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annie lewis + stashfest samples

annie lewis + stashfest samples

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  I’m back from Victoria for two weeks to commandeer StashFest this weekend and teach a class to Kitsap Quilters the next. If all goes well, I may get to stay home for three weeks!

This morning Annie Lewis, a StashFest fabric vendor, came over to prep pieced samples to show off her silk-screened, up-cycled cottons. Recognizing that we did not have time to create petite stitched quilts, we finished the compositions and then ironed medium-weight interfacing to the backs. This secured the edges so they won’t fray and added a little substance to each sample.

Annie will be selling her silk-screened cottons as well as handmade cards made with her designs. Throw pillows and framed fabrics are other ways she’ll be inspiring StashFest shoppers.

A printmaker, collage artist and teacher, Annie started working with textiles in the last year. This weekend at StashFest, she’ll be sharing her creations with the public for the first time.



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