced my Viking. The Viking still sews well. Oh and I have a serger.

  253. Wendy Penning says:

    Hmmm….sewing machines…my first machine was my mom’s 1958 Kenmore (horrible machine, had a short and would periodically shock me…hated it and it hated me, only used it to hem pants when I was desperate). She and my dh bought me a Singer years later, I fought with the tension on that machine forever Probably would have liked it, if I had understood how to adjust the tension. Started quilting, bought myself a used Pfaff (what an indulgence! I named him Vincent Van Sew) Hooked! Since then I’ve bought Sewphe (she’s had 3 pedal replacements and I’ve retired her), And my last Pfaff was Edgar Allen Sew who I gave away to a friend in need. I bought a Necchi (hard to use, no instruction book, no internet but terribly cheap–so don’t be fooled, price isn’t everything), a Babylock (my sister was in need of a machine and this was the twin to the one she was used to), an Elna (great machine, kept it for a loaner until it came back with a different plug cord that didn’t fit, go figure), and a wonderful Janome 6500 (which I used for 5 years before realizing it didn’t have a swing arm to sew sleeves or the like…tells you how much clothing sewing I do), a computerized ABS Innova longarm machine (GlaDOS, I adore her), 3 featherweights (lucky me!) and my latest was another Singer (an emergency purchase for a small class machine…the featherweights were moved to the attic when we were remodeling, think I can find them?) By the way, not so small, it’s hard to judge size by a picture on the computer screen. SewCrates has all the bells and whistles, and weighs a ton!. So right now I have 6 working machines at home. Maybe 4 more that don’t work, 3 fostered out (don’t think they’ll ever come home, they seem happy where they are). Oh I just remembered. There’s an embroidery machine somewhere (that I bought on craigslist and have been leery of starting a new endeavor. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it since the remodel…hmmm maybe I need another?

  254. Diane Michal says:

    I have 3 machines: my mom’s 1950 Singer that still sews a beautiful stitch, a 10 year old Pfaff that is my dependable workhorse for workshops and retreats, and a whiz-bang Pfaff that fuels my creativity when I whisper sweet nothings to it.

  255. Dee says:

    Three machines… for piecing and general sewing, one for travel, and a midarm for quilting.

  256. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    I own 6 machines, 3 Brother sewing and machine embroidery machines and 1 embroidery only. I also own 2 Pfaff’s that were top of the line machines in their day.

  257. Myra Katz says:

    I own five sewing machines…never enough!

  258. Suzanne Kalish says:

    I have one machine- a trusty old Kenmore as I prefer handwork. Love your “gold” rock story and all your fabric!

  259. Laura Buchanan says:

    I have 4 sewing machines.

  260. Sandra Rosier says:

    I have 5 sewing machines, all 5 different manufacturers.

  261. Ellen Hemmert says:

    Would love to have a new pair of scissors.

  262. Patsy says:

    I own three sewing machines. A Bernina Quilters Dream, 1952 Featherweight, and an inexpensive Brother that is my backup/e emergency machine.

  263. Teresa Hubert says:

    I own three sewing machines. One was my gram’s, one is for machine quilting and one is for piecing and general sewing.

  264. susan says:

    I own 3 vintage Bernina sewing machines, although in a month I will only have 2 as I will be gifting my daughter with the one she learned to sew on. They serve me well!

  265. Pat Pruski says:

    I have 4 machines-a Bernina 710, a Singer Featherweight, my Mom’s Singer Golden Touch and Sew and a Hexagon handcrank. I need more, right?

  266. Sue Kersey says:

    Wow, this is best gift ever as i love the fabric so much and would so like to be the owner of the Kai Shears and thread! I own 3 working sewing machines and have 3 others just because I love then that do not work.

  267. Faye Jones says:

    I own 7 sewing machines: a Singer featherweight/ a Singer heavy duty / a serger /
    a Brother PQS/ a Tin Lizzie 18″ sit down quilting machine / my Grandmother’s Simger treadle and a Singer antique portable electric for display.

  268. Lottie Smith says:

    I own seven sewing machines including the treadle that helped me learn to sew!

  269. nancysalmons says:

    1 Janome, I Bernina embroidery, 1 Singer treadle, 1 Singer Featherweight, 1 Babylock on longarm frame, a Handiquilter Sweet 16 and 1 Killenger, a toy Singer and toy Janome. My Featherweight is my travel machine and the Janome 6600 my home workhorse. My granddaughter learned piecing on the toy Singer but now prefers the Janome. They are all in working condition and are lovingly maintained.

  270. Nancy Pascoe says:

    I have 3 Juki machines that I bought within the last 5 years (one is a serger). Plus my original Bernini 930 that I got about 40 years ago! I gave the Bernini I inherited from my Mom to my daughter, who is delighted with it.

  271. Eileen Alber says:

    I have 7 sewing machines, 4 Bernina’s, a1260, 1630, 700 embroidery only and a 590E, an old Pfaff, a Singer Featherweight, and an original Elna Lotus.

  272. Robin says:

    I have a Bernina 440 QE and a 1998 Proto longarm with IQ. They are fun! Adding a Sashiko machine would be fun too.

  273. Cherie says:

    I own one sewing machine, a Bernita, and one embellisher . I have been thinking about getting a featherweight to take to classes.

  274. SUSAN PHILLIPS says:

    I have 3 sewing machines. Two Janomis and one Sweet Sixteen by Handiquilter. Love all three!

  275. Maryse VaillancourtPrescott says:

    Just looked at this the other day…Total of 12 Oh my!Some on loan some just stored to sell others frequently used.I love all your quilts Looking forward to winning so I can set up that gorgeous fabric!Thank you

  276. Barbara Davies says:

    I have not been without a sewing machine since I was given an electric Singer for my 16th birthday (1968). Before that, I used the machines at school and my mother’s vintage Singer. For awhile, I lived off the grid and used a treadle machine. When I moved to the UK, I inherited a small machine which worked with their electric current from my step-daughter, who was not “crafty”. Moving back to California, I have two machines; a Pfaff with embroidery capabilities, and an older Singer of 1960’s vintage, inherited from the “estate” of a dear friend who passed away. Repairing clothes for family & friends, making costumes for children and party-loving friends, quilting, designing & making clothes and household soft goods…where would I be without a sewing machine?

  277. Gretchen Lee says:

    I find your site fun and a welcome change! Your fabric choices are excellent and ideas wonderful. Thanks!

  278. Tanya says:

    I love all 3 of my sewing machines, one that I use almost daily and two that should be used more frequently.

  279. Marie says:

    Wow, this is so interesting reading about people’s machines! Obviously, we love our sewing machines!!
    I have one, due to downsizing in retirement and that darn ole ‘Jiminy Cricket’ on my shoulder reminding me to be frugal, lol. Thanks for all the fun reading!

  280. Carol Strum says:

    My first machine was a 1947 singer Featherweight. My second machine, an older Bernina, was given to me by a member of my quilting group; it had been owned by a friend who helped me learn how to sew but who, sadly, died of cancer.

  281. Carol Johnson says:

    I own three: a Bernina B250, a singer treadle machine that was my great grandmother’s, and an electric toy machine that was my mother’s.

  282. Monte Farris says:

    1- Singer Touch & Sew
    2- Bernina Activa 240
    3- Featherweight

  283. Jerry Turner says:

    I own 2 sewing machines, an old Brother from Costco, my first machine, sits in the closet. My Bernina is ready for action 24 hours a day.

  284. Sue says:

    I have 4 machines. 3 Singer featherweights, one of which I grew up with, and a Pfaff. What a great giveaway you are doing this month!

  285. Kathy A says:

    I own 7 sewing machines. I mostly use 3 of them.

  286. Angela J Short says:

    I have 3. Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  287. Kat Chapman says:

    One older one that never seems to work well, a “bernette” intro bernina and then an actual bernina that I am still learning about. Dreaming of having a serger some day also.

  288. Laur Weinstock says:

    I currently own just two machines. But then I can only use one machine at a time! A friend gave me the one I use most frequently in the year 2000. It’s a workhorse.

  289. Linda McLaughlin says:

    I have three sewing machines, all working and I love them all.

  290. carmen mullins says:

    I am the happy owner of 4 sewing machines. 🙂

  291. Karen Winther says:

    I have 5 machines right now. My main sewing machine is a Viking Sapphire 930 and I also have a Baby Lock Tiara, Brother 1500s, Janome 3160QDC that I use for travel and a turquoise Janome Hello Kitty that’s waiting for my 4 year old granddaughter to get a little older.

  292. Oscar Martinez says:

    I own 3 working sewing machines: two Pfaffs & a Bernina. I use all three for various projects.

  293. Cindy Brouillard says:

    I have four sewing machines. Two Bernita, a Featherweight, and a little green Elena.

  294. Kay says:

    I own 3 working sewing machines and a serger that I don’t know how to use

  295. Robert Nelms says:

    I have 3 sewing machines. A 25 year old Bernina, a 2 year old Bernina and a lightweight baby lock for classes, retreats and guild. Thanks for the great giveaways

  296. Judith Wilson says:

    At this time I have 4 sewing machines. Two are working, one is my grandmother’s treadle and one is my mom’s machine that would work but needs cleaning. Do I have room for 4 machines of course not!

  297. melissa sherrow says:

    I have 2 wonderful antique Singer sewing machines that work and 3 other different brands that may or may not work, I haven’t tried them yet.

  298. Kathy S. says:

    Total two: one 1923 Singer, and one, much more recent, Brother.

  299. I have three, 2 Janomes and one old Singer. Someone gave it to me. I need to start it up, see if it works.

  300. Carolyn Wolf says:

    I have 4 sewing machines: my workhorse Bernina 153 quilters edition, my lightweight Janome for travel, my mother’s vintage Viking with complete collection of cams for fancy stitches, and my Gammill longarm.

  301. Linda says:

    I own 4 sewing machines, 1 serger and 1 felting machine.

  302. Mary Durkin says:

    I own 2 Terminals and one Hq16 midarm

  303. Kathy Weyenberg says:

    I have four sewing machines. What a wonderful giveaway!

  304. MaryLou Curtis says:

    3 sewing machines, a longarm and a serger complete my machine inventory.

  305. Elizabeth Ruth says:

    I have 6 sewing machines: 2 working, 2 needing repairs, 2 antiques: a treadle machine and a hand operated machine.

  306. Christine Harris says:

    I have two regular machines, an embroidery machine, a heavy duty sewing machine and a serger.

  307. Bonnie M Bucknam says:

    I have an antique Singer treadle machine that sits in the corner of my bedroom. I have a New Home, a Bernina 1260, a Bernina 530, and a Bernina Q24 longarm.

  308. Deb Spangler says:

    I have two sewing machines and love your fabrics.

  309. Cheryl C says:

    Sew many machines! I have only one- Bernina 350. Occasionally think about another for classes (Eversewn?) and must admit I was intrigued/tempted by your article on Sashiko 2. But space is an issue, so probably not in my future.

  310. Barb K says:

    I have three working machines and one non-working treadle Singer machine I inherited from my Mother-in-Law. I like them all!!

  311. Linda H says:

    I’m a snowbird and have 3 machines in 2 locations, Featherweights for classes, Bernina workhorses and older backup machines when Berninas need maintenance or repairs.

  312. Katherine B Simonton says:

    I have 3 machines currently-my Bernina is main work horse, smaller Janome to take to classes/retreats-only weighs 11# and my handi quilter Avante long arm. They all work well for what they are meant to do.

  313. Trudi Sommerfield says:

    I own three machines – one for use at home, one (lighter) when I travel (to retreat, classes, etc.), and one that I don’t use because I don’t have enough room to keep it set up.

  314. Frances McGovern says:

    I own a Bernina 880 and a Bernina 1008

  315. Carol Sexton says:

    I own seven sewing machines! The oldsters are a Featherweight, a Singer treadle, and another Singer. The youngsters are a New Home 4000, a Pfaff 2056, a Juki 2200 qvp mini and a Janome embroidery machine. I love everyone of them. They each have different uses.

  316. Loretta Myers says:

    I own one Husqvarna, “made in Sweden” (non-computerized) sewing machine that is set up all the time for quick repairs or projects. I love it!

  317. Janet Hopewell says:

    I have 5 machines. Two inherited from my husbands grandmother & mother. Still have my first basic then two computerized. Would love to check out a Sashiko some day.

  318. Judith McGinty says:

    I have four machines all in working order. #1 is the Singer I bought myself for my 18th birthday, with $12/mo. pmts., #2 was the zigzag machine my husband bought for me – would let your husband to buy you a bra? He also shouldn’t buy sewing machines without consulting. #3 is my serger and #4 is my precious Bernina I bought when I retired. Love it!!!

  319. Maxine Euto says:

    I own 3 sewing machines. 2 working, and one not so much.

  320. Emily Shuff Klainberg says:

    I have 4 machines. One Bernina over 50 years old, two Husqvarna Viking, one Juki and one Janome.

  321. Paulette R McKenna says:

    I have 3 machines (that all work) two Berninas and a Juki. I love them all. I have granddaughters that will come sew and it’s good to have a few machines around the house.

  322. Susan A says:

    I have 2 regular sewing machines a huskvarna Viking and a small portable janomend one mid arm machine by Pfaff

  323. edie troyer says:

    I own 5 machines and still use all of them! I enjoy your newsletters.

  324. Claudia Sheehan says:

    I own 3 sewing machines and 1 serger.

  325. Jackie Stevens says:

    I have three Berninas and two Singers that are in use. Four Singers that do not work.

  326. Lynn Kaczor says:

    only one

  327. Barbara Simpson says:

    I own only 7 machines. Fortunately I don’t have room for more the total would be a lot higher.

  328. Bunny Hand says:

    Oh, dear. I count 10!

  329. Diane Michal says:

    I currently have 3 machines. My mom’s Singer born in 1950 still sews a beautiful stitch. I have a 10 year old Pfaff that is my workhorse for retreats and workshops. My home machine (that never leaves the sewing room except to get serviced) is a whiz-bang Pfaff that really fuels my creativity, but sometimes I have to speak nicely to it to get it to cooperate.

  330. Pat says:

    I have two. Both work.

  331. Linda Nakamura says:

    I own 2 computerized sewing machines, 2 featherweights, 1 regular sewing machine that I have lent to my daughter-in-law so she can do sewing for the family. I also have a treadle machine that I bought when I lived in mainland China. My husband went twice to the shop where we bought it to have them explain to them how to put it together. It is still pieces in boxes in our garage. I hope one day to find someone who knows how to put it together.

  332. J M A says:

    My collection of sewing machines includes Berninas, Singer Featherweights, a vintage White, a treadle, a Brother, assorted small toy machines and mini portables. Total 23.

  333. Cathy Hayes says:

    I have 5 now with the addition of my Lizzie longarm!

  334. Gale Schwarb says:

    I own a newer Pfaff Performance 500, a 1948 Singer featherweight, and a Bernina 1230. All of them work and are still used.

  335. Karen Eckardt says:

    I own three sewing machines and two sergers

  336. I am the proud owner of 5 machines 1 featherweight, 1 Brother Quattro, 1 Pfaff, 1 Brother serger and 1 Lizzie Apprentice 18 Longarm. Love them all each has a different purpose.

  337. Wendy Bynner says:

    I own 5 sewing machines- two Pfaffs- one working and one semi-retired, my grandmother’s Singer in a cabinet (non-working but I love to look at it and remember all the clothes she made me), a lightweight Eversewn 20 which I take to Colorado for our six week skiing vacation (a gal has to have something to keep her busy when it is snowing too hard to ski!), and my HQ 16 midarm quilting machine which I use for Quilts of Valor, charity quilts and occasionally to finish all those UFOs I’ve accumulated in my 35 years of quilting.

  338. Linda Sullivan says:

    I own five sewing machines: One Bernina, Two Singer Featherweights, One White Serger, and one Greyhound New Home portable (antique).

  339. Janet says:

    I have Two: a Bernita and a Gammill long arm. We trucked the long arm from Seattle to Tucson, we took out a wall in our new house to accommodate it, and two friends help lift to reassemble.

  340. Marie Philipsen says:

    I have Two. The Singer featherweight portable that was my mothers and I learned to sew on it, about 65 years ago. I also have a Bernina 560.

  341. Vivian Roop says:

    I own 3 machines, one is constantly in use.

  342. Annette S says:

    I have two machines. One is for my quilting and the other is from my parents house. An old workhorse they used when making wool strips for rug braiding.

  343. Jane Wong says:

    I own a bernina quilting machine, a vintage singer featherweight and an older machine that a friend gave me, that works but probably needs a good service and a new home.

  344. Dena says:

    3, including my beloved Sashiko! ❤️❤️

  345. Denise A Anderson says:

    I own 3 machines. Janome Horizon is my go to machine. I have a Brother portable and a Babylock Coronet long arm quilter. The Sashiko 2 looks mighty tempting!

  346. PaulaR from GA says:

    I always thought that I just had two sewing machines that I use for sewing . . .but I have two more old treadle machines/cabinets that are really pieces of furniture.

  347. Priscilla Haynes says:

    I have four beautiful machines.

  348. kate lindberg says:

    I own 5 machines, 3 working and 2 vintage

  349. Mary Ann says:

    I own 4 sewing madhines.

  350. Joan New says:

    I own 7 working machines: Two Featherweights, two Viking, two metal Singers in cabinets and one Brothers. I used a metal Singer to make my beautiful Hachi quilt.

  351. Cassie Gribble says:

    I own 7 sewing machines, 3 of them are pretty old – pre 1950, the other 4 are newer but not new. What a wonderful giveaway you are having!

  352. Laura Sinai says:

    I have two Pfaff sewing machines and a serger at my house. I also own a basic machine that my ex’s mother has–that I’d really like to get back but don’t want to make contact!
    Wait–I also also have a vintage Viking that a friend gave me. 🙂
    I think that would be 5 total!!

  353. Judy McNeel says:

    I own six machines and love every one of them!

  354. Caroline Rohrer says:

    about 11 0r 12 all vintage.My prinary machine is 43 yrs old, my travel machine is a featherweight from 1947, I have my mother’s machine and her mothers. The rest are vintage.

  355. April Ritter says:

    I own 9 sewing machines, 6 hand cranks: 1930 Singer 99, 1920 Singer 66, 1937 Pfaff model 11, 1938 Frister and Rossmann model E, 1898 Gold Medal, 1901 Mueller toy hand crank.
    1 Treadle 1934 Singer Model 15
    2 electric, 1957 Singer Featherweight, 1954 Elna Supermatic.
    I primarily use the 1930 Singer Hand crank for all my sewing/quilting.

  356. Linda Stumbaugh says:

    I have two sewing machines: an older Janome that I purchased used from the local quilt store (it’s a great machine even though it’s old!) and a 1952 Featherweight gifted to me by a friend this Christmas. So, nothing fancy but it all works!

  357. Judy Valentino says:

    I have 5 sewing machines. 3 Janomes, a Tiara sit down quilter and a Long Arm.

  358. Arbor Buchanan says:

    I have two Pfaff sewing machines. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

  359. Debora Kellogg says:

    I own three working sewing machines: My go-to sewing machine is a 7570 Pfaff that is over 20 years old. When the Pfaff is in the repair shop for its annual tune-up, my backup is a Brother sewing machine- 5 years old. My third is a Kenmore from the 70s that I learned how to sew.

  360. Toni Shattenberg says:

    I own 2 Viking sewing machines, 1 hand-crank Singer sewing machine, 4 Bernina sewing machines, and 1 Bernina serger.

  361. Susan Eagleton says:

    The smallest I own is the little plastic one I had as a child for my doll house. The crank turns and the needle goes up and down but it does not sew. Then there are the two toys that used to work that I bought. I just sold a feather weight so am down to five. Then there’s my grandmothers treadle and my Mother’s White which I learned on. I am using three computerized ones for my daily sewing. So I count 13. More than I need but I enjoy them all.

  362. Theresa says:

    I own two sewing machines, older machines. a Viking and a Bernina. They were given to me by my mother and I still have the pleasure of using them.

  363. Gloria Young says:

    At home, I have 4 Berninas (a 1982 mechanical 830, a 1990s era 1630, a very large computerized 830, and a large 750). I also have a tiny 12-lb. mechanical Euro-Pro. At work I have a mechanical Bernina 110 and 2 mechanical Bernettes for students to use. So, I guess I have 8 machines! (Do I have to count the 2 Bernina sergers and the 2 Bernina embroidery machines that only do embroidery & are not sewing machines as well?)

  364. Rebecca Deardorff says:

    I currently own a single machine: a hard-working Pfaff from 1989. I used to co-own a 1950s vintage Elna with my sister. She bought me out and she uses it still (and she routinely wins blue prizes for sewing at the county fair).

  365. Becky Bucci says:

    I have three sewing machines all new. Janome 9000, Janome Gem and a Viking quilting machine that I have never used.

  366. Roberta Roberts says:

    I own two working sewing machines that I love very much..

  367. Amy Loar says:

    I own a Bernina 1230 that I bought new in 1990. This machine is my workhorse. She has two Featherweight sisters who take turns travelling with me.

  368. Joan Iverson says:

    I own one sewing machine.

  369. Mary Collett says:

    I currently have 7 sewing machines, and I have previously sold or donated at least 6 others.

  370. Momo Bee says:

    Hi. I own 8 machines, all of them are in working order. I recently sold my black Featherweight 221, but I still have my white one. Sometimes I think about selling one that has been sitting for a while, but I always change my mind.

  371. Jacqui H C says:

    I have2 machines – A Bernina 160, and a Heavy Duty Singer.

  372. suzanne guthrie says:

    only 3 machines, Janome 3160 which I use mostly for quilting, and occasional edge finishing, a trusty Featherweight for the rest of my sewing and a Willcox&Gibbs hand crank who’s chain stitch is so tiny I just enjoy looking at it. They live together harmoniously in the sewing room.

  373. Suzanne Pritchard says:

    I own 4 machines-a Bernita 570 QE which I treated myself to in anticipation of retirement, it’s predecessor also a Bernina and a backup machine which is a Singer. The 4th machine is an antique, now just a decoration but I love it nonetheless!
    Thanks for this giveaway-what great items they would be to own and use in my crafts!

  374. Phyllis Merritt says:

    I have “only” 4 sewing machines.

  375. Barbara Conti says:

    I have two sewing machines….one old singer and one electronic Janome…

  376. Janet Lynn Hasselblad says:

    Two machines. Baby Lok Grace. Simple and steady. I’ve gotten a lot out of my machine. Just bought a Singer heavy duty. I’m not sure I’ve gotten all the kinks out yet. I’m hoping to sew heavier fabrics with it.

  377. Lynn Haia says:

    I own two sewing machines. My mother and father gave my sister and me a sewing machine for Christmas when I turned 9 years old. It is a white Singer Featherweight. I learned to sew on it as did my sister. We would sit on the floor of our bedroom to sew. I can take it apart and put it back together again. I love it!!! I ended up with it because my sister did not end up sewing much. I made my clothes as a teen, then household things after I married. In 1993 I took my first quilt class then started making quilts on it. Because I didn’t want to burnout the motor I bought a Quilter’s edition Bernina. Which, I have grown to love, too!!! When nephews and nieces come to stay I encourage them to sew something. And as a elementary school teacher I took my little Singer to class and would make a 9 patch pillow with my students. The boys really couldn’t resist it.

  378. Mary Cottrell says:

    Now I have 1. Before I downsized I belive I had 5, my Bernina I still have, my old singer, a used singer (bought to have an extra for 4-H era to sew on) an antique White treddle(my grandmothers) and a featherweight that I bought for 25 (they didn’t know what they had).

  379. Donna says:

    Let’s see now, I have four sewing machines that I use on a regular basis. A 1960 Singer 301 slant needle that I use most, a 1948 Singer Featherweight that my Grandmother gave me at high School graduation that I like for classes, a 1972 Elna Super that is a zig zag and embroidery stitch machine and a Brother straight stitch for quilting.I also have a 1962 Elna that needs repair, and a Singer treadle. So that’s six machines. I really love the older machines!

  380. Sally says:

    Two beautiful little featherweights and a modern machine are my three workhorses.

  381. Lorene Ono says:

    I own 6 sewing machines plus 2 toy machines. I primarily sew on a 14 year old Janome which replaced a Viking Husquavarna that lasted 40 years and still works, so I kept it. Also have a Bernina 830 and a Featherweight, plus me mother’s electrified treadle, and another treadle!
    Plus0 2 sergers and an embroidery machine…I love all of them even if I dont use some of them!

  382. Katherine Glans says:

    I own two sewing machines, a Janome and my old Singer. Mostly use the Janome but will pull out the Singer when I have friends over to quilt.

  383. Cheryl Brown says:

    I have 5 sewing machines and I love every one.

  384. Deb M says:

    I own two sewing machines. When we moved across country last summer it was necessary for me to leave behind two vintage sewing machines and their cabinets. As we were moving to a much smaller space, we downsized in a big way.

  385. Debra Miller says:

    Let’s see, there are 3 currently in the living room-one on which I am currently sewing. Six electric and one treadle in the bedroom. Three in one spare bedroom and four in the other. Two in the dining room, four in the laundry room. Oh my stars, this doesn’t even include my sewing room! I know I have four or five featherweights in there along with at least three more. All of them work and most are vintage. I can only say two things-I admit I am addicted and I am glad that my husband will never see this as he doesn’t have a clue! Such a wonderful giveaway!

  386. Ms Sam Nicholson says:

    I own three machines, one Nikki from 1932 that still works, one the repair person told me to get rid of, and a Brother machine. I use all as I need them. Also love sashiko.

  387. Ginny Leber says:

    I own three sewing machines. A lovely 1941 Featherweight, which I learned to sew on 65 years ago! How can I possibly be so old! A Bernina 1300 which does so much and is so heavy. A Janome 6600 which is my goto machine these days as it has the biggest harp. I just had them all serviced recently and they are all purring.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win delightful things.

  388. Katie Gomez says:

    I have six sewing machines including one treadle and one feather weight. I love Kai shears. To anyone who doesn’t win, buy a pair. My hope is you’ll love them as much as I do.

  389. David Kish says:

    I own just one ‘beginners’ sewing machine. One day I hope to have the perfect machine for ‘free motion quilting’!

  390. JoAnn DeMars says:

    Two. I own an ancient Bernina(1973) that I love, and a feeatherwieght Singer thta sews beautifully!

  391. Suzanna Moore Sandoval says:

    I own 2 Bernina’s, a 720 and a 1530 , so 2. But I have a Husqvarna Serger, so maybe it is 3?

  392. Wendy Hill says:

    I own 2 sewing machines. I gave away a third sewing machine some years ago to a young sewer. Of the two, one is on loan to someone. So, I only have one machine in the house.

  393. Gail McNeill says:

    Four working ones. One not working. Plus a felting machine and a serger. Can’t seem to part with any of them.

  394. Carol says:

    I own 2 (two) sewing machines. Both are Berninas.

  395. Barbara Colvin says:

    I own one sewing machine; she is a beautiful Pfaff.

  396. Margaret Wolf says:

    I own only 2 sewing machines. A 1976 Viking and a Kenmore in a cabinet, which I don’t know if it works or not. The Viking is the one I use. I also have my mom’s Juki serger on loan. I don’t know if that counts or not.

  397. Pat says:

    I own six sewing machines. A BIG Juki sit-down quilter, a basic Juki TL 2010Q which always produces a great straight stitch, a Singer Featherweight inherited from my mother, a treadle machine which I’ve never used but I bet works, a Bernina Artista 730 which was my old reliable until I got the unreliable Bernina 880 which is broken more than working.

  398. Jeri Eva Zintgraff says:

    I have 2 working sewing machines. and would love a big quilting machine to go with them!

  399. Sharon Morris says:

    I own 5 sewing machines

  400. Nancy Gilpin says:

    I own two sewing machines: a 37 year old Bernina and a lightweight Eversewn Sparrow for workshops. This giveaway is the BEST!

  401. Donna Mattison-Earls says:

    I own 3 machines, a Bernina 430, a Babylock Lyric, and a Tiara.

  402. Suzanne Cosmo says:

    I own 2 machines, a viking and a featherweight

  403. Nanci Cartwright says:

    I own four sewing machines: my newest is a Juki TL2010Q which I bought for just quilting but use it for almost all my clothes sewing too, switching to one of my Bernina’s, (a sturdy 33 year old Bernina and a 15 year old Bernina Artista) when I need buttonholes and a trusty basic Viking Serger that I use mostly to finish seams on clothes. Would sure like to add one of those BabyLock Sashiko 2’s though. It’s on my wish list.

  404. Patricia Hanna says:

    Three total: 2 domestic machines and one longarm.

  405. Mary Barnett says:

    I own one Janome sewing machine.

  406. Lilly Coniglio says:

    I own two working machines

  407. pam newton says:

    I used to own two machines, but I recently donated one to the Resource Exchange. A wonderful Philadelphia institution where you can donate art & craft supplies, used theater or construction materials, paper supplies, & etc. It is great to donate, or pick up something you need at amazing savings.

  408. Sylvia Montgomery says:

    Three total. One all purpose/embroidery machine, one heavy duty, and a longarm! Another one is in my future.

  409. Lois Helmbold says:

    5 (including my granmother’s treadle Singer, c. 1922)

  410. Michele Wallace says:

    I own 2 working machines. A Singer heavy Duty purchased as a gift for me from my 4 children for Christmas. My gift to myself was a Pfaff Creative Visionn that was pre-owned so I could afford it. Love them both.

  411. Kathleen Cintavey says:

    I have 4 sewing machines, including on treadle that we refurbished. I just got back from a trip to Japan where I bought some yukata fabric and took a sashiko class. I helped to form a quilt guild called the Charm Pack. We meet in Berwick, Maine. I teach needle arts to residents in a nursing home. We all find this to be gratifying and fun.

  412. Jarna Maniguet says:

    I own 5 machines. One treadle I’ve never used, a FW, my Pfaff, an antique one in a wooden box also never used and, a rusty dusty machine head.

  413. Rosalie says:

    I have 3 Singer Featherweights, a Singer 301a, a treadle, another antique machine hand crank and 3 machine that are from 1990-2012. I love the stitching on my vintage Singers.

  414. Pipinstitch says:

    I have a treadle that works that I use, a felting machine, a Baby Lock Ellegante 2, a New Home Serger from 1989, and a New Home Sewing Machine from 1988.
    Need to win, hope to win!

  415. rhodaden says:

    I own 3 regular sewing machines. One serger. 2 Featherweights that I bought to re-sell.

  416. Ardith L Sudduth says:

    How many sewing machines: 6–(5 + 1 serger) and all in working order.

  417. Elizabeth Glans says:

    I have two machines: one at 220 voltage (Janome) and one at 110 voltage (a Bernina).

  418. shirley Vanderbroek says:

    Just one ,that’s all I need to make a beautiful Japanese quilt

  419. Elizabeth Glans says:

    I own two machines: a Janome and a Bernina. Each good for different tasks and each run at different voltage which helps when we live overseas.

  420. Evette Barry says:

    I have only one machine – my trusty Bernina 550QE! I covet your Sashiko machines though.

  421. Marlyene Schwartz says:

    I have four machines, only one of which works very well.
    1. Very old treadle machine: In case of a zombie apocalypse, I will be able to sew!
    2. An old Singer Touch and Sew: someone gave it to me knowing that I was a quilter, probably good in an emergency!
    3. Very small Ikea machine: my son bought it at Ikea for $60 thinking his 7 year old could learn to sew on it. Very hard to use, especially when you cannot reach the foo! pedal.
    4. A two year old Elna Experience: My 30 year old Brother machine quit working during a quilting class and I had to buy a new machine! I shopped around a bit and really like the way the Elna felt and it sews beautifully. After using one of the first computerized machines manufactured, this one is a dream!

  422. joyce b. graber says:

    I own three. A refurnished kenmore, an old entry level BabyLock lock and my brand new baby lock soprano.

  423. Ann Pierce says:

    I have 4 machines, there of which work beautifully and another sketchily.

  424. Fran says:

    2 machines are in my sewing room. A simple computerized Janome and a very old Pfaff
    with only one foot.

  425. Kathy Pitts says:

    I have three sewing machines. One I use all the time, one is on standby if the first needs repairs, and a mid-arm for quilting on a frame. I love them all.

  426. Catherine Powell says:

    I have 3, my moms 1950’s singer in a wooden case, still works (straight stitch is only), but well loved. A temperamental kenmore 1980’s wedding gift, and a used Bernina 830, set up for embroidery.

  427. Denise says:

    I’ve downsized to four machines-one treadle, a featherweight and two Pfaff electronic ones. I gave my other two to family so I would have machines when I visit:)

  428. Terry Yep says:

    I own 6 machines in different stages of “working.” One I purchased over 58 yrs ago as a new bride. Cannot give that one away because I sewed for 4 children. They still remember favorite items from their childhood because they chose the fabric.

  429. Gail A says:

    I counted 10 plus a serger.

  430. Loretta T says:

    I have a collection of 33 sewing machines. 2 Pfaffs, 1 Bernina, 2 Featherweights, I Singer treadle, 1 Mitsubishi upholstery. The rest are antiques that include Singers, Wilcox Gibbs, Singer salesman sample and various Singer children’s machines.

  431. mvjan says:

    I own 6 machines; 5 working. Anybody need a Homesteader without cords?

  432. Loretta T says:

    I own 33 machines. 1 Bernina, 2 Pfaffs, 2Featherweights, a Gammill longarm. The rest are antiques of various types.

  433. Tina S says:

    4 but 85% of the time I only use my favorite one

  434. Loretta T says:

    I have one Bernina, two Pfaffs, two Featherweights, one Gammill longarm and twenty-six antique machines.

  435. Darlene Pritchard says:

    I have 2 sewing machines. A Singer 1966 featherweight (which my Mom used 51 years ago to sew my wedding gown on) and a BabyLock with all the bells and whistles. Darlene Pritchard

  436. Sallie says:

    I own 3 and all work.

  437. Signe says:

    Three machines , All working and I love them all. A older Viking 950 that doesn’t come out often but I can’t let it go. A Pfaff 7550 that is my everyday and a Featherweight that always puts me in a good mood.

  438. Terry Cullan says:

    I have 7, my grandmother’s treadle, a featherweight, a rocketeer, an old domestic that my daughter brought home that she find on the curb for free and I refurbished, a singer 125th anniversary edition, a Disney embroidery only, and a Bernina 750qe that I use all the time. All of them work although I don’t use most of them.

  439. Nancy says:

    I own 7 sewing machines which includes a children’s sewing machine of mine. It still works after 60 years!

  440. Joette says:

    I have one old Pfaff, working, and one Viking, not working.

  441. Barbara Diaczynsky says:

    four , one small for getaways,one with a larger bed for quilting, two for piecing

  442. Lori Morton says:

    I have 3 sewing machines..all working wonderfully 🙂 I also have an old Singer Treadle, in a cabinet…that someone made into electric (Not very properly…) But I hope to make it back to treadle. It’s in great shape really….and I love it. I grew up watching my Aunt sew on a treadle corner of her basement 🙂 Thank you so much for chance to win your Give-a-way 😀

  443. Laurel Lee Pedersen says:

    I own four machines: (all working)
    – a Bernina 550 (the joy of my sewing life!)
    – a Bernette embroidery machine
    – a Bernette serger
    – a beautiful featherweight Singer in its original box and restored wonderfully

  444. Maryln Nelson says:

    I own 2 Bernina’s and one Janome. My Bernina 1090 was my first expensive sewing machine (25+ years old). I also have a newer model Bernina (about 15 years old) but it has BSA. My Janome Gem is my lightweight machine for lugging around. I love all 3 of them.

  445. Susan Buchanan says:

    I have eight sewing machines and two sergers.

  446. Ruth rice says:

    Ruth Rice I have 2 working sewing machines

  447. Abby says:

    I own five sewing machines, one of them still at my parents’ house.

  448. Ann Rippel says:

    I have 3 sewing machines. Pfaff from 1980 I purchased in Germany, A Janome 3160, and the Husqvarna Epic. All work.

  449. Heather Hoof says:

    I have 2 sewing machines…Bernina 350 and a Janine Gem. Also a serger. What a wonderful giveaway.

  450. Nan Lamoreaux says:

    4 sewing machines

  451. Linda Crowe says:

    I own 4 machines. One pedal Singer my grandmother used, a 1970s Kenmore “portable” that weighs a ton!, a Costco Brother I can use for embroidery and piecing, and another Brother straight stitch with a large throat for quilting…i feel lucky to have them!

  452. Michelle Flamer says:

    I own two Bernina machines. The newest one,750 QE, is the largest and I use it all of the time. When I purchased that machine a few years ago I could not part with my Bernina Virtuoso-it’s small and sturdy enough to carry to classes but I haven’t used it in a long while. In fact I carried my 750 to a local class and broke the screen which was a costly repair. Next time I take the Virtuoso-a good idea to keep two machines if you are fortunate to be able to do so. Thank you-we met at Quilt Festival a few years ago-love your book!

  453. Andrea Avni says:

    I own four sewing machines: 1) a Janome domestic workhorse machine; 2) an ancient Bernina (1980?); 3) a Tin Lizzie longarm; and 4) an antique (1910?) Singer in a cabinet from the Netherlands.

  454. Tamara R. says:

    I own one. The Bernina 570 QE.

  455. Cheryl Ooka says:

    I own 3 working sewing machines, and 4 machines that are only used for parts.

  456. Carolyn Moser says:

    I have two Pfaff 1222 working sewing machines. I bought the first one new in 1974 for $600 which was quite a lot for me at the time. In 2002 I was told there was a man who repaired “old sewing machines”. I called Joe and asked if her worked on Pfaff 1222’s. He said he did and I should never part with it because it was one of the best machines Pfaff ever made. When Joe called me with the estimate to service my machine he apologized. “I usually charge $69 but your machine needs a lot of work so I’ll have to charge $129. Best $129 I spent that year. When Joe returned my machine it purred. Five years later he found another 1222 and called me. I bought that one for $400 and keep both serviced.

  457. Judy Helms says:

    Currently I own two sewing machines. Both of them are Janome. One is a lightweight version that is easy to take to quilt workshops. The other is a larger size that has loads of decorative stitches. When attending a weekend retreat, I always take the larger machine. I never know what challenges I will face and will be glad I have my “trusty assistant” with me.

  458. Hilda Krebs says:

    I love Okan Arts, they are the best

  459. Kane says:

    I have two machines. One Singer that learned on more than 50 years ago and another I bought my freshman year in college which is what I currently use for all my quilting.

  460. Autumn says:

    I have a lot! I have one modern Janome machine, 6 treadles, 3 hand cranks and many vintage electrics.

  461. Susan Christie says:

    This is a test comment. SC

  462. Lydia Stevenson says:

    Let’s see. I have a Bernina 590, Babylock Solaris, Babylock Triumph serger, Babylock Sashiko, Babylock felter, Singer 301, Singer 401, Singer featherweight, and a non-working Graybar sewing machine! Oh, my. That makes NINE machines. Wow your give away sounds very exciting.

  463. cyndy parry says:

    I own 2 Pfaffs, 1 husky, 1 Elna serger, 4 singer featherweights, 1 HQ longarm all in working order. I also have (1) very old model pfaff (hand crank) that I turned into a lamp

  464. Del Thomas says:

    I have six working machines and two to provide parts for my 1977 Pfaff if it stops working. New parts not necessarily available.

  465. Melody Srygley says:

    I have a Pfaff 3.0 (sweet IDT system), a newish Bernina (ick, but loved the vintage), a serger I’ve never used (?), and a beautiful little children’s Singer (non-working). NOT ENOUGH.

  466. carol denning says:

    I ,individually own two machines; one was my dear sister’s and the other was a gift to me by a daughter. However, the household also has three ..not sure which are currently working, ( i think they function ). This is a wonderful giveaway ,thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  467. Carol DeLater says:

    I own 3 machines. I love my Viking the best.

  468. Rebecca Buchanan says:

    I own four machines plus a felting machine. One is a featherweight. Oh my!

  469. Cynthia Mandarano says:

    I own 4 sewing machines. Baby Lock 713, Brother inova, singer heavy weight, and Handi Quilter Infinity. I Love Yucata cotton and Kai Shears! 🙂

  470. Connie Pietrala says:

    three-a straight stitch – a light weight for travel and a large machine in a sewing table

  471. MS Barb says:

    4 & they all work!

  472. Barbara Calla says:

    3 sewing machines first one is 50 years old!

  473. Betty Rivers says:

    I own and use 3 sewing machines, (one primarily for embroidery, one for sewing and one to tote to class and retreats) and have 2 more in storage. This may be OverKILL.

  474. Deborah Palmer says:

    I own 2 sewing machines and a serger ( a Janome Horizon Mc 15000 , an Elna basic heavy duty and a Singer serger)

  475. Susan MacLeod says:

    I have 6 sewing machines and 2 sergers. One is a treadle, 2 were my mom’s. I’d love to get a new machine, my newest is 25 years old.

  476. Nancy Austin says:

    I own two machines, and one serger. Mostly just use the one machine with all the extras–Bernina 7770 QE. But I still love my Pfaff–20 years old. Barely use the serger.

  477. Laurie Peters says:

    I own 8 sewing machines + 1 serger/overlock machine… 2 Pfaff, 2 Singer (treadle and 60’s), 1 Juki, 2 BabyLock, 1 Viking. All of them are working machines, although 4 are in storage.

  478. Jennifer T says:

    I own three: a Pfaff Creative Sensation (sewing and embroidery), Janome 2013 (great portable machine for classes and retreats), and my grandmother’s Singer Featherweight!

  479. Janet says:

    I now own three: My 40+year old Viking that I was given as a graduation present, my almost 2-year old Bernina 770 QE, and my mother’s Singer featherweight–the machine I learned on and just got from my brother.

  480. Cheryl says:

    I own two Janome machines. One for every day and one for back up when #1 is being cleaned and oiled.

  481. Kathleen M says:

    I currently own 4 working and great machines. 2 Phaffs, (1 old and 1 computerized)
    a Singer Featherweight and Singer 304. Oh, and a brother, that makes 5 machines!
    2 are in storage until I move into my new house at the end of month.

  482. Allison Bird says:

    Two Berninas, two Singer Featherweights, one toy, one BabyLock so that makes six although I keep lusting after new ones!!!

  483. SANDRA L ELLISON says:

    I’m relatively poor in terms of sewing machines — I only have two.

  484. Jan B Gavin says:

    I own four machines.
    # Berninas and an old Singer

  485. CINDY CARGILE says:

    I only have 2 sewing machines. One for use at home and one to take to retreats. 2 is enough for me 🙂

  486. Laurel says:

    I have one machine. The first machine I bought for myself went with my daughter when she went away to college. So for awhile I didn’t have any until my sister-in-law gave me hers, not working. I took it to my favorite local sewing & vacuum store and waited half an hour to have it looked at for free. Turned out it only needed a good oiling! They didn’t charge me anything so I bought a needle felting tool.

  487. Chris Chambers says:

    Two working sewing machines–my mom’s old reliable Singer from the 50’s and a Viking that I bought about 20 years ago. Also have a Brother serger, still in the box–one day…..! Thanks for the giveaway!

  488. lily kamikihara says:

    I own 4 machines – 2 Janome, 1 Brother, 1 Featherweight.

  489. Amy says:

    I have a Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 which I have have owned about 1.5 years. I really like it but still don’t know how to use all the features. I also have a black Singer child’s hand crank sewing machine I used as a child.

  490. Michelle D says:

    2 Bernina sewing machines live with me – one old metal, non computerized 830, and a newer 440 that is my main stay. Beautiful giveaway, by the way!


    I own 3 working machines.

  492. Nancy McKinney says:

    I have 4 Berninas, I feather weight and my husband has a 1975 Huskavarna that I use when my husband want me to sew garage projects such as heavy leather or or screens over our patio. I also have a serger, a felting machine AND the best: BabyLock Sashiko machine!! I take the feather weight when we go on world cruises.

  493. Karen says:

    I own a Baby Lock, and inherited my Mother’s Bernina. She sewed most of her clothes and crafts with till she was 92! I also had a vintage orange Pfaff which I gave to my sons girlfriend. Now I regret that, they broke up!

  494. Stephanie Braskey says:

    Oooooh! How many sewing machines?!? Will my husband see this? 😉 I have 2 Bernina domestic machines, one for home and one for classes, travel, etc., a serger, a longarm, a featherweight, and my grandmother’s treadle Singer. So that’s six!

  495. Sally says:

    I have 4 machines — an absolutely fantastic Bernina that must be 25 years old now and sews wonderfully, an HQ 16 long-arm, a Baby Lock serger (self-threading — woo-hoo!) and a Singer treadle machine. It is over 120 years old, in a marvelous oak cabinet and came to me with all sorts of extra attachments; yes, it sews beautifully, once you get the hang of operating the foot treadle.

  496. Pat Meinecke says:

    Five machines. Goodness need to give some away.

  497. Robyn says:

    I own just one sewing machine. It was my mother’s favorite machine. It is a Viking model 6030. Luckily, I can still have it repaired but parts are getting harder to find. I have pieced many quilts together with this heavy duty machine.

  498. Marcia Dyer says:

    I own 3 Featherweights, two 221s, my go to class machine if only straight stitching is involved, and a 222; one treadle machine, a White I think, not really in use due to tube shaped bobbins that are hard to rewind; and 2 Berninas, one a 30 year old 1130 and a top of the line anniversary edition with embroidery attachment 880

  499. Wendy Fullmer says:

    I have five working machines: A Juki, an antique treadle Singer, one electric Singer, a recently received Featherweight and my good ole Kenmore!

  500. Susan Godwin says:

    I own 2 Bernina sewing machines, one Janome and an APQS George!

  501. Dianna Wentz says:

    Owner of three Bernina machines – one amazing workhorse, one sewing & embroidery, and one serger. Also inherited a 1952 Singer Featherweight (class machine) from a wonderful Aunt. I’m constantly sewing and quilting for my family and very close friends, since I retired. Best job I’ve ever had .

  502. mfite2014 says:

    I have 1 machine, Bernina 440. Handwork consumes much of my time now.

  503. Robin Volkmar says:

    I own two sewing machines and one serger. Both sewing machines are Berninas. The serger is a Baby lock.

  504. Sheri says:

    I have three sewing machines, plus a Singer 5-thread Serger. My Singer 707 was my first purchase when I started working in 1975! I have bought all the attachments and quilting feet available, and it has been my primary sewing machine for these 44 years. Just last month, however, my needle made a clunking sound as I sewed–the new gold-plated bobbin did not fit! I also have a vintage Singer machine in beautiful wood cabinet, and a little workshop Janome. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway–it would be fun to create something special with your giveaway on one of my machines! A machine that does sashiko sounds very intriguing as I have enjoyed doing sashiko by hand,and love the look of sashiko! Thanks for your inspiration too!

  505. Diane Johnson says:

    I am not ashamed to say I own and use 7 sewing machines, none newer than 25 years. One of 2 Singer Featherweights travel with me everywhere, camping and flying. Two Bernina’s are my go-to machines. One Singer Spartan is a back up for heavy duty sewing. A vintage Viking and Pfaff complete the perfect collection. Each one is special to me.

  506. Susan Beckman says:

    I only own three. Two Bernina’s and a Featherweight.

  507. terrie walker says:

    I own a 30+ yr old Bernina workhorse, a newer Pfaff creative quilter, and an industrial Singer 15 from the 1950’s. Blessed all the way around! Thanks!!!

  508. Bette says:

    One machine just purchased in 2018.

  509. Ann Gessert says:

    I have three machines, two Vikings and one old Elena workhorse that I inherited.

  510. Pamela J Peterson says:

    I can think of 7 right off, might be more.

  511. cynthia rosner says:

    I have two featherweights, a Bernina 1008, a Bernina 750 and an Eversewn Sparrow 15. I like piecing on mechanical machines and have come to admire my Sparrow 15 which has more energy than the featherweights.

  512. Barbara Dolan says:

    I would be honored to win this giveaway. I am new at quilting and all that goes with it but I a learning and trying..Thanks for the chance to win.

  513. Roberta DesRoches says:

    I have two Baby Lock machines, one for travel and one for home. A friend is using my Bernina 440 and my Bernina serger and my daughter has my Janome. I have owned a Husquvarna, Brother Singer and a Necci but Baby Lock is my favorite.

  514. Patricia Hamilton says:

    6 total. I mainly sew on my Viking Sapphire but I also have a working Brother, an old Kenmore that was a college graduation gift in 1972, 2 Featherweights, and my first sewing machine, a child’s Singer that sews a chain stitch when the handle is turned.

  515. Ann Hudson says:

    I own five machines, all working. Two are vintage that I use for heavy sewing on canvas and leather, one is a straight stitcher for quilting mainly, two are regular sewing machines – one newer, one older.

  516. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    I have two working sewing machines. One embroidery machine and two non-working ones! So embarrassing! My daughter in law is laughing out loud right now. My husband is shaking his head… o well.

  517. pat cooper says:

    2, my Bernina (about 20 years old and I still love it) and a lighter weight Brother to take on the road and to classes.

  518. Jan Pendleton says:

    I have four machines. Two I use regularly and two antiques. One was my Grandma’s Featherweight. This is a lovely give away. I’ve wanted to learn more about Asian quilt matters & styles.

  519. Jeanne Wada says:

    I have 2 working sewing machines. I have a Pfaff Ambition which I currently and my Bernina 830 of 40+ yrs. is my backup machine. I also have 2 sergers. My latest serger is the Babylock which is so easy to use. I love your yukata fabrics!

  520. Lana Hamburger says:

    Three: 1971 Kenmore wedding gift; 35 year old Brother & just bought today for $15 a beat up old Singer treadle.

  521. ss waxman says:

    I own five machines, 2 Bernina, and 3 Singer…all in working order…

  522. Lynnita Knoch says:

    Seven – a brand new mid arm quilting machine that I’m learning to use, a Brother quiltclub machine that is my go to machine, a Bernina that I inherited from a dear friend, a featherweight I use for classes and retreats, and 3 working antiques – the Singer 301 that my mother bought 70 years ago when she was in college, an 80-yr old Singer a dear friend gave me, and a treadle machine another friend gave me. I love each of them!

  523. Julie Stump says:

    I own 3 sewing machines. My first Bernina, my newer Bernina and a Bernette Sew ‘n go because the others are too heavy to carry to workshops. I love Berninas!

  524. Sarah Sheckells says:

    I leave today for four days of quilting with friends. Can only take one machine but I have three. I hope to purchase another and will soon move into a new home with a dedicated sewing studio. I have waited many years for this and am excited to finally be able to put all my machines out, ready to to be used!

  525. What a gorgeous giveaway, thank you! I have four sewing machines, all in working order, including the basic Singer machine that my mom gave me on my sixteenth birthday. One machine is on loan, and the other is my work horse when I’m not stitching by hand. The fourth is a child’s hand crank machine that is sweetly displayed amongst my collection of children’s books.

  526. Sandra Hughes says:

    I have only one sewing machine and it gets a workout every day!

  527. Toni Harvey says:

    I own two sewing machines.

  528. Melisse Laing says:

    I actually own 4 sewing machines:
    an old treadle which I use as a table top to store stuff in my studio – don’t know if it runs because I’ve never tried;
    a Singer Featherweight which I brought brand new in the ’60’s – I use if mainly for retreats and workshops;
    a Bernina 830 with its beautiful red carrying case – I use it regularly for machine quilting – even though it doesn’t have needle-down, it is pre-computer – and sews Don anything
    a Bernina Aurora 440, the first Quilters Edition, with the first Stitch Regular – which I thought I’d use but don’t.

  529. Maryjo says:

    Oh my – how we love our machines! I have one “contemporary” machine and 3 antique ones – & they all work !

  530. Karen Gardner says:

    Surprised myself, I have six sewing machines!
    1). I have a Juki which I use mainly for machine quilting. 2) my main machine is an old Pfaff that just keeps on running 3) a serger, but I cannot remember how to thread because I seldom use it, 4) a Featherweight I inherited from my husband’s grandmother which is great for a grab and go to classes, 5) an old machine I loaned to my son, yep, son has it not my daughter, and 6) my prize possession is my maternal grandmother’s old Singer treadle machine on which I learned to sew when I was six years old.

  531. Jeanne Wada says:

    I have 2 working sewing machines and 2 sergers. Currently I use my Pfaff Ambition for most of my quilting and sewing garment. My old Bernina 830 is my backup machine. My latest serger is a Babylock air threader which I love! My old Pfaff serger became so difficult to thread for my “old” eyes. I love your yukata fabrics! I just came back from Japan and unfortunately was not able to find/buy any yukata fabrics there. I did buy some kasuri and silk kimono pieces there.

  532. Wendy Johnston says:

    I have two working QE BERNINAs and a working Bernette. I also have my grandmother’s 1939 Singer which does not work at this time.

  533. Vicky says:

    Yes I have 3 sewing machines one old sport Bernina, Singer 221 , Janome 6600
    I use the Janome one the most….

  534. Kris Koponen says:

    Thanks Patricia and crew for a wonderful giveaway! Just counted, I have 5 sewing machines. All used to make quilts on them by me or my family. I have my Grandmothers treadle a Singer, my Aunt Ruths Singer in a cabinet, a Basic Singer given to me by my Aunt May when I graduated from highschool in 1974… still sewed on it until 2014! A portable Singer I used living on a sailboat and my current 160 year Anniversary Singer machine.
    Fun to think of all the sewing history made on my machines and everyones elses over the years!

  535. Holly J Hudson says:

    At one time I had 3 Bernina’s, 801, 1230 & 220, and a serger. The serger was sold at a yard sale for a major move/downsize, 2002. The #801 I gave to my son’s ex-girlfriend…..she was in Texas and I in Virginia. It was my first machine, and one that I paid for once my husband had his first paycheck as a Medical Intern….his salary was $1,000. per month, 1981…bittersweet. Today, the 1230 is at one daughter’s home….and she’s not using it….it will return to me one day. I run the 220 5 days per week….making family quilts, baby quilts & charity quilts for a women’s shelter to rehab victims of trafficking. I know those scissors are fantastic because I owned a rubber stamp store in the other century, 1998-2001, and sold Kai scissors to cut rubber stamps! Holly

  536. Mary Beacom says:

    I have a variety of machines that each meet different needs (or wants) with my newest being the Sashiko 2. I have a Baby Lock Coronet longarm, a Viking, a small Brother that embroiders and a Janome from my mom on loan to the grand girls. I enjoy them all.

  537. Nancy Olszewski says:

    I own 3 working machines – a Pfaff Quilt Expression, a Singer Featherweight, and a White Serger. Also have two very old dead machines ( a White and a Kenmore).

  538. Deb Christie says:

    I have four, three of which work.

  539. Sue Chambers says:

    I own 3 sewing machines. The oldest I received as a gift on my 13th birthday, 58 years ago and it still sews great.

  540. Laura S says:

    I have 2 machines. One is a 25yr old base model Singer. It did a decent job for clothing alterations, hemming and basic sewing but I recently bought a Brother with a much wider throat so I could do my own quilting.

  541. Mary says:

    One machine, a 1980’s Pfaff I inherited from my mother….she sewed lots of beautiful clothes on it for herself and our family, and I am carrying on the tradition and sewing quilts made with lots of love…..

  542. Nancy says:

    I own 4 sewing machines. 2 are Janome, one small (Jem Gold , easy to take to classes) and one standard size. I also have my mother in law’s portable Singer machine that is very old, and another Singer in a standing cabinet that belonged to my mother. Both Singers are at least 50 years old. I should oil them and try them out!

  543. Nancy says:

    I own 4. A small Singer I learned how to sew on 50 years ago. A necchi I used for 10years. A Singer that is a few years old when I became interested in quilting. And a brand new Janome …..getting ready to retire and will finally have time to quilt!

  544. Myra Ramos says:

    I have two working Janome machines–one at my home on Lummi Island and one at our place in Stehekin at the head of Lake Chelan–that are workhorses! I’m saving an older portable Singer for my granddaughter, who should be ready in another year or two.

  545. Dot D says:

    I own eleven sewing machines! (If I’ve managed to remember them all). Some live at home, and others at my mountain cabin. Many are vintage Singers; the newest is a Viking Designer 1+. Also have a toy Singer and a Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch.

  546. Michelle B. says:

    I own two machines. One is with my husband who is stationed across the U.S. and one I have here with me. I also have an antique one out in the garage.

  547. Allison Wilbur says:

    A Nolting longarm, a Janome for my main piecing machine, a Bernina for workshops and a featherweight for my home piecing. I am not the kind of person that cares much about her car, but my machines are my work partners and I love that they each have a personality and personal strengths.

  548. J Kelley says:

    I own 4 machines – all are working but only 2 really get used regularly.

  549. Carol Young says:

    I learn something every time I read your blog.

  550. Carol Young says:

    Love this website..

  551. I own one machine – my mother’s Singer Featherweight from 1945.

  552. Jan says:

    I own 3 sewing machines in good working order and 2 in need of a trip to the repair shop.

  553. Charlee Hendricksen says:

    I have 4 machines, 1 longarm and 2 sergers. So 7 all together if the other 3 count. I have a small pair of the kai scissors and I love them.

  554. I have two sewing machines – a Singer featherweight and a Bernina. I had a third – my first Bernina – but recently gave it to my niece-in-law – good decision.

  555. Devon butler says:

    I think I have 7 machines but some are antiques that really don’t work. Thanks for the giveaway.

  556. Dorothy Ann Martinez says:

    I’m fortunate to own 3 machines. In 2003, I inherited my Mom’s Singer, which is in a cabinet, not quite accessible in our basement. I still remember buying it with her at a Singer’s store in the early ’60’s. In 1980, a family member gave me a portable Kenmore, which is sooo heavy. It’s my backup to my Husqvarna 835.

  557. clare renoux says:

    I own 4 machines, including a Tin Lizzie long arm.

  558. Subhashini says:

    Great giveaway!! Thank you. I own 2 machines a Singer gifted by my dad few decades ago and a Brother.

  559. Renee says:

    I have 4 sewing machines including my grandmother’s treadle. I try to sew something every day.

  560. Jenny says:

    I own 2 Janomes. Good machines!

  561. Millicent says:

    I would love to be considered for your April giveaway.
    I still have my first sewing machine, a 1977 Sears Kenmore, also a Viking Rose,
    2 Bernette sergers, a Janome Gem, a Juki TL2010, 2 Singer Featherweights, a Singer Spartan, a Brother XR3340 and a Janome Coverpro 2000cpx. That’s 11 machines in total

  562. SoSewGirl says:

    I have 4 machines: two Janomes (my main machine and my class “commuter”); an old International (for heavy duty projects) and my first sewing machine, a sturdy “electonic” (non-computerized) Singer. I love them all 🙂

  563. Lisa says:

    I have 4 machines. My Granny’s home sewing business machine, a 1929 White’s treadle, a Babylock Ellegante, a Felting Machine, and a vintage 1986 New Home Serger that is my precious work horse in this studio.

  564. Kim PALMER says:

    I own 2 sewing machines and never get the time to use even one of them enough! Thank you for letting me enter this giveaway! I love your fabrics!!!!

  565. Lydia A Reading says:

    uh oh, you’ve got me on this one. I have six: a small portable travel sewing machine, Pfaff sewing and embroidery machine, older cabinet sewing machine, treadle sewing machine, one sewing machine in storage, a serger.

  566. Vernon Chee says:

    I own six sewing machine. One is modern and the other five are vintage. All but five are in good working condition. I also have a sit-down quilting machine. I love them all.

  567. Wynn M says:

    I own a Pfaff Passport 2.0 and the Janome Memorycraft 6600. Your description of the BabyLock sounds tempting. I need to look at one soon!

  568. Glenn says:

    I presently own two sewing machines. My first machine was purchased over 30 years ago and I still have my beloved Kenmore Sewing Machine. At the present time I am sewing with a Brother Laura Ashley sewing machine. Since I tend to only make quilts I really do not need all the bells and whistles. I am researching now for my third machine. I just want something fast and simply for my sewing.

  569. Susan Mitchell says:

    I own three Berninas.

  570. Cathy Wycliff says:

    I own two sewing machines: a lightweight Janome and a 1950’s Singer. Both working but the Singer is sooooo heavy to lift!

  571. Erin Ellis says:

    I currently own 3 sewing machines. All are working. I would love to own more. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!
    cacraftymom at gmail dot com

  572. Karen M says:

    I own 3 sewing machines: one that I love and use every day, one that I used for 15 years and no longer works, and a featherweight that was given to me several years ago.

  573. Sherry Massey says:

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

  574. I own three machines. All busy.
    I love Kai scissors. I have four pairs. Lucky me.

  575. Ellee says:

    5 working machines, 1 non-working, + 1 serger

  576. Nancy Hower says:


  577. NancyHower says:

    I own 2 sewing machine. I use both, sometimes at the same time
    One is an embroidery machine and I set it to work and I see on the second

  578. Jennifer Quick says:

    I only own one sewing machine