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a day with annie

a day with annie

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  I took two of Annie Lewis’ collage classes at Gage Academy of Art, working to improve my quillt compositions. A printmaker, exhibiting artist and teacher, Annie really helped change my thinking about piecing.

The last time we met, Annie told me she had started to silkscreen fabrics. Did I have any connections to people who wanted artisan fabrics?

I immediately signed Annie up for StashFest—a two-day Northwest event with unique and limited-edition fabrics. Annie’s bold patterns printed on upcycled cottons stand out as something absolutely new. But would quilters know what to do her fabrics?

Today Annie and I pieced two small sample quilts to display at StashFest. It was Annie’s first time using a sewing machine so I had the pleasure of seeing her exhilaration as she stitched her first seams. Annie mentioned that the experience of being a beginner will make her more empathetic to her printmaking students.

Annie will be back in March with a third design to piece. Plus we’ll sandwich and stitch together all three sample quilts.

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